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Electric Conductivity of Room Temperature Ionic Liquids  in  Different  Solvents


  1. (School of Chemistry and Material Sciences,Yantai Normal University,Yantai 264025,Shandong China)
  • Online:2005-01-15 Published:2012-09-22

Abstract: This paper focuses on the preparation of several RTLs including 1-ethyl-3-butyl-imildazolium bromine([bmim]Br),[bmim]Br-AlCl3,[bmim]Br-FeCl3,and the electric conductivity of [bmim]Br-AlCl3,and [bmim]Br-FeCl3 in different solvents of water,ethanol,acetic acid.RTLs  have  different electric conductivity in different solvents:the largest is in water,next in ethanol,and the last in acetic acid.Under the condition of the same temperature,the higher  concentration,the larger electric conductivity is.Under the condition of the ame concentration,the higher  temperature is,the larger electric conductivity is.What is interesting is that,under the condition of the same concentration and temperature,when water as the solvent,the electric conductivities of [bmim]Br-FeCl3 is larger than that of [bmim]Br-AlCl3.But when ethanol or acetic acid as the solvent,it has contrary result.

Key words: room temperature ionic liquids, electric conductivity, [bmim]Br-AlCl3, [bmim]Br-FeCl3

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