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    25 March 2006, Volume 27 Issue 2
    On the Prime Solutions of the Diophantine Equation X2+Y2=Zr
    LE Mao-Hua
    journal6, 2006, 27(2):  1-2. 
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    Let r be an odd integer with r>1.In this paper the author gives a necessary condition for (X,Y,Z) being a positive integer solution of the equation X2+Y2=Zr with Y being a power of an odd prime.
    Second Smallest Eigenvalue of a Unicyclic Graph
    ZHOU Hou-Qing, HE Mei-Zhi, HOU Yao-Ping
    journal6, 2006, 27(2):  3-5. 
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    Let G be a simple connected unicyclic graph.λn-1(G) denotes the second smallest eigenvalue of the  unicyclic graph G.In this paper,the authors obtain a second smallest eigenvalue of graph G (isomorphic graph S3n),and a sharp upper bounds of λn-1(G).
    Invariant Set and Attractor of a Class of Non-Autonomous Delay Differential System
    CHEN Ming, TAN Qiong-Hua, LI Dong, OUYang-Zi-Gen
    journal6, 2006, 27(2):  6-8. 
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    The invariant set and attractor for a class of non-autonomous delay differential system are investigated in this paper.By the control lemma of chart-radius and through using the method of integrating,the author estimates the existence range of the invariant set and its attractor.
    Risk Model Whose Premium is a Stochastic Process with Interest Force
    HE Li-Na, LIU Zai-Ming
    journal6, 2006, 27(2):  9-11. 
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    The authors discuss the risk model whose premium is a stochastic process with interest force.Firstly,the author discuss the upper bounds of the ruin probabilities by Martingales method,and then prove that surplus process in claim moment is a Markov chain.
    Norm of a Linear Functional for a Positive Definite Quadratic Form
    YANG Yu-Ying
    journal6, 2006, 27(2):  12-15. 
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    Let (V,‖·‖) be a normed vector space,Q be a positive definite quadratic form on V,and l be a unit linear functional on V.The author proves that if the volume of the unit ball of Q  reaches minimum,then Q-norm of l,‖l‖Q≤1,and ‖li‖Q=1 for some special unit linear functionals li’s.
    Uniform Boundedness of Solutions of Impulsive Differential Equations with Variable Times
    WANG Lan-Fang, ZENG Fan-Fu
    journal6, 2006, 27(2):  16-18. 
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    The authors investigate global properties and uniform boundedness of impulsive differential equations with variable times using comparison principle.Some sufficient conditions are established,which extend some known results about impulsive differential equations with fixed times.
    Oscillations of Odd-Order Linear Differential Equation with Impulses
    LIAO Jia-Wu, CHEN Fu-Lai
    journal6, 2006, 27(2):  19-24. 
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    Oscillations of solutions for odd-order linear differential equation with impulses are considered and oscillations and non-oscillations of solutions are obtained through adding some simple constraints.
    Complete Space and Conjugate Space of a Normed Space
    XIANG Yang-Jie, CHEN Guo-Xian, LUO Xian-Fa
    journal6, 2006, 27(2):  25-27. 
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    It is proved that the normed linear space R∞ imcomplete,R∞={(an)|an∈R,{an} being a real bounded sequence,‖(an)‖=supn≥1 λn|an|}.Its complete space are conjugate space are given,and the sufficient or necessary conditions are obtained for a linear operator from R∞ to R∞ to be continuous.
    A Model of Effects of Policy on Stock Market and Its Parameters Estimation
    YANG Ge-Feng, JIAO Wan-Tang
    journal6, 2006, 27(2):  28-30. 
    Asbtract ( 1968 )   PDF ( 1452 )  
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    This paper elaborates a stock market forecasting model under the influence of government policies,which aims to quantify the extent and time span of the stock market policy’s influence.After a certain model has been proposed,the paper concentrates on how to select proper data in estimation of relative parameters in an effort to achieve estimations with high validity.
    A Classification Algorithm Based on Genetic Algorithm and Fuzzy Rules
    XING Yan-Ming
    journal6, 2006, 27(2):  31-35. 
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    This article introduces a kind of classification algorithm based on fuzzy rule and genetic algorithm:firstly,provide one fuzzy rule generating method;secondly,genetic algorithm optimizes choosing the fuzzy rule;finally,start the trigger to the sample that can't be discerned.This algorithm can improve the recognition capability of samples and reduce the rule sets.The performance of the classification algorithm is tested by the IRIS data,and the results show that not only it has very good classification performance but also the fuzzy rules sets is simplified.
    Application of Excel Programming Solver in Optimum Decision Aanlysis
    CHEN Sheng-Ping, TIAN Hong-Xiu, HUANG Tian-Qiang
    journal6, 2006, 27(2):  36-38. 
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    This paper introduces a  method to solve linear programming problem and non-linear programming problem.A few practical examples are given,in which Excel is applied to the solution of programming,thus the practicability of this software in researches is expounded where a great number of data have to be treated.
    Design and Implementation of VB Language Examination Excise System
    TANG Zan-Yu, QU Shao-Jun, PENG Hua
    journal6, 2006, 27(2):  39-42. 
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    This article describes the design and implementation  of examination excise system based on Visual Basic and Microsoft Access.The key problems,which have been solved and  discussed in the aspects of database design and operating procedure,include implementation of the function of login,design of automatically  creating a new and quick database and table from total database,which enhance the system and protect the total database.It realizes the functions of randomly editing exam questions and automatically making up exam papers.
    Physics and electronics
    The Design of Combustion Efficiency Sampling-Probe in.Scramjet Engine
    LI Feng, BI Lin, PENG Lang-Qing, HE Yong-Jie, SUN Bai-Gang, CHENG Ming, LIU Wei, LIU Xiao-Yong
    journal6, 2006, 27(2):  43-45. 
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    Key technology in the design of combustion efficiency sampling-probe of scramjet engine was analyzed.A water-cooling sampling-rake with sixteen-point sampling- probe was designed and made.Flow character,chemical reaction  frozen in the probe and the availability of the system was analyzed.This sampling analysis system can be used to test the combustion efficiency of scramjet engine.
    The Origin and the Fate of the Universe
    JIAO Shan-Qing, XU Di-Yu, GONG Zi-Zheng, JIANG Guang-Zuo
    journal6, 2006, 27(2):  46-49. 
    Asbtract ( 2209 )  
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    The concept of the nucleon of the early universe is introduced and the conclusion is reached that the universe didn’t originate from the big bang of the point,of which the time and the space were both zero,but originated from the big bang of the super-micro-black hole,of which the time,the temperature and the radius were respectively t=10-62 s,T=1051 K and r=10-52 cm.After the big bang,the universe was a coexistence system of the thermal equilibrium state of photons and of the gravitational bound state,and the thermal equilibrium state of photons was in predomination,which forced the universe to expand.When tc=10-35 s,the corresponding temperature scale of the universe was 1014 GeV,and the inflation and the phase transition of the universe took place during the period of time tc=10-35 ~10-32 s.The multicomponent universe particles which formed in the inflation and the phase transition are the supersymmetry companions of present particles and have big mass scales.A “neutralino”,of which the mass is mU-0e,B=320 GeV,is of dark matter,and if the neutralinos make the total mass of the universe too much and beyond the limit,the universe will change from expansion into contraction.
    Effective Magnetic Permeability of Three Cubic Lattices of Conducting Spheres in Magnetorheological Fluids
    WANG Xiao-Yun, ZHAO He-Ping, YAN Lin, DENG Ke
    journal6, 2006, 27(2):  50-53. 
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    Relations between effective magnetic permeability of body-centered cubic,face-centered cubic and simple cubic lattices of conducting spheres and ratio of magnetic permeability,frequency are studied.The result shows that effective magnetic permeability is a complex number,and face-centered cubic lattices has the biggest magnetic permeability among the three cubic lattices in the limit of critical volume fraction;in  other words,face centered cubic lattice is the most steady structure of the three cubic lattices.The conclusion of the numerical calculation is in good agreement with experimental results in refs. [10-12].
    Architecture,Application Status & Development Trends of Network Processors
    WANG Hai-Tao, LIU Hua-Jun
    journal6, 2006, 27(2):  54-57. 
    Asbtract ( 2014 )   PDF ( 1930 )  
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    Network processor possesses the traits of hardware high-speed and software flexibility,which can address network bottleneck and adapt to various new protocols,thus having perfect foregrounds.In this paper,technology backgrounds of network processors are explained and its architecture,functions and characteristics are introduced.Then,current research works and various practical applications of network processors are summed up and expounded in detail.Finally,future development trends of network processors are envisaged,and brief summary of the paper is given.
    Performance of BGO Crystal
    LV Hai-Jiang , CAI Kang-Song, JIAO Zheng, CHENG He-Ping, LI Zheng
    journal6, 2006, 27(2):  58-60. 
    Asbtract ( 2288 )   PDF ( 1776 )  
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    By using Monte Carlo method,the authors simulated the scintillation of γ ray with different energy into the BGO crystal and the  position distribution of scintillation photons with different thickness and package.The results show that the model of point light source is suitable to the distribution of scintillation photons on production interface of the crystal.Furthermore,the position resolution of photons for rough interface between BGO and seal is much better than for polished interface.The nearer the distance of scintillation center from light-out plane is,the narrower spatial resolution of optical photon is.Finally,the author obtained the most number of output photons when the thickness of BGO is 4 mm.
    The Relation Between Scatterer’s Tropism and Band Gaps of 3D Phononic Crystal
    YAN Lin, ZHAO He-Ping, WANG Xiao-Yun, LI De-Jun, WU Yun-Wen
    journal6, 2006, 27(2):  61-63. 
    Asbtract ( 2229 )   PDF ( 1393 )  
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    This paper investigates the influence of scatterer’s tropism on band gaps of 3D phononic crystal.By using the plane wave expansion method,the authors calculated the band structure of 3D phononic crystals with the three structures.The results show that the band gaps can be adjusted by changing the scatterer’s tropism.For Simple-Cubic (SC) and  Face-Centered-Cubic (FCC) structure the lowest band gap width becomes narrower,while for Body-Centered-Cubic (BCC) structure the lowest band gap width becomes wider as the rotation angle of the scatters increases.
    The DLL Realization of SystemView Custom Model
    WANG Ying, YANG Xi, ZHANG Yong-Hua
    journal6, 2006, 27(2):  64-66. 
    Asbtract ( 2107 )   PDF ( 1354 )  
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    The DLL realization of SystemView custom model is researched,and a limiter model is designed based on VC++6.0.The simulated results shows the realization way is correct.
    A Current-Mode Filter with Three Inputs and  Single Output Based on Current Conveyor
    OU Zeng-Qiang , PENG Liang-Yu, HAN Ying
    journal6, 2006, 27(2):  67-69. 
    Asbtract ( 2588 )   PDF ( 1534 )  
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    This paper presents a current-mode filter with three inputs and single output,which has only  one CCII-,one MOCCII,two grounded resistances and two grounded capacitances.The circuit not only is very simple,but also can carry out second-order five filtering functions.It is insensitive to R and C.PSPICE simulation result verifies that the proposed configuration is applicable.
    Ladder-Shaped Resistance Network and Votage  of Joint
    PENG Pei-Fu, ZHANG Gui-Fang
    journal6, 2006, 27(2):  70-73. 
    Asbtract ( 2122 )   PDF ( 1339 )  
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    The relationship of recursion is used to deduce the equivalent resistance of ladder-shaped resistance network,and it is proved that when in certain condition of series,the equivalent resistance can reach a certain value with some error range.Meanwhile,this analysis method of working out ladder-shaped resistance network's voltage of joint through recursion relationship can be used in complex circuit network and analysis of algorithm practically.
    Flexibility Differential Curvature Method for Structural Damage Identification
    XIAO Diao-Sheng, YANG Yong-
    journal6, 2006, 27(2):  74-76. 
    Asbtract ( 1923 )   PDF ( 1680 )  
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    The flexibility differential curvature method for structural damage identification is presented.By many examples of simply supported beam and cantilever beam it is showed that:good accuracy of damage identification will be obtained with lower order modal parameter,and minor damage and simultaneous multidamage identification is sensitive and reliable.
    Structural Properties of FPGA and Research of Integrated Sytems
    YAN Yong-Ming, ZENG Yun, ZHAO Jian-Ye
    journal6, 2006, 27(2):  77-79. 
    Asbtract ( 3587 )   PDF ( 1433 )  
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    The article discusses the structural properties of ordinarily used FPGA and introduces the special methods and design flow for FPGA design.The author also discusses how to integrate and implement a communication system consisting of several chips into a single FPGA chip,and analyzes the function of the system on the FPGA chip.The result shows that  the FPGA can be used for improving the function of complex circuits and simplifying the designing of complex circuits.
    Biological resources
    Study of Gene Expression of p21 with in Situ Hybridization Technique
    LI Li, HUANG Heng-Yu, XIE Yong-Fang
    journal6, 2006, 27(2):  80-83. 
    Asbtract ( 2257 )   PDF ( 1440 )  
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    Using in situ hybridization technique with dig labeled probe,the expression of p21 gene in mice's embryo development has been studied in this paper.The results can be summarized as follows:p21 gene does not take part in the formation of organ primordial during the development of embryo of age 9ds.It starts to express in the embryo of age 10ds and then express stronger with the development of the embryo.It seems to suggest that p21 gene is concord with the negative regulation of cell cycle.The little change in expression strengthen may relates with its stable mRNA.
    Histological Studies on the Ovary Development in Selenocosmia Huwena (Holthuis)
    WANG Chang-Jiu, YAN Heng-Mei, LIU Man-Yuan
    journal6, 2006, 27(2):  84-87. 
    Asbtract ( 2175 )   PDF ( 1591 )  
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    According to the histological and morphological analysis,the ovary of selenocosmia huwena is composed of the ovarian tubule,which are sticking out from geninal epithelium into ovarian carity.Nutrition is provided through the pads which are made up of the nutrient cells during oocyte developing process.There are five stages in the ovary development:formation stage,mature stage,growth stage,ovulation stage and recovery stage.The spider can lay eggs several times in the reproductive periods.So it is polyovulation type.There are  positive correlation in the size and weight of the ovary with the weight  of the spider’s body.The sexual gland exponent of the spider is changing with the oocyte developing but not with the size of the mature individuals.
    Effects of Pooling RNA on the Research in the DNA Microarray  Analysis ofCancer and Its Corresponding Adjacent Tissues
    ZHUANG Yuan-Hong, ZHANG Liang, MENG Xin, REN Yong-Hong
    journal6, 2006, 27(2):  88-91. 
    Asbtract ( 2219 )   PDF ( 1339 )  
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    Microarray technology has been applied in a variety of biological and medical research fields.Due to the relative higher costs,some researchers are apt to pooling RNA samples extracted from different subjects onto a single microarray to defray the cost of microarray experiment.The basic assumption of pooling is that the pooling RNA can lessen the diversity between individual subjects.Employing an example in cancer research,the authors analyzed the differential expressed genes between gastric cancer tissues and its corresponding adjacent normal tissues using ten individual RNA and their pooling RNA.The results indicate that there are no significant variances between pooling and individual RNA concerning of the numbers of correct gene,false positive gene and false negative gene based on a statistical approach.So the authors suggest using RNA from individual subject instead of pooling them even if in the primary studies.
    Chemistry and chemical engineering
    Mechanism and Application of Transgenic Silencing in Plant
    WANG Ya-Qin
    journal6, 2006, 27(2):  92-95. 
    Asbtract ( 2682 )   PDF ( 1873 )  
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    With the development of transgenic technology in agricultural production ,more and more people pay attention to transgenic silencing.The mechanisms of gene silencing include copy numbers and configuration of transgene,integration sites in plant and transcription of transgene,etc.Studying the cause for gene silencing and learning the method to control gene silencing are important for the development of plant gene engineering and the application of transgenic silencing.
    Preparation of  Li1.3Al0.3Ti1.7(PO4)3 Thin Films by Sol-Gel Technique and the Film Characteristics
    XIAO Zhuo-Bing, MA Ming-You-
    journal6, 2006, 27(2):  96-100. 
    Asbtract ( 2332 )   PDF ( 1579 )  
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    Solid electrolyte of Li1.3Al0.3Ti1.7(PO4)3 thin films were prepared by sol-gel technique.The phase identification and surface morphology were investigated by X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy.Electrochemical window and electronic insulating properties were examined by cyclic voltammetry and current testing instrument.The results show that the films with good crystallinity are homogeneous,dense and crack-free.The electrochemical window is more than 2.4V,and the electronic conductivity is 10-11 film possesses wide electrochemical window and good electronic insulating.
    Conditions for Leaching Manganese from Electrolytic Manganese Waste Residue
    LI Zhi-Ping, PENG Xiao-Wei, OUYang-Yu-Zhu
    journal6, 2006, 27(2):  101-103. 
    Asbtract ( 2496 )   PDF ( 1478 )  
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    Manganese was leached from electrolytic manganese waste residue by adulteration technique.The recovery effects of sulfuric acid leaching method was studied the influence of mineral-residue ratio,solid-liquid ratio,leaching temperature and pH value of solvent on the extraction efficiency of manganese was investigated.The results showed that extraction efficiency of manganese produced by addition of manganese mineral powder into the material was two times higher than that obtained without it.A manganese leaching efficiency of 42.38% was obtained under 3∶1 of mineral-residue ratio and 1∶3 of solid-liquid ratio at pH 2.0 and 60 ℃ for 3 h leaching time.
    Advances in the Research of Au/Al2O3 Catalysts
    LI Xiao-Mei, DENG Qian, XIAO Han-Xi
    journal6, 2006, 27(2):  104-110. 
    Asbtract ( 2677 )   PDF ( 1601 )  
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    As a kind of new catalyst,supported gold catalyst has excellent catalytic performance and has drawn much attention.Au/Al2O3 is a type of metal oxide support in the preparation of catalysts.In this paper,progress on preparation methods,catalytic performance and active sites for the series of supported Au/Al2O3catalysts is reviewed.A series of important reactions are discussed,such as low-temperature catalytic oxidation of CO,purification of exhaust from motor vehicles,elimination of organic halogen-containing compounds and catalytic combustion of CH4.
    The Effects of Processing and Storage Conditions on the Disintegration Time Limit of Kiwi Seed Capsule
    LI Jia-Xing, CHEN Shuang-Ping, QIN Yi, LI Min-Li, WANG Xiao-Yong, DENG Qi-Hai
    journal6, 2006, 27(2):  111-114. 
    Asbtract ( 2319 )   PDF ( 1574 )  
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    The essay gives a research on the effect of melting gelatine craft,thickness of capsule,dry environment and storage conditions on the disintegration time limit of kiwi seed oil capsule,and it also analyzes the influencing factors separately.The research results indicate,through avoiding the self-oxidizing of gelatine while processing and storage and controlling the thickness of capsule and moisture,the disintegration time limit of capsule can be controlled.
    Barrier Factors in the Sustainable Development of Agriculture and Rural Areas in Hunan Province
    YANG Hai-Jun, XIAO Qi-Ming, WU Wen-Ping, HE Chen-Ju
    journal6, 2006, 27(2):  115-118. 
    Asbtract ( 2198 )   PDF ( 1355 )  
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    The level of the sustainable development of agriculture and rural areas in Hunan,a big agricultural province,will directly influence the developing level of this province.Based on the analysis of the current situation of the agriculture and the rural areas in Hunan,this paper pointes out the that factors which prohibit the sustainable development of Hunan agriculture and rural areas are the rural resources,rural society and rural economy.The researching results will give guidance for formulating sustainable developing policy for agriculture and rural areas in Hunan.
    The Main Issues in the Voluntary Disclosure of  Accounting Information
    CHEN Ping
    journal6, 2006, 27(2):  119-121. 
    Asbtract ( 2477 )   PDF ( 17390 )  
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    The voluntary disclosure of accounting information is important to supplement and deepen the mandatory disclosure of accounting information.The economic globalization causes the globalization expansion of capital market and makes enterprises' financing mode turn from the inside to the outside.In order to attract more capital,enterprises need to provide voluntarily much more transparent information beyond the mandatory disclosure.The will of voluntary accounting information of the listed company of our country is not strong or standard enough.So the system of the voluntary of disclosure accounting information should be further standardized and perfected by encouraging.
    Practical Analysis on Partner Selecting Strategy Based on Trust Factor
    LI Jian, WANG Min
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2006, 27(2):  122-124. 
    Asbtract ( 1861 )   PDF ( 1260 )  
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    By improving the fussing appraising model,this paper advocates a new partner selecting strategy,which takes whole consideration of the complexity in partner selecting process and the ambiguity of information.and identifies the importance of the trust factor.The suggested strategy will be proved by experimental models.
    Medical Science
    Application of Acute Hypervolemic Hemodilution Combined with Controlled Hypotension in the Repairing of Superior Sagittal Sinus Rupture
    WU Chun-Sheng, LI Zhen-Hua, GUO Qu-Lian, LIANG Chun-Qi, WANG Yan-Ling
    journal6, 2006, 27(2):  125-128. 
    Asbtract ( 1870 )   PDF ( 1382 )  
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    Objective:To study the clinical effectiveness of acute hypervolemic hemodilution (AHH) combined with controlled hypotension (CH) in the repair of traumatic superior sagittal sinus rupture.Methods:42 patients,ASAⅡ~Ⅲ,undergoing the repair of superior sagittal sinus rupture under general anesthesia,were randomly divided into two groups,group I AHH+CH and groupⅡAHH.MAP,HR,CVP,Hb and Hct were recorded respectively before AHH(T0),at the beginning of skull enclosed (T1),10 min after skull enclosed (T2),at the end of superior sagital sinus rupture (T3) and at the end of operation (T4),bleeding volume,urine volume,blood infusion volume,total liquid infusion volume and liquid infusion volume during AHH were calculated.Results:CVP significantly increased at T1 compared with T0 in both groups;CVP at T2 and T3 compared with at T0,there was no remarkable difference in group I,but CVP significantly decreased in groupⅡ,and CVP in groupⅡ were lower significantly than those of group I at T2 and T3.Liquid infusion volume during AHH was more and blood infusion volume was less in group I than that in groupⅡ.Conclusion:It is safe that acute hypervolemic hemodilution combined with controlled hypotension was applied to the repair of traumatic superior sagittal sinus rupture;it can significantly increase liquid infusion volume during AHH,improve stability of hemodynamics,and decrease blood infusion volume.
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