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    25 January 2007, Volume 28 Issue 1
    On Polyhedra-Surfaces-Embeddings-Maps
    LIU Yan-Pei
    journal6, 2007, 28(1):  1-6. 
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    This paper provides a simplification and unification of the theories on polyhedra,surfaces,embeddings and combinatorial maps.
    Mixed Finite Element Simulation for the Initial-Value Problems of Purely Longtudinal Motion of a Humogeneous Bar
    JIANG Zi-Wen, JIANG Yan
    journal6, 2007, 28(1):  7-13. 
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    The author  consider the  mixed finite element simulation for the initial-value problems of purely longtudinal motion of a humogeneous bar.The error analysis of the solution of the mixed finite element scheme and the error estimates for the semi-discrete scheme are given.
    Primitive Solutions of the Diophantine Euqation xd(n)+yd(n)=zφ(n)
    LE Mao-Hua
    journal6, 2007, 28(1):  14-15. 
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    Let n be a positive integer,and let d(n) and  φ(n) denote the divisor function and Euler’s totient function respectively.Let p be an odd prime.It is proved that if n=1,2,4,or p,then the equation xd(n)+yd(n)=zφ(n) has infinitely many primitive solutions (x,y,z);if n≠1,2,4 p  or p2,then the equation has no primitive solution (x,y,z).
    A Positive Periodic Solution to a Class of Neutral Delay Logarithmic Model
    DENG Xin-Chun, LI Ya
    journal6, 2007, 28(1):  16-18. 
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    A class of  neutral  delay  logarithmic model is studied by using the Mawhin coincidence degree theory.Some sufficient conditions are obtained for at least a  positive  periodic  solution.
    Upper and Lower Solutions with Reversed Order for Differential Equations
    CHEN Guo-Ping, SHEN Jian-Hua, HE Xiao-Fei
    journal6, 2007, 28(1):  19-24. 
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    The method of upper and lower solutions with reversed ordering combined with monotone iterative technique is employed to the study of a class of differential equations with integral boundary conditions.Several new existence theorems are obtained.
    Oscillation of Systems of Even Order Nonlinear Neutral Partial Functional Differential Equations
    LUO Li-Ping
    journal6, 2007, 28(1):  25-29. 
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    The oscillation of solutions of the systems of a class of even order nonliner neutral partial functional differential equations is studied.Some sufficient criteria are established for oscillation of such systems under two kinds of different boundary value conditions via Green's theorem and the method of differential inequalities.
    Ranks of Strong Product of Regular Graphs
    ZHOU Hou-Qing, XU Li-Xin
    journal6, 2007, 28(1):  30-33. 
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    Let G,H be regular graphs and strongly regular graphs,then the rank of strong product graphs is the rank of the  adjacency matrix.The authors consider regular graphs as Cm,Kn and strongly regular graphs,for example,cocktail party graph,CP(k);a special class of Kneser graphs,KW2 and Johnson graphs:Cm,Kn J(W,2,1) with the method of matrix theory,the authors obtain some conclusions.
    On Further Improvement of a Strengthened Hardy-Hilbert's Inequality
    WANG Wen-Jie, CHEN Xiao-Yu, TAN Li
    journal6, 2007, 28(1):  34-37. 
    Asbtract ( 1985 )   PDF ( 1530 )  
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    A strengthened Hardy-Hilbert’s inequality is improved by means of a sharpening of Hlder’s inequality,and then a new inequality is established.
    Pricing Mortgage Insurance When House Price is Driven by a Genegal Ito^ Process
    LI Chen, CHEN Li-Ping
    journal6, 2007, 28(1):  38-40. 
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    Obtain the martingale pricing formulas and the insurance actuary pricing formulas to two kinds of mortgage insurance,and also prove that they go all the way when the unpaid money is a constant and  the house price is driven by a genegal Ito^ process.
    An Intrusion Detection System Model Using Multi-Grade Data Mining
    ZHAO Cheng-Lin, JIANG Wai-Wen, ZHAO Yun-Hui
    journal6, 2007, 28(1):  41-43. 
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    The article introduces an intrusion detection system model which  can carry out multi-grade data mining.It can be used to improve detection efficiency and strengthening it’s detective rate.
    Application of Context-Aware Technology in Intelligent Web-Based Courses
    XIAO Wei, SHI Zi-Fu
    journal6, 2007, 28(1):  44-47. 
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    Art of context-aware is an intelligent technology with the characteristics of self-organization,self-adaption and self-feedback.Design and exploitature of intelligent web-based courses depend on integration which comprises  educational theory,psychologic theory and advanced  computer algorithm.This paper,first of all,analyses the basic concept and implementation principles relating to Context-aware.Then,it applies this technique to intelligent web-based courses,aiming to influence course teaching model and learning fashion,improve intelligentizing degree and learning efficiency.
    Ethernet Interface Card Based on USB Technology
    CHEN Shan-Rong, ZHAO Yue-Long
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2007, 28(1):  48-51. 
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    This paper describes the implementation method and technology of ethernet interface card based on USB BUS.A 10BASE-T ethernet adapter based on USB1.1 protocol has been designed.The hardwares of the system mainly comprise S3C44B0X (MCU,Samsung company),PDIUSBD12 (USB control chip) and  CS8900A ethernet interface chip).The firmware was developed in ADT1000 integrated development environments provided by CVTech company,coded in Assemble and ANSI C language.
    An Individual Constant Tax Computing Model Based-on BP Neural Network
    LI Man-Ling, LI Hong, ZHU Xue-Jun
    journal6, 2007, 28(1):  52-54. 
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    The theory of back propagation neural network is explained,and a model of individual constant tax based-on BP neural network is introduced through analyzing many primary factors which effect the quantity of tax,and then the model is evaluated according to the swatch obtained from on-line database of Zhuzhou local taxation bureau.In this way,the practicability of BP neural network in constant tax is proved.
    Modification of MT Algorithm for Volume Visualization
    LI Gai
    journal6, 2007, 28(1):  55-58. 
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    The traditional volume visulization MT algorithm is improved.To some extent,this improved algorithm can solve the problem that there are large quantities of redundant polygons in the acquired isosurface and reduce the calculation amount in the acquisition.The experiments showed that compared with traditional MT algorithm,this improved algorithm can enhance the calculation speed and decrease the number of polygons produced in the acquisition.
    Physics and electronics
    Symmetry,Supersymmetry and Large Mass Scale of Matter
    JIAO Shan-Qing, XU Di-Yu, GONG Zi-Zheng
    journal6, 2007, 28(1):  59-62. 
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    Relations between CP violation,supersymmetry particles and the early stage of the universe are studied.It is put forward that there are two kinds of antiparticles in nature:antiparticles of three generation quarks and leptons,and those of W±1,Z0 and γ are of one kind;the supersymmetry courier companions of above-mentioned particles are of the other.Each fermion has one supersymmetry courier companion of bosons and each boson also has one of fermions.And these supersymmetry courier companions all have very large mass scales,which extend towards 1015 GeV  and fill the vacancy from mT=1.75×102 GeV  till 1014 GeV  (or  1015 GeV) after the big bang of the universe,and these supersymmetry companions will play an important role in the study of dark matter
    Periodic Motion and Analytic Solution for a Free Double Pendulum
    WANG Zhen-Hua, WANG Ben-Li
    journal6, 2007, 28(1):  63-69. 
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    An analytic method to study the periodic motion of double pendulums is presented.Considering enough first integrals,such as conservation of energy and angular momentum,the system is integrable by Liouville’s theorem.The dynamical equations are reduced based on Whittaker’s theorem.And rotating number is achieved to decide that the motion of the system is periodic or quasi-periodic.Then with some special parameters selected,the equation of motion in the phase plane is obtained.Because of existence of the elliptic integral in the equation of motion on time domain,the closed form solution is transcendental.The numerical examples and the simulation curves are given to verify the validity of the theoretical conclusion.
    Mechanism of Production of Motional Electromotive Force
    YAN Lin, WANG Xiao-Yun, QUAN Xiu-E
    journal6, 2007, 28(1):  70-72. 
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    The computation formulation of motional electromotive force was deduced under special and general conditions,and it was proved that the total lorentz force does not apply work in the course of generating motional electromotive force.Consequently,the reason of generating motional electromotive force is that a component of total lorentz force provides a non-electrostatic force.In the course of generating motional electromotive force,the energy conservation law is satisfied,and lorentz force acts as a implement of energy transfer.
    The Prediction Study of the Stability of Lanslide Based on DDA Method
    GONG Feng-Qiang, LI Xi-Bing, ZUO Yu-Jun, FU Yu-Hua
    journal6, 2007, 28(1):  73-76. 
    Asbtract ( 2315 )   PDF ( 1578 )  
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    Based on the principle of Mahalanobis distance discriminant analysis,a stability predictive model of landslide is established in this paper,including nine indexes reflecting the stability of landslide:configurational character,slip surface character,the shear strength of slip soils,latest activities (intrinsic factor) and potamic effect,rainstorm intensity,posterior load,engineering activities,earthquake  effect (exterior factor).Discriminant functions are obtained through training a large set of lanslide engineering in three Gorges zone.The evaluated results show that the prediction model of distance discriminant analysis excellent performance and the resubstitution rate is zero.This is a new method to predict the stability of landslide and can be used in practical lanslide engineering.
    Efficient ML Detection Algorithm for V-BLAST System
    LI Wei, ZHANG Xiao-Pin, YE Pei-Da
    journal6, 2007, 28(1):  77-80. 
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    Vertical Bell-laboratories Space-Time (V-BLAST) is a multiple transmit and multiple receiving antennas (MIMO) wireless systems.V-BLAST attains very high spectral efficiency while maintains low implementation complexity.Among the detection algorithms of V-BLAST maximum likelihood (ML) detection scheme performs the best;however,its complexity is excessively high.An efficient ML detection algorithm is proposed in this paper.According to simulation results,the proposed scheme has better bit error rate (BER) performance with significant reduction in the computational complexity.
    Real-Time Infrared Image Processing System Based on DSP
    LI Hong-Min, TANG Sheng-Xue
    journal6, 2007, 28(1):  81-84. 
    Asbtract ( 2005 )   PDF ( 1917 )  
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    A real-time uncooled infrared image processing system is provided,which is based on DSP(TMS320C6201) of TI.The curvelet transform is defined and its application process in the infrared image enhancement are described.The coefficients adjustment method is proposed.This enhancement algorithm as well as non-unifomity correcting is implemented by DSP.The processed image is transferred to PC through USB2.0.This system could be fit for real-time infrared image processing .
    The Optimization Design Based on Conjugate Gradient Algorithm in Restricted Condition
    DING Lei, CHEN Bing-Quan, CHEN Li-Ping, MENG Fan-Bin
    journal6, 2007, 28(1):  85-87. 
    Asbtract ( 3182 )   PDF ( 1960 )  
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    Conjugate gradient algorithm is a conventional algorithm to deal with non-linearized equation.This paper uses the conjugate gradient algorithm to deal with the linearized equation in restricted condition through the introduced punishment function and modification of the target function.This paper testifies this way by the simulated data,and the computing result shows this way can get the better effect than the linear programming.
    Software Interface Design Based on Electronic Power Iron Tower Structure and Compression Analysis
    TIAN Sheng-Jun, QIN Xuan-Yun
    journal6, 2007, 28(1):  88-91. 
    Asbtract ( 2604 )   PDF ( 1673 )  
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    AutoTower 2.0 software is three-dimension entity software that is based on iron tower design of the software AutoCAD.In order to let both the  prevailing analysis and designing of the iron tower at home and abroad (DOS environment’s iron tower compression analysis software in mainland and Tower6.03 software of Power Line System company in American)  make full communication and mutual exchange,this paper has proposed making use of ADO technology,file flow,SQL to build and connect the three pieces of interface.Data exchange interface makes Auto Tower 2.0 different from other iron tower analysis softwave.
    Design of Sinusoidal Oscillator Circuit Based on Current Feedback Amplifier
    WU Xian-Ming, WU Xian-Fu, TAN Zi-You, TANG Sheng-Xue
    journal6, 2007, 28(1):  92-94. 
    Asbtract ( 2249 )   PDF ( 1666 )  
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    A sinusoidal oscillator circuit based on current feedback amplifier (CFA) is proposed.The circuit consists of two current feedback amplifiers,two capacitor and four resistance,and its circuit is simple.The simulation and theory analysis shows that the oscillation frequency is stable.
    Biological resources
    Optimal Choice for Reaction System in RAPD Analysis of Euryodendron Excelsum H.T.Chang
    OUYang-Pu-Yue , SU Ying-Juan
    journal6, 2007, 28(1):  95-97. 
    Asbtract ( 2256 )   PDF ( 1687 )  
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    The DNA templates of Euryodendron excelsum H.T.Chang extracted from young leaf were amplified by RAPD.Effects of the content of DNA temlates,primers,dNTP,Mg2+ and Taq DNA polymerase on experimental results were tested and the optimal reaction system of RAPD for Euryodendron excelsum H.T.Chang was determined as follows:25 ng DNA template,2.0 mmol/L Mg2+,0.018 μmol/L primer,250 μmol/L dNTP,0.5 u Taq DNA polymerase in total 25 μL reaction volume.
    Extraction of Volatile Oil from the Flowers of Ligustrum Sinense var.mysianthum by Supercritical CO2 and Component Analysis by GC-MS
    YI Lang-Bo, PENG Qing-Zhong, TIAN Xiang-Rong, YANG Xiao-Hui, PENG Qing-Jing
    journal6, 2007, 28(1):  98-101. 
    Asbtract ( 2867 )   PDF ( 1711 )  
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    Volatile oil from the flowers of ligustrum sinense var.mysianthum was extracted by supercritical carbon dioxide and analyzed by gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer (GC-MS).The major component of volatile oil was determined to be phenylethyl.The factors affecting extraction yield such as pressure and temperature were discussed.The results showed that the optimal extraction parameters were 25 MPa and 55 ℃.
    Chemistry and chemical engineering
    Simultaneous Determination of Several Polyphenolic Acids in Eucommia Ulmodies by HPLC——Comparison of Microwave and Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction with Heat Reflux Extraction Techniques for the Extraction of Polyphenolic Acids
    LI Hui, ZHANG Chao-Hui, LI Ya-Nan, LEI Hua-Ping, LI Zhi-Ping, ZHANG Yong-Kang
    journal6, 2007, 28(1):  102-109. 
    Asbtract ( 2958 )   PDF ( 1146 )  
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    Microwave- and ultrasonics-assisted extraction (MAE and UAE) and heat reflux extraction (HRE) techniques were respectively used for simultaneous extraction of five polyphenolic acids,i.e. chlorogenic acid,caffeic acid,gallic acid,protocatechuic acid and vanillic acid,from Eucommia ulmodies.The influence of extraction time and solvent type on the extraction yields of compounds tested was investigated.The time that the highest extraction yields are obtained is 90 min and 2 h for UAE and HRE respectively;whereas MAE needs only  50 s.While water is shown to be a better solvent than methanol in MAE and HRE techniques for these polyphenolic acids,methanol produces a higher extraction yield than that obtained using water in UAE.The repeatabilities of the three extraction techniques were shown to be satisfactory.Due to the high extraction yields and the considerable saving of time,MAE was more effective than UAE and HRE techniques in the extraction of these polyphenolic acids from Eucommia ulmodies.
    Catalytic Synthesis of Fructone with Cr-Doped  P-V Heteropolyacid
    LIU Wen-Ping, HE Ze-Qiang, XIONG Li-Zhi, WU Xian-Ming, CHEN Shang
    journal6, 2007, 28(1):  110-113. 
    Asbtract ( 2557 )   PDF ( 1742 )  
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    Cr-doped bi-capped Keggin P-V heteropolyacid(H13PV12Cr2O42·21H2O) was synthesized and used as catalyst for the synthesis of fructone.The effects of reaction conditions were investigated.The product was characterized and analyzed by FT-IR.The most suitable conditions for the reaction are as follows: n(ethyl acetoacetate)/n (glycol) is 1/2,mass ratio of catalyst to reactant 1.0%,reaction temperature 80~104 ℃ and reaction time 60 min.Under these conditions,yield of fructone could reach 98.54%,suggesting that H13PV12Cr2O42·21H2O is a good catalyst for the catalytic synthesis of fructone.
    Catalytic Synthesis of 7-Hydroxy-4-Methyl Coumarin by Activated Carbon Supported Phosphotungstic Acid
    LIU Fang, ZHANG Min
    journal6, 2007, 28(1):  114-117. 
    Asbtract ( 2463 )   PDF ( 1836 )  
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    7-hydroxy-4-methyl coumarin as chemical or medical intermediates is very important in industry.The synthesis of 7-hydroxy-4-methyl coumarin was studied using activated carbon supported phosphotungstic acid as catalyst.The effects of various factors on the reaction were discussed in detail.The optimum conditions were obtained for industrialization.The molar ratio of resorcin to acetyl ethyl acetate was 1:1,reaction temperature is 100 ℃,reaction time is 3 h,the amount of loaded phosphotungsic acid is 22.3%,the catalyst dosage is 0.15 g.The yield reached 73.4%.
    Medical Science
    Correlative Study of Serum Leptin and Liver Function in Patients with Alcoholic Liver Disease
    GUI Lan-Feng, LI Xue-Feng, ZHOU Ming-Huan
    journal6, 2007, 28(1):  118-119. 
    Asbtract ( 2166 )   PDF ( 1494 )  
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    Objective To study the relation of serum leptin and liver function in patients with alcoholic liver disease(ALD).Methods The levels of serum leptin and liver function were measured by radioimmunoassay(RIA)  and the sequential multiple autoanalyzer in patients with ALD,including 22 alcoholic fatty liver(AFL),11 alcoholic hepatitis(AH),13 alcoholic cirrhosis(AC)and 30 healthy control groups.Results The levels of serum leptin in patients with ALD were higher than that of normal control group.The levels of leptin were significantly related to liver function in patients with ALD.Conclusion The levels of serum leptin may be an indication of liver function in patients with ALD.
    Measuring Craniofacial Soft Tissue Depth of Chinese Tujia Nationality Male People
    PENG Ying-Fu, YU Jia-Shu, CHEN Ting-Yu, ZHONG Shan, LI Xiao-Ping, WANG Ding-Shu
    journal6, 2007, 28(1):  120-122. 
    Asbtract ( 2649 )   PDF ( 1703 )  
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    Objective:To research characteristics of the craniofacial soft tissue depth of Chinese Tujia nationality  grown  men.Methods:By means of the check of X-ray on 10 points from 5 parts on the sagittal plane of craniofacial soft tissue of 80 Tujia nationality grown men at random who came from the west part of Hunan Province,the data of depth of all points were studied in statistics.Results:The greatest depth was in the 40~49 age group in all 10 points and the measured values were from (3.46±0.09) to (9.11±0.14)mm.By one-way anova analysis the significant age difference existed in the same point’s thickness of craniofacial soft tissue,and the significant position difference  existed in the same age group’s thickness of craniofacial soft tissue.Conclusions:There exist position and age difference in the depth of craniofacial soft tissue of Tujia nationality grown men.
    Analysis of 192 Patients of Ectopic Pregnancy Diagnosed and Treated by Laparoscopy
    LIANG Fu-Rong
    journal6, 2007, 28(1):  123-125. 
    Asbtract ( 2750 )   PDF ( 1457 )  
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    Objective  To explore the value of laparoscopy in the management of ectopic pregnancy.Methods 192 patients diagnosed and treated by laparoscopy are reviewed in our hospital from Aug. 2003 to Apr. 2006 because of ectopic pregnancy .Results 186 cases underwent laparoscopic operation successfully,6 cases by intraabdominal operation,the operation bleeding volume was 20ml,hospital stay volume was 4.5 days.4 cases were caused persistent ectopic pregnancy (PEP),3 cases were well by MTX,1 case was done intraabdominal operation.Conclusions Laparoscopic operation provides a safe and efficient minimally invasive method for ectopic pregnancy.However,the choic of indication and persistent ectopic pregnancy (PEP) deserve attention.
    Library and Information
    Modernization of Files Management in Higher Institutes
    JIANG Chao-Mei, YU Jie
    journal6, 2007, 28(1):  126-128. 
    Asbtract ( 1930 )   PDF ( 1651 )  
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    This paper states the fundation,purpose and measures to modernize the files management in higher institutes.
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