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25 May 2024, Volume 45 Issue 3
Generalized S-α2 Type Block Diagonally Dominant Matrices and Its Spectrum
ZHU Kaixin, TUO Qing, HUANG Qi
Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2024, 45(3):  1-8. 
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A new judging criterion for a class of block diagonally dominant matrices is given by using the property of G-function and the technique of scaling and shrinking inequalities,and the inclusion field of the eigenvalues of the matrix is obtained.A numerical example is used to illustrate the validity and universality of the new judging criterion.
Application of Complex Analysis Theory to Calculate a Class of Fresnel Type Integral
JIANG Yi, SU Lingyan
Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2024, 45(3):  9-12. 
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For the Fresnel-type integral which is difficult to be solved by real function theory,the Dirichlet test is first applied to prove its convergence.Then,the general convergence result of Fresnel-type integral with xn-2 or xm are given by applying the circulatory integral method and Cauchy integral theorem.
Improvement of Convergence Rates of Empirical Bayes Test for Parameters of a Class of Lindley Model
HUANG Jinchao
Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2024, 45(3):  13-18. 
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Through the recursive kernel estimation and the monotone,the empirical Bayes test rules are constructed for parameters of a class of Lindley model.The order of the convergence rates can be arbitrartily close to O(n-1) under suitable conditions.
Architectural Design
Impact Resistance Performance Assessment of Bridge Piers in Navigable Holes Under the Action of Ship Impact
LI Yue, YAN Yong, NING Zhe, SHAN Honglan, LUO Anran
Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2024, 45(3):  19-28. 
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Considering the complex navigational environment of waterways spanned by bridges,which are prone to ship-bridge collision accidents,this study evaluates the impact resistance performance of navigational pier columns of a certain cross-river cable-stayed bridge project under the action of ship impacts.The LS-DYNA simulation software is used to model the process of ship impacting on the pier,obtaining the impact force of the ship.Subsequently,the mechanical response of the pier under a combination of loads including ship impact,self-weight,and buoyancy is calculated,and these responses are compared with the mechanical indicators of the pier in a critical failure state to assess the pier's resistance performance.The evaluation successfully determines the resistance performance of the pier.The study's findings indicate that the bending and shear resistance checks for piers 28# and 30# do not meet the requirements,necessitating reinforcement and the installation of collision protection facilities.
Inhibitory Effect of Ultrasound on Kiwifruit Bacterial Canker
ZHEN Xi, LIN Shiyan, WANG Naling, ZHANG Zonghao, LI Junjie, TAN Zecheng, LIU Shibiao, ZHA Manrong, WANG Yan
Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2024, 45(3):  29-34. 
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Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae (Psa) was treated in vitro by setting different ultrasonic frequencies and ultrasonic durations.The number of viable bacteria and respiratory chain dehydrogenase activity of Psa were detected after treatment,and the ultrasonic treatment conditions with better bactericidal effect were screened.Secondly,the detached branches of Xiangjihong and Beimu after Psa infection were treated with ultrasonic waves under different conditions.After 30 days of culture,the size of canker lesions was detected to explore the inhibitory effect of different ultrasonic conditions on kiwifruit canker.The results showed that 60 kHz ultrasonic treatment for 45 min or 80 kHz ultrasonic treatment for 15 min could control the lesion of Beimu branches to about 2 cm.Treatment with 80 kHz for 30 min could control the lesion of Xiangjihong branches within 2 cm,and completely inhibit the infection of canker spot on the Beimu branches.
Identification Analysis on Craspedacusta sp.from Bayue Lake in Jishou City
YUAN Saibo, YUAN Guoqing, XIANG Ying, FENG Weisong, ZHANG Youxiang
Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2024, 45(3):  35-44. 
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In order to strengthen the conservation and sustainable utilization of Craspedacusta,we used the methods of morphological identification and molecular biological identification to identify and analyze the Craspedacusta sp. from Bayue Lake in Jishou City of Xiangxi.The results were as follows:Diameter of umbrella was 12.4 mm.Tentacle 3~4,and the main tentacle was significantly longer than other tentacles.The gonads were cystic,and brown yellow in color.Statocysts were tubular,106~128 in number.Nematocyst warts arranged in a ring and each of ring had interval.The similarity of 18S rDNA gene sequence between Craspedacusta sp. from Bayue Lake and Craspedacusta sowerbyi of the United States (GenBank serial number MG979336.1) was the highest,which was 99.88%.The relationship between the Craspedacusta sp. from Bayue Lake in Xiangxi and Craspedacusta sowerbyi was close.Both morphological and molecular data support that the Craspedacusta sp. from Bayue Lake in the Xiangxi was Craspedacusta sowerbyi.
Chemistry and chemical engineering
Effect of Ginger Starch on the Characteristics of Ginger Powder
XIONG Kun, SHUAI Jingjing
Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2024, 45(3):  45-54. 
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With fresh ginger as raw material,the original ginger juice,precipitation and supernatant were separated after juicing,and freeze-dried ginger powder 1,2,3 were obtained respectively,and then their dispersibility,solubility,sensory characteristics,volatile components were measured.The results showed that the starch retention rates of three kinds of ginger powder were ginger powder 2,ginger powder 1 and ginger powder 3 in descending order.The color of ginger powder 2 was the brightest and L* was the largest,but the solubility of ginger powder 3 was significantly better than the other two.The sensory comprehensive evaluation showed no significant differences in  ginger powder 3 and ginger powder 1,but better sensory scores than that of ginger powder 2.A total of 103 volatile components were identified,including 54 olefins,20 alcohols,11 aldehydes,7 ketones and 11 esters.Olefins,alcohols and ketones were the main volatile components in ginger powder,and their relative contents were 67.33%,14.67% and 13.67%,respectively.20 volatile components with VIP higher than 1 had the greatest effect on the flavor of the three ginger powder.Cluster analysis showed that the three kinds of ginger powder could be clustered into categories I and Ⅱ.Ginger powder 1 and ginger powder 3 had similar flavors,so they were classified as class I.The two euclidean distance was 0.342 0,the euclidean distance difference between class Ⅱ and class I was only 0.011 0,indicating that the difference between class II and class I was  not significant.
Performance Study of Modified Biochar for Phosphorus Adsorption in Water Bodies
LI Jie, LI Bo, ZHANG Xiaodong, LI Bin, ZHOU Yingru
Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2024, 45(3):  55-62. 
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Modified charcoal (MCC) was made from corn cobs pretreated by NH3·H2O and impregnated with  MgCl2·6H2O.The morphology and functional groups of MCC was characterized,and its impact on phosphate phosphorus adsorption was investigated.The results showed that MCC had a more porous structure,with a BET surface area of 2.04 times that of pristine biochar.Additionally,MCC had more carbonyl functional groups,and a higher capacity for phosphorus adsorption.When the initial phosphorus concentration was 40 mg/L, the phosphorous adsorption by MCC reached 16.59 mg/g.In simulated adsorption,the ideal adsorption conditions were found to be at pH 6 and 25 °C.When the initial phosphorus concentration is between 0 and 60 mg/L,the adsorption capacity of MCC increases with the increase in phosphorus content.The adsorption process followed the pseudo-secondary kinetic model and the Langmuir and Freundlich models,with both single molecular layer chemical adsorption and multi molecular layer physical adsorption.The theoretical saturation adsorption capacity of 32.60 mg/g demonstrated the potential for phosphorus removal from wastewater.
Characteristic column:Study on Wuling Mountain Area
Ecological Security Assessment of Lishui River Basin in Zhangjiajie City
CHEN Dongsu, YANG Yi, YAN Li, LI Qiaoyuan
Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2024, 45(3):  63-70. 
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Taking Lishui River basin in Zhangjiajie city as the research object,through fieldwork,collecting historical data and on-site monitoring,combining with the domestic and foreign ecological security assessment theory,using the "pressure-state-function-risk-response" (PSFRR) model,the ecological security assessment index system of Zhangjiajie Lishui River basin was constructed (5 factor layers,20 scheme layers and 43 index layers) to evaluate the ecological security index of the river basin.The results showed that the ecological security index of Zhangjiajie Lishui River basin was at a good level,and the ecological damage was controllable.Affected by human activities and agricultural development along the river,the habitat of the river basin was damaged,the integrity index of aquatic organisms was low,the water conservation capacity was insufficient,and the stability of the river basin ecosystem was threatened.In view of the problems mentioned and the requirements of river basin ecological protection,the corresponding measures and countermeasures were put forward from the aspects of river basin water ecological environment governance,ecosystem protection and restoration,ecological security management and the construction of river basin ecological environment protection system.
Spatiotemporal Evolution of Transformation Efficiency of Sci-Tech Achievements  in Local Universities of  China Based on DEA-Malmquist Model
ZHANG Yanfei, ZHU Haiying
Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2024, 45(3):  71-81. 
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An empirical analysis of the spatiotemporal evolution characteristics of technical efficiency and total factor productivity change of the sci-tech achievements transformation has been carried on based on DEA-Malmquist model.The results show that the comprehensive technical efficiency of sci-tech achievements increased year by year,but the efficiency in 2017 and 2018  significantly fallen compared with that in previous years,and the efficiency index was overall low.The total factor productivity change indexes of the transformation of sci-tech achievements improved overall,but there were significant regional differences,with steady increase in central and eastern China and significant fluctuations in western China.To improve the efficiency in the transformation of sci-tech achievements in local universities,it is proposed to strengthen discipline construction,make clear the positioning of sci-tech innovation,innovate the mechanism of achievement transformation,and optimize the environment for achievement transformation.
Hotel Pricing Decision in Online Travel Agent Auction Sales Through Dual Channels
XU Lei, CAI Jiangang
Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2024, 45(3):  82-87. 
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In the tourism supply chain system composed of hotel and online travel agent (OTA),for OTA  hotel room auction sales,a centralized decision-making model for the hotel and the OTA and a decentralized decision-making model with hotel as the leading and OTA as the follower were constructed,and the optimal decision-making for the hotel and the OTA was given by Backward induction analysis.The results of the study show that the number of hotel rooms sold by the OTA is affected by both price and commission.The increase of sales price and commission will increase the number of the OTA aution.The optimal commission and the optimal auction quantity will  increase with the number of OTA users and the auction duration.Compared with decentralized decision-making,centralized decision-making tourism supply chain system has greater room auction quantity and higher sales price.On this basis,the hotel and the OTA should cooperate with the concept of community of interest to maximize the overall benefits and promote the high-quality development of both sides.
Synthesis,Characterization and Luminescence of Eu(Ibu)3phen
WANG Ying, SHEN Jinghui, HU Lina, MA Dongyun, SHI Chengyang, LI Bingyin
Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2024, 45(3):  88-90. 
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Eu (Ibu) 3phen was synthesized,with  non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug Ibuprofen as the first ligand,Phenanthroline as the second ligand and the rare earth ion Eu3+ as the central ion by solvent method.The structure of the complex was characterized by elemental analysis,UV spectroscopy,and infrared spectroscopy,and the fluorescence properties of the complex were studied.The results indicate that ibuprofen can effectively serve as an antenna ligand,greatly sensitize luminescence of Eu3+,so the fluorescence emission spectra of the complex Eu (Ibu) 3phen exhibit strong characteristic fluorescence emission peaks of europium ions at 589 nm and 612 nm.The complex has good luminescence performance,so it can be used as a kind of environmentally friendly fluorescent material.
Advances in Metabolic Related Fatty Liver Disease Complicated with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
LI Yuan, XIANG Ping, LI Xuefeng, PENG Xia
Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2024, 45(3):  91-96. 
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Metabolic Associated Fatty Liver Disease (MAFLD) and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) are highly prevalent worldwide.More than 70% of patients with T2DM may develop MAFLD,and patients with MAFLD have a risk of diabetes that is about 5 times higher than the general population,both of which are serious threats to human health.When MAFLD is combined with T2DM,it is more difficult to control T2DM,MAFLD is more likely to deteriorate,and patients have a higher incidence of cardiovascular disease,malignant tumors,and a greater risk of death.In this study,the epidemiology,pathogenesis,risk factors and treatment methods of MAFLD complicated with T2DM are systematically described,aiming to improve the understanding of MAFLD complicated with T2DM and provide better guidance for  clinical diagnosis and treatment.
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