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    25 May 2007, Volume 28 Issue 3
    Existence of Solution and Positive Solution to a Class of Nonlinear Second-Order Boundary Value Problems
    YAO Qing-Liu
    journal6, 2007, 28(3):  1-5. 
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    The nonlinear second-order two-point boundaryvalue problem u″(t)+p(t)u′(t)+f(t,u(t),u′(t))=0,u(0)=A,u(1)=B is considered.By converting the problem into Sturm-Liouville problems and applying Leray-Schauder fixed point theorem,several existence results of solution and positive solution are obtained.The existence results show that the existence of solution and positive solution depends upon the “height” of nonlinear on certain bounded set.Our work extends previous results.
    On the Generalized KdV Type Equation
    HU Yue, SUN Jian-She
    journal6, 2007, 28(3):  6-9. 
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    The generalized korteweg-de Vries type equation is considered in this paper.We have proved the existence of solitary waves of this type.
    Developable Surfaces Generated by a Directrix
    LIU Luo-Fei, JIANG Li-Qun
    journal6, 2007, 28(3):  10-11. 
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    In this paper we discuss how to obtain  a developable surface from some families of straight along a curve.The main results are:(1) The ruled surface generate by a directrix Γ:r=r(s)  and the rulings α(s)cos θ(s)+γ(s)sin θ(s) is developable if and only if tan θ(s)=k(s)/τ(s),where α and γ are the unit tanqent vectors and binormal vectors of Γ respectively,k and τ are curvature and torsion functions of Γ respectively;(2) Let Γ be a curve on the surface S,then the  ruled surface can be generated by the directrix Γ and the rulings ε(s)cos θ(s)+n(s)sin θ(s)  is developable if and only if θ(s)=∫ss0τg(s)ds+θ0,where n(s) is the normal vector of S at s,ε=n×α,τg is the gesdesic torsion of S along Γ.
    Calculation About Curvature and Torsion of Curve ρ=r+aγ+b∫S0β
    LIU Xue-Yong, SU Dan, XIAO Qian-Jun
    journal6, 2007, 28(3):  12-15. 
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    Given that basic vectors  α,β and  γ= of  curve Γ:r=r(s),there curvature and torsion parting for κ,τ.In this article we studied the computational problem about curvature and torsion of new curve Γ:ρ=r+aγ+b∫S0β
    Crossing Number of +{e and +{e}+{e with 
    YUAN Zi-Han, HUANG Yuan-Qiu
    journal6, 2007, 28(3):  16-18. 
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    We have determined the crossing numbers of (Cm+{e1})×Pn and (Cm+{e1}+{e2})×Pn(m≥5,n≥1),e1,e2∈vivi+2(i=1,2,…,m,i+2(mod m)).If the endpoints  are vj,vj+2(j=1,2,…,m,i+2(mod m)),the endpoints of e2 aren't vj+1.
    Some Results on Van Der Waerden Number
    HUANG Jian, CHEN Fang, HUANG Yi-Ru
    journal6, 2007, 28(3):  19-24. 
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    In this paper,we translate the van der Waerden number problem into the van der Waerden number problem on circle,and we find the equivalent form Sp(k) of its inequality.At the same time,we also obtain formula  of local system of inequality,especially we obtain the lower and upper bounds of Sp(k).
    Local Solutions to Wave Equations with Fractional Order Derivative
    SHEN Bei-Lei, YANG Han
    journal6, 2007, 28(3):  25-28. 
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    This paper discusses a class of nonlinear wave equations with fractional order derivative damping and polynomial damping terms and sources terms.It sudies the interaction between the damping and the source.For 1≤p≤m the  local  existence to the solutions is proved.
    A Iteration Algorithm for Solving a Kind of Nonlinear Problem
    JIANG Ying-Jun, ZENG Jin-Ping
    journal6, 2007, 28(3):  29-30. 
    Asbtract ( 1962 )   PDF ( 1438 )  
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    A iteration algorithm is used to solve a kind of nonlinear problem.The method is an extension of Guass-seidal iteration method from linear problem to nonlinear problem,and has the geometry convergence.
    Comparison About Measures of Similarity Between Vague Sets Based on Different Measure Methods
    ZHAO Qiao-Qiao, ZHANG Cheng-Yi
    journal6, 2007, 28(3):  31-34. 
    Asbtract ( 2008 )   PDF ( 1333 )  
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    Many measures of similarity between vague sets have been proposed and researched in recent years.Based on the background of fuzzy information handling,some rules have been proposed by author when  giving a similarity measure between vague sets and its elements.According to these rules,some existing measures of similarity are reviewed.Moreover,two measures of similarity for vague sets are proposed based on Hanming distence functions.
    Analysis of Stochastic and Estimation of Upper Bound for Ruin Probability of a Risk Model
    ZHONG Chao-Yan, HE Shu-Hong
    journal6, 2007, 28(3):  35-39. 
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    This paper investigates the estimation of upper bound for ruin probability of a discrete time risk mode under the assumption that the rate interest is dependent upon the second autoregressive-correlation structure.By using the martingale methods,the upper bound of ruin probability is obtained.And then it compares the upper bound for ruin probability of the classical discrete risk model and of the model above.Finally,the analysis of stochastic simulation for the upper bound of ruin probability and for ruin probability are gained.
    Design and Implementation of Virtual Laboratory of Cryptology Based on Components
    DUAN Gui-Hua, DUAN Hong-Song, PAN Wei-Min, WANG Wei-Ping
    journal6, 2007, 28(3):  40-44. 
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    This paper discusses the experimental education of cryptology in the course system of information security and the problems existed in the current virtual laboratory (VL) construction,and proposes the design model and implementing method of VL platform of cryptology based on components.Using this experimental system,the users can customize the experimental flow,verify the algorithm written by themselves,and extend the experimental components.The components are developed with JavaBeans,which not only improves the efficiency,realizes the reuse of software,but also makes the laboratory easy to extend and carry through secondary development,so as to provide a good virtual experimental platform of cryptology for scientific research and teaching.
    A Research on the Development of Distributing Application Based on Middleware
    FANG Xia, DOU Ya-Ling
    journal6, 2007, 28(3):  45-48. 
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    This paper summarily introduced the center idea of the middleware and the problem that the middleware can solve.Based on the technology basis and technical code of middleware,this paper summed up the exploitation process in DCOM developing under Delphi environment.On the basis of analyzing the interface technology in developing the client and the serve procedure,it discussed the prospects of application on distributed systems.
    Physics and electronics
    Dynamical Model  and Oscillation-Rotation Model of Particle and Its Mass
    ZHANG Yi-Fang
    journal6, 2007, 28(3):  49-54. 
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    The known mass formulas of particles are introduced briefly.The dynamical model and the oscillation-rotation model of particle are derived from the dynamical mechanism of spontaneously break symmetry,and its simplified form is a harmonic oscillator model.Further,with the experiments,the results can be obtained that some quantitative results agree with experimental data and the mass relations of hadrons with heavy flavor are obtained.Finally,a new symmetry between lepton-meson (v,e;μ,π,K) and baryon (p,n;Λ,Σ,Ξ) with corresponding isospin I is proposed in this paper.
    GA Optimization of Radome C-Sandwich Based on Minimum Reflection Criter
    FU Wen-Bin, HE Huan
    journal6, 2007, 28(3):  55-58. 
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    The minimum reflection criterion is proposed,and the electric performances of an actual C- sandwich are optimized with genetic algorithm(GA) to reduce the influence of radome on the false alarm probability and the blinking lobe level of radar.The actual C-sandwich considered is a structure of 14 layers,in which the rainproof layer,adhesive layer and resin transition etc are included.The material database of each layer is set up in terms of page-layout storage technique to bring about the mix-coding of continuous numerical variables and discrete non- numerical variables in a chromosome.The numeric calculation shows that the Optimization results in this paper are prior to those of maximum transmission criterion.
    Gas Sensing Property of High-Index-Core Bragg Fibers
    ZHANG Zhi-Guo, LIU Xiao-Yi, LI An-Jian, ZHANG Fang-Di, ZHANG Min, YE Pei-Da
    journal6, 2007, 28(3):  59-63. 
    Asbtract ( 2066 )   PDF ( 1428 )  
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    The gas sensing property of high-index-core Bragg fiber is investigated in this paper via a powerful full-vector finite element method.Based on the simulation and analysis,the relationship between the gas sensing property of high-index-core Bragg fiber and the fiber structure parameters,as well as the wavelength,has been gained,which shows the gas sensing property of the fibers increases with the decrease of the fiber’s radius and refractive index,but it increases with the increase of the wavelength.These results will be helpful to the design of high performance one-dimensional microstructured gas or liquid sensing fibers.
    Nonlinear Full-Vector Finite Element Model and Its Applications
    LIU Xiao-Yi, ZHANG Fang-Di, ZHANG Min, YE Pei-Da
    journal6, 2007, 28(3):  64-69. 
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    A nonlinear full-vector finite element model (FEM) is deduced and implemented based on the hybrid edge/nodal element.Self-consistent iteration method is presented for the steady-state analysis of nonlinear optical fibers.By using this model,dispersion properties of nonlinear single-mode fiber and highly nonlinear photonic crystal fiber are investigated,under linear state and high input power,respectively.The numerical results are in good agreement with those reported in literature,which confirms the model’s correctness and effectiveness.
    Design of Universal Active Current-Mode Second-Order Filter Based on MO-CCII
    TAN Zi-You, HE Yi-Gang, TANG Sheng-Xue
    journal6, 2007, 28(3):  70-72. 
    Asbtract ( 2148 )   PDF ( 1500 )  
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    A new second-order universal active current-mode filter based on MO-CCII is presented.The filters have one output and three inputs.Each kind of filter such as  low-pass,high-pass,band-pass,notch and all-pass filter can be obtained by selecting the corresponding input signal combinations.The proposed circuit is with simple structure,separately adjustable centre frequency and the quality factor,all grounded passive components and low passive sensitivities.Theoretical analysis and spice simulation indicate that the proposed circuit is effective and feasible.
    Study on Model Recognition of Engine on Neural Network
    LEI Yun-Jin, ZHANG Bao-Shan, LI Bo-Yong
    journal6, 2007, 28(3):  73-75. 
    Asbtract ( 2144 )   PDF ( 1367 )  
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    In order to give a further research on steady state and empty carrying dynamic state torque and  fuel consuming model and universal characteristics of engine,this text tries to carry on mathematical analysis respectively on a structure of neural model and many layer forward feedback  network structure models through neural network and make some quests towards model recognition of engine.Practice clarifies that in engine working  process,the dynamic state work condition has occupied 66%~80%,dynamical  and economic capability  signs of engine have certain difference between  the steady state  work condition and the dynamic state work condition.
    An Reaserch of Methods of Frequency Measure in Automatic Synchronism Equipment Based on AVR Single-Chip Processor
    PENG Dao-Lin
    journal6, 2007, 28(3):  76-78. 
    Asbtract ( 1738 )   PDF ( 1886 )  
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    Frequency measure is very important in the design of automatic synchronism equipment.The reason lies in the fact that it exerts a direct influence on the acccuracy of the voltage difference ,phase difference and the quality of cutting-in operations.Taking the ATMEGA128 single-chip processor for example,accroding to author’s experience,two methods of measure are proposed in this article,which would be significant for engineering applications.
    Design of the Sub-Sampling Mixer Based on the Techonology of the S2I Switched-Current 
    HU Wei-Wen, GUO Jie-Rong, CHEN Xue-Juan
    journal6, 2007, 28(3):  79-82. 
    Asbtract ( 2047 )   PDF ( 1392 )  
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    A study of a CMOS sub-sampling RF mixer,based on the Second generation switched-current track (S2I) and copy cell,is presented.The use of S2I circuits to realize highly integrated RF receivers presents some new and unique design opportunities.The paper discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the second generation S2I cells for use as a sub-sampling mixer and presents some preliminary simulation results.The results show that a S2I sub-sampling mixer is feasible and offers excellent linearity and good dynamic rang.
    Information and Engineering
    Influence of Hard Roof on Rock Burst
    YAO Jing-Ming, HE Fu-Lian, DOU Lin-Ming, LI Zhe, ZHANG Bo
    journal6, 2007, 28(3):  83-88. 
    Asbtract ( 1644 )   PDF ( 1270 )  
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    By theoretical analysis and actual measurement of field and phenomena analysis of rock burst,the author illustrates the directionless pressure,sudden movement and rupture of hard roof lead to the internal cracks of coal instable development,which easily results in rock burst happening.
    Biological resources
    Anatomy Structure of Vegetative Organs in Polygonum Cuspidatun
    BU Xiao-Ying, WU Feng, ZHOU Pu-Hua
    journal6, 2007, 28(3):  89-94. 
    Asbtract ( 2907 )   PDF ( 1354 )  
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    The morphological structure of vegetive organs in Polygonum cuspidatun Zucc.was studied by the phytotomy method in this work.The result shows that the morphology of the buds of terrestrial stem is different with that of rhizome,enwrapping by the squama leaves for the latter and not doing for the former,with more amylum in the cells of the buds of rhizome.Structures of the adventitious roots,terrestrial stems and subterranean stems are similar to that of dicotyledons,having the secondary growth and primary growth.Also,it was observed that the roots is tetrarch and the periderm of the adventitious roots and subterranean stems developed,with diversiform leaves structure on which there existed not only nail eglandulose hairs but also capitate glandular ones.Especially,the extrafloral nectary in the bases of the petioles was firstly found.
    Transformation of  HBsAg Gene into Tobacco  and  Production of Transgenic Tobacco Hairy Roots
    WANG Yi-Qun, LI Tian, LI Wen-Ming
    journal6, 2007, 28(3):  95-98. 
    Asbtract ( 2335 )   PDF ( 1480 )  
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    A plant expression carrier containing HBsAg (hepatitis B virus surface antigen) gene was constructed in a plasmid,the plasmid was mobilized into a rhizogenes Strain LBA 1314 by freeze-thaw method,the HBsAg gene was planted into tobacco by leaf disc via Agrobacterium tumefaciens LBA 4404 as a vehicle and the tobacco hairy roots were received.Histochemical staining of GUS activity was made in the transgenic tobacco hairy roots:The roots with HBsAg genes can be dyed into bule,while those without have no reflection of color.So the conclusion can acquire that the gene has its expression in the roots.
    Analysis and Countermeasure of Water Pollution of Wulingyuan World Natural Heritage
    YANG Shi-Jun, XIANG Chang-Guo, YANG Xu
    journal6, 2007, 28(3):  99-102. 
    Asbtract ( 2401 )   PDF ( 1359 )  
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    With the development of tourism industry of Wulingyuan World Natural Heritage,the decreasing trend could be found in the water environment quality.Every index of water could reach first level through water environment management during 2001—2005 except content of ammonia-nitrogen and total phosphorus that were main river system pollution,but the effect of sewage management was not significant.We should analyze comprehensively the relationship between tourism and water quality,strengthen the research on the water resources protection and water environment manage from macro-economic policy,technical measures economic measurement and educational measure of Wulingyuan World Natural Heritage.
    Chemistry and chemical engineering
    Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Material:Synthesis and Crystal Structure of the Layered Solids [Mn(H2O)(2,2′-bipy)V2O6]
    YOU Dong-Hong, XIE Jin-Yu
    journal6, 2007, 28(3):  103-106. 
    Asbtract ( 2098 )   PDF ( 1370 )  
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    A new organic-inorganic hybrid [Mn(H2O)(2,2′-bipy)V2O6] has been prepared,and the new solid has been characterized by single X-ray structure analysis,thermogravimetric analysis,and IR spectroscopic studies.The results show the following crystal data:orthormbic space group is Pca2(1),and the cell parameters are a=9.170 2(2),b=10.477 3(8),c=14.523 1(3) ?!,V=1 393.54(10) ?!3 and Z=4.Its structure comprises VO4 chains composed of VO4 tetrahedra and MnN2O4 octahedron layers which connect VO4 chains.The 2,2′-bipyridyl groups bonded to the Mn centers in the layer are projecting outward to occupy regions in between the successive metal layer.Such layers are further interlinked by π—π interactions.
    Study on the Microencapsulation of Dihydromyricetin
    YAO Mao-Jun, HUANG Ji-Hong
    journal6, 2007, 28(3):  107-111. 
    Asbtract ( 2742 )   PDF ( 18793 )  
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    In this paper,the composition of wall materials and the technology of spray-drying for the microencapsulation of dihydromyritin have been  studied,and arabic gum and maltodextrin have been used as wall material.The results show that the optimum microencapsulation technologies of dihydromyricetin are that the ratio of dihydromyricetin and wall materials is 15/85,the ratio of Arabic gum and maltodextrin is 70/30,the inlet air temperature is 190 ℃ and the solid raw content is 20%,thus the microencapsulation efficiency can reach to 95%.
    Effects of Antioxidants on the Anti-Oxidative Protection of Kiwi Fruit Seed Oil
    YU Ji, ZHANG Yong-Kang, MA Cheng-Jin, LI Jia-Xing, HUANG Qun
    journal6, 2007, 28(3):  112-116. 
    Asbtract ( 2378 )   PDF ( 1713 )  
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    The effects of temperature and time on auto-oxidation of Kiwi fruit seed oil and different antioxidants on anti-oxidative protection of the oil during its conservation were studied by Schaal experiment according to the peroxide value of the oil.The results indicate that the peroxide value of Kiwi fruit seed oil is affected by temperature and time greatly,and the effect of temperature is greater,TBHQ has good anti-oxidation protection for the oil,vitamin C or critic acid exhibite great anti-oxidative protection and synergistic effect to the compound of TBHQ and PG in the oil,and Vitamin C is better than critic acid.By adding the compound of 0.015%TBHQ and 0.005%PG and 0.01% critic acid or the compound of 0.015%TBHQ and 0.005%PG and 0.01% vitamin C to the oil,the assurance period of the oil can be prolonged from 2 to 13~14 months in 20 ℃ respectively.
    Studies on Flavonoids Extracting Methods in Different Parts of Houstonian cordata Thunb
    LI Sheng-Hua, WU Xian-Jin
    journal6, 2007, 28(3):  117-118. 
    Asbtract ( 2844 )   PDF ( 1634 )  
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    The experiments of exacting flavonoids in different parts of  Houttuynia cordata Thunb are conducted by four extraction methods (water boiled extraction method;ethanol refluent extraction method;suoshi extraction method;supersonic extraction method) to measure the flavonoids content by uv spectrum.The results show that the best extraction method is suoshi extraction method,and the order the highest to the lowest of flavonoids content  in different parts of  Houstonian cordata Thunb is:leaf,whole grass,slim,root.
    CreditRisk+ Model and the CreditRisk Management of Commercial Banks in China
    ZHANG Hai-Yan
    journal6, 2007, 28(3):  119-122. 
    Asbtract ( 5676 )   PDF ( 2909 )  
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    Credit risk is the main reason for the quality decreasing of the bank assets,and one of the serious challenges for the commercial banks in our country.Based on the study and reference of the advanced creditrisk management experience in foreign countries,and combining with the practical situation of the commercial banks in China,this article gives a comprehensive review about the CreditRisk+ Model,and compares it with the present risk management model in the commercial banks in China.On the basis of the study,the author advances that the commercial banks in China can also apply CreditRisk+ Model into the credit analysis about loans,which gives a new way to research the risk management in commercial banks.
    Medical Science
    Comparative Study on the Effect on Removing Oxygen FreeRadicals with Different Forms of Shengmai Power
    YU Qing-Gao, WANG Xiao-Chun, ZHONG Fei
    journal6, 2007, 28(3):  123-125. 
    Asbtract ( 2668 )   PDF ( 1603 )  
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    To study whether the three proprietary forms——Shengmai injection,Shengmai drink,Shengmai capsule,which can be directly used in clinic,have  the effect of  resistance on oxygen free radical (hydrogen radical ·OH and superoxide anion  radical   O-2·,whether there are any differences between the three.Mensurate ·OH with the oxidation of phenathroline -Fe2+,mensurate  O-2·  with improved pyrogallol auto-oxidation.Results shows that  all of the three forms of Shengmai power are of the ability of  removing  ·OH  and  O-2·;there are not significant differences between the three (P>0.05),but there are significant differences when compared with comparison tube (P<0.01).  
    On the Culture of Sportsman
    LI Yu-Wen
    journal6, 2007, 28(3):  126-128. 
    Asbtract ( 1843 )   PDF ( 1040 )  
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    With the vigorous development of socialist modernization and physical undertakings,the advancement of the concept of sportsman with culture has its significant perspective theoretically,and possibility of operation practically,for it establishes man's principle position,emphasizes man's overall development,and highlights the educational function of sports.The culture of sportsman is a combination of sports and moral education,intellectual education and aesthetic education.To be a sportsman with culture is not only the rules of cultivation for each sportsman,but a model for cultivating talents in sports colleges in universities,so as to make sportsman  to be useful persons in a society with rich knowledge and good human accomplishments.
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