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Investigation and Analysis of Yellow Flower Plants Cultivation in Dongshan Island  of Fujian Province

 LI  Yang-Yang, HUANG  Qi-Tang   

  1. (College of Art and Landscape Architecture,Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University,Fuzhou 350002,Fujian China)
  • Online:2014-03-25 Published:2014-05-09

Abstract: Based on the field investigation,specimen sorting and literature review,composition,relationship with neighboring areas,life forms,leaf characteristics,leaf quality characteristics,ornamental characteristics,greening purpose and economic purpose of cultivated yellow flower plants in Dongshan Island of Fujian are analyzed.The results showe that there are cultivated yellow flower plants of 124 species of 87 genuses of 48 families,and the cities with more common species are mainly located the  in southern coastal region of Fujian.The cultivated yellow flower in Dongshan Island is  mainly nanophanerophytes,which belongs to 90 species,accounting for 72.58% of the total species;the leaf type is mainly of small and medium,and there are 76 species,accounting for 61.29% of the total species;the leaf quality is mainly paper and leathery,there are 79 species,accounting for 63.71% of the total species.The  flowering seasons are in spring,summer,and autumn three season,the fruiting seasons are in summer and autumn.The major types of ornamental plants includes flower and tree appreciation type,ornamental tree type and leaf appreciation type.These three ornamental types of plants have a total of 72 species,accounting for 57.11% of the total species,which can be mainly used in landscaping as flower appreciation,standing tree and street tree.The Island cultivated yellow flowers plants in Dongshan are economically widely used,there are 86 species for medicine and woody vegetables,accounting for 68.36% of the total species.

Key words: yellow flower system;cultivation;investigation and analysis;Fujian Province, Dongshan Island

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