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    25 July 2007, Volume 28 Issue 4
    Categories of Projective Modules of Quasi-Hereditary Algebras of Type An
    ZHANG Yue-Hui, PAN Xiao-Ping, ZHANG Yi-Ying
    journal6, 2007, 28(4):  1-4. 
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    This paper is devoted to an approach of the category of projective modules of quasi-hereditary algebras of type An associated to a linearly ordered posets  with a minimal generating set consisting of exactly one generator.A characterisation of homomorphisms and the irreducible mappings is obtained.Realizing the involved algebras by the upper triangular matrices,a matrical representation of those irreducible mappings is computed.
    Numerical Calculation of a Kind of Differential Equation
    LI Li-Mei
    journal6, 2007, 28(4):  5-7. 
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    The article provides a method which can be used to solve numerical solution of a kind of linear integral differential equation  (dy)/(dt)-∫t0(t-s)-1/2y(s)ds=f(t),numerical inversion for the laplace transform of Lubich.The numerical solution has great accuracy,and the calculation is simple.
    Convergence of NA Random Matric Sequences
    ZHANG Li-Wei, YANG Xin-Jian
    journal6, 2007, 28(4):  8-11. 
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    The author establishs a probability inequatility and a series of moment inequatilities for NA random matric sequences,and convergence in propability,complete  convergence and almost sure convergence are studied.
    Compound Binomial Risk Model Under Rates of Interest with Autoregressive Structure of Order 2
    YANG Shan-Bing, JI Hong-Lei, ZHU Ya-Ping
    journal6, 2007, 28(4):  12-15. 
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    The compound binomial risk model under rates of interest with autoregressive structure of order 2 is studied.The integral equations of the ultimate ruin probability are obtained by the recursive method.Upper bound for the ultimate ruin probability is obtained from these equations.
    Risk Model with Alternately Changing Interest Force
    XU Jun-Ke, LIU Zai-Ming
    journal6, 2007, 28(4):  16-19. 
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    The authors consider the survival probability of risk model with alternately changing interest forces.Firstly,the integro-differential equations on survival probability are obtained.Then,the equations of Laplace transforms of  survival probability are derived,and then how to solve the equations is discussed.At last,when the claims are exponentially distributed,the differential equations on survival probability is got.
    Dissipativity of Runge-Kutta Methods for Multidelay Differential Equations
    WANG Su-Xia, WANG Bing-Tao, WEN Li-Ping
    journal6, 2007, 28(4):  20-23. 
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    This paper is concerned with the dissipativity of Runge-Kutta methods for multidelay differential equations.The GD(l)-dissipativity is introduced.It is proved that Runge-Kutta method is dissipative for multidelay differential equations when it is algebraically stable.The result shows that the numerical method considered inherit the dissipativity of the equation.
    A Register Upon the Asymptoticity of the Intermediate Point in the Mean Value Theorem of Integrals
    LIU Wen-Wu
    journal6, 2007, 28(4):  24-26. 
    Asbtract ( 2001 )   PDF ( 1420 )  
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    This article researches the asymptoticity of the intermediate point in the mean value theorem of integrals,and thereby puts forward an extended formula of the asymptoticity of the intermediate point of the first mean value theorem of integrals.
    Iteration Algorithm of Choosing the Weighted Function in the Weighted Least Squares Estimate
    YOU Hua
    journal6, 2007, 28(4):  27-29. 
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    This paper introduces the quality of the weighted least squares estimate and the method to choose the common weighted function choose,gives a standard of judging a good least squares estimate,and proposes the iteration algorithm of choosing weighted function.
    Numerical Study of Two High-Order Schemes for Compressible Euler Equation
    YANG Shui-Ping, LI Shou-Fu, MO Hong-Min
    journal6, 2007, 28(4):  30-34. 
    Asbtract ( 2111 )   PDF ( 2056 )  
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    A numerical study is undertaken to compare the fifth-order finite difference weighted essentially non-oscillatory scheme (FD-WENO5) to the second-order Godunov scheme  MUSCL (monotonic upstream-centered scheme for conservation laws).For quantitative comparison purpose,these methods are tested on a series of problems whose true solutions are known or can be computed with high accuracy,such as the two-dimensional Burgers initial problems,the two-dimensional periodic vortex problem,Richtmyer-Meshkov instability problems and Rayleigh-Taylor instability problems.The results can be referred to as to how to choose the numerical method when solving the problems of gas dynamics and radiation hydrodynamics.
    A Improvement on Solving Nonlinear Equation by Genetic Algorithm
    WANG Xian-Yun, FANG Dong-Hui
    journal6, 2007, 28(4):  35-38. 
    Asbtract ( 3568 )   PDF ( 1782 )  
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    In this paper,combining with the advantages of genetic algorithm and Newton  algorithm,a new method for solving equations was provided which turned the problem of finding the equation’s roots into the optimization problem.On the one hand,the algorithm overcame the genetic algorithm’s disadvantage which the local search’s ability is not well;on the other hand,the algorithm also solved the problem of difficulty in  finding the proper initialization point.Based on a lot of numerical experiments,the results showed that the algorithm is more preponderant than traditional algorithm genetic on solving nonlinear equations.
    Stroke Normalization of Chinese Signature Image
    LIU Zhong-Ping, XU Yi-Zhou
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2007, 28(4):  39-42. 
    Asbtract ( 2356 )   PDF ( 1605 )  
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    Defects existing in normal pre-processing are analyzed on the basis of signature image processing principles,and the improved methods are proposed.Image normalization is researched especially,and stroke normalization is proposed to replace skeleton.It has proved that the differences made by tools can be removed while the details of strokes can be reserved.
    Coding Management and the Design Research of Drawing Read Overmarginalis In PDM
    HE Jing
    journal6, 2007, 28(4):  43-45. 
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    System is designed to have three different grades on three-layer distributed application by combining PowerBuilder and Adaptive Server Anywhere.By the Separation between  User interface and business logic conquers,some problems such as the lack of safety control,security and the overloading on client side have been conquered,and  it realizes coding management and the design research of drawing read over marginalia in PDM.
    XML Documents of  Normalization  and Anti-Normalization
    HUANG Hai-Yan
    journal6, 2007, 28(4):  46-49. 
    Asbtract ( 1842 )   PDF ( 1492 )  
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    On view of database,the article analyzes the indirect functional dependency,transitive functional dependency and MVD in XML,elaborates the XNF-1,XNF-2 and XNF-3,which are corresponded by the normalization of the indirect functional dependency,transitive functional dependency and MVD respectively,and puts forward four principles of file normalization.Taking the property elements into consideration,the article also probes into the feasibility of anti-normalization.
    Physics and electronics
    The Software Development of the Serial Monitoring System Based on VC++ and Database
    LI Cheng-Gui, GU Qing-Hua
    journal6, 2007, 28(4):  50-54. 
    Asbtract ( 1945 )   PDF ( 1899 )  
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    Three basic methods of serial communication in windows environment are discussed.The software of serial communication and database are developed using windows API functions,MSComm control seperately with VC++.They succeed in data collecting and storing.Access2000 database of relation model is used by the system as tools for storing data which has strong capacity of dynamic data exchanging,good object interlinking properties,good internet sharing and ODBC properties.It can deal with data of the system efficiently.The standard SQL structured inquire language and ODBC database access technology are adopted by the database modules of the system that has very high memory speed and occupies very little memory space.
    Research on Mathematical Model of Multilevel Matrix Converter System
    LIU Hong-Liang, LI Li-Juan, ZHU Jian-Lin
    journal6, 2007, 28(4):  55-60. 
    Asbtract ( 3539 )   PDF ( 1751 )  
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    Multilevel matrix converter(MMC)is the novel power electronic topology converter based on the conventional matrix converter(CMC) and multilevel inverter.After introducing its circuit topology ,based on space vector modulation strategy,the stage average model of whole system which includes supply source,the input side inductance ,the multilevel matrix converter and load is established considering capacitance voltages,input side currents and output side currents.These lay the foundation for the design of its controller and in-depth study.
    The Design of A Broadband WR10 Turnstile Junction Orthomode Transducer
    PENG Xiu-Yan, YAN Lin, ZHANG Bang-Ying, ZHOU Xiu-Wen, PENG Xiu-Chuan
    journal6, 2007, 28(4):  61-64. 
    Asbtract ( 2116 )   PDF ( 1741 )  
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    A waveguide OMT based on a turnstile junction has been designed,manufactured and  tested to operate in the WR10 band.The design has been optimized using finite-element analysis (Ansoft HFSS).The performance of the OMT was verified using a millimeter-wave VNA:average return loss of the order of -22 dB and isolation at the -45 dB level were achieved across the WR10 band.
    The  Realization of the Network Attack based on Buffer Overflow
    HOU Chun-Ming, ZHENG Hua-Jun, ZHAO Ying-Nan
    journal6, 2007, 28(4):  65-69. 
    Asbtract ( 1814 )   PDF ( 2146 )  
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    As the contrary of information recovery technology,the network attack technology is playing a most important role in the field of information security .Buffer overflow is one of the most basic technology in network attack.Some of network attack technologies are introduced.The basic principle of buffer overflow is analysed.The realization of the network attack based on buffer overflow in windows is researched.The prevention and cure measure of the attack base on verflow vulnerability is summed up.
    Comparison of Gain Analysis Method of Forward PumpedFibre Raman Amplifier
    LONG Qing-Yun
    journal6, 2007, 28(4):  70-73. 
    Asbtract ( 1985 )   PDF ( 1603 )  
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    In order to analyze the gain characteristics of forward-pumped fibre Raman amplifier(FRA),comparison of two analysis methods—— both numeric simulation and analytical method is presented.At first,numeric simulation of the coupling equations of FRA was provided with Runge-Kutta method,and the effects of all parameters on gain of the amplifier were  investigated in detail.Then,based on the study before,numeric simulation method was compared with analytical analysis.It is discovered that:they are similar to each other under small signal,and analytical method is simpler;but numeric simulation is more adaptable to apply in characteristics analysis under big signal.
    The Implementation of a Synchronous Audio Watermarking Algorithm
    ZHANG Guo-Wu, ZENG Qiao-Ming
    journal6, 2007, 28(4):  74-77. 
    Asbtract ( 2534 )   PDF ( 1753 )  
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    The current audio watermarking algorisms lack effective techniques for synchronization.In this paper,the synchronization scheme in communication network is adopted and a fast resynchronized meaning-ful audio watermarking algorithm is proposed.These are some characteristic:with the technology of spatial watermarking,synchronization signal is embedded into the audio signal in order to resist some possible attack along the time axis;the algorithm which is based on the use of wavelet transform domain can enhance the robustness,and the watermark is a binary image here.The experiment results of the emulation show that the algorithm has good robustness in the watermark confrontation additive Gaussian noise,MP3 compression and cutting,and other aspects,and it can be used for digital audio products copyright protection.
    The Algorithm Research in Channel Estimation Based on Diagonal Pilot Structure
    DAI Xiang-Yu, WANG Ling
    journal6, 2007, 28(4):  78-81. 
    Asbtract ( 1941 )   PDF ( 1792 )  
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    Estimation of channel frequency response through insertion pilot is an important content of the channel estimation technique.At present,there are three kinds of pilot insertion plans:messive,honeycomb and astooid distribution eaching having its flaw respectively,which limits the application environment.This article proposes one kind newly based on the diagonal pilot structure algorithm.The new algorithm has high spectrum efficiency and good  is  algorithm performance;moreover,it reduces the arithmetic complexity.
    Edge Detection of X-Ray Image Based on Wavelet Transformation
    XU Qian, LIU Yan
    journal6, 2007, 28(4):  82-84. 
    Asbtract ( 2641 )   PDF ( 14583 )  
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    According to X-ray image’s characteristics,a method of detecting object’s edge was presented.This method gets edge by using wavelet to seperate the edge availably and then using canny operator to pick up the edge.Simulation results indicated that the edge detection of X-ray image is an effective method.
    Biological resources
    Feeding Physiology of Scallop Patinopecten Yessoensis and Population Filtering Capacity in Zhang Zidao Island Aquacultural Area
    ZHANG Ji-Hong, FANG Jian-Guang, WANG Wei, JIANG Zeng-Jie, ZANG You-Cai, WANG Shi-Huan, ZHANG Yuan
    journal6, 2007, 28(4):  85-90. 
    Asbtract ( 4052 )   PDF ( 1811 )  
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    For the purpose of establishing the evaluation model of patiaopecten yessoensis carrying capacity in Zhang Zidao Island waters,the semi-in-situ flowing-through system and the biogenic sediment method were used to measure the clearance rate (CR),feeding and intaking rate of difference size scallops in different seasons.The relationship of clearance rate and water temperature was studied.Through 4 transect’s field surveys,the biomass and shell heights distribution in the areas were got.The results showed that among these experimental conditions,the clearance rate (CR) was highest in May,average CR was 1.05±0.25 L.ind-1.h-1.The relationship of water temperature and CR is same as the parabola line,the CR arrived the peak value at 10 ℃.According to the relationship of CR and shell height,the biomass and shell height distribution in the areas,the population clearance rates in different months were calculated.And combining with the data of average tide range and total surface areas,the food limited indictor-clearance efficiency (CE) was assessed;the average value of CE was 0.054,which was much lower than 1.The results showed that the cultivated density in Zhang Zidao Island is lower than the carrying capacity,which means that the aquacultural industry of the scallop in the area still has a large potential developing space.
    A Survey of Grasshoppers from Mangshan Area of Hunan Province in China
    ZHENG Zhe-Min, XIE Ling-De
    journal6, 2007, 28(4):  91-95. 
    Asbtract ( 2011 )   PDF ( 1889 )  
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    The present survey carried out in Manshan Area,Hunan Province,shows that fifteen species belonging to three superfamilies and six families were obtained.Among them,six are found to be new provincial records from Hunan,one genus and four species are new to science.
    The Influence of Manganese Slag on the Growth of the Corn and the Accumulation of Heavy Mental
    CAO Jian-Bing, 欧Yang-Yu-Zhu , XU Bi-Bo, PENG Xiao-Wei, YAN Wen-Bin
    journal6, 2007, 28(4):  96-100. 
    Asbtract ( 2548 )   PDF ( 1495 )  
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    Using corn as experimental material,and using AAS to analyze the content of heavy mental ion in the root,stem and leaf of the corn,the experiments measure the influence of manganese slag on the growth of corn planted in the pot,examine the accumulation of heavy mental iron in the plant.The results show that the height of the corn is soil plant<treated plant<slag plant,the chief accumulation position of Fe iron is root,the max value is 2.347 3×10-5;the chief accumulation position of Cd iron is root;the max value is 3.57×10-7;the accumulation of Cr iron in the root,stem,leaf is almost the same,and the max value is 3.15×10-7.There is a max value of heavy mental iron in the corn seed planted with the slag,and the max value of Mn,Zn,Fe,Cr,Cd respectively reach 1.0×10-5,1.6×10-5,4.0×10-6,3.7×10-7,0.4×10-8.
    Study on Lipid Peroxidation of Several Populations Epimedium Sagittatum M. Leaves in West Hunan
    YI Lang-Bo, SHI Jin-Xiao, TIAN Xiang-Rong, LIU Xiang-Yong
    journal6, 2007, 28(4):  101-103. 
    Asbtract ( 2239 )   PDF ( 1449 )  
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    This experiment was conducted to study MDA content and the producing rate of superoxide anion free radical (·O2) in the leaves of the Epimedium sagittatum M. from Feng Huang、Yong Shun and Long Shan in wester Hunan of China.The results showed that the producing rate of ·O2 from Yong Shun was the highest (0.057 1±0.003 3 μmol·min-1·g-1),and the producing rate of ·O2 from Long Shan was the lowest (0.053 0±0.000 9 μmol·min-1·g-1);but MDA content from Long Shan was the highest (0.014 9±0.001 4 nmol·g-1),and MDA content from Feng Huang was the lowest (0.007 5±0.001 4 nmol·g-1)
    Chemistry and chemical engineering
    Synthesis and Characterization of New Banana Shape Molecules with PAH as Bend Central Cores
    CHENG Xiao-Hong, YE Hui
    journal6, 2007, 28(4):  104-106. 
    Asbtract ( 2110 )   PDF ( 1387 )  
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    Two new banana shape compounds with DBN ( Dibenzo[fg,op]naphthacene) and triphenyl pyridine as bend central cores respectively were synthesized,their structures were confirmed by 1H-NMR and 13C-NMR and their mesophase behaviors were investigated by POM.No mesomorphic behavior is found in such two compounds.
    Extraction of L-Arginine from Hair with Subzero Isoelectric Point Precipitation Method
    SHI Ai-Hua, LI Zhi-Ping, 欧Yang-Yu-Zhu , YIN Gang-Ming
    journal6, 2007, 28(4):  107-110. 
    Asbtract ( 3353 )   PDF ( 1698 )  
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    Technological conditions on extracting  L-arginine from hair with subzero isoelectric point precipitation method were researched in this paper.The influences of hair hydrolization conditions,the preapitant type and dasage,the pH value,temperature,and the concentration of chlorine ion on the extraction rate of L-arginine were investigated.The experimental results show that the extraction rate of L-arginine can reach 0.139 g under the condition of pH10,temperature at 0 ℃,the bezaldehyde dasage of 2 mL,and the concentration of chlorine ion of 2.1 mol/L in 30 mL hair hydrolysate.
    Extraction Process of Pectin from Orange Peel with Ultrasonic-Assistant Solvent Method
    JIN Chun-Ying, HUANG Qing-Tian, LIN Jin-Qing, XU Xu-Bo, LI Hai-Bin
    journal6, 2007, 28(4):  111-114. 
    Asbtract ( 2707 )   PDF ( 2279 )  
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    Extracting pectin from orange peel with ultrasonic-assistant solvent method was studied,hydrochloric as solvent and ethanol as precipitator.The influencing factors including temperature,liquid-to-solid ratio,pH value of the solution and extracting duration are studied.The optimal process conditions were obtained by orthogonal analysis as follows:pH value 2.0,temperature 70 ℃,extracting duration 30min,the liquid-to-solid ratio was 40 mL/g,and at the condition the extracting rate of pectin was 13.9%.
    Application of Garden Ground Cover Plants in Urban Green Space
    YANG Yan-Qing
    journal6, 2007, 28(4):  115-117. 
    Asbtract ( 1898 )   PDF ( 1867 )  
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    Application of ground cover plants (except for lawn) in urban green space is elaborated.According to its application in fact,the selecting method and ordonnance are analyzed.Thus,the correcation of theoretic basis of garden greeland landscape ecology with the urban enviroument is clarified.
    Conception of Landscape Planning and Design of the Creative Industries Zone
    TANG Xiao-Lan, CHEN Gong-Xi
    journal6, 2007, 28(4):  118-121. 
    Asbtract ( 1892 )   PDF ( 1564 )  
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    The change of the urban industrial structure is the precondition for the appearance of creative industries zone,and there is a positive correlation between the development of creative industries zone and the employment mechanism and the governmental promotion.Creative industries zone is characterized by creative landscape planning and design,or the recognizable creation,which includes the architectural style,the single building,indoor and outdoor surroundings,node space,and so on.It is necessary to enchance the planning and mangement of creative industries zone.
    Investigation on Split Trace of Mammal Bone Fossils of Pleistocene Epoch from Western  Hunan
    WU Chang-Chu, 吕Jiang-Ming , WU Zhao-Long, GONG Xing-Mu, YU Pei-Ran
    journal6, 2007, 28(4):  122-125. 
    Asbtract ( 2719 )   PDF ( 1614 )  
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    Objective:Investigating the profile and its forming mechanism for split trace of mammalian bone fossils of Pleistocene Epoch in Menghu cavity at Duanlong village,Guzhang county,western area of Hunan Province,and exploring the remains of Palaeohuman activitiy in this region.Methods:The profiles of split trace of mammal fauna bone fossils were identified,which gave assistance to distinguish manufacture imprints of Palaeohuman from bite marks of carnivorous fauna.Results:The profiles of split trace of 40 bone fossil samples respectively from Stegodon orientalis,Chinese rhinoceros,Cervus and other mammalian fauna were identified,some of them were found blunt and might be rodent bite marks.But most split trace of samples with tapered profile had been cutted,of which some presented sharp implement with double side shaved,and some even obviously possessed hitted or scrapped “imprint”.It was confirmed that they were possibly the vestiges of Palaeohuman activation making bone tools.Conclusions:The analysis of geographical environment and geology structure of west region of Hunan Province revealed that Menghu cavity was possibly one of troglodytism sites for Paleolithic human or of activated places for paleovertebrates in Late Pleistocene Epoch around 100 000 ~50 000 years ago.
    Development  and Exploitation of  Folk Tourism Resources of  Zhangjiajie
    TIAN Fei, PENG Yong-Sheng
    journal6, 2007, 28(4):  126-128. 
    Asbtract ( 2106 )   PDF ( 1699 )  
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    The development of folk tourism resources  plays an important role in promoting Zhangjiajie local tourism and economic development.This paper explores the characteristics of the folk tourism resources of Zhangjiajie and its  potential economic value,analyzes the development of folklore in tourism resources of Zhangjiajie in the process,and proposes the corresponding measures.
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