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Study on the Conductivity of ErCl3,DyCl3,NdCl3 and YCl3 in H2O at 298 K


  1. (Department of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering,Hubei Normal University,Huangshi  435002,Hubei China)
  • Online:2005-01-15 Published:2012-09-22

Abstract: The electric conductivity of rare earths salt ErCl3,DyCl3,NdCl3 and YCl3 was determined in H2O at 298 K by conductivity meter,and the molar conductivity was calculated according to the related formula.The effect of concentration on the electric conductivity and molar conductivity was discussed.With the  increasing concentration of rare earths salt  solution,the conductivity proportion of rare earths salt in the solution got higher and the molar conductivity of rare earths salt got lower.

Key words: rare earths salt , solution;conductivity proportion;molar conductivity

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