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Separation and Preparation of a C15 Triolefinic Urushiol from Raw Lacquer

HE Qian,ZHENG Jie,TIAN Yungang,LIU Yihan,WANG Jianxia,WEI Hua   

  1. (1.College of Biology and Environmental Sciences,Jishou University,Jishou 416000,Hunan China;2.Key Laboratory of Plant Resource Conservation and Utilization (Jishou University),Jishou 416000,Hunan China)
  • Online:2016-09-25 Published:2016-10-01


Raw lacquer was extracted by petroleum ether.The extracts was separated using silica gel,MCI and ODS.The purified compound was identified with H-NMR,3C-NMR and high resolution mass spectrometry.The results showed that abundant urushiol was obtained when extracting with petroleum ether.Extracts was separated by silica gel eluting with petroleum ether/ethyl acetate (V(petroleum ether)∶V(ethyl acetate)=30∶1~10∶1)),followed by MCI and ODS eluting with methanol/water (V(methanol)∶V(water)=9∶1),to afford a major urushiol (purity reached above 96%),which was identified as a triolefinic urushiol,3-(8′Z,11′E,13′Z-pentadecatrienyl) catechol.

Key words: raw lacquer, triolefinic urushiol, separation, identification

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