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    25 January 2006, Volume 27 Issue 1
    Discontinuous Oblique Derivative Problems for Second Order Mixed Equations with Parabolic Degeneracy
    WEN Guo-Chun
    journal6, 2006, 27(1):  1-7. 
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    The paper deals with the discontinuous oblique derivative problems for second order linear equations of mixed (elliptic-hyperbolic) type with parabolic degeneracy,which include the discontinuous Tricomi problem for Chaplygin equation as a special case.Firstly the formulation and representation of solutions of the above boundary value problems are given,and then the existence of solutions for the above problems is proved,in which the complex analytic method is applied,namely the complex functions in the elliptic domain and the hyperbolic complex functions in hyperbolic domain are used.
    Divisibility Concerning Group Theory
    LE Mao-Hua
    journal6, 2006, 27(1):  8-8. 
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    Let p be an odd prime with p>3.It is  proved that if p2+p+1 divides (3p-1)/(3-1),then p≡11 (mod 12) and p2+p+1 is a prime.
    Characterizations of Best Simultaneous Approximation from Sets of Generalized Polynomials with Restricted Coefficients
    LUO Xian-Fa
    journal6, 2006, 27(1):  9-16. 
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    This paper investigates the problem of the best weighted simultaneous approximation to totally bounded sequences (xv) from a set G of generalized polynomials with restricted coefficients in complex normed linear spaces X.By approximating a totally bounded sequence (xv) via sequences consisting of finite many points in X,and then by transforming the problem of the best simultaneous approximation to a sequence consisting of finite many points in X into that of the best Chebyshev approximation in a complex-valued continuous functions space,the author gives characteristic results of the best simultaneous approximation to (xv) from  G under the assumptions that X is uniformly smooth and infv∈Nd(xv,G)>0.
    Distribution of k-th Weighted Mean of Dirichlet L-Functions
    GAO Li
    journal6, 2006, 27(1):  17-18. 
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    The k-th weighted mean of Dirichlet L-functions and the asymptotic formula of the distribution of the  mean value are presented by using the estimation of Kloostermann sums,the property of character sums and the analytic methods.
    Risk Process Under Limits of Claim
    HE Shu-Hong, LI Ru-Bing, DONG Zhi-Wei
    journal6, 2006, 27(1):  19-22. 
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    The deductible and limits of claim are considered in risk process.The ruin probability is got in the risk process under limits of claim.When the claim distribution follows from the exponential distribution,the exact expression between deductible,limits of claim and the ruin probability is got,and the ruin probability is analysed by numerical method in different deductible and limits of claim at the same time.
    A Sufficient Condition for General Equilibrium in Indivisible Markets
    LI Chun-Lin, LI Xiu-Jun, YAO Ran-Ting
    journal6, 2006, 27(1):  23-26. 
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    This paper generalizes the general equilibrium theorem to the case of indivisible markets where preferences is strictly convex,continuous and strongly monotonous.
    Text Digital Watermarking Based on Incomplete Understanding of the Text
    XIAO Hai-Qing, YIN Mei-Lin
    journal6, 2006, 27(1):  27-31. 
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    After analyzing the shortcomings of the existing text watermarking technologies,this paper presents a new incomplete semantically-based scheme.The watermark can be inserted into the content of the text without understanding the text completely.A feasible algorithm is given based on the auxiliary word “DE”.Furthermore,discussion on how to improve the capacity and the robustness of the algorithm are introduced.Experiments show that the embedding and the extraction of the watermark are easy to be realized and the algorithm itself is robust.
    Existence and Globally Exponential Stability of Periodic Solutions for Neural Networks with Delays
    JIANG Li-Qun
    journal6, 2006, 27(1):  32-38. 
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    The sufficient conditions ensuring existence and globally exponential stability of periodic solutions for neural networks with delays are obtained by using coincide degree,M-matrix theory and Liapunov function method.
    Application of Artificial Intelligence in Mankind Study
    ZHANG Zhen, WANG Wen-Fa
    journal6, 2006, 27(1):  39-42. 
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    Theory of artificial intelligence being the guiding theory,this paper explores the process and the basic mechanism of mankind study,and thus puts forward the studying methods,priciples,and precautions.Previous incorrect viewpoints of study are rectified,and the stndying efficiency is expected to be raised.
    Concentrating Surveillance-Control System of Tobacco Baking Based on RS485 Bus
    LIU Zhi-Zhuang, ZHANG Wen-Zhao
    journal6, 2006, 27(1):  43-46. 
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    This paper designs a concentrating surveillance-control system about tobacco baking based on RS485 bus.The upper machine and lower machine all employ microcontroller.The upper machine can monitor and control the data of lower machines from afar.The lower machines utilize  real time chip X1228 as its time system and E2PROM,and employ digital temperature sensor DS18B20 collecting temperature and humidity.The lower machines have multiple curves and self-study functions,and are suitable for multiple requirements of tobacco in different areas and different seasons.
    Programming of Transient Authentication for Mobile Devices
    XIAO Wei
    journal6, 2006, 27(1):  47-50. 
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    Authentication for mobile networks is a key role in the security of information and devices.This paper presents the common techniques of mobile authentication firstly,and then analyses programming of transient authentication and token authentication mainly.In the end,a model of transient authentication and its application are introduced.
    Design and Implementation of Sociel Insurance Voice Gateway System
    WEN Xue-Zhi, ZHANG Qian
    journal6, 2006, 27(1):  51-54. 
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    The authors used Liaoning Province as an example to develop the center data gateway service and 14 municipal data gateway services of province.In this system,by using call center of the province and its municipalities,the authors have achieved the communication between the data gateway of telegraphy corporation and the data gateway of the center of province,and between the data gateway of the center of province and the data gateway of its municipalities.
    Application of Multimedia Technologies in the Teaching of Automatically Controlled Automobile
    PENG Fu-Ming, GUO Jian, ZHANG Wei-Feng
    journal6, 2006, 27(1):  55-58. 
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    The modern car uses the computer control and management as the measures to check,decide,and control in real time.Application of multimedia technologies in teaching can show some covered and abstract information so that the basic mechanism of automatically controlled auto can be shown directly.
    Application of BP Neural Network in Data Mining Classification
    MO Li-Ping, FAN Xiao-Ping
    journal6, 2006, 27(1):  59-62. 
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    Combining the features of the high tolerance of BP network to noisy data as well as the ability to classify the pattern not been trained,this paper discusses how to apply the BP network to realize classification in data mining,describes and analyses the corresponding BP algorithm,and carries out an illustrative analysis to the customer credit in the bank business.In this example,according to the loan,the numbers of loaning and the payment-in-time ratio,a model worked for classification of customer credit-rating is created.
    Physics and electronics
    Stability Analysis on Particle Uniform Distribution in Cocurrent-up Gas-Solid Flow
    journal6, 2006, 27(1):  63-70. 
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    The stability of particle uniform distribution in concurrent-up gas-solid flow is analyzed in this paper.The equations of small disturbances departing from the uniformity are derived on the basis of the particle kinetic theory.The stability ranges of the system on the parameters space of disturbance wavelength and the particle volume fraction are presented.It is found that the system is stable for the disturbances with very short wavelength and unstable for disturbances with longer wavelength unless the particle phase is very dense.The situation of particle uniform distribution can hardly be stable for all disturbances in the case of higher superficial gas velocity.When the particle phase is very dilute,only the disturbances with very long wavelength can drive the system unstable,the distribution of particles can remain uniformity to some extent.As the particle diameter increases,the range of particle concentration in which particle can distribute uniformly becomes narrower when the particle diameter is less than a critical value,while it will become wider when the particle diameter is larger.The particles with small density can distribute uniformly in a wider range of particle concentration.
    Design and Realization of Recursive Algorithm for Identifying Linear Time-Varying System
    XIE Hong, HE Yi-Gang,
    journal6, 2006, 27(1):  71-74. 
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    To solve the problem of identifying linear time-varying system with multi-inputs and multi-outputs,block-pulse function was applied to obtain a kind of identification algorithm with the brief identification steps,the low cost of computation and the high precision.Also,the proposed algorithm is easy to be programmed.
    Study on the Whole-Life Design of Complex Electromechanical System
    Chen-Ju-Hua, ZHANG Li-Li, ZHANG Hong-Cai
    journal6, 2006, 27(1):  75-79. 
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    The article takes the whole-life experimentation of the gear for example,points out that the sustainable development of whole-life design must base on the study of few sampling,and brings forward two kinds of strategies of the study on the few sampling:the study on the numerical simulations and the study on the virtual prototype technology.
    Biological resources
    Effect of Light Intensity on Fluorescence Spectra and Chloroplast Structure of Dioscorea Zingiberensis
    WANG Ju-Feng, LI Hu-Ming, LIAO Fei-Yong, HE Ping
    journal6, 2006, 27(1):  80-85. 
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    The long adaptations of Dioscorea zingiberensis type low-light intensity to 10,55,100 and 270  μmol·m-2·s-1 light were tested.The results showed that the fluorescence spectrum was different as the growth light was different.In dark growth light (10 and 55  μmol·m-2·s-1),the spectra of the D.zingiberensis type low-light intensity had not F595 and F740 fluorescence peaks (in 55  μmol·m-2·s-1 had F740 shoulder peak),but had the F720 main peaks.The energy were mainly distributed to photosystem II.Dark adaptation changed the function of LHCII and CP43.Red light of 670 nm and 716 nm induced for 15 min decreased the energy distributed to photosystem II.The stacking index of chloroplast was larger than those in the higher growth light (100 and 270  μmol·m-2·s-1),but the starch grain was smaller.In the higher growth light (100 and 270  μmol·m-2·s-1),the spectra of the D.zingiberensis type low-light intensity had not F720,but the F740 main peaks were stronger.The excited energy of photosystem II was stronger.Dark adaptation increased the energy transferring efficiency from LHCI to PSI-RC.Red light of 670 nm and 716 nm induced for 15 min increased the energy distributed to photosystem II.The stacking index of chloroplast was smaller,but the starch grain was larger.
    Plant Communities of Taxus Mairei in Guzhang County,Hunan Province
    LI Chao-Yang, SHI Jin-Xiao, CHEN Jun, ZHANG Dai-Gui, LU Kun
    journal6, 2006, 27(1):  86-89. 
    Asbtract ( 2013 )   PDF ( 1679 )  
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    The plant communities of Taxus mairei in Guzhang county and the community structure were studied based on the vegetation survey.The results showed:(1)The flora of community is rich and complex,and it belongs to the transitional zone for many genera,the subtropical-temperate zone geographical composition of genera are dominant,about 51.47% of the total genera,and there are characteristics which form subtropical to temperate zone transition.(2)The species are mostly composed of Fagaceae,Lauraceae,Anacardiaceae,Ulmaceae,Araliaceae,Hamameliaceae,etc,but the dominant species in the communities are characterized by temperate genera.(3)In the lifeform spectrum,there are overwhelming meso-,micre- and nano-phanerophytes (55.53% of the total),and abundant linophanerophytes,and the vertical structure of the community is clear.
    Application of Eucommia Fruit Meal in Feed of Broilers
    HU Jiang-Yu, ZHANG Yong-Kang, OUYang-Hui , HU Zhi-Min
    journal6, 2006, 27(1):  90-92. 
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    Incubation and fattening of broiler were studied with Eucommia fruit meal as feed additives.Broilers were divided into two parts;one was experimental part,the other was contrastive part.Each part had three repetitions.Eucommia fruit meal was appended into the feed of experimental part.Many parameters about feeding of broilers were noted and analysed such as surviving rate,growth speed,ability of antivirus,appearance,cost,quality of chicken and so on.The studies indicate that the surviving rate increases by 8.4%;the profit rate increases by 65%;the appearance,ability of antivirus,quality of chicken and others are also improved obviously compared with the contrastive part.
    Effects of Mn2+ and Mo6+ on the Salt Tolerance of Cotton Seedling-Growth
    TANG Ju-Xiang, LI Guang-Ling, XU Xin-Juan, LI Qi-Lu
    journal6, 2006, 27(1):  93-96. 
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    Effects of mixture liquid of Mn2+ and Mo6+ on the salt tolerance  of cotton seedling were studied.The results showed that the suitable concentration of Mn2+and Mo6+ could improve some characteristics of the seedling such as the length of seedling,the content of lamina chlorophyll,activity of the root system and activity of POD.That is to say the salt tolerance of cotton seeding-growth was strengthened.Among all the treatments,the combination of 1 000 mg·L-1 Mn2+ and 200 mg·L-1 Mo6+  could achieve the best effect.
    Ultrastructural Effect of Octadecanoic Acid-3,4-Furanodiyl Ester on Sperm in Male Mice
    YIN Zhong-Qiong, WU Cheng-Kui, ZHANG Xin-Shen, WAN Gu-Cun, LIU Yi, YU De-Shun, YANG Jun, MO Bin-Bin, TIAN Yi-Fu
    journal6, 2006, 27(1):  97-100. 
    Asbtract ( 1935 )   PDF ( 1297 )  
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    The effects of octadecanoic acid-3,4-furanodiyl ester on Kunming male mice sperm ultra-structural characteristics were studied in vitro.Kill 10 healthy fertile mice and collect the testicle,and,with a swim-up technique,a sperm suspension of high motility and purity was obtained.Determine the instant spermicidal action (mg·mL-1·20 s) of octadecanoic acid-3,4-furanodiyl ester,isolated from the chloroform extract of neem oil,and the sperm pellets were fixed in 2.5% glutaraldehyde (pH was 7.2) and observed in electron microscope.Octadecanoic acid-3,4-furanodiyl ester can kill all sperm of Kunming mice in vitro in less than 20 s at the concentration of 4 g/L.On electron microscope,the acrosome and karyotheca of spermatids had been damaged.Small-to-large damaged areas which seemed to have been bitten by worms could be observed at the edge of the cytoplasmic membrane.In some cases,membrane and the peripheral mitochondria were virtually absent and the entire cytoplasm was medullary degenerated and vacuolated.The octadecanoic acid-3,4-furanodiyl ester has strong sperm-killing activity in vitro.There are evident histological changes due to octadecanoic acid-3,4-furanodiyl ester in sperm of male Kunming mice.
    Analysis of the Residual Pollutants in the Fish Tissue in the Three Reservoirs
    ZHANG Zheng, HE Li, NI Chao-Hui, LI Gu, LI Jin, WU Zhen-Bin
    journal6, 2006, 27(1):  101-104. 
    Asbtract ( 2408 )   PDF ( 1482 )  
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    This paper deals with the residual pollutants in the meat and intestine of fish on the section of the Three George in the Yangtze River before the construction of the Three George Reservoir.The analysis of 75 samples of 22 species indicates greater content of heavy metals and volatile phenol in intestine than that in meat.The main residual pollutants charge ratio (MRPCR) of fish in meat are Cr6+ (25.8%),As (18.4%),volatile phenol (17.2%) and Pb (15.2%); Cr6+ (23.5%),As (19%),Pb (16.5%),volatile phenol (14.9%),Cd (11.1%) in intestine.According to residuals classification in the fish,the fish body in the reservoir section suffered light contamination,but has not exceeded the relevant food and sanitary standards;the main pollutant factors are Cr6+,As,Pb,volatile phenol and Cd.The building up of the dam will inevitably change the hydrology condition,cause the increase of some heavy metal and volatile phenol in fish body,which may exceed the food and sanitary standards and is detrimental to ecology and human health.
    Chemistry and chemical engineering
    Synthesis of Open Chaining Crown Ether Compound
    ZHANG Lai-Xin
    journal6, 2006, 27(1):  105-106. 
    Asbtract ( 2221 )   PDF ( 1529 )  
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    Under acid condition open chaining crown ether diaromatic aldehyde can react with thioemicarbazide,and they synthesize a compound of chaining crown ether diaromatic aldehyde thiosemicarbazone.The products are characterized by IR,MS and elements analysis.
    Preparation of Bi2Ti2O7 Thin Film and Its Application in Insulation Gate Field Effect Transistor
    YANG Chao-Xia
    journal6, 2006, 27(1):  107-109. 
    Asbtract ( 2035 )   PDF ( 1463 )  
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    The Bi2Ti2O7 thin film was successfully prepared by chemical solution deposition technique on n-Si (100) using bismuth nitrate and titanium butoxide as the starting materials.The film presents very good insulating property and has relatively high dielectric constant.Compared with the SiO2 insulation gate field effect transistor of the same size,it  can greatly increase the transconductance and lower the   cut-in voltage.
    Microwave-Assisted Method Extration and Adsorption Stripping of Macropore Adsorbent of Flavonoids in Diospyros Kaki Leaf
    LI Zhi-Ping, YIN Du-Lin, LI Hui, WU Zhu-Qing
    journal6, 2006, 27(1):  110-113. 
    Asbtract ( 2555 )   PDF ( 1710 )  
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    The best extraction conditions for the extraction of total flavonoids by microwave-assisted extraction technique from Diospyros kaki leaf was investigated.The influence of microwave power,extraction time and the ratio of solid-liquor on the extraction efficiency was discussed.Total flavonoids was quantified by UV method.Three types of macroreticular resin with different polarity were compared in the adsorption ability to flavonoids  compounds of Diospyros kaki leaf.The optimum absorbent for total flavonoids in Diospyros kaki leaf was decided to be DA-201.The best ratio of solid-liquor was 1∶30.The highest extraction yield of flavonoids in Diospyros kaki leaf was obtained by extracting for 21 min using 250 W microwave power.
    New Processing Technology of Green-Maintaining of the Green Brake
    TANG Ke-Hua, ZHANG Bi-Lin, DONG Ai-Wen, SONG Tao-Sen, LI Wei-Wei, ZHOU Jiao-Mei
    journal6, 2006, 27(1):  114-117. 
    Asbtract ( 1966 )   PDF ( 1658 )  
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    The orthognoal processing experiment and its green-maintaining effect on the green brake in the South China were explored.The results showed that:blanch the brake for  5~6 min in the 0.01%~0.1% citric acid and 0.5% NaCl water under no less than 85 ℃,and harden it for 30~60 min in 0.5% CaCl2 water,and then enclos with the 0.01%~0.1% compound green-maintaining reagent-D sap without  pasteurization to the green brake,the green-maintining effect reaches the advanced level of brake merchandise in domestic market.
    Extraction Process of Polysaccharides in Bamboo Leaves
    LI Sheng-Hua, YU Jian-Ping
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2006, 27(1):  118-121. 
    Asbtract ( 2034 )   PDF ( 1567 )  
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    Objective:To optimize the best extraction process of polysaccharides in bamboo leaves.Methods:With polysaccharides of bamboo leaves being an examinable target component,the optimized extraction techniques and condition were chosen by orthogonal test method.Results:The best extraction process of polysaccharides of bamboo leaves was that the crude drugs were extracted with petroleum ether for refluxed 2 h,the sediments extracted with 95% ethanol for 2 h first,then filtrable residue from previous steps were extracted three times with 30 times amount of water.The proteins were removed by Sevage’s method,adding ethanol and making its concentration to 80%,the extracts were stored in the refrigerator for 12 h.The acquired amount of bamboo leaves polysaccharides was about 0.51% from the best extraction process.Conclusion:The extractive rate of bamboo leaves polysaccharides was higher in the optimized extraction process and the process was proved to be reasonable and feasible.
    Sole Financing Body and Multiple Entities of Financing Rights
    WANG Yue-Wu
    journal6, 2006, 27(1):  122-125. 
    Asbtract ( 1875 )   PDF ( 1385 )  
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    Based on brief review on the main views about theory of financing body,a new conception of “entity of financing rights” is derived from the conception of financing rights.The two conceptions are used to analyse the relations between financing body,entity of financing rights,and entity of financing governance and to explore the question whether financing body is sole or multiple and the theory of financing stratification.It is concluded that financing body must be sole,namely enterprise itself,while its entities of financing rights or its entities of financing governance can be multiple and stratified,which are united in enterprise’s financing governance structure and incorporated in its financing affairs.
    Some Problems that Must be Taken into Account in the Process of Editoring and Processing
    CHEN Can-Hua
    journal6, 2006, 27(1):  126-128. 
    Asbtract ( 1985 )   PDF ( 1360 )  
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    Some problems in the process of editoring and processing,such as the requirements,methods and points for attention,were studied.It is concluded that mistakes can be reduced or avoided only when editors obey  the principles of accuracy,clarity and simplicity,respect facts and science,respect and protect authors’copyright,and form a good working habit.
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