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    25 March 2007, Volume 28 Issue 2
    On the k Fold S-Perfect Numbers
    LE Mao-Hua
    journal6, 2007, 28(2):  1-2. 
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    For any  positive integer n,let S(n) denote the Smarandache function of n.Further let f(n)=d|n S(d).For a fixed positive integer k,if n satisfies f(n)=kn,then n is called a k  fold S-perfect number.It is proved that if k>2,then there is no k  fold S-prefect number.
    Some Geometric Inequalities in 2-Dimensional Constant Curvature Space
    WANG Geng
    journal6, 2007, 28(2):  3-5. 
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    For geodesic triangle in 2-dimensional constant curvature space Σ,the author improves some geometric inequalities on its interior angle by theory of majorization.
    Convergence  in L2 for  the  Quasi-Regression  Estimation
    QIAN Wei-Min, CHENG Xiao-Lei
    journal6, 2007, 28(2):  6-10. 
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    The mean square error of the quasi-regression estimators have been studied.The formula for the mean square error is obtained.Under suitable conditions,it is proved that the quasi-regression estimators converge to the true parameters in L2.
    Upper and Lower Solutions Method for First Order Impulsive Differential Equations with Integral Boundary Conditions
    CHEN Guo-Ping, SHEN Jian-Hua
    journal6, 2007, 28(2):  11-15. 
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    This paper is concerned with the existence of extreme solutions of integral boundary conditions for a class of first order impulsive differential equations.In presence of a lower solution α and an upper solution β with the classical condition  α≤β.The sufficient conditions are obtained for existence of extreme solutions by using upper and lower solutions method coupled with monotone iterative technique.
    A Criterion of  Oscillatory Properties of Solutions of Nonlinear  Differential Equations with Deviation Argument
    LIU Kai-Yu, WU Li-Hong
    journal6, 2007, 28(2):  16-18. 
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    This paper disusses a first order nonlinear  differential equations with deviation argument.Asymptotic behaviors and oscillation properties are studied.A criterion of oscillation property of all solutions is obtained.
    Existence of Positive Solution for a p-Laplace Equation with Singular Weight
    FANG Hao-Wen, SHEN Yao-Tian, WANG You-Jun
    journal6, 2007, 28(2):  19-24. 
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    The authors discuss the existence of positive solution for a  p-Laplace equation with singular weight by using Sobolev-Hardy inequality and the Mountain Pass Lemma.
    On Convergence of Some Functions Based on Chebyshev Polynomials
    XIANG Xue-Yan, HE Qian, YANG Wen-Shan
    journal6, 2007, 28(2):  25-27. 
    Asbtract ( 2328 )   PDF ( 1966 )  
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    The approximation of analyticfunctions with singularity f-(x)=1(x-a)/2 and g(x)=ln(1+x) are investigated using Chebyshev polynomials.Furthermore,their exponential approximation degrees are given.The approximation of the derivative for the best polynomial of f(x)=(x-a)-1 to f′(x) is also studied.The results suggest that approximation based on the Chebyshev polynomials has excellent effect on some functions.
    Relation Between Toughness and Laplacian Eigenvalues of Graphs
    MAO Jun-Chao, FENG Li-Hua, SHEN Xiu-Zhuan
    journal6, 2007, 28(2):  28-29. 
    Asbtract ( 1886 )   PDF ( 1658 )  
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    By studying the relation between the vertex set of a simple undirected graph and the Laplacian eigenvalues,the authors obtain an interesting inequality of toughness and Laplacian eigenvalues of graphs.
    Oscillation Criteria of Systems of Nonlinear Delay Parabolic Functional Equations
    ZHAO Xiao-Long
    journal6, 2007, 28(2):  30-32. 
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    The oscillation for a class of systems of nonlinear parabolic delay partial differential equations is studied.Some sufficient conditions are obtained for oscillation of all solutions of the systems under first boundary value conditions via the method of spatial average and some results of the functional differential equations.The results fully indicate that the oscillation is caused by delay.
    Endpoint Estimates for Commutators of Multilinear Marcinkiewicz Integral
    JIA Hui-Xian, ZUO Da-Wei
    journal6, 2007, 28(2):  33-34. 
    Asbtract ( 1846 )   PDF ( 1605 )  
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    For the commutators of Multilinear Marcinkiewicz integral μΩ,A(f)(x),the endpoint estimates are obtained when function b(x)∈BMO,Ω satisfies the Dini type conditions.
    A Kind of Fast Algorithms of Discrete Orthogonal Trigonometrical Transform
    YU Yi-Hua, CHENG Li-Zhi
    journal6, 2007, 28(2):  35-37. 
    Asbtract ( 1932 )   PDF ( 1698 )  
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    Based on the unified form of the discrete trigonometrical transform,under orthogonality  conditions,a kind of fast algorithms with halved structure is proposed,the parallel times being o(Nlog2 N).So the fast algorithms of discrete sine transform,the discrete cosine transform and the discrete W transform ar
    e unified.
    A Modified Generalized Quasi-Newton Method on Nonconvex Functions for  Optimization
    ZHENG Yue, CHEN Zhong
    journal6, 2007, 28(2):  38-40. 
    Asbtract ( 2469 )   PDF ( 1723 )  
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    A modified generalized quasi-Newton method is presented for solving nonconvex unconstrained optimization problems.This method with Goldstein line search converges globally.
    A Method for Data Classification Based on Combined Neural Network
    MO Li-Ping
    journal6, 2007, 28(2):  41-43. 
    Asbtract ( 2085 )   PDF ( 1813 )  
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    To overcome the shortcoming of single Kohonen network and BP network for data mining,a method for data classification based on combined neural network is put forward.The basic idea and algorithm description of this method are given.The result of simulative experiment for power transformers fault diagnosis shows that the method can overcome the before-mentioned shortcomings and  improve the accuracy of data classification.
    Multiflow Network Model Based on the Network Behavior and Protocol
    DING Lei, CHEN Bing-Quan, CHEN Li-Ping, MENG Fan-Bin
    journal6, 2007, 28(2):  44-47. 
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    Through the analysis of the network behavior,this paper measures the influence on the multiflow network from the three sides,namely the user’s behavior,network business and transport control.This paper presents the physical factors and the network protocol structure which influence the multiflow character.At last this paper designs the multiflow model based on the network behavior and protocol structure.
    Physics and electronics
    Electromagnetic Boundary Conditions of Medium Interface with Limited Conductivity
    ZHANG Hong-Xin
    journal6, 2007, 28(2):  48-50. 
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    Based on the analysis and modification of the definition of electronic current density,the question about the free current on the medium interface with limited conductivity is discussed.Further,the EM boundary conditions of medium interface with limited conductivity are given.It is available to clarify some mistiness for teaching in electromagnetics and the application in fact project.
    Input-State Stability Analysis for a Class of Switched Nonlinear Systems
    XIANG Zheng-Rong, XIANG Wei-Ming
    journal6, 2007, 28(2):  51-55. 
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    Using multiple Lyapunov functions,a sufficient condition is derived to ensure that the switched nonlinear systems are uniformly bounded and uniformly ultimate bounded.Then a sufficient condition of Input-State Stability (ISS) for switched nonlinear systems with bounded input is derived.Finally,a numerical example  illustrates the effectiveness of the results proposed in this paper.
    Simulating Human Intelligent Control Based on PC104 Embedded System Designed for Temperature Control System
    GUO Jian, CHEN Qing-Wei, HU Wei-Li
    journal6, 2007, 28(2):  56-58. 
    Asbtract ( 2549 )   PDF ( 1662 )  
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    Simulating Human Intelligent Controller based on PC104 system is presented for a nonlinear temperature control system,which is multivariable and strongly coupling.The control strategy depends on error and its derivation.The observer for error is constructed and the parameters of controller are adjusted online.Practical application shows its validity.
    Design of RFID Reader Based on MCUMSP430
    GENG Shu-Qin, HOU Li-Gang, GUO Yue, WANG Xiu-Ling, WU Wu-Chen
    journal6, 2007, 28(2):  59-62. 
    Asbtract ( 2132 )   PDF ( 1179 )  
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    Saving power is an important problem in portable device.This paper presents a SOC (System on a Chip) system for radio frequency identification  (RFID) reader to simplify the complex traditional circuits.It puts the peripheral circuits into SOCand uses software to execute the decoding,checking,identifying and real-time calculating and displaying of digital signals.The proposed system has advantages such as simple structure,low cost,and low power consumption.
    Pre-Processing for Face Recognition Under Different Illumination Conditions
    ZHAO Ying-Nan, MENG Xian-Quan, XU Yong, HOU Chun-Ming
    journal6, 2007, 28(2):  63-66. 
    Asbtract ( 2222 )   PDF ( 1735 )  
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    Face recognition under different illumination conditions is one of the challenging problems in pattern recognition field.In this paper,a pre-processing technique based on Region Regulation Model (RRM) is proposed.It divides a face image into four parts,and in each part a linear transformation point-by-point is conducted.The technique is feasible,simple and tractable in computing.Moreover,it is very effective to weaken the aftereffect of varying illumination.Comparing with the popular techniques,such as Histogram Equalization (HE) and Region-based Histogram Equalization (RHE),experiments are performed on Yale B face image database.The results illustrate that this pre-processing technique is available and efficient.
    Design of LDPC Coded OFDM System for Underwater Acoustic Channel
    WEN Na, ZHANG Ping
    journal6, 2007, 28(2):  67-70. 
    Asbtract ( 2002 )   PDF ( 1819 )  
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    Underwater acoustic channel is the most complex channel in all of the communication channels.Strong modulation and coding mode must be applied in such system.A LDPC coded OFDM system scheme for underwater acoustic channel is proposed.The authors adopt LDPC codes to correct the errors and eliminate the interference carrier interruption with an equalizer further.Simulation results validate its good performance.
    Teleportation of Two-Partite Arbitrary States Via Genuine Four-Partite Entangled States
    KONG Yong-Hong, WANG Xin-Wen
    journal6, 2007, 28(2):  71-74. 
    Asbtract ( 1900 )   PDF ( 1458 )  
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    A scheme for teleportation of two-partite arbitrary states via genuine four-partite entangled states is proposed.In the scheme,16 orthogonal and complete bases are constructed.All the bases are genuine four-partite entangled states,none of which is reducible.The scheme reveals some particular properties of the related four-partite entangled state,and indicates that in some sense  the amount of entanglement of two Bell states can be abstracted from any one of the four-partite states.
    Influence of Medium Properties on Sound Focusing During Ultrasonic Hyperthermia
    HU Ai-Ming, QIAN Sheng-You, TANG Xi-Mei
    journal6, 2007, 28(2):  75-77. 
    Asbtract ( 2303 )   PDF ( 1782 )  
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    Influence of parameters such as attenuation coefficient,velocity of sound,and temperature of medium on focusing sound field generated by a self-focused concave spherical radiator has been studied through numerical simulation with Ray-leigh integral.The results show that characteristics of focal regions are different for various mediums.If the attenuation coefficient increases,the focus moves toward the sound source and the focal region shortens.If the velocity of sound increases,the focal distance will decrease and the pressure and the size of the focal region will increase.Influence of temperature on focusing effect is not obvious as the temperature changes a little.
    Design of Measuring Gravitational Acceleration by Three-Line Pendulum
    QUAN Xiu-E, YAN Lin, MI Xian-Wu
    journal6, 2007, 28(2):  78-81. 
    Asbtract ( 2677 )   PDF ( 1862 )  
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    A new method for measuring gravitational acceleration is designed by using parallel-axis theorem of rotary inertia.The source of uncertainty in the experiment is analyzed to improve the measurement accuracy.The measuring result agrees with the locality value of gravitational acceleration.
    Biological resources
    Physical Chemical Characters of Metabolites of Myxobacterium AHB125 and Bioactivities of Antitumor in Vitro
    GUO Wen-Jie, TAO Wen-Yi, BI Fang, DONG Guo-Xiu
    journal6, 2007, 28(2):  82-86. 
    Asbtract ( 2335 )   PDF ( 1683 )  
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    Some physical chemical characters of metabolites of myxobacterium AHB125 isolated were introduced.Tumor cell lines models such as B16 and SGC7901 etc were applied to validate its bioactivity of methanol extracted dryness of myxobacterium AHB125 metabolited with MTT assay in vitro.Results showed that IC50 values of methanol elution dryness of myxobacterium AHB125 produced to tumor cell lines B16 and SGC7901 were 0.008 2 μg/mL and 0.036 μg/mL,respectively.And it showed high bioavtivity to Bel7402,H446,MCF-7 tumor cell lines,too.
    Difference in Growth Performance Among Four-Month-Old Goat Kidlets from Different Strains in Western Hunan
    ZHANG You-Xiang, DENG Kai-Dong, DENG Yun-Jiang, LIU Zhi-Xiao
    journal6, 2007, 28(2):  87-89. 
    Asbtract ( 2213 )   PDF ( 1451 )  
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    Feed intake and daily weight gains of four-month-old goat kidlets from Boer,Nanjiang Yellow and Boer×Nanjiang Yellow F1 were studied.The results showed that daily feed intake within each week and the overall feed intake did not differ significantly among the strains (P>0.05);average daily weight gains of Nanjiang Yellow kids were significantly higher than hybrid kids of Boer×Nanjiang Yellow F1 in the first week (P<0.05);average daily weight gains of Nanjiang Yellow kids were significantly lower than hybrid kids of Boer×Nanjiang Yellow F1 in the second week (P<0.05);but in the third week average daily weight gains had no difference among the strains (P>0.05),and the overall daily weight gains had no significant difference among the strains (P>0.05).The study showed that growth performance was comparable among the three strains,and the heterosis from Boer goats was not observed.
    Relationship Between Urban Thermal Distribution and NDVI of Shanghai City
    CHEN Ke, RUI Jian-Xun
    journal6, 2007, 28(2):  90-94. 
    Asbtract ( 2175 )   PDF ( 1721 )  
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    Vegetation can adjust the urban thermal distribution,and there is a consanguineous connection about distributing and intensity of urban thermal distribution and NDVI.The research of the relationship between urban thermal distribution and NDVI will find their spatial distributing characters and reflect the change of urban spatial structure and urban entironment.Base on the softwares  ARCGIS and ARCVIEW,use spacial analyst technique of GIS,calculate and distill information about urban thermal distribution and NDVI which locate the area within outside ring road of Shanghai City from TM images of Shanghai,2003,build the regression approach equation of urban thermal distribution and NDVI,and do analysis on the relationship between urban thermal distribution and NDVI.The result indicates that the relationship between urban thermal distribution and NDVI is minus correlation.
    Synthesis and Character of Low Substituted Dibenzo [fg,op] Naphthacenes
    CHENG Xiao-Hong, YE Hui, YANG Ji-Ping
    journal6, 2007, 28(2):  95-99. 
    Asbtract ( 2239 )   PDF ( 1272 )  
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    Low substituted dibenzo [fg,op] naphthacenes were synthesized by using Friedel-Crafts acylation,tadem aldol-Michael solvent -free reaction and palladium catalyzed dehydrohalogenation cyclization as key steps.Their aggregation effect in solvent and emitting character are measured on the analysis of concentration dependent 1H-NMR data and UV-vis,PL spectra respectively.
    Chemistry and chemical engineering
    Synthesis and Characterization of Superfine-MgO Powders by Direct Precipitation Method
    LIU Wen-Ping, XIONG Li-Zhi, PENG Zhi-Guo
    journal6, 2007, 28(2):  100-104. 
    Asbtract ( 2292 )   PDF ( 1846 )  
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    Superfine-sized magnesium oxide powders were synthesized by direct precipitation method.The optimum synthesis conditions were investigated by an orthogonal test as follows:the optimum concentration of reactants is MgCl2 1.2 mol/L,NH3·H2O 0.2 mol/L,their volume ratio of reactants [V(MgCl2)∶V(NH3·H2O)] is 1∶10,temperature of reactants is 45 ℃,surfactants is 1.5‰,and time of the reaction is 25 min.The product were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD),infrared (IR) spectroscopy,scanning electron microscope (SEM),particle size analysis,and so on.Results showed that the yield of the superfine sized MgO is more than 60% with good dispersion behavior and narrow particles size of about 330 nm.
    Influence on Leaching of Chromium Ion in the Manganese Residue with the Additive
    PENG Xiao-Wei, OU Yang-Yu-Zhu , CAO Jian-Bing, DENG Xiao-Dong
    journal6, 2007, 28(2):  105-108. 
    Asbtract ( 2141 )   PDF ( 1476 )  
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    Influence of additive dosage,leaching time and temperature,acid/ore ratio on Chromium ion leaching rate was investigated with 8-hydroxquinoline,potassium ethyl xanthate,hexadecyltrimethyl ammonium bromide,tributyl phosphate and lemon acid as additive.The results showed that leaching rate of Cr6+ reaches 38.11% when addition 0.8% potassium ethyl xanthate in temperature is 60 ℃,acid/ore ratio is 0.3∶1,liquid/solid ratio is 1∶4,and leaching time is 90 min;the leaching rate is 1.5 times of that obtained by heating leaching.
    Comparative on Different Extraction Processes of Chlorogenic Acid in  Flos Lonicerae
    DENG Su-Lan, YU Ji-Hong, DENG Fang-Qin
    journal6, 2007, 28(2):  109-112. 
    Asbtract ( 2608 )   PDF ( 2049 )  
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    To optimize the extraction process of chlorogenic acid in flos lonicerae.several extraction processes were used respectively,i.e.,the refluxing method,the microwave method,the ultrasonic method,percolation method,decocting method and leaching method.The extracting solutions are methanol,ethanol,acetone,acetic ether,normal butand,water,acid water and chloroform.The optimum technology is acetone ultrasonic method,and the optimum extraction conditions were:10 fold of acetone,extracting 1 h,3rd time respectively.The content or chlorogenic acid and extraction rate were fairly high.The extracting rate is 8.46%,and the content of chlorogenic acid is 86.5%.
    Medical Science
    Hypoxic Preconditioning Increases Expression of VEGF in the Hippocampus of Mice
    SHAO Guo, ZHANG Yan-Bo, ZHOU Wei-Hua, 吕Guo-Wei
    journal6, 2007, 28(2):  113-116. 
    Asbtract ( 2210 )   PDF ( 1066 )  
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    Objective:To detect the effect of hypoxia preconditioning on vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) expression in      acute repeated hypoxic mice hippocampus.Methods:Mice were divided into 3 groups randomly and were exposed to hypoxia for 4 runs (H4 group),1 run (H1 group) and  0 run (control group).Western Blot was used to examine the VEGF level in mice hippocampus following exposure to protein was extracted from mice hippocampus for Western blot.Results:VEFG were found in H0,H1 and H4 group.VEGF protein levels were found to be increased markedly in H4 (P<0.05,vs. H1 and H0).There is no difference between H1 and H0.Conclusion:The change of VEGF protein level is closely related to protection of the brain and the formation of preconditioning in hypoxic preconditioned mice.
    Human Sites and Ecological  Survey in Northwest Area of Hunan Province
    WU Chang-Chu, LV Jiang-Ming , QI Shi-Mei, YU Jia-Shu, YU Pei-Ran
    journal6, 2007, 28(2):  117-120. 
    Asbtract ( 2089 )   PDF ( 1563 )  
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    Through the analysis of historical data about seventeen paleolithic human sites and nine Pleistocene Epoch mammal petrifaction sites of Yuanshui and Lishui drainage area in northwest area of Hunan Province,and according to the field work,at present the aurthors have predominated a large number of data,including a Shimen Homo sapiens thighbone petrifaction,nine kinds of paleolith,mammiferous fauna petrifaction eight items thirty-six genus.The authors research the evolutive rule of paleolith,the biologic sort and compounding form of mammal petrifaction.The result not only reveals the evolutive rule,geographical vicissitude and climate reforger of prehistoric human in northwest area of Hunan province,but also reveals their relationship with the environment.
    Anxiety and Coping Patterns of Cerebral Ischemic Stroke Patients and the Countermeasures
    CHEN Hui-Jun
    journal6, 2007, 28(2):  121-123. 
    Asbtract ( 2013 )   PDF ( 1515 )  
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    100 cases of cerebral ischemic stroke patients were investigated by using self-rating anxiety scale (SRAS) and questionnaire on coping patterns.The results showed that scores of SAS were significantly higher than that of the normal population.The state of the anxiety reached 51% among the patients.The patients' coping patterns tended to be passive.Linear analysis revealed a negative correlation between the coping pattens and the scores of SRAS.It recommended that cognitive behavioral therapy can be used to relieve the anxiety of cerebral ischemic stroke patients.
    Relationship Between the Change of P/E Ratio and Earnings Management
    LONG Jian-You, DANG Jin-Lei, YI Bi-Wu
    journal6, 2007, 28(2):  124-128. 
    Asbtract ( 2247 )   PDF ( 1460 )  
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    The meaning of earnings management is analysed,and its theoretical foundation is annotated from contracts theory and information economics.The meaning of P/E ratio is expatiated according to  Edwards-Bell-Ohlson (EBO) model,and  the relation of P/E ratio and the achievement of company is analysed.The relation of the change of P/E ratio and earnings management is analysed from the change of P/E ratio,the growth of company and the possibly false appraised value of company.Finally,some suggestions to keep away the earnings management are put forward.
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