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    15 January 2005, Volume 26 Issue 1
    On the Diophantine Equation x3+33m=2Dy2
    LE Mao-Hua
    journal6, 2005, 26(1):  1-2. 
    Asbtract ( 1977 )   PDF ( 1108 )  
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    Let D be a positive odd integer with square free.In this paper,it is proved that if D is not divisible by primes of the form 6k+1 and the equation x3+33m=2Dy2 has positive integer solutions (x,y,m) with gcd (x,y)=1,then D≡1 (mod 4),the prime divisors p of D satisfy p≡11 (mod 12) and the number of prime divisors of D is even.
    Quantum Neural Computation Technology
    XIE Guang-Jun
    journal6, 2005, 26(1):  3-7. 
    Asbtract ( 2156 )   PDF ( 1438 )  
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    Through the comparison between the quantum computation and the neural computation,a new technology called quantum neural computation is presented.A generalized quantum Hebb learning algorithm,a quantum neural network model based on the double-slit interference experiment,and a quantum Hamming competitive learning algorithm are discussed;at the same time some essential characters of the quantum neural computation are also revealed.
    The Crossing Number of a Class of  Cartesian Products
    HE Xiao-Nian, HUANG Yuan-Qiu
    journal6, 2005, 26(1):  8-11. 
    Asbtract ( 2257 )   PDF ( 1460 )  
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    The crossing number is an important subject in the study of topological graph theory.The author determines the crossing numbers of a class of cartesian products of six graphs on 7-vertice.
    The Characteristics of L~-Haar Subspace
    WANG Xian-Yun, FANG Dong-Hui
    journal6, 2005, 26(1):  12-14. 
    Asbtract ( 1938 )   PDF ( 1334 )  
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    A new ~- Haar subspace  is defined such that  L~- Haar is equivalent to Haar when L=I.Subsequently,a  characterization theorem of  L~-Haar space is given.
    Physics and electronics
    The Structure of a Neutrino and Its Structure Function
    JIAO Shan-Qing, GONG Zi-Zheng, XU Di-Yu, JIANG Guang-Zuo
    journal6, 2005, 26(1):  15-18. 
    Asbtract ( 2182 )   PDF ( 1546 )  
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    It is similar to the study of the structure of a photon that if the supersymmetry companion of now neutrino v2e,F(q1,g,g),namely the neutralino U0e,B(q2,g-),captures from subquark sea two pairs of now colored subquark bcb-c,one pair being used to make U0e,B(q2,g-) form y-2/3e,B(q2,b-c) and the resonance state B+2/3c(bc,g-) of an antilepton-quark,and the other used as gluon-strings sticking both together,which is equal to a charged harmonic oscillator formed by gluon-strings gluing y-2/3e,B(q2,b-c),B+2/3c(bc,g-) and B+2/3c(bc,g-) together,the characteristics of strong interaction of this system appear.Because B+2/3c(bc,g-) is the resonance state (l--q) of the antilepton-quark and its propagation particle is matter ε-e(q-1,q2) heavier than W±1 and Z°,the properties of weak interaction of this system appear,too.Some principles and methods applied before to analysing the structure function of a nucleon can be used to neutrinos,therefore the structure function of a neutrino is given.
    Chemistry and chemical engineering
    Synthesis and Biological Activity of Arylformy (Aryloxyacetyl) Thiourea
    WU Wei-Lin, XIANG Kai-Xiang, ZHANG Yong-Kang
    journal6, 2005, 26(1):  19-21. 
    Asbtract ( 2360 )   PDF ( 1544 )  
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    Seven new N-(4-aminoantipyrine)-N’-arylformyl (aryloxyaceyl )thiourea have been synthesized.Their structures were confirmed by 1H  NMR,IR spectra and elementary analysis.The biological activity will be tested later.
    Doctoral Forum
    Design and Implementation of an Online Hotel Booking System Using Multi-Tier Architecture
    Fethi Abduljwad, WANG Guo-Jun
    journal6, 2005, 26(1):  22-26. 
    Asbtract ( 2730 )   PDF ( 10866 )  
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    The website is quickly becoming a critical advertising and marketing presence for an adventure tourist business.The traditional two-tier model shows striking weaknesses that make the development and maintenance of applications much more expensive.Multi-tier architecture endeavors to solve these problems.With multi-tier applications,the client provides only one layer,i.e.,the user interface.The business rules are performed on a system between the user interface and the data storage.Using this approach,a number of benefits during the application’s life cycle can be achieved,including reusability,flexibility,manageability,scalability,multi-language support and improved security.This paper deals with the design and implementation of an online hotel booking system with multi-tier architectural approach.The system uses Microsoft Visual Basic for desktop application and Structured Query Language (SQL) Server,HTML with VBScript and Active Server Pages (ASP) for the web application.The system enables the prospective guests to book different types of rooms online,keeps the database on guests,tracks when guests check in or check out and issues voucher at the time of checking out.
    Research into the Security of Utility Tunnel Using Numerical Simulation
    FANG Zi-Hu, WANG Jia-Yuan
    journal6, 2005, 26(1):  27-29. 
    Asbtract ( 2513 )   PDF ( 1348 )  
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    The tests on several rates of flow of gas were carried out.Based on the tests,distribution of gas mole fraction in utility tunnel was calculated using numerial simulation.In comparison with the experimental results,it is found that the gas mole fraction can be simulated by standard κ-ε  turbulent model and the numerical accuracy nearby gas leakage point is almost good according to the demand of engineering.The results show that three-dimensional tuberlence in engineering can be simulated.
    Designing of National Data Management and Service System for Resources & Entironment Remote Sensing Survey
    ZHU Yun-Qiang, JIA Ping, JIANG Dong, LI Shuang
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2005, 26(1):  30-32. 
    Asbtract ( 2502 )   PDF ( 1551 )  
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    With the development of the research of the remote sensing survey to design resources & entironment,it is imperative to design a resources & entironment data management and information service system used by countrywide users.The system should be satisfied with three requirements:data management,special application and information service.According to these demands,the system is subdivided into the data management sub-system and the information service sub-system.The data management sub-system provides the function of data management,resources & entironment analysis and evaluation etc.,and the information service sub-system provides the services of data query,online data download etc..Under Visual.NET embedded with ArcObjects controls and ArcIMS,the system is developed.
    The Development,Evaluation and Management of High-tech Enterprise’s Technology Platform
    XU Sheng-Jiang
    journal6, 2005, 26(1):  33-36. 
    Asbtract ( 2184 )   PDF ( 1166 )  
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    To develop technology platform,high-tech enterprise needs to identify the task rightly and grasp the key links.The evaluation of technology platform is a multi-goal systematic evaluation.A technology platform needs to match with the market opportunity and be managed in a strategic and all-aspect view.
    Improvement of Determination on TTC-Dehydrogenase Activity in Biofilms
    LI Jin, WU Zhen-Bin, HE Feng
    journal6, 2005, 26(1):  37-39. 
    Asbtract ( 2392 )   PDF ( 2603 )  
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    The method of 3,5,5-triphenyltetrazolium (TTC) determining biofilms activity was improved,and the problem that the standard curve of determination on TTC-dehydrogenase activity can’t be made conveniently and stably was resolved.The factors which influence the determination were studied.The results showed that sodium sulfide as reducer,toluene as TF organic extractant,Tris-HCl as buffer solution,pH 8.6 and 38 ℃ were the best condition on the developed method,and the optimum reaction time to cultivate biofilms is 6 h.
    Culture Condition and Detoxification Characteristic of Microorganisms in High-Chromium(Ⅵ) Pollutant
    HE De-Wen, CHAI Li-Yuan, LI Xiong
    journal6, 2005, 26(1):  40-44. 
    Asbtract ( 2152 )   PDF ( 1136 )  
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    Biodegradation of environmental pollutants has the advantages of high effect and low cost,but high concentration chromium(Ⅵ) can restrain microorganism.The detoxification effect of microbe is discussed and the constitutes of culture medium are optimized to fit for microorganism detoxification in high-chromium pollutants.The exterior environment of microorganism is provided between anaerobic and aerobic condition,which takes advantage over industry application.The logarithm growth curve of microbe is determined and its growth period is two days,which provides the theoretical base of quick detoxification.Finally consolidation detoxification of microbe is studied and results show that the microbe can effectively remove low concentration  chromium(Ⅵ) (below 200 mg/L) and reduce high concentration from 600 mg/L to 82 mg/L over five days.
    Electric Conductivity of Room Temperature Ionic Liquids  in  Different  Solvents
    HU Yu-Cai, ZHANG Jiang, GENG Chang-Jiang, MA Hui, LIU Chun-Ping, GUO Xiang-Kun
    journal6, 2005, 26(1):  45-49. 
    Asbtract ( 2602 )   PDF ( 2017 )  
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    This paper focuses on the preparation of several RTLs including 1-ethyl-3-butyl-imildazolium bromine([bmim]Br),[bmim]Br-AlCl3,[bmim]Br-FeCl3,and the electric conductivity of [bmim]Br-AlCl3,and [bmim]Br-FeCl3 in different solvents of water,ethanol,acetic acid.RTLs  have  different electric conductivity in different solvents:the largest is in water,next in ethanol,and the last in acetic acid.Under the condition of the same temperature,the higher  concentration,the larger electric conductivity is.Under the condition of the ame concentration,the higher  temperature is,the larger electric conductivity is.What is interesting is that,under the condition of the same concentration and temperature,when water as the solvent,the electric conductivities of [bmim]Br-FeCl3 is larger than that of [bmim]Br-AlCl3.But when ethanol or acetic acid as the solvent,it has contrary result.
    On the Relations Between Topological Mixing and Topological Exact of Maps on One-Dimensional Compact Manifold
    LIANG Jian-Ying
    journal6, 2005, 26(1):  50-51. 
    Asbtract ( 2222 )   PDF ( 1154 )  
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    The relations between topological mixingand topological exact of maps on one-dimensional compact manifold are discussed and a few conditions of topological mixing turning into exact are given.
    Comprehensive Evaluation of the Management Performance of the Sample Stock of Shanghai 180 Index
    JIN Zhuang
    journal6, 2005, 26(1):  52-55. 
    Asbtract ( 2201 )   PDF ( 1141 )  
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    Since factor analysis can provide a better solution to the problem of information overlap and subjectiveness and thereby give objective and just results,it is one of the important ways to evaluate the management performance comprehensively.Based on factor analysis,the management performance of the sample stock of Shanghai 180 index are evaluated from five aspects:listed companies' profitability,working asset,solvency,expansion of company and major business.The author also makes a brief analysis on the evaluating results.
    Key disciplines
    On the Wsr1 Condition of Exchange Rings
    HE Xiao-Fei
    journal6, 2005, 26(1):  56-59. 
    Asbtract ( 1905 )   PDF ( 1213 )  
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    The weakly stable range condition for exchange rings is investigated.Some new characteristics for the wsr1 condition are given,and an extension theorem on the wsr1 condition is provided.
    An Improvement of the Inequality Similar to Hardy-Hilbert's Inequality
    YAO Jin-Bin, HE Le-Ping, TAN Li
    journal6, 2005, 26(1):  60-63. 
    Asbtract ( 1907 )   PDF ( 1163 )  
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    In this paper,by means of the refined Cauchy’s inequality,a inequality similar to Hilbert’s inequality is improved.A new inequality is built:〖DD(〗∞〖〗n=1〖DD)〗〖DD(〗∞〖〗m=1〖DD)〗(ambn/(ln m+ln n+1)<π〖JB({〗〖DD(〗∞〖〗n=1〖DD)〗na2n〖DD(〗∞〖〗n=1〖DD)〗nb2n〖JB)}〗1/2(1-R)1/2.where R=〖JB((〗((α,γ)/‖α‖)-(β,γ)/‖β‖〖JB))〗2.
    Some Sufficient Conditions for Nonsingular H-Matrices
    HUANG Rong, HE Xiao-Fei, LIU Jian-Zhou
    journal6, 2005, 26(1):  64-66. 
    Asbtract ( 2704 )   PDF ( 1314 )  
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    Some new criteria for nonsingular H-matrices are given.Some related results are improved,the effectiveness of which is illustrated by some numerical examples.
    Discussion About the Integration Management Technology of SNMP and CMIP
    ZHUO Yue-Ming, TIAN Qi-Jun, QIN Zun-Yue, TANG Sheng-Xue
    journal6, 2005, 26(1):  67-69. 
    Asbtract ( 2170 )   PDF ( 1434 )  
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    Network management has developed to be an important technology in the  computer network area.CMIP and SNMP are briefly introduced,and then compared and analysed.Finally,some integration management technology of these two protocols are discussed.
    The Research on Damping Vibration Controlled in Electrorheological Fluids
    WU Yun-Wen, ZHOU Xiao-Qing, PENG Yong-Sheng
    journal6, 2005, 26(1):  70-75. 
    Asbtract ( 2277 )   PDF ( 1148 )  
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    Based on the principle that the viscosity of electrorheological fluids changes according to the  electric field  intensity,the movement  law of damping vibration  controlled  in electrorheological fluids are investigated  by using  disturbance  method,the movement  equation  is  derived,and shift for frequency and shift for phase is derived.With the electric field intensity increases,the frequencies for angle are reduced;so with index’s square for electric field’s intensity,the amplitude of system’s vibration is reduced.For the same intensity of steady electric field and alternating electric field,the vibration is faster attenuated in the alternating electric field.While time amounts 1/E2ε,the vibration will be stopped.
    Band Gap Calculation for Two-Dimensional Solid Phononic Crystals with Square Lattices
    YAN Lin, ZHAO He-Ping, WANG Xiao-Yun, PENG Xiu-Yan
    journal6, 2005, 26(1):  76-79. 
    Asbtract ( 2153 )   PDF ( 1482 )  
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    The study of phononic crystals band gap will not only give rise to a new interesting theory,but also open up variety of possible application.The plane wave expansion method is introduced to calculate the band gap for two-dimensional solid phononic crystals with square lattices.The effects of different shapes of the scatterers’ section on band gaps are investigated.The calculated results show that when the scatterers’ filling fraction F<0.5,the circular section is easier to attain large band gaps than the square section and rectangle one;while when F>0.5,the square section is more favorable for the appearance of the band gaps.
    The Current Situation of Cultivated Land and Countermeasure ofProtection in Xiangxi Karst Mountain Area
    ZHUANG Da-Chun
    journal6, 2005, 26(1):  80-83. 
    Asbtract ( 2238 )   PDF ( 1386 )  
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    The author probes into the major problems in the utilization of cultivated land resource and the basic reasons for the reduction of cultivated land in Xiangxi karst mountain area.The current situation of the cultivated land resource in Xiangxi karst mountain area is analysed according to the statistics of the land change.It is proposed that the effective counterameasures to protect the cultivated land are to protect the farmland,to guarantee the dynamic equailibrium of the general quantity of the cultivated land,and to maintain the quantity and quality of the cultivated land.
    Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for the Absolute Stability of Some 4th Order Direct Control Systems
    WANG Yan-Qun, ZHANG Meng-Qiu, XU Hui
    journal6, 2005, 26(1):  84-86. 
    Asbtract ( 2562 )   PDF ( 1377 )  
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    The absolute stability of 4th order direct control system  (dx)/(dt)=Ax+bf(σ),σ=CTX is discussed by means of Popov frequency method.The main results are:(Aij)4×4 when if Re λ(A)<0,cT(A-1)2b≤0,cT(A4-tr A2·A2)b-1/2tr(A4-tr A2·A2)cTb≤0,cTb·tr A2-cTA2b≤0,the necessary and sufficient conditions for the absolute stability of the system is that cTb≤0,cTA-1b≥0.
    Physics and electronics
    Analysis of the Optimum Transmission Range for the Wireless Multihop Networks
    ZHANG Rui
    journal6, 2005, 26(1):  87-89. 
    Asbtract ( 1883 )   PDF ( 1268 )  
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    The potential problem of the wireless multihop networks is the efficiency problem of energy consumption.When the distribution of  all the known nodes satisfies the  two-dimensional Poisson distribution,the relation between energy efficiency and transmission range is studied.Numerical and simulation results are presented to examine the analysis for the wireless multihop networks.
    Chemistry and chemical engineering
    Study on the Conductivity of ErCl3,DyCl3,NdCl3 and YCl3 in H2O at 298 K
    WANG Wei-Dong
    journal6, 2005, 26(1):  90-91. 
    Asbtract ( 2118 )   PDF ( 1418 )  
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    The electric conductivity of rare earths salt ErCl3,DyCl3,NdCl3 and YCl3 was determined in H2O at 298 K by conductivity meter,and the molar conductivity was calculated according to the related formula.The effect of concentration on the electric conductivity and molar conductivity was discussed.With the  increasing concentration of rare earths salt  solution,the conductivity proportion of rare earths salt in the solution got higher and the molar conductivity of rare earths salt got lower.
    Medical Science
    Specific Immunotherapy of Perenial Allergic Rhinitis
    GUO Lian-Rong, ZHENG Shi-Xin, ZHANG Yang, LIU Feng-An
    journal6, 2005, 26(1):  92-94. 
    Asbtract ( 1968 )   PDF ( 1457 )  
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    Objective:To discuss the curative effect and safety of specific immunotherapy of perennial rhinitis.Method:52 patients diagnosed perennial allergic rhinitis be given specific immunotherapy.Result:The curative effect of immunotherapy is 84.6%.Local response is the main side effect and the rate of systematic reaction is 1.9%.Conclusion:Specific immunotherapy is a safe and effective treatment,which aims directly at the causes of perennial allergic rhinitis.
    Therapeutic Outcome and Prognosis Analysis of Diffuse Axonal Injury:A Report of 75 Cases
    ZHU Ying-Jie, YANG Jia-You, XIANG Chang-Hua, JIA Hao, XIANG Shun-Min
    journal6, 2005, 26(1):  95-96. 
    Asbtract ( 2302 )   PDF ( 1329 )  
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    Objective:To Investigate the therapeutic effects and the prognosis of diffuse axonal injury(DAI).Methods:Seventy-five patients with DAI who were admitted to our department from Jan.1998 to Dec.2003 were  divided at random into two groups,the therapeutic group(n=35) and the control group(n=40).The patients in the therapeutic group were suffered to the general therapeutic measures,combined with other measures including Nimodipine,Naloxone,moderate hypothermia and hyperbaric oxygenation.The patients in the control group were treated with the general therapeutic measures only.Results:According to the standards of GOS prognosis,the mortality rate of the patients in the therapeutic group(42.9%) was much lower than that of the patients in the control group(60%),and the recovery rate of the therapeutic group patients(25.7%) was much higher than that of the control group patients(15%).There was significant difference in mortality and recovery rate between the two groups by X2 test(P<0.05).Conclusion:The therapeutic method of multi-measures may play the key role in improving the clinical outcomes for DAI,and it can significantly decrease the mortality of the patients with DAI.
    On the Socio-Cultural Factors in the Transformation and Diffusion of the Scientific and Technical Achievements
    YANG Li
    journal6, 2005, 26(1):  97-100. 
    Asbtract ( 1798 )   PDF ( 1507 )  
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    The relation between science and technology and social culture is not unilaterally influencing but bilaterally and interactively.The academia laid particular emphasis on studying the impact of the scientific and technical achievements on society in the past.While this essay is mainly about the influence of social culture on the transformation and diffusion of the scientific and technical achievements.In detail,there are realistic political needs,daily living needs,interests competition needs in realistic society,and values,religious believes,ethics in historical culture,and philosophy theory,economic theory,public opinion of news in social science,etc.All those factors above influence the transformation and diffusion of the scientific and technical achievements,and will promote or hinder the transformation and diffusion of the scientific and technical achievements.
    Decomposition and Empirical Study of  the Profit of Individual Stock Momentum
    DENG Zi-Fei
    journal6, 2005, 26(1):  101-103. 
    Asbtract ( 1712 )   PDF ( 1579 )  
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    To study the problem where the profit of individual stock  momentum mainly comes from in our stock market,the author modifies the models of producing the stock profit presented by Jegadeesh and Titman(1993)and Moskowitz and Grinblatt(1999),and then provides a profit decomposing method of the individual stock momentum of the  stock market in China.The empirical study indicates that the profit of individual momentum mainly comes from the industry momentum.
    Scientific research bulletin
    On the Theory of Distribution According to Contribution
    LONG Bin
    journal6, 2005, 26(1):  104-105. 
    Asbtract ( 2126 )   PDF ( 1344 )  
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    The labor and other non-labor factors make up the essential factors of production.It is a great breakthrough and creation in the distribution rules in China to distribute according to the contribution of each essential factors to the societ,as well as a great development of Maxist distribution theory.
    Market Analysis of the Foreign Tourist Source in Zhangjiajie and The Countermeasures
    YIN Hua-Guang, DENG Li-Zhong
    journal6, 2005, 26(1):  106-109. 
    Asbtract ( 2233 )   PDF ( 1780 )  
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    The market of the foreign tourist source in Zhangjiajie is analysed from the space and time distribution of tourist source market,the features of tourism demand and consumption,and the tourism supply conditions.The market forecast is made and the countermeasures of development are studied.
    Exploration on the Management of the State-Owned Assets in Universities
    ZOU Sheng-Jun, ZENG Rong
    journal6, 2005, 26(1):  110-111. 
    Asbtract ( 2094 )   PDF ( 1506 )  
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    Having analyzed the present problems existing in the management of the state-owned assets in universities,the author puts forward the measures to manage the state-owned assets:firstly,to set up  a specialized agency for the unified management and supervison of the state-owned assets;secondly,to perfect the management regulations to realize the standardization,legalization and informationization of the state-owned assets;thirdly,to set up the cost accounting mechanism;fourthly,to build up a contingent of administrative personnet.
    Dependability Research of Equipment Management System of University
    LIANG Gao-Yong, LI Long-Jun
    journal6, 2005, 26(1):  112-114. 
    Asbtract ( 2059 )   PDF ( 1568 )  
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    Data is the most instable and complicated factor as well as the important resource in management system.The author studies the content and method of dependability of equipment management system and puts forward the ways to improve dependability.
    On the Connotation and Fostering of P.E.Teachers’ Information Literacy
    LU Yan-Hong, SUN Wei-Hong
    journal6, 2005, 26(1):  115-117. 
    Asbtract ( 2286 )   PDF ( 1347 )  
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    Basing on analyzing and summarizing the reference materials of information literacy,and in the light of P.E.teachers’ characteristics,the paper expounds P.E.teachers’ information literacy from two aspects:aim and content.It is put forward that there are two ways to promote the P.E.teachers' information literacy:Training before holding an office and training during the tenure of office.
    A Study and Analysis of the Lifelong Physical Education in University
    LIANG Xiao-Dong
    journal6, 2005, 26(1):  118-120. 
    Asbtract ( 2050 )   PDF ( 1609 )  
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    On the basis of systematic analysis of the relationship between the lifelong physical education and the university physical education,the reform of university physical education in the 21st century is discussed theoretically and the importance,necessity and urgency of further reform is also explored.The article gives a further systematical study to the long-term target and the forward benefits which  those cross-century talents are trained to attain in the physical education.Besides,several related ideas and measures are explained in detail.
    The Advantages and Stratagems on the Development of the Traditional Sports Industry of the Minorities in  Western Hunan
    ZHANG Zhi
    journal6, 2005, 26(1):  121-123. 
    Asbtract ( 2050 )   PDF ( 1438 )  
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    By referring to literature and doing interviewing,the author points out the significance and the advantages to develop the  traditional sports industry of the minorities in western Hunan.The stratagems and advices are thus proposed on how to accelerate the development of  the industry.The economic development in  western Hunan  and even the whole province can be promoted to the “well-off” level.
    An Important Coefficient in the Calculation of Production Capacity and Its Application
    LI Zheng-Mang, YI Bi-Wu
    journal6, 2005, 26(1):  124-126. 
    Asbtract ( 2060 )   PDF ( 1479 )  
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    After being analysed,the identity of two methods to calculate the production capacity of equipment group is revealed.The concept of production capacity coefficient of equipment group and its significance in production management are put forward.On the basis of the above study,a new systm of calculating methods is constructed.
    Fluorometric Determination of Minim Selenium in Eucommia Seed with DAN
    DU Han, WU Wei-Lin, CHEN Li-Hua
    journal6, 2005, 26(1):  127-128. 
    Asbtract ( 2015 )   PDF ( 1345 )  
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    The compound,4,5-benzo-selenium was extracted by 2,3 DAN mixed with quadrivalence selenium from the samples by means of the catalyst,cyclo-hexane under the condition of pH 1.5~2.0.The minim selenium from the eucommia seed was determined by fluorometry.The manipulation is simple and sensitive,which can obtain accurate result and good reproductivity.
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