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    HPLC Determination of Ursolic Acid and Oleanolic Acid in Paulownia Leaves from Xiangxi
    XU Yuhui, ZHOU Jiani, QIN Aitao, HAN Xiangyun, YANG Dequan
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (4): 92-96.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.04.016
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    An efficient,accurate and stable method for the determination of ursolic acid and oleanolic acid has been established.Then the contents of ursolic acid and oleanolic acid in Paulownia leaves in Xiangxi were determined.High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) method was adopted,and the chromatographic conditions were as follows:(1) chromatographic column:TADE-PAK AF-C18 column(250 mm×4.6 mm,5 μm;(2) mobile phase:acetonitrile-methanol-0.5% ammonium acetate solution (Volume ratio 61∶18∶21);(3) flow rate:1 mL/min;(4) detection wavelength:210 nm;(5) column temperature:35 ℃;(6) sample size:10  μL.The results showed that the separation degree of oleanolic acid and ursolic acid was 1.73,which met the requirements.The linear relationship between ursolic acid and oleanolic acid was good in the range of 0.497 6~9.952 μg and 0.126 1~2.523 μg (r=0.999 9),respectively,The average recoveries of ursolic acid and oleanolic acid were 99.93% and 98.97%,respectively.The contents of ursolic acid and oleanolic acid in Paulownia leaves in Xiangxi were 4.54~7.07 mg/g and 2.50~3.20 mg/g,respectively.HPLC method has good separation effect,high sensitivity and high accuracy,and is a scientific and effective method for the determination of ursolic acid and oleanolic acid in Paulownia leaves.
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    Thermal Lens Effect with Low-Power Laser
    LIN Yiping, CHEN Kexiong, LI Lingyan, LIU Jingfeng
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (4): 34-41.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.04.007
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    COMSOL Multiphysics 5.5 software was used to build a model to study the relationship between the change of lens focal length and the change of laser power.The experimental scheme was designed through theoretical analysis and the formula for calculating the focal length of the thermal lens was determined.Experiments were conducted to explore the thermal lens effect with low power laser,and the visualization of the thermal lens effect with low-power laser was realized.The soy sauce lens was measured as thermal concave lens.Using knife edge method and software fitting measurement of laser radius,combined with other data to calculate the focal length of the thermal concave lens,the measured relative error was 3.6%.Finally,taking the focal length as the intensity reference of the thermal lens effect,the measured intensity of the thermal lens effect was positively correlated with the optical power.
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    Topological States of Two-Dimensional Honeycomb Elastic Materials
    LI Yinming, KONG Peng, BI Rengui, HE Zhaojian, DENG Ke
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (4): 47-50.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.04.009
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    We introduce the concept of valley states to elastic materials and design a two-dimensional honeycomb elastic phonon crystal.When the system is protected by inverse symmetry,three pairs of Dirac points appear at the K and K′ point,distributed in different frequency bands.The spatial symmetry of the system is broken by adjusting its geometrical structure parameters so that the Dirac points open and form valley at the K and K′ point.In this multi-band valley exists edge states connecting the upper and lower body bands,which is used in elastic materials can be used to achieve edge transport and design acoustic devices with good performance.
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    Ultrastructure of Cymbella subhelvetica Krammer
    LONG Jiyan, LIU Bing, XU Sanmei, TANG Haipeng
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (4): 67-71.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.04.012
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    To reveal the ultrastructural features of Cymbella subhelvetica Krammer,this study carries out a thorough observation using scanning electron microscope.The observational results demonstrate that C. subhelveticapossesses the following diagnostic features:(1)valves distinctly dorsiventral;(2)distal raphe fissure curved dorsally,proximal raphe ends teardrop not deflected;(3)no apical pore fields;(4)striae uniseriate,slightly radiate except closing to each apex where becoming convergent dorsal striae 9~11/10 μm,ventral striae 9~13/10  μm;(5) Areolae mostly lineate,occasionally Y-shaped,and areolae 30~33/10 μm;(6) 4~7 stigmata.Above characteristics together constitute a unique combination of features that distinguish and identify C. subhelvetica.
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    Application of an Optimized NGM (1,1, k) Model in Domestic Energy Consumption
    SHI Jiyu, YU Siyao, YI Yeqing
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (4): 27-33.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.04.006
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    In order to explore the future development trend of domestic energy consumption in China,an optimized NGM(1,1, k) model is developed to study domestic energy consumption in China.The proposed model is applied to the case of China's domestic energy consumption with 2 other grey prediction models respectively,and five indicators commonly used to evaluate the performance of prediction models are used to make comparison.The results of the cases show that the optimized NGM(1,1, k) model shows the best performance in the applied cases,thus confirming the feasibility and validity of the model.At the end of the paper,the metabolic idea is introduced into the proposed model to make a reasonable prediction of China's domestic energy consumption in the next 10 years.
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    Safety Impact of Blasting Construction in Xiazhuang Copper Mine on Adjacent Binghanhe Tunnel
    CUI Guangyao, TIAN Yuhang, WANG Mingsheng
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (4): 51-57.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.04.010
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    Through FLAC3D calculation software,the displacement,stress and safety factor of adjacent tunnel lining and rail during construction blasting in Xiazhuang copper mine are analyzed.The results show that after the blasting construction,the maximum horizontal displacement of the lining is 4.07 mm,the maximum horizontal convergence is 0.08 mm,the maximum settlement is 4.23 mm,the maximum lateral displacement of the rail is 3.46 mm,and the maximum settlement is 3.48 mm,which all meet the displacement control standard.The maximum principal stress,minimum principal stress and maximum shear stress of lining and rail increase slightly.The minimum safety factor of lining is 4.49,and the safety factor of lining after blasting construction meets the specification requirements.
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    Research Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment of Metabolic- Associated Fatty Liver Disease
    WANG Zijin, LI Xuefeng, XIANG Mingjun, OU Fangbo
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (4): 81-86.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.04.014
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    Metabolic-associated fatty liver disease (MAFLD) is the most common chronic liver disease in the world and also the number one liver disease in China.Its incidence rate shows an upward trend year by year.If the degree of liver steatosis is aggravated,liver fibrosis may occur and eventually lead to liver cirrhosis and even hepatocarcinoma.All these are serious hazards to people's health.In recent years,many new changes have taken place in the diagnosis and treatment of MAFLD,which has become a research hotspot.This article reviews the global harm and health burden of fatty liver disease,the change of fatty liver naming and the diagnosis and treatment of metaboli-associated fatty liver disease.The purpose of this study is to provide reference for the early diagnosis,disease evaluation and new drug development of metabolic-associated fatty liver disease.
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    Current Situation and Measures of Drum Dance Development of Miao Ethnic Group in Western Hunan Province:Activation and  Inheritance of Intangible Cultural Heritage
    XIA Chenchen
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (6): 92-96.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.06.016
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    Drum dance of Miao ethnic group in western Hunan province is a national-level intangible cultural heritage with representative inheritors at the national,provincial,state,county and municipal levels.The project has been well protected,and has been well applied in ethnic and folk cultural and sports activities,school sports,tourism development and foreign cultural exchanges.However,there are still serious problems such as the aging of inheritors,the imperfect inheritance mechanism,and the challenges from modern entertainment.In order to improve the protection and inheritance effect of the drum dance,some measures need to be taken,such as cultivation of inheritors,creating demonstration area of "two innovation",and diversified and coordinated development.
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    Liu Estimation in Partially Linear Varying Coefficient Models
    AN Bailing, LU Qi, MA Ning
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (4): 1-6.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.04.001
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    This paper considers the biased estimators on the parameter components in partially linear varying coefficient model.Based on the Profile least-square approach and Liu estimation method,we propose Profile-Liu estimator and section least-square general Liu estimator for the parametric components.We prove that the Profile-Liu estimation is better than the Profile least-square estimation,and the section least-square general Liu estimation is better than the Profile-Liu estimation under certain conditions.
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    Shape Reconstruction Based on Polarization and Coarse Depth Images
    ZHOU Mengyuan, YANG Fenlin
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (4): 20-26.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.04.005
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    Firstly,the coarse depth image is smoothed by bilateral filtering,which can remove noise well while keeping edge details.Then,the depth information is taken as a prior condition to correct the ambiguity of polarization normals by using a self-defined threshold segmentation method.Finally,a penalty function method with depth constraint as the fitting term and polarization normal constraint as the smooth term is constructed,and the least square method is used to calculate the fusion reconstruction.Four polarization images with different polarization angles and a coarse depth map are selected for experiments.The experimental results show that compared with single mode,the fusion of depth and polarization can recover better surface details and achieve better geometric shape effect.
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    Photocatalytic Degradation of Bisphenol a by Sulfur-Modified Cadmium-Rich Biomass Carbon
    CAO Jiaji, WANG Ping, LING Dingxun, HUANG Chao
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (4): 72-80.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.04.013
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    Using biomass sorghum after remediation of cadmium-contaminated soil as raw material,sulfur-modified biochar based photocatalyst was prepared by calcination and hydrothermal reaction.The morphology and crystal structure of the photocatalyst were analyzed by scanning electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction.The results showed that cadmium sulfide crystals were successfully loaded on the biochar.The photocatalytic degradation experiment found that the photocatalyst can rapidly degrade bisphenol A (BPA) in water,and its photocatalytic degradation rate is 15.5 times and 2.4 times that of biomass sorghum biochar and cadmium sulfide,respectively.The influencing factor experiment found that the acidic conditions and the increase of the material dosage can significantly improve the photocatalytic degradation rate of BPA.Cycling experiments showed that the material has good photocatalytic stability,and quenching experiments showed that the main active species in the reaction are holes (h +),followed by ·OH and ·O -2.
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    Improved of Source Code Plagiarism Detection Based on Abstract Syntax Tree
    LIU Feixiang, LONG Dongdong, OU Xingru, CHEN Changfeng
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (6): 20-25.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.06.005
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    For low detection accuracy and inability to detect plagiarism at the semantic level in the traditional abstract syntax tree based code plagiarism detection methods,an improved code plagiarism detection approach based on abstract syntax tree is designed.This approach achieves higher plagiarism detection rate through TF-IDF weighted simplified syntax tree.Moreover,feature extraction and similarity calculation methods based on weighted simplified abstract syntax tree are designed to realize partial detection of semantic plagiarism.Experimental results show that the proposed approach can effectively detect semantic level plagiarism and achieves higher accuracy than traditional tree-based methods.
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    Proof of Gracefulness of Crowns of Two Kinds of Graceful Graphs
    TANG Baoxiang, REN Han
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (6): 1-5.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.06.001
    Abstract183)      PDF125)       Save
    This paper uses the construction method to give the graceful labels of the crowns I(T n ) and I(1-∧C 4,n ) of the graceful graphs T n and 1-∧C 4,n,thus proving that both I(T n ) and I(1-∧C 4,n ) are graceful graphs.
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    Investigation of the Mechanism of Coptis chinensis for the Treatment of COVID-19 Based on Network Pharmacology and Molecular Docking
    FENG Bijun
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (5): 64-73.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.05.011
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    Based on network pharmacology and molecular docking,the mechanism of coptis chinensis for the treatment of COVID-19 has been investigated.The Chinese herbal medicine systems pharmacology platform (TCMSP) was used to screen the active components and targets of Coptis chinensis.GeneCards and OMIM screened the disease targets of COVID-19,R screened the common targets of drugs and diseases,and Cytoscape constructed a "drug-active ingredient- target-disease” interaction network,STRING constructed a common target protein interaction network,ClueGo performed gene function analysis for common targets,and R performed Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes pathway enrichment analysis for common targets.Then molecular docking was performed between the core components of Coptis chinensis active components and the main targets for the treatment of COVID-19.The preliminary exploration obtained 14 active ingredients of Coptis chinensis with 235 targets and 341 genes related to COVID-19.The key targets of Coptis chinensis in the treatment of COVID-19 include VEGFA,IL6,POR,and PLAT.Molecular docking results showed that the core compound of Coptis chinensis has a certain affinity for VEGFA,IL6,POR,and PLAT.
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    Mechanical Properties of Stress Corroded Steel Wire with Cracks
    WANG Xin, DU Siyu, GAO Yang
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (4): 58-66.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.04.011
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    In order to study the tensile mechanical properties of stress corroded high strength galvanized steel wire with cracks,the mechanical model of high strength steel wire with cracks was established based on the data of stress corrosion test,static tensile test,electron microscope test and finite element simulation.The results show that in the static tensile test,the critical failure factor of the steel wire is the crack,and the stress concentration factor of the notch is much higher than that of the corrosion pit.The mechanical property change is caused by further corrosion of the initial crack.When corrosion  is serious,the mechanical properties is mainly determined by the crack and the corrosion pit.
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    New Lower Bound of Wrap-Around L2-Discrepancy for Five-Level U-Type Designs
    HU Liuping, PEI Wu, ZHOU Yu, OU Zujun
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (4): 7-10.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.04.002
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    We obtain a new expression of wrap-around L 2-discrepancy for five-level U-type designs.A new lower bound of wrap-around L 2-discrepancy can be derived via the expression and a mathematical inequality.
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    Comprehensive Evaluation and Spatial Distribution Characteristics of Soil Fertility in Xiangxi Prefecture
    PENG Huan, ZHOU Ying, ZENG Hanyong, LUO Jin, LI Qiang, HE Jianwu
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (6): 38-44.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.06.008
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    The comprehensive evaluation of soil fertility in Xiangxi autonomous Prefecture provides a basis for improving soil fertility and building high-quality farmland.Soil pH,organic matter,total nitrogen,available phosphorus,and available potassium were selected as evaluation indicators,combined with the index summation method,a comprehensive evaluation system of soil fertility is constructed,and the soil fertility is comprehensively evaluated.The results showed that the soil pH in Xiangxi Prefecture is acid,there is slight soil acidification,the content of organic matter is high,the content of total nitrogen is moderate,the content of available phosphorus and available potassium vary greatly,and the average content was high.The proportion of soil area with grade I,II,III and IV fertility in Xiangxi Prefecture was 17.66%,17.62%,8.21% and 56.51% respectively.
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    Effect of Higher-Order Interactions on Species Coexistence in Intra-Guild Predation System
    ZHANG Rong, ZHOU Shuai, WANG Qiongzhi
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (4): 15-19.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.04.004
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    An ordinary differential equation system model is established to study the effects of intra-specific high-order interaction,inter-specific high-order interaction and density-mediated effect,as well as the integration of the three on population density.MATLAB numerical simulation shows that intra-specific high-order interaction and inter-specific high-order interaction can promote the coexistence between prey and predator,and the influence intensity and density-mediated effect are similar,but the action mechanism is different.
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    Method for Solving the Abel Integral Equation of the Downline Problem
    XING Jiasheng
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (6): 6-10.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.06.002
    Abstract167)      PDF83)       Save
    For the solution of the downline problem with a given descent time function,the problem is transformed into an Abel integral equation solution problem.For the integral equation on infinite interval,this paper introduces Abel's method and the process of solving integral equation with Laplace transformation,and gives the solution formula.For the limited range of integral equation,this paper uses the Abel integral transformation method to solve the integral equation,uses the iterated integral to exchange integral sequence,and obtains the solution formula from a definite integral identity.The solution formula of the integral equation is applied to the isochronous curve problem.The isochron is proved be an inverted cycloid with the solution of  the differential equation of the isochronous curve problem.
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    Effect of Nimotuzumab Combined with GP Chemotherapy in the Treatment of Metastatic Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
    CHEN Jia, XIANG Zhibi, XIONG Li, DUAN Hexin, LIU Rong, YANG Zhi, WU Hui, YANG Zaichuan
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (6): 67-74.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.06.012
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    The efficacy and adverse reactions of nituzumab combined with GP chemotherapy in the treatment of metastatic nasopharyngeal carcinoma has been analyzed.Patients diagnosed by the pathology and the imaging of advanced metastatic nasopharyngeal carcinoma from June 1,2019 to December 31,2020 in Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture People's Hospital,and were randomly divided into experimental group (GP + Nimotuzumab)and control group (GP) .The effective rate,disease control rate,progression-free survival,overall survival and adverse reactions of the two groups were compared and analyzed.A total of 28 patients were included in this study,including 14 in the experimental group and 14 in the control group.In the experimental group there were 1 case of CR,10 cases of PR,2 cases of SD,and 1 case of PD;and in the control group,ORR of the experimental group and control group was 78.5% vs 50.0%(P=0.115),and DCR 92.8% vs 85.7%(P=0.541).The median DOR was 7 months in the experimental group and 5 in the control group (P=0.068).The median PFS of the experimental group and the control group were 11 months and 7 months (P=0.043).The median OS was 19 months in experimental group and 13 months in control group (P=0.043) .The main adverse reactions in both groups were myelosuppression,gastrointestinal reactions and hepatic injury.Degrees of myelosuppression occurred in 11 patients in the experimental group and in 12 in the control group (P=0.662).The rates of grade 1~2 myelosuppression in the two groups were 50.00% vs 25.00% (P=0.115),while 3~4 grade in the two groups were (33.33% vs 64.28%,P=0.058).Grade 1~2 gastrointestinal reactions occurred in both groups 35.71% vs 50.00% (P=0.445).The incidence of grade 1~2 hepatic injury was (21.43% vs 7.14%,P=0.280),and that of grade 3~4 hepatic injury was the same (7.14%) .Compared with GP alone,GP +Nimotuzumab did not improve the short-term efficacy in the treatment of advanced metastatic nasopharyngeal carcinoma,but prolonged the PFS time,improved the overall survival,and did not increase the adverse reactions.
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    Chemical Constituentsfrom the Aerial Partsof Dichrocephala benthamii
    ZHANG Yue, WEI Hua, CAO Xinjie, LIU Hongyu
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (4): 87-91.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.04.015
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    The chemical composition of Dai Medicine Dichrocephala benthamii has been studied.The ethanol extract in Dichrocephala benthamii  was isolated and purified by silica gel chromatography repeatedly,and the structures were identified by spectral analysis and chemical methods.Results showed that fifteen compounds were isolated from the ethanol extraction of Dichrocephala benthamii and the structures were identified as piperine (1),capsaicin (2),dihydrocapsaicin(3),1H-indole-3-carboxylic acid,ethyl ester(4),1H-indole-3-carboxylic acid,methyl ester (5),3-formylindole (6),pomolic acid (7),floridiolide A (8),16-methoxycleroda-3,13-dien-15,16-olide-18-oic acid (9),16-ethoxycleroda-3,13-dien-15,16-olide-18-oic acid (10),friedelin (11),Kaempferol (12),quercetin (13),syringenin isovalerate (14),gallic acid (15).It can be concluded that compounds 1-12,14 were obtained from the genus of Dichrocephala for the first time.
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    Approach to a High-Level,In-Depth,and Affectionate Curriculum of Ideological and Political Education in Foreign Language Teaching for Medical Students
    LIU Rurong, LIU Qijun
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (6): 87-91.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.06.015
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    It is the fundamental task of strengthening moral education and cultivating people and also the new commission of institutions of higher education to change from proving ideological and political courses to practicing curriculum of ideological and political education.Universities should cultivate students with good values and moral integrity,giving full play to each course.Due to the special nature of foreign language course and the utilitarian purpose of medical students,a high-level,in-depth,and affectionate curriculum of ideological and political education in foreign language teaching is essential for them.To achieve this,we need to perfect course teaching plan,strengthen teaching staff,and optimize teaching mode.Only by creatively transforming from special personnel to everyone in ideological and ideological education,and virtually integrating explicit education with implicit education,can curriculum ideological and political education be truly implemented.
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    Research on Gastrointestinal Toxicity Evaluation of Dichroa Alkali Salt in Zebrafish
    LI Sidi, YE Zuguang, ZENG Xingyao, ZHOU Minggao, TAN Xiaowen, FAN Taiping, TAN Xinxin, SHENG Yihua
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (5): 56-63.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.05.010
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    To systematically analyze the gastrointestinal toxicity of dichroa alkali salt and explore the model animals suitable for such toxic drugs,the LC10 and MNLC of dichroa alkali salt in zebrafish were observed.The intestinal effects of dichroa alkali salt were evaluated by the zebrafish model,including evaluation of intestinal peristalsis inhibition,intestinal phenotype,and tissue pathology of intestinal tract.Results showed that the LC10 and MNLC of dichroa alkali salt on zebrafish were about 10 μg/mL and 5 μg/mL,respectively.Zebrafish were treated by dichroa alkali salt with concentration of 0.5,1.67,5 and 10 μg/mL,and the intestinal contents of zebrafish increased significantly.The inhibition rates of intestinal peristalsis were 27.78%,61.11%,77.11% and 80.89%,respectively,which showed that all concentrations of dichroa alkali salt has obvious inhibitory effect on the intestinal peristalsis of zebra fish.The intestinal toxicity phenotype and histopathological observation showed that under the conditions of 0.5,1.67,5 and 10 μg/mL salt treatment,the intestinal folds were reduced or disappeared,the intestinal mucosa cells were denaturated,the intestinal mucosa was destroyed,the intestinal lumen was blurred,and the intestinal lumen was narrowed,and the severity was positively correlated with the incidence.Above all,dichroa alkali salt presents definite gastrointestinal toxicity.Zebrafish can be used as a model animal to systematically study the toxic effects and characteristics of gastrointestinal toxic drugs.
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    Doping Regulation of Rectification Characteristics of GeSe Nanoelectronic Devices
    CHENG Yangming, LIAO Wenhu
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (4): 42-46.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.04.008
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    The rectification characteristics of  GeSe nanoelectronic devices with different channel length of the central semiconductor doped with group V atomic substitution is investigated by using a combination of density general function theory and nonequilibrium Green's function.Results that:under positive bias,the current of armchair germanium selenide nanoribbons with 5.1 nm central semiconductor channel lengths increases with increasing voltage;while under negative bias,the current does not vary with voltage as the central semiconductor channel length increases from 1.7 nm to 3.4 nm;the magnitude is close to zero when the channel length of the central semiconductor continues to increase,and the devices exhibit significant rectification characteristics.
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    A Class of Time-Inconsistent Control Problems
    JI Wei
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (4): 11-14.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.04.003
    Abstract151)      PDF44)       Save
    A class of time-inconsistent control problems is researched.With classical methods of mathematical analysis and calculus of variation,we prove that the optimal control of classical optimal control problems is an equilibrium control of time-inconsistent control problems.
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    Study on Traditional Medicinal Preparation Technology of Jixiang Cough Ointment
    LI Jin, LUO Yuanqiang, WU Yizhen, PENG Yong, HUANG Li
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (5): 83-88.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.05.013
    Abstract143)      PDF12)       Save
    The standard for traditional medicinal preparation technology of Jixiang cough ointment has been established.The extraction rate (dry extract) reached 96.21% through three times of decoction with drinking water for 2 hours,2 hours,and 1 hour respectively.The extracts were filtered and combined for three times,and concentrated in the low-temperature hot reflux extraction and concentration equipment to obtain clear paste with a relative density of 1.15~1.25.A proper amount of rock sugar was boiled with water to make honeycomb-like syrup.When the relative density of syrup was greater than 1.4 (80 ℃),clear paste was added (the ratio of clear paste to syrup was 1∶1.5),and the paste was collected at normal pressure.The paste was concentrated with relative density 1.25~1.40,with addition of 0.1% potassium sorbate,and then was encapsulated.The extraction,concentration,sugar refining,paste collection,and paste collecting processes of Jixiang cough ointment are compatible with the equipments in the preparation room.It is a traditional Chinese medicinal preparation.The quality of the finished products is stable and meets the requirements,and it can be produced in the hospital preparation room.The preparation process is stable,simple,reproducible,and effective.
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    Analysis of the Coagulant Activity and Chemical Components in Artemisia annua L.
    ZHAO Fafa, ZHANG Xiaorong
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (5): 30-36.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.05.005
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    The pharmacodynamics substance in Artemisia annua L.was studied.The hemostasis chemical compositions were extracted by the organic solvent extraction method in Artemisia annua L..The hemostasis medicinal effect of the extract from Artemisia annua L.was detected using the coagulation plate method,the test tube method and the plasma recalcification time measurement method.The flavone compounds were separated from the butyl alcohol extract using Alkali dissolution-acid precipitation method.The spectroscopic properties were detected by the ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy and the fluorescence spectroscopy.And the flavone compounds were identified of the physical and chemical properties.The terpenoids compounds were separated from the butyl alcohol extract by the low temperature method,and were analyzed using the thin layer chromatography (TLC).The results indicated that the butyl alcohol extract was the hemostasis pharmacodynamics substance in Artemisia annua L..The clotting effect was significant of the butyl alcohol extract tested by the three methods of the coagulation plate method,the test tube method and the plasma recalcification time measurement method.And the chemical composition analysis showed that a lot of flavone compounds and the terpenoids compounds were contained in the butyl alcohol extract.It can be concluded that the pharmacodynamics substance is the butyl alcohol extract from Artemisia annua L.,and the major chemical constituents include the flavone compounds and the terpenoids compounds.
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    A Case Report of Thrombocytopenia Caused by Linezolid
    LONG Xiaokang, PENG Xin, XU Xingmin, SONG Kui, ZHENG Yunfei, CHEN Chao, LI Ming
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (5): 93-96.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.05.015
    Abstract141)      PDF15)       Save
    This paper reports a case of linezolid induced thrombocytopenia,and introduces the mechanism,risk factors,prevention and treatment.According to the analysis of adverse reaction correlation evaluation,this case of thrombocytopenia is probably related to the use of linezolid.At present,the mechanism of linezolid induced thrombocytopenia is still unclear.Long-term medication,renal dysfunction,and low platelet count at baseline are independent risk factors.Clinical pharmacists should strengthen pharmaceutical care,improve early prevention awareness,and avoid adverse drug reactions.
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    A Case Analysis of Breast Cancer Patient with Drug-Induced Liver Injury
    PENG Jing, CHEN Chao, LI Min, XU Xingmin, SONG Kui, FU Yilan
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (5): 89-92.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.05.014
    Abstract140)      PDF26)       Save
    By analyzing the conditions of liver injury,diagnosis and treatment process,medication for a case of breast cancer patient with drug-induced liver injury(DILI),selection of appropriate liver protective drugs in the process of anti-tumor treatment for DILI patients is explored,and the pharmaceutical care effect of clinical pharmacists on DILI patients is analyzed,which offers reference for the entire treatment cycle for similar cases.
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    Application and Effectiveness Evaluation of Air Enema Reduction in the Treatment of Intussusception in Children
    MA Chuncan, LUO Yong
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (6): 75-79.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.06.013
    Abstract140)      PDF70)       Save
    This paper is to discuss the clinical effect and therapeutic effectiveness of air enema reduction in the treatment of intussusception in children.86 children with intussusception admitted to our hospital from January 2021 to January 2022 were randomly divided into control group and study group,with 43 cases in each group.The control group was treated by hydraulic enema,and the study group was treated by air enema.The success rate of reduction,reduction time,hospitalization and recovery time of blood in stool,interleukin-6 and tumor necrosis factor- α  before and after treatment were compared between the two groups.There was no significant difference in the reduction success rate between the study group and the control group ( P>0.05).The reduction time,hospitalization time and recovery time of stool blood in the study group were significantly lower than those in the control group ( P<0.05).Before treatment,the interleukin-6 and tumor necrosis factor-α (hereinafter,TNF) before treatment in the two groups-α were not significantly different ( P>0.05).After treatment,the level of interleukin-6 and TNF-α in the study group were significantly lower than that of the control group ( P<0.05).The incidence of complications in the study group was 4.65%,significantly lower than 20.93% in the control group ( P<0.05).
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    Statistical Measurement of the Inadequate Development
    LIU Fanfan
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (6): 58-66.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.06.011
    Abstract139)      PDF66)       Save
    An index evaluation system including development quality and benefit, innovation ability, environmental protection and people's livelihood is constructed.In 2008-2018, China's development inadequacy decreased at an average annual rate of 2%, of which environmental protection contributed the most; however, the regional imbalance of the development inadequacy is growing. To improve the quality, efficiency and innovation ability of the development of the western region is the key to improve the inadequacy of development in China.
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    Microscopic Characteristics and TLC Identification of Tujia Herbal Medicine Viola diffusa
    SHE Yonghong, YANG Dequan
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (5): 10-13.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.05.002
    Abstract139)      PDF14)       Save
    The microscopic structure and TLC identification of Tujia herbal medicine Viola diffusa were studied. Viola diffusa was selected as the control to establish TLC identification method.The method is simple to operate and can be used for the quality control of Viola diffusa herb.
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    Simultaneous TLC Identification of Paulownia Leaf and Sesame Oil in Compound Tongye Burn Oil
    HAN Xiangyun, YANG Dequan, QIN Aitao, XU Yuhui
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (5): 52-55.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.05.009
    Abstract138)      PDF10)       Save
    Qualitative identification of paulownia leaf and sjianyesame oil in compound Tongye burn oil was carried out by thin layer chromatography with medicinal tung leaf,ursolic acid and sesamin as reference materials.Silica gel G thin layer plate was used.The developer was cyclohexane ether butyl acetate glacial acetic acid (20∶5∶4∶0.2).The results showed that all spots in the solution chromatography of the test sample were separated clearly,ursolic acid Rf=0.45,sesamin Rf ==0.23,Spots of the same color are displayed on the corresponding positions of the reference medicine and the reference substance.This method is simple and reproducible,and can be used for the quality control of compound Tongye burn oil.
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    Design and Optimization of Permission Control System with Distributed Architecture
    LEI Yunxiang, JIANG Qihai, TIAN Jie, DUAN Mingxiu
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (6): 26-31.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.06.006
    Abstract136)      PDF72)       Save
    Aiming at the low performance and difficult maintenance of traditional permission control system,a new distributed permission management system based on JSON Web Token(JWT) technology is designed and implemented.The system adopts the mode of "centralized authentication and decentralized identification",which improves the overall performance and efficiency of the system.
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    Logic,Dilemma and Path of Media Integration Development of Medical Journals
    GUO Xiaoya
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (6): 80-86.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.06.014
    Abstract131)      PDF51)       Save
    Media integration has become an important means for medical journals to enhance their academic content and influence.In essence,media integration plays an important role in improving the academic capacity of medical journal editors,expanding the dissemination channels of medical journals,and improving the academic influence of medical journals.However,limited by many factors,the media integration of medical journals is still facing difficulties such as low development orientation,insufficient content innovation and shortage of professional personnel,which seriously affects the sustainable development of medical journals.Therefore,it is proposed that medical journals should focus on the new development trend of " Internet + Media ",orientate the development direction of media integration of medical journals with high standards,build the characteristic brand of media integration development of medical journals,and establish a team of medical journal media integration professionals,so as to finally realize the high integration development of medical journals and new media.
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    Characterizationon Function Rearrangement Class and Its Application in  Steady Vortices
    JIANG Yi
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (6): 11-13.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.06.003
    Abstract128)      PDF62)       Save
    For  characterization of rearrangement class of a given function,a simple characterization of the rearrangement class weak closure of the characteristic functions is provided.At the same time,in ideal fluids,another derivation method on the configurations of steady vortices is given.
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    Study on Plant Resources of Military Materia Medica in Western Hunan (Ⅳ):Investigation and Analysis of Poisonous Plant Resources
    XIAO Meiqi, LI Zhen, LI Zhenhui, ZHANG Yangyang, XIANG Xiaomei, CHEN Gongxi
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (5): 20-29.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.05.004
    Abstract128)      PDF21)       Save
    In order to enrich the military herbal resource database in western Hunan,and better develop and utilize the materia medica resources for military purposes,the toxic plant resources of military materia medica in Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture,Zhangjiajie City and its surrounding areas were statistically analyzed through field investigation and literature review.The results show that there are 203 species,belonging to 136 genera and 67 families of poisonous plants in Western Hunan;life habits are mainly of perennial herbs.The habitat is dominated by forest.As for the distribution,the number of poisonous plants increases first and then decreases with the increase of elevation.In the horizontal distribution,the abundance of poisonous plants in the northwest of Hunan is higher than that in the south.The differentiation of geographical elements from the family level to the genus level and then to the species level has gradually become larger.At the family level,most of the poisonous plants in western Hunan can be found around the world;at the genus level,most of them are distributed in the north temperate zone;at the species level,the dominant species are of east Asian species (endemically distributed in China).The majority of toxic plants are of whole-part toxic plants with small toxicity.The toxicological effects are mainly nervous system toxicity and mucosal irritation toxicity.
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    Study on the Mechanism of Lily in the Treatment of Cognitive Impairment Based on Network Pharmacology and Molecular Docking
    LIU Ye, FU Chuanjun, LIU Na, LI Xianhui, LIU Xihan
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (5): 74-82.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.05.012
    Abstract125)      PDF14)       Save
    The mechanism of lily in the treatment of cognitive impairment was studied based on network pharmacology and molecular docking.The main active components and action targets of lily were obtained from TCMSP database.After screening,7 main active components were obtained.There were 465 potential action targets of the main active components of lily.Secondly,disease targets were obtained from GeneCards,OMIM,PharmGKB,DrugBank and CTD databases,and the intersection of lily chemical components and cognitive impairment targets was obtained by using Venny software.44 drug component-disease intersection targets were obtained.Using STRING database,the intersection target protein interaction (PPI) network was constructed.After screening,the core targets and core components were obtained.It was found that MAOB (monoamine oxidase B),CASP3 caspase 3),ESR1 (estrogen receptor),JUN (gene of chromosome 1),CASP8 (aspartic acid proteolytic enzyme 8),CASP9 (aspartic acid proteolytic enzyme 9),PGR (steroid receptor gene),AR (adrenergic receptor),SLC6A3 (dopamine transporter gene),PTGS2 (cyclooxygenase-2) were the key target proteins of lily pharmacodynamic components for the anti cognitive impairment effect.Metascape and DAVID platforms were used for GO function enrichment and KEGG pathway enrichment analysis,and Autodock Vina platform was used for molecular docking.The results showed that 4 active compounds of lily were related to 10 key core targets of cognitive impairment,and there were 30 key signal pathways involved in the regulation.Among them,stigmasterol,3-norcolchicine,β-Sitosterol,and rosin acid had high degree value.The target proteins with high degree value included MAOB,PTGS2,CASP3,CASP9,etc.The main pathways involved were neural activity ligand receptor interaction pathway,calcium signaling pathway,small cell lung cancer pathway and so on.The mechanism of lily in treating cognitive impairment may improve cognitive function by inhibiting the activity of monoamine oxidase B.
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    Thin Layer Chromatographic Identification of Cynanchum otophyllum Decoction Pieces and the Standard Limit of Extraction Inspection
    YANG Dequan, SHE Yonghong, JI Linfang, DING Ye
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (5): 43-46.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.05.007
    Abstract124)      PDF11)       Save
    A thin layer chromatographic identification method was established for decotion pieces of Cynanchum otophyllum.This method takes decotion pieces of Cynanchum otophyllum as the test sample,uses silica gel G thin layer plate,uses Cynanchum otophyllum as the control drug,uses ultrasonic treatment to prepare the test solution and the reference drug solution for 30 min,and uses cyclohexane ether butyl acetate glacial acetic acid (20∶6∶3∶0.2) as the developing agent.Under ultraviolet light (365 nm),the results showed that the chromatograms of 15 batches of decotion pieces of Cynanchum otophyllum were consistent with the chromatograms of Cynanchum otophyllum reference materials.This thin layer chromatographic method is stable and simple,and can be used to identify decotion pieces of Cynanchum otophyllum.According to the cold leaching method specified in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia (2020),the water-soluble extracts of 15 batches of decotion pieces of Cynanchum otophyllum were 15.55%~22.96%.Therefore,it is recommended that the limit of detection of the extracts of decotion pieces of Cynanchum otophyllum should be "not less than 15.0%".
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    Extraction of Bletilla striata Polysaccharides and Detection of its Antibacterial Activity
    LUO Lingli, KUANG Yongbin, YU Xi, ZHANG Tao, FENG Qiuju
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (5): 37-42.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.05.006
    Abstract121)      PDF23)       Save
    Bletilla striata polysaccharides were extracted by water extraction and alcohol precipitation,with different ratio of material to liquid,extraction temperature and extraction time as the research conditions and the extraction content as the index of orthogonal experiment,so as to determine the best extraction technology.Under the optimum conditions,the extracted polysaccharides were added to the ointment to make Bletilla striata ointment.The inhibitory effects of Bletilla striata polysaccharide and Bletilla striata ointment on the growth of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus were determined by filter paper diffusion method.The results showed that the optimum extraction conditions were as follows:the ratio of material to liquid was 1:35 (g:mL),the extraction temperature was 80 ℃ and the extraction time was 4.0 h.Under these extraction conditions,the yield of polysaccharide was 25.97%.When the mass concentration of Bletilla striata polysaccharide reached 0.33 g/mL,it had inhibitory effect on Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus.When the mass concentration was increased to 0.66 g/mL,the bacteriostatic effect of polysaccharide extract was stronger,and the bacteriostatic effect on Escherichia coli was better than that of commercial Yifubaiying bacteriostatic paste.The performance of Bletilla striata ointment was stable and the bacteriostatic effect against Escherichia coli was stronger than Staphylococcus aureus.
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