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    25 March 2014, Volume 35 Issue 2
    Criteria of the Uniform Continuity of Two-Variable  Functions
    HAO Zhao-Cai, ZHANG Xin-Qiu, LI Hui-Ping, ZHANG Guo-Qiang, MING Wen-Yan, LV Ya-Nan , XU Long-Xin
    journal6, 2014, 35(2):  1-2. 
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    The three judging theorems for the uniform continuity of one-variable functions are extended,and thus three criteria of the uniform continuity of two-variable functions are given.
    Gracefulness of Unconnected Graph G+e∪Hk-1
    WU Yue-Sheng
    journal6, 2014, 35(2):  3-5. 
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    It is proved that  if k≥2 then unconnected graph G+e∪Hk-1 is a graceful graph,where G is balanced bipartite graph and Hk-1  is a graceful graph with k-1 edges.
    Super-Edge-Graceful Labelings of Two Kinds of GraphsAssociated with the Fan Graph
    JIA Hui-Xian, ZUO Da-Wei
    journal6, 2014, 35(2):  6-9. 
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    The super edge-graceful labelings of the fan graphs Fn+1 and the graphs K1×2Pn are constructed by recursion,and it is proven that they are super edge-graceful graphs.
    Mean-Square Stability of  θ-Methods for Neutral Nonlinear Stochastic Delay Differential Equations
    WANG Wen-Qiang
    journal6, 2014, 35(2):  10-14. 
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    The mean-square stability of Euler method is investigated for nonlinear neutral stochastic delay differential equations.It is proved that the numerical method is mean-square stable(MS-stable) under a  sufficient condition.
    H-Property in Orlicz Sequence Spaces Equipped  with the Generalized Orlicz Norm
    DUAN Li-Fen, ZUO Ming-Xia
    journal6, 2014, 35(2):  15-17. 
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    For the Orlicz sequence spaces with the generalized Orlicz norm,both sufficient and necessary conditions are presented to make them be H-property and H-rotund.
    New Preconditioner for a Class of Eddy Current Control Problems
    ZENG Min-Li
    journal6, 2014, 35(2):  18-22. 
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    A new preconditioner for a class of multi-harmonic eddy current optimal control (MECOC) problems was constructed.The new preconditioner for the coefficient matrix in the Krylov subspace method such as GMRES was used to analyze the distribution of the eigenvalues.Numerical experiments were used to verify the correctness of the theoretical results,and showed the efficiency of the new preconditioner corresponding to the new method.
    Cluster-Based Group Key Management Scheme for Mobile Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks
    ZHOU Jian-Qin, WANG Ying
    journal6, 2014, 35(2):  23-29. 
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    Aiming at the mobility of the nodes in wireless sensor network,a cluster-based group key management scheme for mobile nodes in wireless sensor networks is put forward based on the Chinese Remainder Theorem and Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem.Using the idea of grouping within cluster,the group key management was divided into two levels:the first level being the management of the cluster head and group leaders within the cluster,and the secondary being the management of group leader and its members.The former,by using the Chinese Remainder Theorem,transferred the amount of calculation to the base station,and saved the storage cost at the same time.The latter,by using elliptic curve cryptosystem,produced group keys,and each group shares different group keys.The cluster head was used to check the joining mobile node’s historic updating information,compute digital signature verification,and assigned it to the open group after authentication.Analysis results showed that the scheme meeted sensor node’s need for low storage and low energy consumption,and the use of elliptic curve cryptosystem increased the network’s security,making it more suitable for nodes’ resource-constrained and vulnerable wireless sensor networks.
    Input Method of Xiangxi Square Hmong Language Characters Based on the Chinese Pinyin Components
    MO Li-Ping, ZHOU Sheng, YIN Nan-Jia
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2014, 35(2):  30-34. 
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    An encoding scheme of inputting Xiangxi square Hmong language characters is put forward after the structure features and the method of compounds splitting are analyzed.This scheme is based on inputting the whole letters of Chinese pinyin components.The code mapping table is designed.Taking Duoduo input soft generator as a tool,the input soft based on IMM-IME architecture and setup program are implemented.Test result shows that the input method based on the above scheme is easy to learn and use,and can effectively solve the problem of inputting Xiangxi square Hmong language characters into computer.
    Combustor Performance of Floor Combustion Gas Turbine Using Alternative Fuel
    LI Feng, GUO Rui-Qing, TANG Zheng-Fu, SHANG Shou-Tang, LV Fu-Guo
    journal6, 2014, 35(2):  35-40. 
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    From the angle of engine combustion performance,the influence of the alternative fuel on combustion performance after the aeroengine changed into  floor combustion gas turbine was researched.FLUENT,fluid computing software,was used to compute different alternative fuels on the combustion properties.For the floor combustion gas turbine combustor in the burning of aviation kerosene,light diesel oil,industrial fuel alcohol and natural gas,simulation was carried out,and the engine combustion performance of different fuels was given.The result showed that,from the angle of engine combustion performance,there was no difference between aviation kerosene and light diesel oil,which can be used directly or combined with aviation kerosene by engine combustor.The emission of NOx  and CO  from natural gas combustion was 1 000;natural gas is an ided low-emission fuel.There was a wide gulf between the aviation kerosene and the industrial fuel alcohol,which needs an in-depth study for the technology on changing fuel from aviation kerosene to industrial fuel alcohol after the aeroengine changed into  floor combustion gas turbine.The research has a valuable reference for the development of the next generation of aviation alternative fuel.
    Physical and information
    Relativistic Quantum Mechanics and Dark Matter,Negative Matter
    ZHANG Yi-Fang
    journal6, 2014, 35(2):  41-47. 
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    First,dark matter and dark energy are introduced.Next,it is pointed out that both positive and negative energy must exist in the relativistic quantum mechanics,and accordingly  the negative matter is proposed.The negative matter may be the simplest dark matter.Furthermore,a possible representation of dark matter in quantum field theory is proposed.Then the universe and the negative matter are discussed.Finally,some problems are summarized.
    Comparison Aamong the Negative Refraction Imaging Effects and Imaging Resolution Based on the Two-Dimensional Sonic Crystals
    GUAN Jun-Jun, LI Bo, DENG Ke, ZHAO He-Ping
    journal6, 2014, 35(2):  48-51. 
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    FEM(Finite Elemeat Method) is used to study the relationship between the negative refraction of sonic crystal plate and the plate thickness.It is thus concluded that imaging quality can be improved by cascaded stack of SC sheets.
    Defogging Algorithm Based on the Prior Dark-Channel and Theory of Retinex
    SHU Ting, DENG Bo, CHEN Bing-Quan, LIU Yao-Feng
    journal6, 2014, 35(2):  52-56. 
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    To improve the sharpness of the hazy image,utilizing the prior dark-channel method and the multiscale Retinex (MSR) algorithm,a defogging algorithm based on the prior dark-channel and the theory of Retinex is proposed in this paper.First of all,the prior dark-channel method is applied to dehaze the original image in physically,and the detail of image is thus enhanced.Then,the image obtained is treated as the originated input of the MSR algorithm.After that the contrast and average brightness of the final image are improved.Simulation shows that the contrast of hazy image is increased,the average brightness of image is moderate,and the overall effect is good.Furthermore,the clarity of hazy image can be improved in some extent.
    Civil Engineering
    Influence Analysis of Perpendicular Crossing Pipe Jacking Constructed Above Existing Shield Tunnel
    YANG Guo-Yue, LIU Hao-Hang, YIN Zhi-Zheng, ZHONG Zheng-Yi
    journal6, 2014, 35(2):  57-61. 
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    Based on the construction of a sewer pipeline built perpendicularly above a existing shield tunnel in Hangzhou,the pipe jacking construction procedure was simulated by software FLAC3D,and verified reasonable after comparing the simulation results with the measured results.By changing the pipe diameter,pipe material and surrounding soil’s characteristic of the shield tunnel,its displacement rule of existing shield tunnel was analyzed.The studies showed that the max vertical and horizontal displacement of the shield tunnel  happened under the sewer pipeline,and the further away from the pipe jacking line,the smaller the deformation;the more diameter of sewer pipeline’s pipe,the more displacements of existing shield tunnel,and the influence of the sewer pipe diameter on vertical displacement was significantly greater than the horizontal displacement;the less elastic modulus of sewer pipe,the more displacements of the shield tunnel;the more elastic modulus of the soil layer,the less displacements of the shield tunnel.
    Analysis for Interaction Frame Structure,Raft Foundation and Subsoil
    HU Hong-Bo, CHEN Rui-Lin, CAO Su-Gong, TANG Shi-Jiang, TANG Zhang, XIAO Xin-Qiang
    journal6, 2014, 35(2):  62-64. 
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    Considering the interaction of frame structure,raft foundation and ground base by using the numerical simulation method of ANSYS procedure and the condition of the stationary balance of the linked point between frame structure,raft foundation and the distortion harmony condition,the method of the interaction of frame structure,raft foundation and subsoil was formed.And comparson with the conventional design of frame structure in column internal force and column bending moment was made.Results show that when considering the interaction,the raft foundation deformed “basin shape”,and frame structure stress was re-distributed.Angle axial force increased,and the side column and the column axial force decreased,and the moment also significantly increased.Settlement of rafts of different thickness was different;with the increase of thickness,the maximal settlement became smaller.
    Chemistry and chemical engineering
    Study on Water Extraction of Polysaccharides  from Roxburgh Rose
    HUANG Yuan-Dong, ZENG Li, HE Yun-Jiang, HUANG Cheng
    journal6, 2014, 35(2):  65-68. 
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    To simplify the extraction process of cili polysaccharide so that energy and time can be saved to achieve convenience,water extraction of polysaccharides from roxburgh rose is studied in this paper.Effects of extraction temperature,time,solid-liquid ratio and ethanol concentration are also investigated.Orthogonal test optimization of process and anthrone sulfurie acid method was used for the determination of polysaccharide content.The results indicated that the best technological conditions for extraction is 75 ℃,1 hours,1∶40 solid-liquid ratio,and 0% ethanol concentration.Under these conditions,the yield of polysaccharide from Roxburgh Rose was 4.7%.
    Synthetic Methods of 2-(Thiophen-2-yl) Phenol
    YUAN Dan-Feng
    journal6, 2014, 35(2):  69-72. 
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    After exploring seven different reaction routes of 2-(thiophen-2-yl) phenol,the article comes up with an innovative synthetic way by Kumada coupling reaction,which takes 2-Bromoanisole and 2-bromo thiophene as raw materials.The yield reaches to 65% with the purity of 98%.
    Biological resources
    Establishment and Optimization of ISSR Reaction System for Ficus Pumila L. var. Awkeotsang
    SHI Hui, HUANG Qi-Mei, YE Mei-Na, RUAN Shao-Jiang, CHEN Yong
    journal6, 2014, 35(2):  73-78. 
    Asbtract ( 3224 )   PDF ( 1735 )  
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    The factors affecting the ISSR-PCR amplification on Ficus pumila L. var. awkeotsang such as dosage of template DNA,Taq DNA polymerase,dNTPs,primers and extension time and cycle times were optimized through the combination of single factor and orthogonal design experiment.The results showed that the optimal reaction system for ISSR-PCR of Ficus pumila were as follows:In the 20 μL reaction volume,1ng template DNA,1.0U Taq DNA polymerase,0.4 μmol/L primers,0.18 mmol/L dNTPs.The optimal PCR amplification process was:4 minutes at 94 ℃ for predenaturation,then followed by 35 cycles,each with 45 seconds at 94 ℃ for denaturation,45 seconds at 53 ℃ for annealing,2 at 72 ℃ for extension,finally extension at 72 ℃ for 7 minutes and holding the samples at 4 ℃.The system was applied in the amplification of 14 varieties of indicated the suitability and stability of the system.
    Investigation and Analysis of Yellow Flower Plants Cultivation in Dongshan Island  of Fujian Province
    LI Yang-Yang, HUANG Qi-Tang
    journal6, 2014, 35(2):  79-84. 
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    Based on the field investigation,specimen sorting and literature review,composition,relationship with neighboring areas,life forms,leaf characteristics,leaf quality characteristics,ornamental characteristics,greening purpose and economic purpose of cultivated yellow flower plants in Dongshan Island of Fujian are analyzed.The results showe that there are cultivated yellow flower plants of 124 species of 87 genuses of 48 families,and the cities with more common species are mainly located the  in southern coastal region of Fujian.The cultivated yellow flower in Dongshan Island is  mainly nanophanerophytes,which belongs to 90 species,accounting for 72.58% of the total species;the leaf type is mainly of small and medium,and there are 76 species,accounting for 61.29% of the total species;the leaf quality is mainly paper and leathery,there are 79 species,accounting for 63.71% of the total species.The  flowering seasons are in spring,summer,and autumn three season,the fruiting seasons are in summer and autumn.The major types of ornamental plants includes flower and tree appreciation type,ornamental tree type and leaf appreciation type.These three ornamental types of plants have a total of 72 species,accounting for 57.11% of the total species,which can be mainly used in landscaping as flower appreciation,standing tree and street tree.The Island cultivated yellow flowers plants in Dongshan are economically widely used,there are 86 species for medicine and woody vegetables,accounting for 68.36% of the total species.
    Phylogenetic Analysis of Three Wild Grapes Based on PsbA-trnH,RbcL and trnL-F Sequences
    TANG Yun-Tao, SU Gui-Rong, XIE Yu, YI Lang-Bo
    journal6, 2014, 35(2):  85-89. 
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    PsbA-trnH,RbcL and trnL-F fragments were amplified from the three wild grapes in Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture by PCR,and cloned into pMD18-T vector for sequencing.Based on PsbA-trnH,RbcL and trnL-F gene sequences,the phylogenetic trees between these three wild grapes and other related Vitaceae plants were constructed by software Mega4 for analyzing their phylogenetic relationship.The results showed that all of these three cpDNA fragments could be used as molecular markers in phylogenetic analysis among genera of Vitaceae,but of which results had a little difference from that of traditional morphological methods.Furthermore,RbcL gene fragment could be used for molecular identification among Vitis species.
    Medical Science
    Effectand Mechanism of Glutamate Release at Hyperxia Induced Retinal Injury in Newborn Mice
    PENG Zhen-Yu, GAO Ling, PENG Xiang-Ping
    journal6, 2014, 35(2):  90-93. 
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    The concentration change and mechanism of glutamate at hyperxia induced retinal injury in newborn mice retinal injury are explored.The experimental group was put  in 95% hyperxia  environment to induce retinal damage,and the control groups in normal air.HE staining was used to observe retinal injury,ELIASA  to detecte the glutamate (Glu) concentration,and reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction(RT-PCR) to analyze the expression of retinal glutamate transporter (GLAST) and glutamine synthetase (GS) mRNA.The results showed that,compared with control group,hyperxia treatment group with retinal injury showed the increased  Glucontent,and decreased GLAST and GS mRNA expression.It thus can be concluded that hyperxia can lead to the increase of retinal glutamate in newborn mice,the mechanism of which was associated with decreased GLAST and GS mRNA expression.Glutamate increase may be one of the reasons for the hyperxia induced retinal injury.
    Clinical Evaluation on Transvaginal Cervical Cerclage in the Treatment of Recurrent Abortion Caused by Uterine Anomalies
    NAN Yan , LV Jia , XUE Qing-Jie, LI Yu-Jie
    journal6, 2014, 35(2):  94-96. 
    Asbtract ( 1760 )   PDF ( 1526 )  
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    The cervical cerclag in the treatment of  caused by uterine anomalies was in estigated.Forty cases were divided  into 2 groups.Twenty of them who received the treatment were of the experiment group,while the rest 19 cases who refused the treatment were of the control group.The respective outcomes in pregnancy were observed.The success rate in pregnancy of the experiment group was 90.47%,while that of the control group was 15.79%.Obviously,success rate of the former was much higher than that of the latter.The difference was statistically significant(P<0.05).It can be concluded that the  transvaginal cervical cerclage is a safe and effective method in the treatment of recurrent abortion caused by uterine anomalies.
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