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Separation Technology of Oleanolic Acid in Akebia Trifoliata Peel by Macroporous Resin

ZHANG Xiaoxu,OUYANG Yuzhu,NIE Pengcheng,TANG Ningmei   

  1. (College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,Jishou University,Jishou 416000,Hunan China)
  • Online:2016-11-25 Published:2016-12-13


The separation of Akebia Trifoliata peel oleanolic acid with seven commercial macroreticular resins were studied.The results showed that XDA-1 is optimal resin for the separation of Akebia Trifoliata peel oleanolic acid.On the basis of single factor experiments,influences of solid-liquid ratio,adsorption temperature and adsorption time on the oleanolic acid extraction yield were investigated by response surface optimization.The experimental results showed that extraction yield of oleanolic acid is 0.265 6% in solid-liquid ratio for 1∶8 (g/mL),40 ℃ temperature adsorption 315 min.Predictive value of model on oeanolic acid extraction yield was 0.243 2%.Those results conform with the model prediction.

Key words: Akebia Trifoliata, macroporous resin, oleanolic acid, separation

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