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    A Method to Simulate Video Signals of Real-Time Imaging for Synthetic Aperture Radar
    ZHANG Hong-Xin
    journal6    2006, 27 (6): 56-59.  
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    The video signal model for synthetic aperture radar (SAR) is set up,and a method to generate echo signals for SAR using AWG520 arbitrary waveform generator is presented.Then,the video echo signals of real-time imaging for SAR are simulated.When these video signals are inputted to the real-time processor of SAR after sampled through A/D,the performance of continuous dynamic imaging for SAR can be examined,such as join of real-time images,doppler frequency center,moving compensation of airplane and the performance of front-slant imaging,etc.
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    Numerical Solution and Matlab Simulation of Impulsive Delay Differential Equations
    HE Ying-Sheng
    journal6    2009, 30 (4): 30-33.  
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    The authors applies Runge-Kutta methods to get the numerical solution of impulsive delay differential equations,and gives some examples of numerical simulation.The results show that the methods are successful and effective.
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    Primary Nutrient Salt Sources of Self-Pollution of Net Cage Culture in Shallow Sea
    GE Chang-Zi
    journal6    2009, 30 (5): 82-86.  
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    It is self-pollution of net cage culture stamped by eutrophication and bio-sediment to limits the healthy development of this industry.The eutrophication is mainly represented by overage accumulation of nutrient salt.In shallow sea,the excretions of cultivated organisms,fouling organisms and wild fish,exchanges of nutrient at the interface between water and sediment or particulate matters are the major nutrient salt sources of self-pollution in culture system.Thus,in the research on nutrient salt sources of net cage culture self-pollution in shallow sea,it is important to study the environmental dynamic loadings of cultivated fish,the resources and ecological effects of fouling organisms and other kinds of organisms,and nutrient salt regeneration in particulate matters or sediment.
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    General Solutions of One Order Constant CoefficientNon-Homogeneous Linear Differential Equation
    DENG Xue, ZHAO Jun-Feng, ZHANG Xiong-Feng
    journal6    2015, 36 (5): 13-15.   DOI: 10.3969/j.cnki.jdxb.2015.05.003
    Abstract4226)      PDF(pc) (239KB)(36377)       Save
    For one order constant coefficient non-homogeneous linear differential equation y′+py=Q(x),the concrete expression of special solution with different situations of Q(x) is given through the undetermined coefficient method.The general solution formula with special solution of different expression is presented as well.
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    Method of the Image Feature Extraction
    WANG Zhi-Rui, YAN Cai-Liang
    journal6    2011, 32 (5): 43-47.  
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    Image feature extraction is a computer vision and image processing,which first uses the computer to analyze and deal with the image information,then determines the fixed features of the image,and finally,deal with the practical problems by the extracted features.Based on the principles of image technology,this paper introduces four methods of image feature extraction and their advantages and disadvantages.
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    Curves with Null Principal Normal Vector in 3-Dimensional Minkowski Space
    HUANG Rong-Pei, YU Jun-Yan
    journal6    2012, 33 (3): 11-14.   DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1007-2985.2012.03.004
    Abstract3159)      PDF(pc) (229KB)(29311)       Save
    The authors study the actions on spacelike curves with null principal normal vector in 3-dimensional Minkowski space.The Euler-Lagrange equation and two Killing vector fields are found.The authors integrate the Frenet equations by constructing cylindrical coordinates around the Killing field
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    Development of High-Precision Temperature Measurement and Control System Based on Pt100 Platinum Resistance
    WANG Long
    journal6    2009, 30 (3): 71-73.  
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    Industrial production at  certain temperature conditions will proceed in accordance with the predetermined direction,so temperature control is to ensure normal production process.The author introduces a high-precision temperature measurement and control system based on Pt100 platinum Resistance.Pt100 platinum resistance is used as temperature sensor in the system,median value average filtering is used to eliminate the sampling value of the deviation,successive approximation method to eliminate the non-linear of temperature control system,and PID algorithm to control executing agency through the implementation of PWM.Thus,in -200 ~ 601  ℃,0.1  measurement resolution and ± 0.5 ℃ control precision are ensured.
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    Leaf Anatomy of Scindapsus Aureus Growing Under Illumination Treatment
    GUI Ke-Yin, LI Yan-Lin, TANG Qian-Rui, YIN Heng, CHEN Li, HE Su-Hua
    journal6    2007, 28 (5): 95-98.  
    Abstract4793)      PDF(pc) (1436KB)(21368)       Save
    By means of study and comparison of leaf area,length,width,upper epidermis tissue,palisade tissue,spongy tissue,lower epidermis tissue and leaf dimension of slices of scindapsus aureus  under different illumination conditions,leaf area fitting formula was found.The results indicated that  illumination treatments had influence on the anatomy structure of leaf area,upper epidermis tissue,palisade tissue,spongy tissue and lower epidermis tissue,but had no significance impacts on the dimension of leaf of Scindapsus aureus.
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    Study on the Microencapsulation of Dihydromyricetin
    YAO Mao-Jun, HUANG Ji-Hong
    journal6    2007, 28 (3): 107-111.  
    Abstract2742)      PDF(pc) (530KB)(18793)       Save
    In this paper,the composition of wall materials and the technology of spray-drying for the microencapsulation of dihydromyritin have been  studied,and arabic gum and maltodextrin have been used as wall material.The results show that the optimum microencapsulation technologies of dihydromyricetin are that the ratio of dihydromyricetin and wall materials is 15/85,the ratio of Arabic gum and maltodextrin is 70/30,the inlet air temperature is 190 ℃ and the solid raw content is 20%,thus the microencapsulation efficiency can reach to 95%.
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    The Main Issues in the Voluntary Disclosure of  Accounting Information
    CHEN Ping
    journal6    2006, 27 (2): 119-121.  
    Abstract2477)      PDF(pc) (387KB)(17390)       Save
    The voluntary disclosure of accounting information is important to supplement and deepen the mandatory disclosure of accounting information.The economic globalization causes the globalization expansion of capital market and makes enterprises' financing mode turn from the inside to the outside.In order to attract more capital,enterprises need to provide voluntarily much more transparent information beyond the mandatory disclosure.The will of voluntary accounting information of the listed company of our country is not strong or standard enough.So the system of the voluntary of disclosure accounting information should be further standardized and perfected by encouraging.
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    Stochastic Calculus on the Frame Bundle
    ZHOU Hui, LIU Yong-Li
    journal6    2002, 23 (2): 59-61.  
    Abstract2152)      PDF(pc) (1972KB)(14979)       Save
    Associated with a canonical second order differential operator on frame bandles, there is a diffusion process.We denote by X={x∈C([0,1],Rd),x(x)=0},H={h∈X:‖h‖2H=∫10|h··(t)|2dt<∞},Y={y∈C([0,1],s(d)):y(0)=0},K={k∈Y:‖k‖2K=∫10|k·(t)|2dt<∞},then (β,ρ) is a Rd×s(d)-valued semimartingale satisfying the following SDE:dβ(t)=dh(t)+ρdx(t)-(dy(t))β,β(0)=0,dρ(t)=dk(t)+Ω(dx(t),β(t))+[ρ(t),dy(t)],ρ(0)=0.
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    Edge Detection of X-Ray Image Based on Wavelet Transformation
    XU Qian, LIU Yan
    journal6    2007, 28 (4): 82-84.  
    Abstract2632)      PDF(pc) (586KB)(14570)       Save
    According to X-ray image’s characteristics,a method of detecting object’s edge was presented.This method gets edge by using wavelet to seperate the edge availably and then using canny operator to pick up the edge.Simulation results indicated that the edge detection of X-ray image is an effective method.
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    Interface Technology of Image Device Based on TWAIN
    JIN Zhong, LIU Bo-Feng, ZHANG Lin-Shan, ZHENG Ju-Shuang, TANG Sheng-Xue, ZHANG Jin-Song, ZHOU Da-Yu
    journal6    2005, 26 (4): 92-95.  
    Abstract2990)      PDF(pc) (363KB)(14090)       Save
    TWAIN is a software interface for image device.Its architecture,communication protocols and session states are introduced in this article,and the practical problems of using the TWAIN protocol in are also resolved.The TWAIN protocols is an applied and efficient method to resolve the data transmit between image software and image device.
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    A New Support Vector Regression Model
    LIU Guang-Li, YANG Zhi-Min
    journal6    2002, 23 (3): 28-31.  
    Abstract3042)      PDF(pc) (1052KB)(12568)       Save
    A new support vector regression model is presented by support vector machines (SVM) theory. The solution of the model is transformed into a quadratic programming problem. Parameters of the model can be auto-selected. It is shown that the model had a rich generalization by testing China grain production.
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    Realization of Function Optimization with Genetic Algorithm in Matlab
    JIANG Dong-Chu- , HE Fei, XIANG Ji-Wen
    journal6    2005, 26 (2): 98-100.  
    Abstract4408)      PDF(pc) (691KB)(11186)       Save
    By using the Matlab optimization toolbox,one-dimension and multi-demension variable function optimization is realized effectively with genetic algorithm(GA).Visual results and excellent performance can be obtained.A new method for the actual application of GA is established.
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    Antitoxic Effect of Extracts of Tripterospemum Cordatum Against  Deinagkistrodon Acutus Snake Venom
    ZHOU Luo-Qin, TIAN Hong-Xian
    journal6    2015, 36 (3): 90-93.   DOI: 10.3969/j.cnki.jdxb.2015.03.019
    Abstract3152)      PDF(pc) (419KB)(10895)       Save
    The antitoxic effect of Tripterospemum cordatum aqueous extracts against Deinagkistrodon acutus snake venom is researched.The BACA/C mice were divided into five group according to the dosage of Tripterospemum cordatum aqueous extracts applied:low dosage,middle dosage,high dosage,blank group and model group,each group of health conditions being observed after 7-days intra-gastric administration.For the last time of administration,each group was intraperitoneally injected with Agkistrodon acutus snake venom after one hour later,then the mice’s poisoning performance was observed and the death rate was calculated,and each group of mice’s tissue bleeding,death and ulceration compared.The results showed that the aqueous extract of Tripterospemum cordatum at the low dosage,middle dosage and high dosage all reduced the mortality caused by Agkistrodon acutus snake venom poisoning and relieved some symptoms;with the increase of the dosage the symptoms decreased significantly,and the protection effect on the tissue was especially apparent.It can be concluded that the aqueous extract of Tripterospemum cordatum has antitoxic effect against Agkistrodon acutus snake venom and decrease the toxicity.
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    Design and Implementation of an Online Hotel Booking System Using Multi-Tier Architecture
    Fethi Abduljwad, WANG Guo-Jun
    journal6    2005, 26 (1): 22-26.  
    Abstract2730)      PDF(pc) (864KB)(10866)       Save
    The website is quickly becoming a critical advertising and marketing presence for an adventure tourist business.The traditional two-tier model shows striking weaknesses that make the development and maintenance of applications much more expensive.Multi-tier architecture endeavors to solve these problems.With multi-tier applications,the client provides only one layer,i.e.,the user interface.The business rules are performed on a system between the user interface and the data storage.Using this approach,a number of benefits during the application’s life cycle can be achieved,including reusability,flexibility,manageability,scalability,multi-language support and improved security.This paper deals with the design and implementation of an online hotel booking system with multi-tier architectural approach.The system uses Microsoft Visual Basic for desktop application and Structured Query Language (SQL) Server,HTML with VBScript and Active Server Pages (ASP) for the web application.The system enables the prospective guests to book different types of rooms online,keeps the database on guests,tracks when guests check in or check out and issues voucher at the time of checking out.
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    Chinese Part-of-Speech Tagging Method Based on Maximum Entropy Model and Hidden Markov Model
    ZHOU Tan, MO Liping, HU Meiqi, LI Hangcheng
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2020.02.004
    Piecewise Curve Fitting Method of Processing Meteorological Data Based on the Orthogonal Polynomial
    SUN Bao-Jing
    journal6    2013, 34 (5): 49-52.   DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1007-2985.2013.05.012
    Abstract2835)      PDF(pc) (324KB)(9700)       Save
    In accordance with the characterics of the large number and complex and unpredicted trend on change of the meteorological detecting data,the piecewise curve fitting method based on the least squares of orthogonal polynomial for scattered data is presented.Firstly,the reason of using the least squares of orthogonal polynomial for scattered data is introduced from the respect of the stability of data processing.Secondly,the principle of twice piecewise curve fitting is set out in detail from the respect of the shape preserving feature of curve fitting.Finally,as the temperature detecting data for example,it is proved clearly that the twice piecewise curve fitting method can make much better fitting precision than the traditional interpolation method,and improve the level of precision and automation of the meteorological detecting data processing.
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    On Decomposition of Semimodules Homomorphism
    AI Xin, LI Qisheng
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2020.02.001
    Global Existence and Stability of Solutions of Tempered Fractional Differential Equations
    ZHANG Yuyao, ZHONG Wenyong
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2020.02.002
    Uniformity of Two-Level Combined Designs Under Centered L2-Discrepancy
    LI Jie, OU Zujun
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2020.02.003
    Pragress in the Study of Third-Order Nonlinear Optical Materials
    SUN Jing, HUANG Yong-Gang, WANG Xiao-Yun
    journal6    2012, 33 (6): 37-40.   DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1007-2985.2012.06.010
    Abstract3722)      PDF(pc) (350KB)(8409)       Save
    This paper summarizes the recent progress in the study of  third-order nonlinear optical (NLO) materials,introduces the third-order NLO progerties and application,and it especially emphasizes  the inorganic and organic nonlinear optical materials.
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    Development of the Sports-Relaxation Tourism  in the Western Minority  Regions
    XIAO Hong-Qing, ZHOU Dao-Ping, TANG Li
    journal6    2005, 26 (4): 118-120.  
    Abstract2564)      PDF(pc) (283KB)(7493)       Save
    With the development of sports-relaxation tourism,people acknowledge more about sports-relaxation,and so have various demands for the sports-relaxation tourism products.Given the current situation of sports-relaxation tourism in the  western minority regions,the authors analyse  the issues concerning the policy and actions on how to develop and encourage the sports-relaxation tourism with the goal of rapid cultural and economic development.
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    Improved K-Means Algorithm  Based on  a Simple Genetic Algorithm
    YIN Peng-Fei, ZHANG Xiao-Dan
    journal6    2009, 30 (6): 43-45.  
    Abstract4122)      PDF(pc) (362KB)(7404)       Save
    K-means algorithm is sensitive to initial value,easy to fall into local minimum value.In response to these shortcomings,the idea of genetic algorithm is proposed based on genetic algorithm and k-means algorithm for hybrid clustering method.In order to test the performance of clustering algorithm,a set of experiments are conducted by using k-means algorithm and the improved algorithm,and the clustering results by the two algorithms are compared.It is showed that the clustering algorithm can effectively solve the clustering problem.
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    Application of Confidence Intervals and Prediction Intervals of Linear Regression
    ZHANG Lin-Quan
    journal6    2013, 34 (6): 15-18.   DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1007-2985.2013.06.005
    Abstract7163)      PDF(pc) (382KB)(7056)       Save
    After describing the principle of confidence intervals and prediction intervals,this paper,which applies it to analyze the relationship between such two variables as student size and quarterly turnover,tests regression equation.And the result shows that there exists high degree of fitting between these two variables since there exists a positive linear relationship between the two variables (r=0.950 1) and about 90.27% of the variation in the quarterly turnover data is explained by student size;The paper offers not only confidence intervals for the mean of y and prediction intervals for an individual y by using estimated equation,but some relevant graphs as well.
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    Charge Pump PLL Circuit Design and Performance
    LI Bing, HUANG Zong-Hao, WU Jian-Hui
    journal6    2010, 31 (2): 64-68.  
    Abstract3110)      PDF(pc) (238KB)(6881)       Save
    The technology of PLL is widely used in various domain of communication.Charge Pump PLL consists of PFD,CP,LPF,VCO and frequency divider module.Grounded on the non-ideal effect of Charge Pump PLL,an optimized design has been carried out.A corresponding acting model has been created,in the process of system design,simulated and proved though simulink.Accomplished by CMOS Process and the entire system  meets the design demand and works well.
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    Current Situation and Development Direction of Digital Image Processing Technology
    CHEN Bing-Quan, LIU Hong-Li, MENG Fan-Bin
    journal6    2009, 30 (1): 63-70.  
    Abstract16168)      PDF(pc) (832KB)(6808)       Save
    The major properties of digital image processing technology are reviewed,including the production and development of image collection and digitalization,image compression,image enhancement and reconstruction,image segmentation and image analysis.Based on the latest development in this field,the highlights in the development of those aspects are introduced.Thus,the challenge and development divection of digital image processing technology are summarized.
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    Optimpzed Strategies to Hyperexpress Heterologous Protein in Pichia Pastoris
    NIE Dong-Song, LIANG Song-Ping, LI Min
    journal6    2001, 22 (3): 40-44.  
    Abstract2993)      PDF(pc) (529KB)(6677)       Save
    It is very important to produce heterologous proteins both in theory and in pract ice, expecially for biopharmaceutical. Pichia pastoris has become one of the best eucaryotic expression systems in recent years.The factors influencing the high-level expression of heterologous protein in P. pastoris and the core strategies to hypere xpress heterologous proteins in P. pastoris were discussed in this paper.
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    Multianalysis on the Factors of Influencing Overseas Tourists Coming to China
    MA Jian-Guo, LIU Xin-Ping
    journal6    2010, 31 (4): 28-30.  
    Abstract3039)      PDF(pc) (562KB)(6628)       Save
    This  paper uses statistics from National Natural Science Foundation  and constructs the statistical-analysis mathematical model.It also analyzes the factors that influnce the number of overseas tourists coming to China quantifiably and gradually in-depth by SPSS software.
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    A New Set of Sufficient Conditions for Nonsingular H-Matrices
    JIANG Wenwen, TUO Qing
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2020.04.001
    Research Progress in Biosynthesis of Gold Nanoparticles
    SHI Jie, FAN Shu-Min, WU Jing, KANG Xiao-Hui, YIN Yu-Jing, WANG Rui-Yong
    journal6    2012, 33 (3): 71-75.   DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1007-2985.2012.03.017
    Abstract3844)      PDF(pc) (369KB)(5987)       Save
    Gold nanoparticles are attracting great attention due to their unique optical,electronic and catalytic properties.Recently,biosynthesis of gold nanoparticles has become a research hotspot due to its economic,non-toxic and eco-friendly characteristics.This article provides an overview of current research methods of biosynthesis of gold nanoparticles using bacteria,fungi,actinomycetes,yeast and various plant materials.Different methods are compared,and the characteristics,control of size and shape,and the synthesis mechanisms are discussed.Finally,the application of biosynthesis of gold nanoparticles and the developing trend in the future are also prospected.
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    Gradient Estimation and Analytic Properties of Solutions to Heat Conduction Equations
    XING Jiasheng, YANG Yichuan, WU Sang
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2020.04.002
    Optimality Condition for Fractional Optimization Problem
    TIAN Chaosong, WANG Xianyun
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2020.01.001
    Matlab Simulation Analysis of Fourier Spectrum Based on FFT
    YE Fu-Qiu
    journal6    2011, 32 (1): 49-51.  
    Abstract5291)      PDF(pc) (867KB)(5520)       Save
    The interference pattern of the sodium lamp light and the mercury lamp light is measureed by Michael interference device,using the transformation relations of the interference pattern and the spectra which exist in Fourier spectrum,the sodium lamp and mercury lamp radiation spectrum is analyzed by fast Fourier transform method.The results show that the Fourier transform spectrum can clearly display the radiation spectrum of the radiation source.
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    Well-Posedness of the Solution for a Stochastic 2D Magnetic Bénard Problem
    XIE Ting
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2020.04.0032D
    Some Inequalities About the Hermite Matrix
    SONG Yuan
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2020.01.002
    Web-Enabled Data Warehouse and Web-Based Data Warehouse
    WANG Xiao-Cheng
    journal6    2002, 23 (3): 16-20.  
    Abstract2475)      PDF(pc) (486KB)(5148)       Save
    Web signifies its influence in the evolution of data warehouses with two aspects: Web-enabled and Web-based, each addressing a purpose and a level of system complexity. In this paper an architectural template of data warehouse is reviewed. A five-level architecture of Web-enabled data warehouse is analyzed to identify its characteristics. Web-based data warehouse, for the first time, is termed to reflect the new trends. Clickstream data warehouse, as a specific Web-based data warehouse, is studied with a focus on its infrastructure. This paper highlights the roles both Web-related data warehouse can play, and comparison is also made between them.
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    Comparison of Root-MUSIC and PM Algorithm with MUSIC
    HUANG Guang-Ya
    journal6    2012, 33 (2): 67-71.   DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1007-2985.2012.02.016
    Abstract3545)      PDF(pc) (318KB)(5098)       Save
    Root-MUSIC and PM which are aimed to reduce complexity of calculation have been discussed and compared with MUSIC in this article.Root-MUSIC algorithm reduces complexity of calculation by calculating polynomial roots,while  PM algorithm by using matrix multiplication instead of eigen-decomposition.The simulation demonstrates,among the three algorithms,Root-MUSIC performs best in the case of a small amount of array elements;otherwise,PM will be better.
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    Economic Model with Education and Technological Progress
    WANG Shan, WANG Feng
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2020.04.004
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