journal6 ›› 2015, Vol. 36 ›› Issue (4): 93-96.DOI: 10.3969/j.cnki.jdxb.2015.04.022

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Comparative Analysis of 8 Genetic Characteristics of Han Population and Zhuang Population in Guangxi

 YU  Sheng, DUAN  Si-Liang, WEI  Zhong-Ting, TAO  Jing, MO  Hai-Ying, BI  Xiong-Jie   

  1. (Medical College,Guangxi University of Science and Technology,Liuzhou 545006,Guangxi China)
  • Online:2015-07-25 Published:2015-07-27

Abstract: Investigation on 8 genetic characteristics (including the retroflexion,twisting tongue,eyelids,forehead hair,hair vortex,earlobe,pollical type,little finger bending) has been conducted among 1 164 college students (705 Han people and 459 Zhuang people).The statistical analyses and the cluster analysis have been carried out between different nationalities in other regions.The results showed that,among Han and Zhuang population in Guangxi,there were significant differences in the retroflexion,forehead hair,and the little finger bending,but there were no significant differences in  pollical type,twisting tongue,eyelids,earlobe,hair vortex.Clustering analysis showed the shortest genetic distance between the Han population and Zhuang population in Guangxi,and the longest genetic distances between Han and Zhuang population in Guangxi and Mulao population in Guizhou (0.470 6,0.512 5).

Key words: genetic, characteristics, Guangxi, Han population, Zhuang population

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