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    Treatment of Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss with Methylprednidone of Retroauricular Injection: Effect  of Different Courses of Treatment
    HU Yaqin, GAN Qiang, LIAO Xiufu, CHEN Hongjiang
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2021, 42 (6): 73-79.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2021.06.012
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    Obejctive To analyze and compare the effect of different courses of retroauricular injection of methylprednisolone on sudden sensorineural hearing loss. Methods 134 patients with sudden sensorineural hearing loss who were hospitalized from February 2019 to December 2019 were randomly divided into 3 groups according to the order of admission. 45 patients in group A were injected with methylprednidone 40 mg retroauricular, a total of 3 times. 45 patients in group B, a total of 5 times. 44 patients in group C, a total of 7 times. After thetreatment, pure-tone audiometry was re-examined to compare the efficacy of the three groups. Results the effective rate of group A was 64.4%, the average threshold of hearing increased 20.2±17.5 dB HL, the effective rate of group B was 66.7%, the average threshold of hearing increased 20.9±16.7 dB HL, the effective rate of group C was 68.1%, the average threshold of hearing increased 19.6±17.9 dB HL, there was no statistical significance. Conclusion there is no significant difference in the efficacy of retroauricular injection of methylprednil in the treatment of sudden sensorineural hearing loss, a short course of retroauricular injection of methylprednil can achieve the purpose of treatment.
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    Necessity and Realization Path of Ideological and Political Education Integrated into College Physical Education
    GUO Haiying, HUANG Yuzhe
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2021, 42 (6): 89-92.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2021.06.015
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    Ideological and political education and physical education are the essential contents of college education. To integrate ideological and political education into school physical education is the necessary exploration under the new era and new situation, and the inevitable requirement of the big ideological and political pattern. At present, there are some problems in the integration of ideological and political education into college physical education, such as neglecting ideological and political education, outdated carrier, lack of path and strategy. The research suggests that we should not forget the original intention of physical education and attach importance to ideological and political education, innovate the means and carrier of ideological and political education, strengthen the training of teachers' curriculum ideological and political strategies, in the physical education teaching, extracurricular sports activities, sports competitions and other aspects of detailed curriculum ideological and political action into college physical education.
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    Vehicle Re-Identification Based on Multi-Scale and Wavelet Spatial Attention
    LIAO Guangkai, ZHANG Zheng, NIU Yibo, SONG Zhiguo
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2021, 42 (6): 15-22.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2021.06.003
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    For the problem that the multi-scale vehicle re-identification model is short of extracted detail features, a re-identification model combining multi-scale vehicle features and wavelet attention mechanism is designed.  Firstly, spatial wavelet attention module is embedded into the model to obtain more details for the network. Secondly, a hierarchical fusion network is proposed, which integrates the features of different scales to improve the ability of global feature aggregation. Finally, TriHard and CrossEntropy Loss functions are used to construct the object function of vehicle identification. Experimental results of this model compared with other excellent models on VeRi and VehicleID datasets show that vehicle re-identification accuracy can be improved by embedding spatial wavelet attention into multi-scale networks.
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    Synthesis, Structure, and Photoluminescence Properties of Mn(II)-Based Metal Complex
    LIANG Yuxin, GAO Huizhi, WANG Xingyue, QI Zhikai
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2021, 42 (6): 36-40.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2021.06.006
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    A novel Mn-based complex of Mn(choline)Cl3 (choline=C5H14NO) was synthesized by solvent evaporation. Single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis shows that the crystal structure of this complex consists of one-dimensional chains formed by the edge-shared [MnCl5O] octahedra, and these chains link each other with the adjacent ones into a three-dimensional network through intermolecular hydrogen bonds.UV-vis absorption spectrum and photoluminescence spectrum shows that this complex exhibited high efficient red-light emission induced by the d-d electron transition of (t2g)3(eg) to (t2g)4(eg)1. The photoluminescence quantum yield reaches to 37.32% and the average lifetime is 1.18 ms. In addition, it has excellent thermal stability (300 ℃). These results show that this Mn-based complex has potential applications in the field of optoelectronic devices.
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    Image Encryption Algorithm Based on 5D Hyperchaotic System
    WU Chaoyang, ZHOU Ying
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2021, 42 (6): 4-14.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2021.06.002
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    A novel image encryption method is put forward based on 5D hyperchaotic system. At first, initial values of 5D hyperchaotic system are calculated based on secret keys and chaotic sequences are generated. Then chaotic sequences are preprocessed to get new chaotic sequences. Two-dimensional permutation  is executed to plain image based on column and row sorting. The cycle shift is also employed to improve the security of the scheme. Diffusing operation is performed at last and encrypted image is obtained. Experimental results and theoretical analysis prove that the method possesses a large key space and could resist kinds of attacks.
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    Criterion on Convergence Invariance Based on λ-Multiplier
    XING Zhiyong, CAI Junjuan, HUANG Li
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2021, 42 (6): 1-3.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2021.06.001
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    The properties of space are studied through studying the properties of functions in functional analysis space, especially in locally convex space. In the topological vector space, the nature of X  is inferred through studying the properties of X′. The invariance of λ-multiplier convergence is proved by means of logical proof and logical disproof.
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    Evaluation-Based Planning Schemes of Travel Routes of Core Scenic Spots in Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture
    ZHOU Shengkang, LI Jiao, HE Ling, HE Aling, CHANG Yanzi, LI Hongyi
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2021, 42 (6): 41-47.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2021.06.007
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    Twenty-six scenic spots in Xiangxi Tujia- Miao Autonomous Prefecture as the research objects, evaluation index system is established in terms of four aspects and 16 indexes, including environment, talent, facilities, and regulations. Weights of 16 indexes  are provided in quantitative and qualitative ways, and the core scenic spots of different kinds are evaluated through analytic hierarchy procedure. Planning schemes of the most time-saving and money-saving travel routes of the core scenic spots are obtained, which provides  reference and guidance for the local government  to develop tourist industry and the  tourism companies to develop tourism products.
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    Load Forecasting of Urban Residential District Based on LSTM-AdaBoost
    LI Longxiang, PENG Chen, LI Jun, WANG Yuyan, LU Rongbo
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2021, 42 (6): 30-35.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2021.06.005
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    In smart cities, accurate residential load forecasting is the key to achieving a balance between power supply and demand and reducing resource waste. In order to improve the accuracy of load forecasting of urban residential districts, a short-term load forecasting model LSTM-AdaBoost, which combines long and short-term memory network (LSTM) and ensemble learning, is proposed. The model uses dew point (the temperature at which water vapor in the air condenses into water droplets), historical load, week type and other characteristics as data input; then the LSTM network with timing memory function is used as the base learner for integrated learning; finally, the ensemble AdaBoost  algorithm performs a weighted combination of the base learner to obtain a strong learner. Experimental results show that the integrated LSTM-AdaBoost model has higher forecast accuracy than single forecasting methods such as LSTM network, support vector machine (SVM) and CART decision tree.
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    Children's Sports Dance Training Market in Loudi City: Present Situation and Problems
    YANG Wenshu
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2021, 42 (6): 84-88.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2021.06.014
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    By using the research methods of literature study, questionnaire survey and interview, this paper analyzes the problems of children's sports dance training market in Loudi.The results show that there is a lack of standardization in the children's sports dance training market in Loudi, the supervision subject is not clear, the level of teachers in training institutions needs to be further improved, the hardware facilities are not complete, and the teaching system is not perfect.Suggestions: DanceSport Association should introduce training and assessment standards, strengthen the construction of teachers in training institutions, improve the construction of venue facilities and teaching system, and strengthen the supervision and management of children's sport dance training institutions.
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    Progress in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Primary Central Nervous System Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma
    ZHANG Rujiang, ZHANG Yunzhou, GAO Daiquan
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2021, 42 (6): 54-61.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2021.06.009
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    In order to further improve the understanding of primary central nervous system diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (PCNS-DLBCL), PubMed, CNKI and other databases were used to search related literature on the diagnosis and treatment of primary central nervous system lymphoma, and then The pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, diagnostic methods and treatment measures of PCNS-DLBCL are reviewed. PCNS-DLBCL is a subtype of extranodal non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma that can affect any part of the central nervous system. Its pathogenesis includes the presence of Epstein-Barr virus, increased expression of PD-L1 and PD-L2, MYD88 gene mutation and CD79B Gene mutations, etc.; clinical manifestations lack specificity, high degree of malignancy, easy to relapse, and poor prognosis; diagnostic methods include imaging examination, cerebrospinal fluid examination, immunohistochemistry and histopathological examination, pathological examination is the gold standard for diagnosis; PCNS-DLBCL treatment measures include radiotherapy, chemotherapy, autologous stem cell transplantation, and combined radiotherapy and chemotherapy. At present, induction chemotherapy based on high-dose methotrexate is the best treatment plan.
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    Clinical Value of Combined Monitoring of Blood PCT, BNP and HBP Levels in the Prognostic Evaluation of Patients with Sepsis
    SONG Lijie, WANG Ran, TAO Yanyan
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2021, 42 (6): 62-66.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2021.06.010
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    Objective To explore the clinical value of combined monitoring of blood PCT, BNP and HBP levels in the prognostic evaluation of patients with sepsis. Methods 100 patients with sepsis were selected as the subjects of this study, and the treatment period was from January 2020 to December 2020. All subjects were subjected to joint monitoring of changes in blood PCT, BNP and HBP levels, and the effect of the joint detection was analyzed.  In order to clarify the effect. Results After the treatment of the patients, 100 patients were divided into 60 patients in the treatment improvement group and 40 patients in the treatment failure group according to the treatment outcome. The blood PCT (4.01±1.27) Pg/mL, BNP (61.41±1.27) of the treatment group was improved. ) Pg/mL and HBP levels (29.11±1.16) Pg/mL were lower than the treatment-ineffective group (P<0.05). The positive rate, sensitivity and specificity of the combined detection of the three indicators were 98.00%, 96.00%, and 92.00%, which were significantly higher than the single monitoring and combined detection of the two indicators, and the difference was statistically significant (P<0.05). Conclusion  The combined monitoring of blood PCT, BNP and HBP levels can effectively evaluate the prognosis of patients with sepsis.
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    Effect of LncRNA-ROR on the Hypoxia-Induced Gastric Cancer Metastasis and Invasion
    ZHU Changming, SUN Gao, CHEN Gonghua, GONG Yugang, XIA Jie
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2021, 42 (6): 48-53.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2021.06.008
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    Objective To investigate the effect of LncRNA ROR on metastasis and invasion in the hypoxia-induced invasion and metastasis in GC.Methods Using quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) to detect the expression of ROR ingastric cancer tissues and cell lines.Employing the over-expression technique were used to observe the effect of overexpression of ROR on human gastric cancer cell metastasis and invasion, the transfection efficiency was verified by RT-PCR in SGC-7901 and MGC-803.Results ROR was significantly down-regulated in gastric cancer tissues samples compared with adjacent normal gastric tissues, and also down-regulated inthe hypoxic—induced GC cells. Hypoxia significantly increased the migration and invasion potential of SGC-7901 and MGC-803,After over-expression of ROR the hypoxia-induced migration and invasion of SGC7901 and MGC-803 cells were dramatically diminished. Conclusion LncRNA-ROR expression is decreased in hypoxic GC and suppressed hypoxia-induced GC metastasis and invasion, which could be a new biomarkers, a potential therapeutic target of gastric cancer.
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    Review of Hybrid Beamforming Technology for Millimeter Wave Massive MIMO System
    LIU Jian, QIAN Yingjing, ZHANG Renmin
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (1): 43-52.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.01.008
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    In view of hybrid beamforming techniques for mmWave communications,we first describe the transmission characteristics of the mmWave  and its channel model,and outline the architecture of a massive mmWave MIMO hybrid beamforming system and its mathematical model.On that basis,we summarize  the transmission scheme and introduce two feasible methods of mmWave beam alignment.Finally,the typical applications  of mmWave communication integrated with other technologies and the future research hotspots  are anticipated.
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    Effects of Atorvastatin on the Epilepsy Model of LI-PILO Rats
    FENG Junxiang, LI Jie
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2021, 42 (6): 67-72.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2021.06.011
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    Objective To study the neuroprotective effect of atorvastatin (ATV) on lithium pilocarpine chloride (LI-PILO) epilepsy model in SD rats. Methods  Induced status epilepticus (SE) model by intraperitoneal injection of LI-PILO, Record the behavioral changes of SD rats in the ATV group and the control group; Simultaneously use ELISA reagents and Nissl staining to detect serum inflammatory factor levels and neuronal damage in the chronic phase of the ATV group and the control group. Results  In the ATV group, serum inflammatory factors decreased significantly in the chronic phase, the SE Latency and Latent period of epilepsy were significantly prolonged, the level of seizures in the acute phase decreased significantly, and the spontaneous seizures in the chronic phase reduced significantly. Nissl staining showed that more neurons survived in the hippocampus. Conclusion  Atorvastatin may play a neuroprotective role by inhibiting the expression of inflammatory factors and reduce seizures in LI-PILO induced epilepsy model.
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    Influence of Respiratory Exercise Rehabilitation Therapy on Pulmonary Function, Exercise Enduranceand Quality of Life in Patients with Stable Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
    WANG Yali, TANG Oufeng, HUANG Xiaoyan, CHENG Hao, MA Qishou, Ge Li
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2021, 42 (6): 80-83.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2021.06.013
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    Objective  To investigate the effects of exercise breathing exercise rehabilitation therapy on lung function, exercise endurance and quality of life in patients with stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Methods  80 patients with rstable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease were selected as the research objects, and they were randomly divided into an experimental group and a control group, with 40 cases in each group. The experimental group was added to the control group, and the respiratory exercise rehabilitation therapy intervention. The difference in lung function (FEV1, FVC, FEV1∶FVC) between the two groups of patients before treatment and one month after treatment was compared. The difference in quality of life (CAT score) and exercise endurance (6MWT distance) between the two groups at discharge and at 3 months after discharge was also compared. Results  After 1 month of treatment, the FEV1, FVC, FEV1∶FVC values of the experimental group were higher than those of the control group; both at the time of discharge or 3 months after discharge, the CAT values of the experimental group were lower than those of the control group, and the 6MWT values were higher than those of the control group.Conclusion Rehabilitation therapy intervention of breathing exercise exercise has a good effect on enhancing the lung function of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in stable stage, improving their exercise endurance, and improving the quality of life of patients.
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    Application of Lead-in Combined with Frame Teaching in Psychiatry Teaching
    JIAO Dongliang, SONG Hongtao
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2021, 42 (6): 93-96.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2021.06.016
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    With the rapid development of medical education, various scientific and effective teaching methods have been applied to clinical practice. Lead-in teaching is a direct teaching method, which is mainly based on teaching objectives and enables students to master relevant knowledge through lead-in teaching. The frame-based teaching model is based on the actual teaching needs, which decomposes complex learning tasks and guides learners to master them through reasonable teaching. It is an effective teaching strategy to combine leading-in teaching with frame-based teaching. This paper discusses the specific application value of the combined teaching model in psychiatry teaching, aiming to provide some valuable references for relevant teachers.
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    Design of Two-Dimensional Photonic Crystal Filter with Kerr Medium
    LI Zhixin, SUN Jing, WU Cong, SU Muyang
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2021, 42 (6): 23-29.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2021.06.004
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    Making use of the feature that the permittivity of Kerr medium changes with the incident light, a new-type filter with Kerr medium is designed by controlling the side length of dielectric cylinder of coupled cavity to change the frequency. This filter consists of point defect, micro-cavity, download wave-guide, reflection heterojunction and main wave-guide, and the square GaAs dielectric cylinder is used in coupled cavity. The simulation calculation made through COMSOL Multiphysics shows that the filtering efficiency of this new filter can reach 99.7%.
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    Is the Social Connection as Close as Possible?:Based on An Empirical Study on the Impact of Resource Bricolage on the Performance of SMEs
    LI Lu, ZHANG Huaiying, ZHANG Yan
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (1): 77-84.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.01.011
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    Under the background of resource constraint,social connection has contingency effect on resource allocation and development process.Based on the resource orchestration theory,this paper integrates resource bricolage,social connection strength and innovation performance into the same analysis framework,and empirically tests the influence of resource bricolage on innovation performance of SMEs under the business connection strength and political connection strength.The results show that resource bricolage has a positive impact on innovation performance of small and medium-sized enterprises;The intensity of business connection plays a negative role in regulating the relationship between resource bricolage and the innovation performance of SMEs.The intensity of political connection plays a positive role in regulating the relationship between resource bricolage and the innovation performance of SMEs.Enterprise managers should put together the resource attributes and contents according to the current needs,and must actively think about strategies and selectively develop social ties.
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    Image Denoising Based on New Nonlinear Multigrid Method
    HAN Fen, YANG Fenlin
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (1): 38-42.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.01.007
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    A new nonlinear multigrid (NM) method is constructed by setting effective restriction operator and interpolation operator for differential curvature,and this method is applied to TV P model based on differential curvature.The experimental results show that the peak signal-to-noise ratio (PSNR) of images processed by the new method is significantly higher than that of the fixed point iteration (FP) method,and the convergence speed is 2~3 times that of the fixed point iteration method.
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    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2021, 42 (6): 97-104.  
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    Dynamic Properties of SIS Epidemic Model with Stage Structure
    LIU Hanyan, XIE Jingli, SHU Qing
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (1): 20-25.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.01.004
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    The dynamic properties of a Beddington-DeAngelis type functional response predator-prey model with stage structure and SIS epidemic are studied.The existence and stability conditions of positive solutions are proved through the method of constant variation.The local stability conditions of each equilibrium point are obtained by using the characteristic equation,and the global stability conditions of each equilibrium point are obtained by using Lyapunov function and LaSalle invariance principle.
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    Mental Workload Classification Based on Visual and Operational EEG Signals
    QU Hongquan, LIU Yuzhe, PANG Liping, SHAN Yiping
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (1): 31-37.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.01.006
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    A classification method is proposed based on EEG independent component features for the mental workload classification of visual and operational task.First,the independent component analysis method is used to decompose the independent components of the EEG signals from the mixed EEG signals;then the energy features of the four different frequency bands of the EEG independent components are extracted;and the energy features are classified.The mental workload classification experiments were carried out based on EEG signal features and EEG independent component features respectively,and the classification accuracy was 60.52% and 86.14%,with the latter increased by 42.33%.
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    A Time-Delayed Giving up Smoking Model with  Relapse
    ZHANG Zizhen, ZHANG Weishi
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (1): 1-9.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.01.001
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    A time-delayed giving up smoking model with relapse is studied.The model includes five subgroups:potential smokers,occasional smokers,heavy smokers,temporary quitters and permanent quitters.Firstly,the basic reproduction number and smoking equilibrium of the model are calculated.Then the existence of Hopf bifurcation is discussed by taking the time delay of the period experienced by occasional smokers to heavy smokers as the bifurcation parameter,and the critical point of the delay for the occurrence of Hopf bifurcation is calculated.Finally,a simulation example is given to verify the correctness of the results.
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    On Influencing Factors of Health Behavior Change of Rural Residents in Underdeveloped Areas:Model Construction Based on Theory of Planned Behavior
    GONG Fangmin, GONG Zhuliu
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (1): 64-76.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.01.010
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    We collected the data of rural residents in underdeveloped western Hunan through a questionnaire survey and in-depth interviews.Based on the data analysis,this paper analyzed the internal mechanism of farmers' health behavior change in the post-poverty alleviation era.Different from previous studies,this study attempts to integrate media use and health knowledge into the theoretical model of planned behavior and explores the influence of media use on farmers' health behavior through a structural equation model.The results show that:The use of media has a significant positive impact on rural residents' health behavior,and also has an indirect impact on health behavior through self-efficacy,behavioral attitude and subjective norms;Social media is an effective channel for the change of rural residents' health behavior;The unhealthy behaviors of rural residents mainly focus on smoking,drinking and eating preserved food by a positive attitude towards these behaviors.Cultural customs and power demands are the factors that are difficult to change unhealthy behaviors;The role of health knowledge is not significant,and there may be mediating variables from health knowledge to health behavior,and the proliferation of pseudo-health information that makes it difficult to achieve health knowledge adoption and thus does not lead to changes in poor health behavior.
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    Stability of Discrete-Time Predator-Prey Model with Fear Effect
    SHU Qing, XIE Jingli, LIU Hanyan
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (1): 10-14.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.01.002
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    The constant capacity harvesting and the fear effect are introduced into the classic Leslie-Gower model.Through the stability theory of the dynamical system,the local asymptotically stability conditions of the predator-prey model at each equilibrium point are obtained,and the condition of Flip bifurcation at the positive equilibrium is obtained by using a new critical criterion.Numerical simulations illustrate that an appropriate increase in harvesting of predators can stabilize the system.
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    Spatial Distribution Characteristics of Museums in Wuling Mountain Area and Influential Factors
    LIU Zheng, LIU Shuiliang, LIU Jie, ZHUANG Qin, TANG Jiaqi
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (1): 53-63.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.01.009
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    Based on the 127 museums in Wuling Mountain area,the spatial distribution characteristics and the influential factors  are analyzed by kernel density estimation method and nearest neighbor index method.The results show that the spatial distribution of museums in this area is generally concentrated in the county administrative region.The number of the four major types of museums is relatively balanced,and each type has its respective region of high-density distribution.The museums include state-owned museums and non-graded museums.Non-graded museums also present a cluster distribution.The main factors affecting the spatial distribution of museums in this area include natural and cultural resources,economic development,transportation,tourism development  and population density.In order to optimize the space layout of museums in Wuling Mountain area,suggestions are put forward in terms of  developing resources,responding to market demand,innovating system and mechanism,exploiting the advantages of tourism industry and perfecting infrastructure.
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    CEFE and NBE Coupling Method for Solving Boundary Value Problems of Poisson Equation in Concave Corner Region
    ZHU Shuangbiao
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (1): 26-30.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.01.005
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    Based on the principle of natural boundary reduction,the coupling method of curved edge finite element and natural boundary element is given.The coupling method is used to solve the boundary value problem of Poisson equation in concave region,and the error estimation and convergence of the approximate solution of the coupling method are obtained.Numerical examples verify the superiority of the coupling method.
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    A Class of Neumann Problems of Singular Elliptic Equations with Critical Sobolev-Hardy Exponents
    GONG Yan
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (1): 15-19.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.01.003
    Abstract73)      PDF57)       Save
    In the condition of 0∈ Ω,the existence of solutions for a class of singular elliptic equations with critical Sobolev-Hardy exponent is solved,and the existence of positive solutions for this class of singular elliptic equations is obtained.
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    Impact of Financial Openness on Financial Agglomeration and Regional Heterogeneity  of Yangtze River Delta Urban Agglomeration: Clustering Analysis Based on Feature Extraction
    MA Hanjiang, YU Xiaolan
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (1): 85-96.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.01.012
    Abstract63)      PDF59)       Save
    According to the panel data of 26 cities in the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration from 2005 to 2018,this paper uses factor analysis to evaluate the degree of financial agglomeration of cities over the years,and uses the financial openness index to conduct the K-means dynamic clustering division based on feature extraction,and empirically analyzes the impact of financial openness on the financial agglomeration of cities in the Yangtze River Delta.The results show that,on the whole,financial opening up has a significant positive impact on the degree of urban financial agglomeration,but this promoting effect is mainly concentrated in the developed cities with higher level of financial opening up,and shows a negative inhibitory effect in the less developed cities with lower level of opening up,which shows obvious heterogeneity among regions.
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    Existence of Positive Solution for a Class of Fractional Four-Point Boundary Value Problems
    PAN Xinyuan, HE Xiaofei
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (2): 1-6.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.02.001
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    By applying Green's function,Arzela-Ascoli theorem and fixed point theorem on cones,the existence of positive solution is obtained for a class of p-Laplacian type fractional differential boundary value problems.
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    Lattice Boltzmann Method for Spatial Fractional Convection Equations
    WEI Xuedan, LI Mengjun, DAI Houping
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (2): 17-22.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.02.004
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    Lattice Boltzmann model is established to numerically solve spatial fractional convection equations. Through integral mean value theorem and linear interpolation method,the fractional derivative was discretized,and the equilibrium distribution functions in each direction were derived by combining Taylor expansion and Chapman-Enskog multi-scale expansion.Numerical results verify the effectiveness of the constructed model via one-dimensional and two-dimensional problems.
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    Quotient Option Pricing Based on O-U Process withStochastic Interest Rate
    LI Jingnan, LIU Huili
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (2): 23-30.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.02.005
    Abstract46)      PDF32)       Save
    Assuming that the underlying asset follows a multi-dimensional exponential O-U process,and the interest rate follows the Ho-Lee model and the extended Vasicek model respectively.By the multi-dimensional Girsanov theorem and the method of measure transform,we derive the pricing formula of quotient options with uncertain strike price.
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    Multiple Linear Regression Analysis of Influential Factors for Cotton Yield in Changji Prefecture
    LI Shuo, WANG Xintong, YANG Jibin, ZHANG Youjiang
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (2): 84-88.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.02.014
    Abstract46)      PDF41)       Save
    Two variables,rainfall and planting area,were selected to establish multiple linear regression model,and the influential factors for cotton yield were analyzed to provide reference for cotton production in Changji Prefecture.
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    Changsha Dialect Recognition Based on CTC-GRU Model
    LIANG Xiaolin, SHEN Xiangfei, LIANG Zhao, QIU Hailin
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (2): 45-52.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.02.008
    Abstract45)      PDF37)       Save
    In order to recognize continuous speech in Changsha dialect with a large vocabulary,a gated linear element neural network model based on Connectionist Temporal Classification(CTC) algorithm is proposed.Firstly,the characteristic parameters of speech are extracted by Mel-scale Frequency Cepstral Coefficients(MFCC),and then the extracted characteristic parameters are input into gated linear unit neural network.CTC algorithm is used for training and optimization,and the whole prediction label of input sequence is obtained.Finally,the results of the CTC model,the GRU model and the CTC-GRU model are compared on the self-built corpus of Changsha dialect,and the Word Error Rate(WER) is taken as the evaluation index.The results show that the CTC-GRU model can achieve faster convergence and greater accuracy compared with the other two models.
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    Prediction of Vertical Displacement of Bridge Excavation Based on Neural Network
    LI Jiawen, WANG Chongxu, WANG Hao
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (2): 53-59.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.02.009
    Abstract44)      PDF36)       Save
    Based on BP neural network method,the vertical deformation prediction of excavation under the bridge is studied.Firstly,the parameter sensitivity of different soil layers is studied and analyzed.It is concluded that the vertical displacement is only sensitive to the parameter change of the first layer of soil.And then,the control parameters of the neural network are determined as cohesion,internal friction angle,elastic modulus,Poisson's ratio,excavation depth,and excavation length of the first layer of soil.The B-R method is used for iterative calculation Verification of the established network show that the prediction accuracy of the model is high.
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    Research Development on the Predictive Value of MELD Score for Short-Term Prognosis of Patients with Alcoholic Liver Disease
    LI Cuiqin, PENG Zhi, LI Xuefeng, XIANG Ping
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (2): 73-77.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.02.012
    Abstract44)      PDF34)       Save
    Number of patients with Alcoholic Liver Disease (ALD) tends to increase year by year in China.It is important for clinicians to determine a treatment plan based on the condition and prognosis of each patient in a timely and accurate manner,and the Model for End-Stage Liver Disease (MELD) has been widely used to predict the prognosis of patients with various liver diseases.This paper reviews the study on the predictive value of MELD score for short-term prognosis of patients with ALD,so as to provide a reference for clinical treatment.
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    Lattice Boltzmann Model for Solving Nonlinear Coupled Long and Short Wave Equations
    SONG Tongzheng, DAI Houping, FENG Shuting, WEI Xuedan
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (3): 7-14.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.03.002
    Abstract41)      PDF22)       Save
    With Taylor expansion and Chapman-Enskog multi-scale expansion techniques,the equilibrium distribution functions and the correction functions are derived,and the two functions are introduced into the D1Q3 lattice Boltzmann model with two distribution functions.With this model,the initial-boundary value problem for a class of nonlinear coupled long-short wave equations is solved.For the plane wave and solitary wave solutions,the numerical simulation results verify the validity of the model for solving the nonlinear coupled initial-boundary value problems of the long-short wave equation.
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    Resilient Response Mechanism of Agricultural Enterprises Under Major Public Health Emergencies
    ZHANG Huaiying, CHANG Le, LI Lu, GAO Xin
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (2): 78-83.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.02.013
    Abstract40)      PDF42)       Save
    Under major public health emergencies,organizational resilience can enable business gain corresponding competitive advantage in the face of market supply and demand turbulence.The resilience sources of the two agricultural enterprises,Muyuan Industrial Group Co.,Ltd.and New Hope Group Co.,Ltd. are explored.An emergency response mechanism for agricultural enterprises based on organizational resilience is established in initiation period,duration period,regression period and contingency period.This study provides reference for the agricultural enterprises to improve their management "immunity" and establish a crisis management mechanism based on resilience.
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    New Way of Industrialization  for Zhangjiajie,a Tourism City
    DENG Yulu
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (2): 68-72.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.02.011
    Abstract38)      PDF34)       Save
    The necessity,problems and historical opportunities of strengthening industrialization  in Zhangjiajie City are analyzed,and suggestions are made to promote the deep integration of industry and tourism,strengthen the construction supporting industrial  facilities,cultivate a new industrial system,and improve the policy making for industrial development.
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    Design Efficiency of Three-Level Minimum Projection Uniform Designs
    BAI Qiming, HUANG Xingyou, XUE Huili, LI Hongyi
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition)    2022, 43 (2): 31-37.   DOI: 10.13438/j.cnki.jdzk.2022.02.006
    Abstract36)      PDF35)       Save
    Under the centered L 2-discrepancy,the analytical relationship between the uniformity pattern and design efficiency of three-level orthogonal designs with strength 2 is established.For the three-level orthogonal arrays with strength 3,the minimum projection uniformity criterion is equivalent to the design efficiency criterion.For the three-level designs,a tight lower bound of the uniformity pattern is obtained,which can measure whether the design is the minimum projection uniform design.
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