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    25 July 2015, Volume 36 Issue 4
    Magnitude Relationship Between Clear Numbers
    SU Fa-Hui
    journal6, 2015, 36(4):  1-4. 
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    On the basis of a clear numbers four operations,the author gives a concept of the clear number of heart,and then define magnitude relationship between clear numbers,laid the foundation for future research.
    Further Exploration of the Graceful Labeling of the Unconnected Graph C4m-1G
    WU Yue-Sheng
    journal6, 2015, 36(4):  5-8. 
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    The gracefulness of the unconnected graph C4m-1G  is discussed.Two sufficient conditions are given for the gracefulness of unconnected graph C4m-1G.
    Strengthened Multi-Parameter Hilbert-Type Inequality with Homogeneous Kernel
    YANG Yu-Ying
    journal6, 2015, 36(4):  9-11. 
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    By introducing the weight function and using the technique of real analysis,an improvement of Hilbert-type integral inequality with homogeneous kernel in the whole plane is given.Some new inequalities are thus established.
    Information and computer
    Time-Frequency Spectrogram Segmentation Using the Multi-Scale Morphological Gradient and the Marked Watershed Algorithm
    GUO Hai-Tao, XU Lei, ZHAO Hong-Ye, TIAN Yuan-Yuan, JIAO Sheng-Xi
    journal6, 2015, 36(4):  12-17. 
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    It is important and difficult to segment a time-frequency spectrogram due to its strong interference as well as serious overlap among targets and between targets and interference.An image entropy based fusion method for multi-scale morphological gradient image of a time-frequency spectrogram is presented.By combining that method with the marked watershed algorithm,a method for segmenting time-frequency spectrogram based on the multi-scale morphological gradient image and the marked watershed algorithm,is obtained.The experiment results show that it is more practical than the segmentation method which is based on single scale morphological gradient and marker watershed,and more accurate than Otsu method.
    Communication and Display Processing for the Real-Time Monitoring Application Based on Spring4+HTML5
    DING Zhen-Fan
    journal6, 2015, 36(4):  18-22. 
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    In view of message pushing and display processing problems in the remote data monitoring application for the production line in one enterprise,this paper proposes an implementation scheme based on HTML5 and the Spring framework 4.WebSocket technology is used for the message transfer on the two way communication between the web browser and Web server.The Spring WebSocket service configuration and the processing scheme for message pushing are studied.The creation of SockJS connection between the client and server and the processing method for STOMP message publishing/subscription are described.By providing the REST style Web services with the messages pushing process,it is convenient for the caller to publish message.The system adopts Canvas in HTML5 for the real time data display processing,thus achieving the effect of displaying curves of various colors in the same screen.The Spring4+HTML5 scheme has the advantages of easy configuration,flexible application and efficient operation and can get satisfactory practical effects.
    Sparse Signal Reconstruction Algorithm Based on Subspace Pursuit
    LI Shu, MAO Cheng-Min, YANG Xi, YIN Li, LIANG Jun
    journal6, 2015, 36(4):  23-25. 
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    Signal reconstruction algorithm plays an important part in the theory of compressive sensing and determines the reconstruction quality of compressive sensing.In this paper,based on the subspace pursuit(SP) algorithm,the signal is reconstructed after sparse representation and compression by the measurement matrix.Theoretical analysis and experimental results show that subspace pursuit algorithm can maintain good effect of signal reconstruction at higher compression ratio.
    Design of P2P Traffic Management Model Based on SVM
    DU Jing-Wei
    journal6, 2015, 36(4):  26-29. 
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    Network traffic recognition of P2P is one of the significant problems in P2P research.A classification management model based on SVM for P2P is thus proposed for its management.Firstly,the data is obtained from P2P network traffic;then the obtained sample data is input to the SVM for training;finally,the test sample is input to the SVM to realize its classification.The simulation experiment shows the method in this paper has the high detection rate and low false negative rate.
    Physics and electronics
    Measurement of the Focal Length of the Concave Lens by Improved Autocollimation Method
    LIAO Li-Xin
    journal6, 2015, 36(4):  30-32. 
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    Based on the classical autocollimation method of measuring the focal length of the concave lens,the paper proposes an improved autocollimation method through which concave lens instead of image screen are moved so that the influence of focal depth on the measurement result can be eliminated. The analysis on the experimental results shows that the accuracy of measuring the focal length of the concave lens by the improved autocollimation method greatly increases,with the average decrease of relative error by 3.93% and the decrease of variance by 20.39 mm.
    Design of Long-Distance Acquisition Module of Bus Security Data
    TAN Zhou-Wen, CHENG Yun, MA Zi-Ji
    journal6, 2015, 36(4):  33-36. 
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    For collecting bus security information remotely all-around the ground,the hardware and software designs are achieved through radio frequency identification module and infrared,smog and door magnetic sensors.The data acquired by the sensors are transmitted to the wireless ratio frequency identification through serial interface.The smog sensor is for the prevention of fire in the bus.The door magnetic sensor and infrared sensor are for the prevention of theft.The site testing results show that the module is capable of processing and delivering the signals from sensors accurately and effectively,and can be used in bus security system.
    Robot Path Planning Based on Improved Partheno-Genetic Algorithm
    PENG Li, HONG Liang
    journal6, 2015, 36(4):  37-39. 
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    The improved partheno-genetic algorithm is proposed based on the path planning in the Chinese Robot Competition “Robot Tourism in China”,which is aimed at the problem of low computational efficiency of constrained combinational optimization.Three genetic operators of partheno-genetic algorithm-commutating operator,operator in advance,and repair operator,were established without changing the calculation steps of traditional partheno-genetic algorithm;as a result,the search efficiency of partheno-genetic algorithm is largely improved.Simulation experiment shows that compared with genetic algorithm,the proposed improved partheno-genetic algorithm has greatly increased computation efficiency and path planning ability.
    RSC-MAC Protocol for Smart Home Networks of Electric Appliances
    ZHANG Zhi-Yuan, LEI Chao-Yang
    journal6, 2015, 36(4):  40-43. 
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    In smart home networks,electric appliances are connected by communication media such as Ethernet,WLAN,or ZigBee.This paper introduces RSC-MAC(reliable sensing and control-MAC) for home appliance networks and designs a QoS (quality of service) supported MAC protocol,which provides delay guarantee for arbitrary control messages in home networks and keeps the flexibility of sensing data collection.The simulation result shows that RSC-MAC successfully delivers all control packets within the tolerant delay,and has a good performance in delivering sensing packets.
    Biological and chemical
    ESA/AMPS Copolymer Synthesis and Scale Inhibition Performance
    LI Sen, YANG Jian-Jun, HE Ying-Xia, SONG Tian-Yu, XIANG Feng, WU Qing-Yun, ZHANG Jian-An, WU Ming-Yuan
    journal6, 2015, 36(4):  44-47. 
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    ESA/AMPS copolymers has been synthesized with MA and AMPS as raw materials and ammonium persulfate as initiator.By static scale inhibition experiment,various experimental conditions on the inhibition rate of calcium carbonate scale and calcium phosphate scale by ESA/AMPS copolymers were examined.The results show that when monomer ratio m(MA)∶m(AMPS)=3∶1,the mass fraction of initiator is 4%,and the polymerization reacts for 3 h at 85~90 ℃,scale inhibition can achieve the optimum effect.
    Storability Differences Between Yellow and Black Seeds of Xiangzayou 631
    LI Liang, MI Ze-Zhou, ZHANG Xiang, LI Xiao-Ming, TIAN Xiang-Rong
    journal6, 2015, 36(4):  48-53. 
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    To investigate the relationship between seed color and storability,the artificial aged Xiangzayou 631 seeds have been used as materials to study the germination and antioxidative physiological and biochemical variation.Results showed that the germination rate of both yellow and black rape seeds decreased significantly after accelerated artificial aging,and germination of yellow seeds decreased dramatically faster than the black. Superoxide radicle production,contents of hydrogen peroxide and MDA increased by 3 d accelerated artificial aging treatment,activities of antioxidative enzyme (SOD and CAT) increased obviously,and the content of AsA declined obviously.The comparison between two color seeds showed superoxide radicle production,hydrogen peroxide contents of the yellow seeds were much higher than those of the black seeds,but the SOD activity and AsA content of yellow seeds were much lower than those of the black seeds.It can be concluded that the black seeds of Xiangzayou 631 possess stronger storability due to greater contents of  nonenzymatic antioxidants.
    Classification and Identification of the Erysipelothrix Species Strains Based on the groEL Gene Sequences
    YANG Zhenlong,NAZIERBIEKE Wulumuhan,BORRATHYBAY Enotmack
    journal6, 2015, 36(4):  54-58. 
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    To investigate the effect of 16S rRNA gene and groEL gene used in the classification and identification of species of the genus Erysipelothrix,the 16S rRNA and groEL genes of four E.rhusiopathiae strains were amplified by PCR and sequenced and their phylogenetic threes was constructed.The open reading frame of groEL genes of four tested strains were 1 614 bp in length,and sequence similarities of the groEL gene between the four tested strains and the previously reported E.rhusiopathiae type strain ATCC19414 and E.tonsillarum type strain ATCC43339 were 99% and 86%,respectively.While the 16S rRNA genes of the four tested strains was 1 351 bp in length,and sequence similarity of the 16S rRNA gene between the four tested strains and E.rhusiopathiae type strain ATCC19414 and E.tonsillarum type strain ATCC43339 was 99%.Phylogenetic analysis indicated that the E.rhusiopathiae and E.tonsillarum were differentiated well by groEL gene sequence analysis.This study demonstrated that the groEL gene is an alternative phylogenetic marker for the classification of species of the genus Erysipelothrix.
    Characteristic column.Study on Wuling Mountain Area
    Preparing Technology of Nanoemulsion with Kiwi Linolenic Acid Oil
    ZHANG Yongkang,HU Jiangyu,OUYANG Hui,SHEN Guoli,CHEN Gongxi,WANG Xiaoqing
    journal6, 2015, 36(4):  59-63. 
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    Kiwi linolenic acid oil has been dispersed to form stable nano-scaled oil-in-water particulates with the independently-prepared compound emulsifier with definite pH through high speed shearing,emulsification and high pressure homogenizing technique.According to the nano granularity,the particulate diameter has been represented by Zeta.The results showed that with 4 g emulsifier,4 mL Kiwi linolenic acid oil,200 mL preparation solution,9 000 r/min shearing and emulsification for 20 min or two times of 150 MPa high pressure homogeneity circulation,the average minimum particulate diameter was (60±10)nm and the average maximum stable durations for shearing and emulsification and for high pressure homogeneity were 1.5 a and more than 2 a respectively. Such technological condition is the optimum and can satisfy pharmacy and health food industry.
    Comprehensive Evaluation on Sustainable Utilization of Land Resources in Zhangjiajie
    ZOU Fu, YAN Xin-Guo, LIU Shang, CHEN Ya-Ling
    journal6, 2015, 36(4):  64-70. 
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    By using multi-index comprehensive evaluation method with the fuzzy membership functions and the linear weighted function,the study has built a evaluation index system with 21 indicators for the sustainable utilization evaluation of land resources in Zhangjiajie.The results showed that the sustainable utilization level of land resources increased obviously in Zhangjiajie from 2010 to 2013,and the comprehensive evaluation index reached 0.851 7 in 2012 which is in the stage of sustainable utilization.The evaluation results are analyzed and relevant countermeasures are put forward.
    Cluster Analysis on the Difference of Living Consumption of the  Rural Residents in Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture
    ZHANG Ming-Hui, MO Hong-Min, OU Zu-Jun
    journal6, 2015, 36(4):  71-74. 
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    In this paper,eight statistical indexes of the living consumption structure are selected for the cluster analysis of the rural residents in the eight counties and cities of Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture.The results are studied by different hierarchical clustering methods.The eight counties and cities of Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture are divided into three categories,and the differences of living consumption structure of the rural residents among the three categories are respectively discussed according to the results of cluster analysis.This study provides effective reference for the local government to set more rational policies to further improve people's living standards.
    Education and teaching
    Course Teaching and Practice of “Virtual Prototype Technology” Based on ADAMS
    LI Li
    journal6, 2015, 36(4):  75-79. 
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    Based on the advancement and effectiveness of the virtual prototype technology in ADAMS software,the teaching and practice of the course "Modeling and Simulation of Virtual Prototype of Mechanical System" mainly focus on the creation of students' innovation ability,combination of lecture and practice,enhancement of practical teaching,and introduction of research achievement into teaching.Based on modeling and simulation in ADAMS/View,the design of this course highlights the multi-disciplinary features of electromechanical engineering,and aims at teaching students to build the kinematic pair and constraint equations,to build and design the parameterization model,to simulate the machine which combines mechanical /hydraulic/electrical system,and to build the tracked vehicle model using ADAMS/ ATV.Through this course design,a new teaching method to improve the innovation ability of students in the university is explored.
    Course Teaching and Practice Based on Factor-Mining Scheme
    HUANG Meng-Qiao, LI Jie
    journal6, 2015, 36(4):  80-83. 
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    The specific characteristics of the investment teaching is determined by background of the course and the style of textbooks.This paper devises a teaching scheme based on the factor-mining of probability.The key idea is to translate the difficult points in knowledge into the distribution of teaching time according to the features of students.The case that the scheme of factor-mining was applied to the investment teaching reveals that there is a great promotion in teaching effect compared with the traditional teaching programs.
    Development and Characteristics of Sports Professional  Master Cultivation in America
    LI Ying
    journal6, 2015, 36(4):  84-87. 
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    With the continuous development of cultivation of professional sports masters,more and more sports management personnel in different fields provide people with professional service.This paper points out that the cultivation of professional sports masters in America has the following features-clear goal,rigid admission,goal-oriented curriculum,extracurricular practice,and sports industry alliance.Those features provide significant enlightenment for Chinese professional sports education.
    Multifractal Analysis of Stock Return Series of Jiugui Liquor Co. Ltd
    MENG Xun, HUANG Yi, WU Sheng-Hu, XIE Zhi-Hui, SHI Kai
    journal6, 2015, 36(4):  88-92. 
    Asbtract ( 2647 )   PDF ( 1384 )  
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    Multifractal detrended fluctuation analysis has been used to research the multifractal characteristics of stock returns of Jiugui Liquor Co. Ltd in Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture.The evidence shows that the return series are multifractal both for time scales smaller than a week and for time scales larger than a week,it also verifies the fractal market hypothesis about stock.Furthermore,the sources of multi-fractal characteristic are analyzed through shuffling procedure and phase randomization procedure at different scales.For time scales smaller than a week,the main contribution of multifractality is long-range correlations.For time scales larger than a month,both fat-tail distribution and long-range correlations play important roles in the contribution of multifractality.
    Medical Science
    Comparative Analysis of 8 Genetic Characteristics of Han Population and Zhuang Population in Guangxi
    YU Sheng, DUAN Si-Liang, WEI Zhong-Ting, TAO Jing, MO Hai-Ying, BI Xiong-Jie
    journal6, 2015, 36(4):  93-96. 
    Asbtract ( 4606 )   PDF ( 1731 )  
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    Investigation on 8 genetic characteristics (including the retroflexion,twisting tongue,eyelids,forehead hair,hair vortex,earlobe,pollical type,little finger bending) has been conducted among 1 164 college students (705 Han people and 459 Zhuang people).The statistical analyses and the cluster analysis have been carried out between different nationalities in other regions.The results showed that,among Han and Zhuang population in Guangxi,there were significant differences in the retroflexion,forehead hair,and the little finger bending,but there were no significant differences in  pollical type,twisting tongue,eyelids,earlobe,hair vortex.Clustering analysis showed the shortest genetic distance between the Han population and Zhuang population in Guangxi,and the longest genetic distances between Han and Zhuang population in Guangxi and Mulao population in Guizhou (0.470 6,0.512 5).
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