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    25 January 2014, Volume 35 Issue 1
    Finite Nilpotent Groups with the Automorphism Group of Order
    ZHONG Xiang-Gui, JIANG Qing-Zhi, WU Yong, ZHANG Xiao-Fang
    journal6, 2014, 35(1):  1-3. 
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    In this paper,the finite nilpotent groups with the automorphism group of order,p2,...,pr are distinct odd prime numbers) are classified.
    Periodic Solution of a Class of Sublinear Hamiltonian System
    ZHANG Shen-Gui
    journal6, 2014, 35(1):  4-7. 
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    Hamiltonian System is an important model of differential equation.In this paper,the author investigates the existence of periodic solution for nonautonmous Hamiltonian System with sublinear nonlinearity by saddle point theorem in critical point theory.Some sufficient conditions for the existence of periodic solutions are obtained,and the results improve the Ahmad-Lazer-Paul’s coercive condition.
    Unifor a Predator-Prey Model with Beddington-DeAngelis Functional Response
    XU Chang-Jin, YAO Ling-Yun
    journal6, 2014, 35(1):  8-11. 
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    An asymptotically periodic predator-prey model with Beddington-DeAngelis functional response is investigated.Some sufficient conditions for the uniformly strong persistence of the system are obtained.
    An Algorithm of Convex Combination for Solving Monotone Nonlinear Equations
    WANG Sheng, GUAN Hong-Bo
    journal6, 2014, 35(1):  12-14. 
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    In this paper the authors convexly combine the the descent directions of the CGD algorithm and the MPRP algorithm for solving the monotone nonlinear equations,construct the new descent direction and give the new algorithm,and give the globally convergent theorem of the new algorithm.At last the authors compare the algorithms through the numerical experiments and  find that the new algorithm is better than the original algorithms.
    Global Well-Posedness for the Fifth-Order Korteweg-deVries-Burgers Equation
    LIU Yu-Huan
    journal6, 2014, 35(1):  15-19. 
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    Considering the Cauchy problem for the fifth-order Korteweg-de Vries-Burgers equation ut+uxxxxx+|x|2αu+(u2)x=0u(0)=,where 0<α≤2 and u is a real-valued function.It is globally well-posed in Hs(s>sα) by using Xb,s-theory and [k;Z]-multiplier method,when 0<α≤3/2,sα=-7/4;3/2<α≤2,sα=-1-α/2.
    Statistic Analysis of Efficacy of SOKI-MT in Lowering Lead
    LIU Xing-Dong, CAI Feng-Jing, QI Wei-Yun
    journal6, 2014, 35(1):  20-24. 
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    In this paper,by one-sample kolmogorov-smirnov test,paired samples T-test and spearman rank correlation coefficient test,the authors analyse the data of 200 cases of children lead poisoning before and after the treatment of SOKI-MT.The results show that the content of lead in the children is getting lower obviously after they took SOKI MT.
    Factor Analysis Model of Suzhou Foreign Capital Manufacturing Growth
    CHENG Mao-Lin
    journal6, 2014, 35(1):  25-28. 
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    The economic growth of Suzhou foreign capital manufacturing industry is subjected to numerous influential factors,and among these factors there is a multi-related relaxionship between variables,generally independent variable of multivariate regression analysis is more serious in multicollinearity.This paper uses partial least square regression to set up a model,and analyics the economic growth impact on the one hand,it generalizes the data information with maximum limit in the original independent variable system,overcome multicollinearity;on the other hand  independent variable has the greatest interprefaction  ability for dependent variable,and reliability is high.
    Physics and electrical engineering
    Optical Absorption of an Quantum Wells in Terahertz Plasmonic Microcavity
    MI Xian-Wu, MENG Fan-Bin, WU Hong-Wei
    journal6, 2014, 35(1):  29-35. 
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    An approach of solving excitonic absorption is presented for an asymmetric double quantum well driven by an intense terahertz field embedded in a semiconductor microcavity.The formalism relies on Zubarev’s Green functions,which allow us to handle the microcavity field and terahertz field as the photons and to fully account for the quantum aspect of the optical response of the asymmetric double quantum wells.Rich nonlinear dynamics behaviors of the replica peak and the Autler-Townes splitting are systematically studied in undoped asymmetric double quantum wells for taking account of the multiple factors,such as the detuning,coupling constant of the intense terahertz field,decay rate of the second electron subband,photon number of the intense terahertz field.The work provides a simple and convenient approach to deal with the microcavity-optical response of the asymmetric double quantum well in a fully quantum mechanical framework.
    Synchronization of an Array of Discrete-Time Coupled Neural Networks with Distributed Delays
    QIAN Xue-Ming
    journal6, 2014, 35(1):  36-41. 
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    This paper discusses synchronization in an array of discrete-time coupled neural networks with mixed time delays.And,by employing Lyapunov-Krasovskii functional and linear matrix inequality (LMI) approach,the criteria for the asymptotically synchronization are obtained.Furthermore,the description of the activation functions is a more general sector-like nonlinear function.And the criteria of synchronization are therefore less conservative.
    Water Meter Based on Binary Encoding Design
    CHEN Yun, ZHOU Wu-Lei
    journal6, 2014, 35(1):  42-45. 
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    In view of the traditional water level measurement in the module of data transformation having larger error,the author designs a new type of water level measurement method based on binary encoding rule which  ensures the accuracy and digital transmission in the water level automatic detection.Meanwhile CAN bus is used for data transmission which can achieve accurate transmission of multiplex data,ensuring the digital and linear transimission of water level information.
    Information and communication
    Biological Cell Image Segmentation Based on PCNN
    ZHANG Xiao-Qin, YU Lie, LI Yi
    journal6, 2014, 35(1):  46-49. 
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    Based on pulse coupled neural network (PCNN) model,the method for determining the parameters about the model of threshold θ,link power ω,iterative number of times N have been discussed.And the biological cell image segmentation has been investigated by means of maximum entropy and PCNN model,with the influence of various parameters on the quality of image segmentation analyzed.Results demonstrate that the greater the image entropy value is,the better the overall effect will be.
    Research on Three-Dimensional Passive Ranging Method of Two Parameters
    SHANG Hai
    journal6, 2014, 35(1):  50-52. 
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    To guarantee the effectiveness of aircraft-to-ground-target ranging algorithm,one three-dimensional ranging method with two parameters is presented.Analysis of the method is discussed,and then the localization geometric dilution of precision is computed.Corresponding computer simulations have been done to prove the correctness and effectiveness of the method.
    Optimal Algorithm of Edge Detection Based on Median and Mean Filter
    XU Qian, HUANG Guang-Ya
    journal6, 2014, 35(1):  53-57. 
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    Influenced by the uncertain factors such as viewing angle,scale,brightness,stains,vague,images in the acquisition process are usually distorted;subsequently,the image process with be affected.To reduce the distortion and to ensure the precision of edge detection,this paper put forwards  an optimized algorithm of combining median filter with mean filter for edge detection.Simulation results show that this algorithm can effectively suppress noise and improve the precision of image edge extraction.
    QR Decomposition Based Method for the Computation of Lyapunov Exponent in Duffing Systems
    LIU Yao-Feng, YANG Xi, SHU Ting
    journal6, 2014, 35(1):  58-62. 
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    In order to compute the Lyapunov exponent of Duffing system,this paper adopts a kind of classical method based on QR decomposition to calculate the Lyapunov exponent of Duffing system.According to the basic characteristics of the Lyapunov exponent,we presents a kind of Lyapunov exponent algorithm based on QR decomposition for the known Duffing system.By using software simulation,we know that the Duffing system Lyapunov exponent algorithm based on QR decomposition is correctness.
    Chemistry and chemical engineering
    Synthesis and Conformation of  Maleopimaric Acid Diimide
    WANG Heng-Shan, LI Jian-Fei, QIN Jian-Mei, ZHU Yong-Tao, YE Man-Yi, LI Ya-Jun, YAO Gui-Yang
    journal6, 2014, 35(1):  63-67. 
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    Maleopimaric acid (compound 2) was formed by Diels-Alder addition of maleic acid anhydride to resin acid,then maleopimaric acid methyl ester (compound 3) was prepared by esterification of dimethyl sulfate.After maleopimaric acid methyl ester interacting with 5-Aminoisoquinoline,the N-aryl methyl maleopimaric acid diimides (compound 4) was obtained.The structures of all compounds were characterized by elemental analyses,NMR and MS.Atropisomerism was first found in compound 4 in CDCl3,and the proportion of different atropisomer(trans:cis) was calculated by 2D NMR.
    Intermediate Temperature Ionic Conducting Composite Membrane:Sn0.94Sc0.06P2O7  and Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
    WANG Hong-Tao, SUN Lin, DONG Qiu-Jing, LUO Chun-Hua
    journal6, 2014, 35(1):  68-71. 
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    An intermediate temperature ionic conducting composite membrane,Sn0.94Sc0.06P2O7 and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE),was prepared by solid-state reaction method.The obtained composite membrane was characterized by XRD,SEM and DSC-TGA.The conductivities of composite membrane was investigated by using electrochemical workstation at the range of 75~225 ℃.The microstructure indicated that the composite membrane was well-crystallized and very compact.XRD pattern indicated that the composite membrane exhibited a single cubic phase structure of SnP2O7.The experimental atmosphere remarkably influenced the conductivity in the order:σ(dry air)<σ(wet air)<σ(wet H2).The highest conductivity was observed to be 6.5×10-4 S·cm-1 for the composite membrane under wet H2 atmosphere at 150 ℃.
    BluePigment Cobalt-Aluminum Spinels Prepared by EDTA Chelating Method
    HU Ming-Wei, WANG Hong-Quan, XIA Hao-Fu, HUANG Zhi-Liang, CHI Ru-An
    journal6, 2014, 35(1):  72-77. 
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    A method is proposed to prepare cobalt aluminum spinel blue pigment under a relatively low temperature.Cobalt aluminum spinels were prepared by the thermal decomposition of EDTA chelating cobalt and aluminum complex precursors which are derived from metal nitrate salts and ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid (EDTA).EDTA was used for chelating agent,cobalt nitrate hexahydrate and aluminum nitrate nonahydrate were used to synthesize the precursors.The phase and coloration of the prepared samples were characterized by the Commission International Eclairage (CIE) chromaticity diagram,X-ray diffraction (XRD) and Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR).The main variables which can systematically investigate the coloration and crystalline phase were cobalt-aluminum ratio,pH value of the reaction system and the calcination temperature.The optimizing process parameters to prepare cobalt aluminum spinel blue pigment:the temperature is 900 ℃ with 2 h heating preservation,the pH value is 9~10,and the cobalt-aluminum mole ratio is 1∶2.5 in the precursors.
    Technical Conditions for Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction of Protein of Eucommia Seed
    HUANG Cheng, YIN Hong
    journal6, 2014, 35(1):  78-82. 
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    The optimum conditions for the ultrasound-assisted extraction of Eucommia seed protein were studied by single factor and orthogonal test method.The solid-liquid ratio,ultrasonic time,ultrasonic temperature,extraction pH value were selected as single factor to study experimental conditions of Eucommia seed protein extraction process,and then optimum process conditions were determined by L9(34) orthogonal test .The experimental results showed that the optimum conditions for ultrasound-assisted extraction of Eucommia seed proteins were as follows:solid to liquid ratio was 1∶25,ultrasonic time 30 min,ultrasonic temperature at 50 ℃,extraction pH value of 10.0.Under this condition,extraction rate of Eucommia seed protein was 77.03%.
    Comparative Study on Methods of Dretreating Bagasse by Ethanol
    SHU Xue-Mei, LIU Jian-Ben, LIU Hong-Yan
    journal6, 2014, 35(1):  83-87. 
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    Bagasse is pretreated by sulphuric acid,sodium hydroxide and alkalinity with supplementary of ultrasonic ware.The effects of different concentration,solid-liquid ratio,different temperature and processing time on pretreatment are studied.With the mass fraction of the sulphuric acid 0.8%,the ratio of liquid to material (g/mL)1∶25,and the temperature 135 ℃ for 4 min,sugar content hydrolyzed by enzyme reaches 17.81% (g/g).With concentration with the mass fraction of the sodium hydroxide 9%,the ratio of liquid to material (g/mL)1∶8,and the temperature  40 ℃ for 15 min,the sugar content hydrolyzed by enzyme achieves 14.50% (g/g).Ultrasonic wave can strengthen the bagasse alkali pretreatment  and the sugar content hydrolyzed by enzyme is 18.65%(g/g).
    Education and teaching
    Analysis of Japanese Women in the Economic Benefits of Education and Social Status
    LI Ying
    journal6, 2014, 35(1):  88-91. 
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    Japanese society is under the influence of foreign culture,especially the ancient Chinese culture and social system of modern Europe and the United States.Nowadays,although the status of Japanese women has been greatly improved,but the idea of female subordination also has been deeply rooted in the heart of the Japanese.From the present situation of Japanese education,this paper makes an analysis of Japanese women in the economic benefits of education and social status to point out the importance of education to Japanese women.
    Survey of the Status Quo of Primary School Science Education in Xiangxi Prefecture
    XU Gui-Rong, YANG Cui-E
    journal6, 2014, 35(1):  92-96. 
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    Based on A Questionnaire on the Status quo of Primary School Science Education in Xiangxi Prefecture compiled by the authors themselves,this paper investigates the status quo of primary school science education in 14 primary schools in 5 counties (cities) in Xiangxi Prefecture in a way of random sampling.The result of the questionnaire reveals that the rate of professional science teachers in primary schools in Xiangxi Prefecture is comparatively low,and the teaching methods adopted in teaching are old-fashioned;students lack interest and are not well aware of learning science;schools pay little attention to the importance of science learning;and these is not adequate teaching resources.Therefore,in order to change the status quo,science teacher training must be strengthened and teaching staff professionalized,students should be motivated to promote their scientific qualities,the old notions of school management,and teachers’ teaching style should be changed and the school conditions and teaching qualities should be improved.
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