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    25 May 2014, Volume 35 Issue 3
    Graceful Labeling of the Unconnected Graph C4m-1∪G
    WU Yue-Sheng
    journal6, 2014, 35(3):  1-3. 
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    The gracefulness of the unconnected graph C4m-1∪G is discussed.Two sufficient conditions are given for the gracefulness of unconnected graph C4m-1∪G.
    Matrix Method of Fundamental Equation of Curved Surface
    XING Jia-Sheng, GAO Jian-Quan, LUO Xiu-Hua
    journal6, 2014, 35(3):  4-10. 
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    A method to deduce the curved surface structure equation from matrix equations is introduced.This method replaces complicated tensor mark relation with the matrix fundamental operation,so that the deducing process becomes easier and clearer.
    Characterization of the Best Approximation on a New Haar Type Space
    FANG Dong-Hui
    journal6, 2014, 35(3):  11-14. 
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    The problem of the best approximation with generalized restrictions is considered.By introducing a new Haar type space,the characterization of the best approximation  is given.
    Exact Solutions of Nonlinear Equations by Using the(G′/G)-Expansion Method
    DONG Chang-Zi
    journal6, 2014, 35(3):  15-19. 
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    With the aid of symbolic computation system Maple,several new kinds  of generalized exact solutions for the Burgers-Fisher equations and Konopelchenko-Durovsky  equations are obtained by using a new (G′/G)-expansion method.
    Lower Bounds to Discrete Discrepancy and Symmetric L2 Discrepancy in  Two Level Fractional Factorial Designs
    LI Hong-Yi, LI Qi-Sheng, OU Zu-Jun
    journal6, 2014, 35(3):  20-22. 
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    On the basis of existing formula of  uniformity measurement and using the Langrange multiplier method and the formula of Taylor,the tight lower bounds to discrete discrepancy and symmetric L2 discrepancy of two level fractional factorial designs are obtained.Finally,two examples are given to illustrate the results.
    Measurement of the Credit Risk of Medium-Sized and Small Enterprises Based on Modified KMV Model
    YUAN Xing-Xing, WANG Qin, YI Wen-De, SU Jia-Lin
    journal6, 2014, 35(3):  23-27. 
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    The credit risk of 14 companies (7 ST and 7 non-ST) is measured by KMV model.The KMV model is modified in  the value of assets and the value volatility of assets,according to  the actual situation of Chinese stocks.The modified model is then used for empirical analysis.The results show that ST companies have a higher credit risk than non-ST companies,and for the troubled ST company,KMV model also provides a new perspective to measure the credit risk.
    Serial Multiplier Based on Extended Polynomial Set
    SU Dan-Dan
    journal6, 2014, 35(3):  28-30. 
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    The extended polynomial set is defined based on the polynomial basis,which represents the element of the finite field F2n.The multiplying formula is analyzed carefully.An efficient serial multiplier is proposed,which needs only n XOR gates and n+1 AND gates.
    Era of Big Data:From Data to Decision
    CHEN Wen-Wei, CHEN Sheng
    journal6, 2014, 35(3):  31-36. 
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    According to the characteristics of the era of Big Data and the changes it brings,it is clear that core of Big Data era is from data to decision making.The rise of real-time decision-making in the era of Big Data,from large enterprises to individual,is comprehensively analyzed and described in the paper.In the aspect of data-aided decision making,this paper discusses the effective methods of using statistic methods to support decision-making,deriving mathematical formula from data and acquiring knowledge from data.The combination of big data and cloud computing will achieve the mutual promotion and common development.Finally,this paper puts forward that big data not only support large enterprises and government making decision,but also support the personal decisions.
    Recognition of Human Behavior Based on Chaos Invariant and Relevance Vector Machine
    DAI Zhi-Qiang, DONG Jian-Feng
    journal6, 2014, 35(3):  37-43. 
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    An algorithm is put forward for the recognition of human behavior based on chaos invariant characteristics and relevance vector machine(RVM).First,the motion track generated by the joints of human is extracted to represent the nonlinear system of human movement behavior   and C-C method is used to estimate the delay to obtain the dimension of phase space reconstituted by every motion track.Furthermore,the chaos invariant which represents human behavior is extracted from the phase space and RVM algorithm is used to recognize human behavior.Finally KTH,Weizmann human behavior database and ballet database are applied to test the effect of the algorithm,and the result proves that this method has the better recognition effect than others.
    Physical and information
    Spectral Line Absence about Grating Diffraction
    YE Fu-Qiu, PENG Shan-Qiong
    journal6, 2014, 35(3):  44-48. 
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    With incident light of  different angles,the conditions for the phenomenon of spectral line absence occuring and being observed are theoretically deducted.By the means of numerical simulation,the condition for the phenomenon of spectral line  absence under the vertical incidence  is verified.And  with incident light of with different angles the spectral line  absence   is compared.The results show that the phenomenon meets  j=kd/b.The difference between the two incidences is that the observed range of the spectral line’s absence striation is different to some extent under the same experimental conditions.
    The Design of Visual Attendance Management System Based on Web
    LI Yu
    journal6, 2014, 35(3):  49-53. 
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    The architecture design pattern of attendance data visualization is be given in this paper,and the attendance information in Web system was real-time rendering outputted by modifying the calendar chart controls of ExtJS framework.By using the technique of combining JavaScript and ExtJS,the Web visualization problems of students training attendance in Security Training Management Platform have been solved.
    Crop Pest Monitoring and Warning System Based on SOA
    WANG Qing-Ren, PENG Qiong-Qiong, WU Yun-Zhi, GU Li-Chuan, LIU Ping, LE Yi, ZHANG You-Hua
    journal6, 2014, 35(3):  54-58. 
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    Crop pests and diseases monitoring and forecasting is an important part of the key to agricultural disaster prevention and mitigation,and to ensure that effective supply of major agricultural products.At present,it is widespread phenomenon that the accuracy and timeliness of work pest monitoring and early warning is greatly restricted because of “Information isolated island”.“AHP-based CBR Warning Decision” model was proposed,which using Web Service technology,designed and developed a monitoring and warning system based on SOA structure in Anhui Crop pests and diseases,and put it into application.This early warning system has achieved collecting standardized,transmission networking,analysis standardized,graphical processing,publishing visualization,reporting institutionalized,management automation,intelligent decision-making of Anhui crop pest data work.The practical result of six years showed significant efficiency at all levels of Anhui plant protection stations,in terms of accuracy and timeliness of decision-making in early warning.
    Machinery and Engineering
    Rheological Property and Pre-Stressed AnchorageTechnology of High Stress Soft Rock
    BAI Qi-Shu, LIU Xin-Xi, CHEN Xiang-Yang, MAO Guang-Xiang
    journal6, 2014, 35(3):  59-63. 
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    With increasing depth of coal mining,roadway support problems in high-stress soft rock have become increasingly prominent.The supporting of soft rock roadway stability has become a major bottleneck for coal mine production safety.According to the curve  law and time-dependent properties,obtained by the soft rock graduation loading triaxial compression creep test,Burgers viscoelasticity rheologic model of argillaceous siltstone at high-stress situation was established.On the basis of viscoelastic plasticity mechanics theory,the one-dimensional creep constitutive equation of this model was derived,and then the model parameters were identified with the help of non-line regression.The imparts of  the pre-tension of bolts and cables on the creep of the high stress soft rock roadway was analyzed by FLAC3D.The results showed  that the creep of the high stress soft rock roadway  reduced when the pre-tension of bolts and cables increased,and the pre-tension of bolts and cables must exceed 100 kN and 900 kN.
    Slider-Crank Mechanism Optimal Design and Dynamic Analysis
    LI Cun-Peng
    journal6, 2014, 35(3):  64-68. 
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    Based on the slider-crank mechanism between the connecting rod was used and crank pin,additional eccentric connecting rod was used on institutional improvement,which made the eccentric wheel drive the crank movement while driving planetary gear transmission to the external driving force.Through the analysis of the dynamic characteristics of institutions before and after improvement,the improved slider-crank mechanism has a bigger output torque than the traditional slider-crank mechanism.
    Biological and chemical
    Allergenic Property and Two Kinds of Common Street Trees in Nanjing and the  Control
    TANG Xiao-Lan, YOU Ting, WU Wen, SUN Lin, LI Zhen
    journal6, 2014, 35(3):  69-73. 
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    The catkins of street trees are the common plant-caused pollutions in cities,which can cause some peoper feel unwell.This paper takes the Nanjing street trees as the study case,choosing two major allergenic trees (Platanus acerifolia and Italian poplar) to investigate deeply,analyzing the biological characteristics of the two allergenic trees and the shape characteristics of the catkins.And thus,some ways are put forward to control the  harm by catkins,such as the method of no-fruit breeding,crown grafting,the method of enriching plant community structure,and the method by rational utilization of the wind.
    Electrochemical Polymerization of Luminol on GO (GN)/Nafion/GCE
    MA Qi, SONG Jin-Ping, SHUANG Shao-Min, GUO Yong, LI Ying-Fu, DONG Chuan
    journal6, 2014, 35(3):  74-77. 
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    Electrochemical polymerization behaviors of luminol at GO/Nafion/GCE and GN/Nafion/GCE were studied by cyclic voltammetry based on the excellent conductivity of grapheme and good electrochemiluminescence performance of luminol.The effects of modified solution composition and initial potential on the electrochemical polymerization behaviors of luminol were investigated.K3[Fe(CN)6] was employed as electrochemical probe to study the conductivity of modified electrode before and after polymerization of luminol.The results showed that the polymerization process of luminol was more likely to occur on GO/Nafion/GCE under more negative potential,which displayed stronger electrocatalytic ability toward K3[Fe(CN)6].
    Economy and management
    Development Strategy of Industrial Zones Based on Industrial Clusters:A Case Study on Economic Development in Dongguan Industrial Zones
    HE Jing
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2014, 35(3):  78-83. 
    Asbtract ( 2089 )  
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    Industrial clusters are the motive power and the source of sustainable development of the industrial zones.These industrial zones can effectively improve the production efficiency and innovation ability of enterprises,and improve regional competitiveness.The cluster economic effect of the industrial zones cannot only be brought into play based on industry clusters to develop industrial zones,but also can develop industrial clusters better relying on the industrial zones,and thus mutual promotion can be achieved.Through  study on the development process and the empirical analysis of issues in the Dongguan Industrial Zones.It is hold that the development of industrial zones must depend on the formation and development of industrial clusters in the zone,And the economic development strategic countermeasure and its support systems of the modern industrial zones are thus put forward.
    Relationship Between Establishment and Performance of Rural Banks:A Case Study in Hunan Province
    BAI Nan, GAN Tian, ZHOU Hong-Wei, LI Xing-Yan-Yi
    journal6, 2014, 35(3):  84-87. 
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    Nowadays,sponsor regime is adopted in rural banks in China.The sponsors and shareholding of crew may affect the performance of rural banks.Based on the financial data of 28 rural banks in Hunan in the first half year of 2013,the article analyses the relationship between ways of establishment and performance of rural banks by comparing their profitability and safety indicators of different types of rural banks.The results show that the performances of rural banks established by large-scale sponsors are superior to the others in term of profitability and risk control.
    Security Evaluation of Organic Heat Transfer Based on FBF Method
    CHEN Hong-Jiang, PENG Xiao-Lan
    journal6, 2014, 35(3):  88-92. 
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    The theory of safe engineering is introduced into organic heat transfer.The Fish Bone Fig (FBF) law is used for organic heat transfer in a scientific and reasonable safety evaluation,which effectively analyzes the organic heat transfer’s  hidden dangers during its evaluation,and for different causes  measures are put forward accordingly.
    Major Problems and Measures of Sports Development in the Minority Area of Wuling Mountain
    ZHU Xiao-Hong, WANG Feng
    journal6, 2014, 35(3):  93-96. 
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    Sports is one of the important aspects of people’s livelihood development.But in the minority area of Wuling Mountain,there are several problems in soprts development,i.e,the insufficience of public sports products,imbalance of urban and rural sports service,public unawareness of fitness,and difficult involvement of the disadvantaged groups.Accordingly,measures such as construction of distinctive sports fields,extensive mass fitness program with monority cultural features must be taken.The public sports awareness must be improved.The rights of disadvantaged people to participate in sports must be ensured.With these measures,the sports in the minority area of Wuling Mountain can be developed.
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