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    25 September 2015, Volume 36 Issue 5
    Unitary Triangularization for Matrix Based on Schur Lemma
    XIAN Si-Dong, XUE Wen-Ting, LU Chong-Xia, LUO Hai-Yan
    journal6, 2015, 36(5):  1-6. 
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    This paper  gives the three methods of the unitary triangularization matrix based on the three proving methods of Schur lemma.
    Derivation of Calculation Formula of Geodesic Curvature
    XING Jia-Sheng, BAI Lu, LUO Xiu-Hua
    journal6, 2015, 36(5):  7-12. 
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    The derivation of the calculation formula of geodesic curvature on curved surface is discussed in this paper.The directly derived calculation formula is obtained by means of vector outer product.Two derivation processes of the calculation formula of geodesic curvature and the derivation of the Liouville formula are demonstrated in the coordinate grid of the orthogonal curve.
    General Solutions of One Order Constant CoefficientNon-Homogeneous Linear Differential Equation
    DENG Xue, ZHAO Jun-Feng, ZHANG Xiong-Feng
    journal6, 2015, 36(5):  13-15. 
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    For one order constant coefficient non-homogeneous linear differential equation y′+py=Q(x),the concrete expression of special solution with different situations of Q(x) is given through the undetermined coefficient method.The general solution formula with special solution of different expression is presented as well.
    Multiplicity of Periodic Solution of a Class of Non-Automous Second Order System at Resonance
    ZHANG Huan-Huan
    journal6, 2015, 36(5):  16-20. 
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    The existence of periodic solutions for non-automous second order systems at resonance is investigated.With the sub-linear increase of the non-linear term,the periodic solutions of the system are converted into the critical points of a functional defined on a proper space,and the existence of periodic solutions is proved through the critical point theory.
    Mittag-Leffler Stability of a Class of Fractional Order Hopfield Neural Networks
    LIU Xiao-Lei, MA Cui-Ling, HAO Shu-Yan
    journal6, 2015, 36(5):  21-26. 
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    In this paper,we investigate the Mittag-Leffler stability of a class of fractional order Hopfield neural network with Caputo derivative.By using the Mittag-Leffler function,we get some sufficient conditions to guarantee the existence and uniqueness of the equilibrium point and its Mittag-Leffler stability for the fractional order Hopfield neural networks.Finally,we use one numerical simulation example to illustrate the correctness and effectiveness of our results.
    Feasibility Fuzzy Analysis of the Train-Ticket Grabbing Plug-in
    LIANG Zhen-Feng, ZHAO Lian-Wen
    journal6, 2015, 36(5):  27-29. 
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    The train-tickets grabbing plugin is an effective tool to book train-tickets for migrant workers,but at the same time,it is considered as an opportunistic queue jumping technology which seriously disrupts social equity and justice,posing a threat to social stability.Based on this debate,this paper analyzes the feasibility of such plug-in from the four aspects of economy,social adaptation,technology,updating guarantee. The feasibility evaluation index system is constructed.Through the establishment of reasonable factor set,evaluation set,and weights set,the comprehensive multi-layer fuzzy evaluation method is applied to evaluate the feasibility of the grabbing plug-in.
    Information and computer
    An Improved RFID Authentication Protocol for Asynchronous Attack
    ZHANG Bo, NAN Shu-Ping , MENG Li-Jun
    journal6, 2015, 36(5):  30-34. 
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    To ensure the security of RFID tags and reduce the loss by aggressive behavior,this paper presents an improved RFID authentication protocol.When the tag is asynchronously attacked,through the  randomly written seed number,asymmetric keys is produced,and after the verification with the key pre-reserved in the backend database,the attacked tag is recovered to the synchronous state,thereby reducing the risk of tag data leakage and ensuring data security of RFID systems.
    Design of Virtual Experiment Platform of Remote Random Signal Analysis Based on the Matlab Web Server
    YANG Shi-Jiang, YANG Xi, ZHANG Yin-Xing
    journal6, 2015, 36(5):  35-38. 
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    Using Matlab as the software development platform,a design scheme of remote virtual laboratory platform of the course Random Signal Analysis and Processing is proposed.Through accessing the components of MATLAB Web Server via Internet,this program allows the users to take remote simulation experiments based on the client browser.Taking the example of LMS-based adaptive channel equalizer,this paper introduces the implementation procedures of this program.The simulation result demonstrates the effectiveness of the proposed method.
    Analysis on MRI Image Parameter Reconstruction Based on Split Bregman Algorithm
    LIU Mei, LIAO Bai-Lin
    journal6, 2015, 36(5):  39-44. 
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    The emerging compressed sensing (CS) theory,which includes the incoherent measurement matrix,sparse representation,and nonlinear signal reconstruction,has been employed in the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).This paper focuses on Split Bregman algorithm which transforms the problem of convex relaxation to the problem of convex optimization.The main advantages of Split Bregman lie in its high computational efficiency and its capacity to solve multi-regularized inverse problem with high accuracy in MRI reconstruction.The function and tuning mechanism of regularization parameters are analyzed theoretically firstly,and then the influences of tuning the regularization parameters on the convergence accuracy and speed are investigated.In this way,the guidelines are provided for choosing suitable parameters in practical applications.
    Study of BER Performance Simulation in SFH/MFSK Communication System over AWGN Channel
    TIAN Xiao-Wen
    journal6, 2015, 36(5):  45-47. 
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    The anti-jamming performance of slow frequency hopping(SFH) communication system is better that that of fast frequency hopping(FFH) communication system.Based on SFH communication principle,the BER performances of SFH/MFSK communication system are analyzed in the ideal synchronic AWNG channel.Through simulation tool Matlab/Simulink,BER-SNR curves are obtained,and the theoretical analysis is verified.
    Physics and electronics
    Light Intensity Distribution of Near-Field Diffraction for Planar Waves Diffracted at Small Circular Aperture
    YE Fu-Qiu
    journal6, 2015, 36(5):  48-50. 
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    With rigorous vector diffraction theory,the light intensity distribution of near-field diffraction for planar light waves with vertical incidence diffracted at small circular aperture is studied,and the spatial distribution characteristics of the diffraction light intensity simulation is calculated by computer.The Mablab simulation results show that the near-field diffraction belongs to Fresnel diffraction,and similar to Fraunhofer diffraction.
    Design of Remote Control System for Intelligent Electronic Billboards Based on ZigBee+GPRS
    LI Xian-Chun, ZHAN Jie, SUN Qi-Hao, LI Hong
    journal6, 2015, 36(5):  51-56. 
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    Aiming at the difficulty and insecurity in controlling the outdoor electronic billboards,the remote control system for intelligent electronic billboards has been designed based on ZigBee and GPRS.The core of the system is CC2430 microcontroller,and the ZigBee wireless sensor network is built by Z-Stack protocol stack to realize multipoint distributed control system.Furthermore,the collected vibration warning information is transmitted to the mobile terminal of users through GPRS telecommunication technique.This system can adjust the brightness of the backlight of the billboards.It is not only energy-efficient,but also reduces the light pollution.
    Design of Maximum-Efficiency Wireless Power Transmission System Based on Magnetic Resonance
    XIAO Jian, WANG Xiao-Yun, QUAN Xiu-E, HUANG Yong-Gang, SUN Jing
    journal6, 2015, 36(5):  57-62. 
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    In order to optimize the parameters of wireless power transmission system and achieve the maximum efficiency,in this paper, the relationship between efficient and system parameters was soluble by analyzing frequency response of the transmission system equivalent circuit model,and verified the decrease of transmission efficient caused by the frequency bifurcation phenomena at the over coupling condition.The design method of maximum efficient system acquiring the best resonant frequency and coil direction angle based on automatically controlled was presented.The simulation results of Multisim software showed that the transmission efficient could be improved above 43% at the over coupling condition.
    Civil Engineering
    Diffusion Law of Cement-Sodium Silicate Grout in Gravel Ground
    WU You-Ping
    journal6, 2015, 36(5):  63-67. 
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    Based on the seepage equation of the slurry in the porous media,the mathematical formulas of grouting flow time,grout amount,diffusion radius in gravel ground were derived.Under certain conditions,the grout viscosity of the cement-silicate grout change with time was obtained,the effects of grouting pressure and the time of cement-silicate grout arriving into ground on the grout diffusion radius in gravel ground were analyzed.The results indicate that the grout diffusion radius increase nonlinearly with the increase of the grouting pressure and decrease nonlinearly with the time of cement-silicate grout arriving into ground.The calculation results from mathematical formulas accord with the results of grouting engineering,which were grouted of cement-sodium silicate in gravel ground.
    Experimental Study on the Modulus of Elasticity of Fibers Reinforced Cement-Based Composite Materials
    WANG Zi-Guo, LUO Xiao-Jun, LIU Hui
    journal6, 2015, 36(5):  68-70. 
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    Experimental study was conducted to investigate the modulus of elasticity and compressive strength of the steel fiber reinforced concrete and the polyacrylonitrile fiber reinforced rubber mortar.Results showed that compared with the short steel fiber reinforced concrete,the micro steel fiber reinforced concrete had a higher compressive strength and post modulus of elasticity.The incorporation of polyacrylonitrile fiber into rubber mortar can reduce the modulus of elasticity of the rubber mortar but improve its toughness and deformability.
    Characteristic column.Study on Wuling Mountain Area
    Statistical Analysis of GDP Changes in the Wuling Mountainous Area
    CAO Can, LI Jun, CHEN Li
    journal6, 2015, 36(5):  71-76. 
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    Taking the economic construction in Wuling mountainous area as the research core,this paper researches the GDP growth,dynamic degree,the changes in three industry,the range and standard deviation of per capita GDP,variable coefficient and range rate.The clustering analysis method is applied to obtain the characteristics of the economic development,and some suggestions on overcoming poverty and achieving prosperity in this area is proposed.
    σ  Convergence Evaluation Analysis of Local Economic Growth of Hunan Province
    HU Bin, YOU Xin-Cai
    journal6, 2015, 36(5):  77-82. 
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    In recent years,the Club Convergence is becoming a focus in the study of regional economic growth convergence.In this paper,according to the three statistical indexes of the provincial and regional per capita GDP,the per capita disposable income of urban residents,urbanization rate from 2003 to 2013 in Hunan Province,15 research objects are clustered into regional groups,and three levels of economic belts are obtained. With the variance decomposition method,the general regional differences and the differences within and between different levels in 2003—2013 are calculated.The results show that the regional differences in per capita GDP have increased and the economic growth tends to differ;the regional differences in per capita disposable income have also grown and the income growth tends to vary;the regional urbanization rate differences firstly increased and then decreased,and the urbanization rate growth divergence shows the tendency of similitude. The results of variance analysis on the three economic belts show that the per capita GDP and disposable income analysis do not indicate empirically the phenomenon of “club convergence” phenomenon,while the urbanization rate can explain the phenomenon “club convergence” in economic belt.
    Pension Dilemma of the Elderly Empty Nesterin Wuling Mountainous Area and Countermeasure Research
    LIU Ze-Long, LI Jin-Xiu
    journal6, 2015, 36(5):  83-86. 
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    With the change of society and acceleration of urbanization,more and more empty nest families have emerged.Compared with the urban empty nest families,the pension difficulties in rural empty nest families for the elderly are more severe.The supporting problems are closely related with the regional economy and culture. Through literature and interviews,the current situation of the rural empty nest families in Wuling mountainous areas was investigated. Accordingly,the countermeasures are proposed.
    Investigation of Two-Week Prevalence of the Rural Left-Behind Old People and Analysis on the Relevant Factors:An Example in the West of Hunan Province
    CHEN Ying-Chao, LI Ji-Hong, WU Qiu-Gui, GUI Wei-Rong, DENG Yan, HU Bo
    journal6, 2015, 36(5):  87-90. 
    Asbtract ( 2026 )   PDF ( 1251 )  
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    The two week prevalence of the rural left-behind old people and the relevant factors in Hunan western areas were investigated.The enclosed questionnaire and interview and the SPSS 19.0 statistical results showed that the two week prevalence of left-behind old people and old people living with their children were 65.4% and 47.2% respectively,or the prevalence rate of left-behind old people was higher than that of the old people living with their children;74.8% of the left-behind old people and 89.9% of the old people living with their children chose to seek healthcare,or healthcare seeking intention of the old people living with their children was stronger than that of the left-behind old people.The factors influencing the two week prevalence and utilization of health service mainly included smoking,physical labor,health self assessment,gender,knowledge about disease,trust on the medical staff,frequency of children's visits,family economic status,and neighborhood interaction.
    Effects of Endurance Exercise on Iron Metabolism and Hepcidin in Female Athletes
    LIU Jun-Wen, NIE Ji-Lin
    journal6, 2015, 36(5):  91-93. 
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    This study aims to reveal the changes of iron metabolism and provide reference for the prevention and treatment of sports anemia by exploring the effects of  endurance exercise on iron metabolism and hepcidin in female athletes.5 mL venous blood was taken from 12 collegiate female athletes before,immediately after,1 day after and 3 days after the 6-km round-the-city race of Hengyang in Jan.1,2015.Tests of serum iron,serum ferritin,hepcidin and IL-6 in the blood samples showed that immediately after the race,the levels of serum iron and IL-6 rose significantly (P<0.05) compared with those at the other time points;one day after the race,the serum hepcidin levels in the athletes were significantly greater (P<0.01) than those at the other time points.It can be concluded that the endurance exercise produced transient effects on serum iron,hepcidin and IL-6 in female athletes.Therefore the iron metabolism relative indexes and hepcidin levels in female athletes should be frequently monitored.
    Peer Education and Its Impacts on the Left-behind Children’s Physique and Physical Fitness
    TANG Li
    journal6, 2015, 36(5):  94-96. 
    Asbtract ( 1938 )   PDF ( 1255 )  
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    The impacts of peer education on the left-behind children's physique and physical fitness through tracking the changes of related physiological indexes before and after the intervention of peer education.A comparative study was made on a cohort of 200 left-behind children at Jiefangyan School in Jiefangyan town,Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture.A 100-person experimental group and a 100-person control group were stochastically selected for the six-month study,where the former was provided with peer education plus regular education but the latter was provided only with regular education.The results showed little variation in the index of blood pressure,and no difference in height and weight in the two groups,which indicates that peer education has no more intervention than natural maturity in the children's growth of height and weight.But,indexes of vital capacity and chest circumference of the experimental group were significantly higher than those of the control group (P>0.05).It can be concluded that with the intervention of peer education,the left-behind children can increase the lung capacity,and improve the pulmonary ventilation function through long-term regular scientific physical exercise.
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