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    25 July 2009, Volume 30 Issue 4
    On the Diophantine Equation 1+2x7y+2z5u7v=5w
    DENG Mou-Jie, LI Chun-Yan
    journal6, 2009, 30(4):  1-3. 
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    Let x,y,z,u,v,w be nonnegative integers,with computer assistance,all solutions in nonnegative integers to the Diophantine equation 1+2x7y+2z5u7v=5w are given:(x,y,z,u,v,w)=(1,0,1,0,0,1),(1,1,1,1,0,2),(2,0,2,1,0,2),(3,0,4,0,0,2),(4,0,3,0,0,2),(4,1,9,0,0,4),(5,1,4,2,0,4),(6,0,4,1,1,4),(9,0,4,0,1,4).
    Chromatic Number,Spectral Radius and Spanning Bipartite Subgraph
    FANG Kun-Fu
    journal6, 2009, 30(4):  4-6. 
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    Let  G be a simple undirected graph with order n≥1.Denote by ρ(G) and μ(G) the spectral radius of the adjacency matrix and the Laplacian matrix of G,respectively.In this paper,by the way of spanning bipartite subgraphs,it is  showed that:let G be a simple graph with chromatic number k≥1.If k is even,ρ(G)≤(k-1)/kμ(G);if  k is odd,ρ(G)≤k/(k+1)μ(G).
    Approximation Solutions for Generalized  Mulit-Valued Variational-Like Inclusions with  (G,η)-Monotone Mappings
    LI Hong-Gang
    journal6, 2009, 30(4):  7-12. 
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    The authors  introduce    and  study   a  new  class  of  generalized   mulit-valued  variational-like  inclusions  with  (G,η)-monotone  mappings  in  Hilbert  spaces.By  using  the  resolvent operator associated with (G,η)-monotone mappings,an  existence  theorem  of  solutions  for  this  kind  of  variational  inclusions  is estaslished  a  new approximation  algorithm is suggested,and  the  convergence  of  iterative  sequences  generated  by  the algorithm is proved.The results presented in this paper generalize,improve,and unify some recent results  in this field.
    Pi-Spaces and P-Compact Spaces
    SU Fa-Hui, YANG Qin
    journal6, 2009, 30(4):  13-15. 
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    Using p-open sets,the authors give  the definition of Pi(i=0,1,2,3,4) spaces and discuss their characters.The author also define p-cover and discuss the relations between Pi(i=0,1,2,3,4) spaces and Ti(i=0,1,2,3,4) spaces.A new compact space——P-compact space is defined,and the characters of P-compact space and the relations between P-compact space and Pi-space are discussed.Thus,several conclusions are drawn.
    Criterions for Equivalence and Uniform Equivalence of Metrics
    WU Hong-Ying, WANG Huo-Yun
    journal6, 2009, 30(4):  16-18. 
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    Two metrics  ρ and ρ′ on a set X are equivalent if they induce the same topology on X.The authors discuss the criterions for two metrics being equivalent and uniformly equivalent.In addition,some examples of applications are given.
    Rate of Weighted Ba,Φ, Convergence of a Kind of Quasi-Grünwald Interpolatory Operators
    XIA Ying, XU Gui-Qiao
    journal6, 2009, 30(4):  19-22. 
    Asbtract ( 1911 )   PDF ( 1359 )  
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    An estimate is obtained for weighted Ba, convergence rate of a kind of quasi-Grünwald interpolatory polynomials G*n(f,x),which is based on the zero points of Chebyshev polynomials of the second kind.
    Anti-Periodic Solutions for a Class of Neural Networks with Variable and Unbounded Time Delays
    SONG Jiang-Yan, LIU Ping, LI Yong-Kun
    journal6, 2009, 30(4):  23-29. 
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    A class of neural networks with variable and unbounded time delays is considered.Sufficient conditions for the existence  and exponential stability of anti-periodic solutions are established,which are new and complement previously the known results.
    Numerical Solution and Matlab Simulation of Impulsive Delay Differential Equations
    HE Ying-Sheng
    journal6, 2009, 30(4):  30-33. 
    Asbtract ( 6395 )   PDF ( 82278 )  
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    The authors applies Runge-Kutta methods to get the numerical solution of impulsive delay differential equations,and gives some examples of numerical simulation.The results show that the methods are successful and effective.
    Periodic Solutions of Some Lagrange Systems Based on Least Action Principle
    ZHANG Li
    journal6, 2009, 30(4):  34-36. 
    Asbtract ( 2091 )   PDF ( 1523 )  
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    The periodic solutions of some Lagrange systems with suitable conditions are studied through the least action principle theorems in variational methods.The author presents some applications of the least principle on Lagrange systems.The author introduces the results obtained by the least action principle and the study of the transformation of the periodic solutions of Lagrange systems to the solutions of corresponding Euler equation.The periodic solutions of some Lagrange systems are studied with the coercivity conditions.
    Multi-Scale Retinex Enhancement Algorithm of Color Images
    FANG Shao-Mei, GUO Chang-Hong, WU Pei, LEI Jian-Ping
    journal6, 2009, 30(4):  37-40. 
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    Enhancement algorithm of images based on Retinex theory is proposed.The essence of Retinex theory is to gain the reflection property R from image I,i.e.,to gain the original image of an object without the properties of incident lignt.To improve multi-scale Retinex algorithm is to use histogram equalization algorithm in multi-scale Retinex algorithm.Images gained by that method have lifelike colors and large dynamic range.Experiments show that the algorithm has enhancing effect on color images.
    Management System Development of Information Flow in Network Based on SNMP
    LI Hai, ZHANG Mei-Hua, RAO Wei-Dong, XU Wei-Hong
    journal6, 2009, 30(4):  41-43. 
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    Through the application of SNMP,the flow data from router is obtained by using its Get-Request and Get-Next Request traversing MIB.According to the different cycles of flow,PNG images are generated and output.The method to monitor network flow is designed.
    Key Techniques of Windows Kernol Rootkit Based on Layer Drivers
    HOU Chun-Ming, CHEN Bin
    journal6, 2009, 30(4):  48-51. 
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    Key windows kernol rootkit based on windows layer drivers have been researched.The techniques of  a rootkit attaching itself to the chain of drivers,getting data from IRP and  hiding itself  are introduced.The techniques of rootkit detection is discussed.
    Physics and electronics
    Band Structure of Two-Dimension Phononic Crystal Plate
    LEI Shi-Jian, WU Li-Hua, YAN Lin, ZHAO He-Ping
    journal6, 2009, 30(4):  52-54. 
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    By using the super cell method,the authors calculat the acoustic wave band structure of the phononic crystal which consist of periodical array of steel cylinders  growing on the both sides of the steel plate symmetrically in epoxy.The influence of the geometric parameters of the scatterer (the thickness of the board,the radius and height of the cylinder) on the band structure is analyzed.The calculated results indicate that this kind of phononic crystal has a more superior wide band gaps.The adjustment mechanism of band gap is much more convenient than that of the traditional phononic crystal.It is also found that the super cell method is an effective method to investigate the band structure of this kind of phononic crystal.
    Improvement of Holography  Experiment  Methods Based on Double Prism
    WANG Peng-Peng, LI Xiao-Juan, JIANG Man, WEN Yan-Hua, YE Fu-Qiu
    journal6, 2009, 30(4):  55-57. 
    Asbtract ( 2704 )   PDF ( 1694 )  
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    In holographic experiments,spectroscope with fixed dispersion of light ratio divides a bunch of laser into two bunches(the reference light and the object light).But because the dispersion of light ratio cannot be adjusted as one pleases,the experimental results are not satisfactory.The authors use the double prism instead of the spectroscope to solve the limitation.Therefore,feasibility and the success ratio in hologram experiment can be increased.
    Design of Real-Time Detection System for Current ConductionInterference Signal in Digital PCB
    CAO Cai-Kai
    journal6, 2009, 30(4):  58-61. 
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    According to the concept of fractal dimension,the author puts forward a method of fuzzy control filter based on short-time fractal dimension.That method brings up new algorithm of network fractal dimensions and short time fractal dimensions,and fuzzy control parameter is discussed.In virtual instrument( VI) Lab VIEW 6.i software workbench,real-time detection of the current conduction interference signal in digital PCB is realized.By signal processing,the system has the following measurement functions:signal-noise spearation,power spectrum of current conduction interference signal,etc.Result shows that the method is feasible and effective.
    Comprehensive Evaluation Model of RBF-Neural-Network-Based Multimedia Courseware
    CAI Bing
    journal6, 2009, 30(4):  62-64. 
    Asbtract ( 2433 )   PDF ( 1641 )  
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    A  comprehensive evaluation  model of multimedia courseware is built based on the RBF neural network.The structure of the neural network model is described.And then the model is trained with samples and tested in MATLAB.The test results agree well with the actual situation,showing that the model overcomes the complexity and subjective and is comprehensive,fair,and scientific  in evaluating multimedia courseware.
    Design of High Speed Data Acquisition System Based on FPGA and DSP
    YANG Yong-Dong, ZENG Qing-Li
    journal6, 2009, 30(4):  65-68. 
    Asbtract ( 4873 )   PDF ( 2023 )  
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    The design and realization of a high-speed data acquisition system based on FPGA and DSP is introduced in the paper.The FPGA is EPIK5OTC144_3 which belongs to ACEX 1K serial and produced by Altera;while the DSP processor is TMS320C6713 which belongs to TMS320 serial produced by TI.The data acquired by ADC is transferred to FPGA,then transferred to DSP after being pre-processed by FPGA and finally to console via the interface of USB.The system’s real-time data acquisition rate is up to 100MBYTE/S,so it is applicable to most of the high-speed data acquisition occasions.
    Semi-Conductor Temperature-Control System Based on Single-Chip
    GAO Kun
    journal6, 2009, 30(4):  69-72. 
    Asbtract ( 3151 )   PDF ( 2822 )  
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    This paper first analyzes the key techniques of the semi-conductor technology according to the physical features of the thermoelectric cooler (TEC),and then provides the overall blue-print design of this system.The system adopts the closed-loop controlling system,which greatly strengthens the ability of disturbance resistance.The driving circuit,which is specially designed for the semi-conductor refrigerator can conveniently adjust the size and the direction,which passes through the TEC electricity so as to fully make use of the advantages of swift and quick refrigerating and heating.And the controlling method of PI makes the temperature control quick and stable.At the same time,the paper completes the mutual communication between temperature control equipment and computer by way of USB interface,so as to realize the remote control of computer to the temperature control equipment.
    Matlab Simulation Analysis of Three-Phase Bridge Controlled Rectifier Circuit
    JIA Zhou, WANG Jin-Mei, FENG Jun-Bao
    journal6, 2009, 30(4):  73-77. 
    Asbtract ( 9589 )   PDF ( 4194 )  
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    This paper introduces the theory of three-phase bridge semi-controlled and full-controlled rectifier circuit.A technique is presented in setting up the models at the base of the Matlab/Simulink software.The working conditions of the electric circuit with pure resistance load or inductive and resistance load are also compared.Simulation results of  Power System toolbox in Matlab  show that the model is correct.
    Analysis of the Prediction of Foundation Sedimentation Based on Grey Theory
    JIA Bei, WU Liang
    journal6, 2009, 30(4):  78-80. 
    Asbtract ( 2263 )   PDF ( 1280 )  
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    The process of the GM (1,1) model’s construction,the accuracy inspection and the correction methods are presented.Using the grey correlation theory  the points which have the similar rules of sedimentation are classified in order that only a few monitoring points’ sedimentation condition is used to estimate the other related points’ and improve the economic benefits.Take No. 3 route Yantang station in Guangzhou Metro Station  as an example.That GM (1,1) model forecasts the average error of 4.19 percent,and calculation of correlation is in good agreement with the actual situation.
    Forward Solutions of the 3-RPR Planar Parallel Mechanism by LINGO Software  Method
    JIN Deng-Quan
    journal6, 2009, 30(4):  81-83. 
    Asbtract ( 2259 )   PDF ( 1574 )  
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    After analyzing the solution model of 3-RPR paralled mechanism,a new method is presented,which can find all solutions to mechanism synthesis and it is based on LINGO11.0 software.A solution is found with LINGO11.0,and the solution is used as a restriction.Then,to run the program again,the other one solution is found and so on.At last,all solutions are found.The problem of the 3-RPR planar parallel mechanism is solved by this method.This provides a simple realization method for mechanics design.
    Chemistry and chemical engineering
    Application of Quantum Dots in Quantitative Analysis
    ZHANG Wen-Long, CHEN Li-Hua
    journal6, 2009, 30(4):  84-91. 
    Asbtract ( 3160 )   PDF ( 2996 )  
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    Quantum dots have been used extensively for a wide range of application in biological detection and medical research based on their unique and excellent nature of the fluorescence.Recent advances have shown that the application of quantum dot has been extended to quantitative analysis for inorganic heavy metal ions,organic small molecule and drugs.In this article,we discuss recent developments in Qds bio-conjugation,their applications in quantitative analysis as well as promising directions for future research.
    GL-MS Determination of Ultratrace Amounts of Estrogen
    XU De-Zheng, LIU Hong
    journal6, 2009, 30(4):  92-96. 
    Asbtract ( 2187 )   PDF ( 1800 )  
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    Estrogen has greater and greater influence on water environment.Even when the concentration of estrogen is as low as 0.1 ng/L,make fish will reverse sex.In order to find a highly sensitive and selective method to determine estrogen in complex samples,GS-Ms method,which does not need derivative reaction,is developed to determine ultratrace amounts of estrogen in water,including estrone,E1;17β-estradiol,E2;ethinyl estradiol,EE2.The results show that for estrogen,low-temperature injection port can effeciently improve sensitivity of that method.The optimized method has been validated with good linearity,precision and accuracy.Method detection limits (MDL) of each estrogen compounds are found to be 0.082 ng/L for E1,0.073 ng/L for  E2,and 0.065 ng/L for EE2,respectively.
    Effect,Source and Removal of Impurities in Electrolyzed Manganese Metal
    ZHANG Wen-Shan, SHI Chao-Jun
    journal6, 2009, 30(4):  97-99. 
    Asbtract ( 2533 )   PDF ( 1874 )  
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    This paper describes an important technology on how to make sure to acquire qualified electrolyzed manganese metal products,discusses the sulfuration purifying heavy metal principles and production process.It also includes an introduction of electrolyzed manganese metal product industrial standards and an analysis of detailed methods on how to satisfy the standards in manganese production.
    Biological resources
    Sterilization of Explants and Elimination of Endophytes in Huperzia Serrata
    LI Gui, LI Jing, LI You-You, TANG Yuan-Jiang, WEI Hua
    journal6, 2009, 30(4):  100-103. 
    Asbtract ( 2974 )   PDF ( 2552 )  
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    In order to obtain sterile materails from Huperzia serrata,H2O2,C2H5OH,and HgCl2 were used to disinfect the explants,and the solutions of antibiotic compound together with hot water treatments were used to eliminate the endophytes.The results were as follows:the optimum method of the sterilization of surface and elimination of endophytes for stem was obtained by soaking the explants in hot water (47 ℃) for 1 h,followed by 70% C2H5OH for 30 s and then by 0.1 % HgCl2 for 7 min.The optimum method of the sterilization of surface for sporangium and stem apex was obtained by soaking the explants in 70 % C2H5OH for 30 s,followed by 0.1% HgCl2 for 4 min.Disinfectants together with hot water treatment can obviously reduce the pollution rate of explants.Sporangium and stem apex,which barely contain endophytes,sre excellent explants for plant tissue culture.
    Characteristics Comparison of Nectar Secretion Between Complete Flower and Male Flower of Pomegranate (Punica Granatum L.)
    YU Yu-Sheng, DONG Kun, DONG Xia, ZHANG Xue-Wen, TAO De-Shuang, ZHAO Hong-Mu, AN Jian-Dong
    journal6, 2009, 30(4):  104-106. 
    Asbtract ( 2919 )   PDF ( 1564 )  
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    The nectar volumes and concentrations of pomegranate complete flower and male flower are measured during its flourishing florescence.Characteristics of nectar secretion are compared between two types of pomegranate flowers.The results show that (1) the mean nectar volume of single complete flower is 44.66 μL,that of single male flower is 19.43 μL,and the difference between them is extremely significant (t=12.6,P<0.000 1); (2) the mean nectar concentration of complete flower is 22.31%,that of male flower is 19.17%,and the difference between them is also extremely significant (t = 3.2,P=0.001 6); (3) the mean nectar volume of complete flower within 1st day flowering is 31.12 μL,accounting for 70.59% of its total nectar volume,and that of male flower within 1st day flowering is 16.60 μL,accounting for 85.44% of its total nectar volume;(4) although the range of variation of nectar volumes of single complete flower is wider than that of single male flower over the time of pomegranate flourishing florescence,the nectar volumes of single complete flower are always higher that of single male flower compared with data measured at the same time.
    Selection and Breeding of a New Strain of Seedless Actinidia  and Report on Cultivation Technique
    PEI Chang-Jun, XIANG Yuan-Ping
    journal6, 2009, 30(4):  107-108. 
    Asbtract ( 2498 )   PDF ( 1525 )  
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    “Delicious and Seedless-1” is a new strain of actinidia deliciosa selected and bred from wild actinidia.Its female plant is parthenocarpic and doesn’t  need  pollination of male plant,its fruit is seedless,and average weight of single fruit is 50 g.That achievement not only fills the gap in the research of actinidia at home,but also breaks the traditional concept that actinidia is not parthenocarpic.It is of great significance for the exploration into the formation mechanism of seedless actinidia,selection and breeding of new strain,and its industrialization.
    Enterprise Social Responsibity Performance Super Vision in anEnergy-Saving and Environment-Friendly Society
    LIU Mao-Sheng, HUANG Sheng-Miao
    journal6, 2009, 30(4):  109-112. 
    Asbtract ( 2388 )   PDF ( 1521 )  
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    In construction of an energy-saving and evironment-friendly society,the problems of enterprises social responsibility have become more serious then ever before,which reflect the defects and difficulties in supervision.Through the benefit-cost analysis of an enterprise fullfilling its social responsibility,it becomes clear that a perfect supervision system is the outcome of multilateral game and joint restriction of government,enterprises and society.The supervision system which completely depends on government and society is inefficient.Only through using effective incentive and constraint mechanism to internalize the social responsibility into the enterprise management strategy,and only through making enterprises consciously strive for the harmonious symbiosis of social responsibility and management,can a long-term supervision mechanism be established.
    Condition Analysis of Training Risk Control Based on Dynamic Game
    ZHONG Gao-Zheng
    journal6, 2009, 30(4):  113-116. 
    Asbtract ( 2096 )   PDF ( 1558 )  
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    From the perspective of dynamic game,staff training risk mainly lies in the contradiction between the enterprises interest loss and the staff resignation due to their market value increase after training.Therefore,staff training risk control must aim at striving for the dynamic balance between staff training and staff retention.
    On the Current Coditions of the Insurance Market in the Western Part of Hunan
    JIANG Cai-Fang, KANG Jun-Hua
    journal6, 2009, 30(4):  117-121. 
    Asbtract ( 2630 )   PDF ( 1629 )  
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    On the basis of summarizing the development environment of insurance market in the western part of Hunan,this paper analyzes the current development conditions of the insurance market in this part,discusses some problems existed in this market,and puts forward the countermeasures of the development of the insurance industry in this particular place.
    Cultural Features of Hunan Leisure Sport:From a Respective of Hunan Recreational Sports TV Programme
    LIU Jun-Wen, NIE Ji-Lin
    journal6, 2009, 30(4):  122-125. 
    Asbtract ( 2649 )   PDF ( 1523 )  
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    With the opportunity of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing,Hunan TV station has creatively recreationalized the leisure sport TV programme.The temporal and spatial dimensions of Hunan leisure sport culture exchange have been largely extended against the background of the rise of recreational Sports TV programme.The mode of leisure sport cultural communication has been enriched and the leisure sport industry has been developing more rapidly.Being interdependent,Hunan recreational sports TV programme and Hunan leisure sport should complement each other and pursue common development.
    Rhythm Training Among Hurdles of College Hurdle Athletes——For Example:110 m  man hurdle race and 100 m woman hurdle race
    DENG Hui
    journal6, 2009, 30(4):  126-128. 
    Asbtract ( 2460 )   PDF ( 1752 )  
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    Five for men and women who came from college hurdle athletes are trained on rhythm among hurdles. The performance are improved significangly and the average is increased by 0.35s. Based on the training analysis,major characteristics of rhythm among hurdles of college hurdle athletes is pointed out and training methods are illustrated.
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