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    25 November 2008, Volume 29 Issue 6
    Random Quotient Series
    SUN Dao-Chun, ZHANG Xiao-Mei
    journal6, 2008, 29(6):  1-4. 
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    Random meromorphic functions are studied firstly by applying random series.Some fundamental theorems about growth order are obtained.
    Spacelike Hypersurfaces With Quadric Representations Satisfing □x~=Bx~+C
    OUYang-Chong-Zhen , OUYang-Meng
    journal6, 2008, 29(6):  5-8. 
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    Let x:Mn→Ln+1 be an isometric immersion of Riemannian manifold Mn into the Minkowski space Ln+1.The map x~=xxT (T denotes transpose) is called the quadric representation of the spacelike hypersurface Mn.We study the hypersurface Mn which satisfies □x~=Bx~+C,where □ is the linearized operator of the mean curvature of hypersurface Mn,B and C are two constant matrices.
    Asymptotic Behavior of Ratio-Dependent Predator-Prey-Competition System
    CHEN Si-Yang, ZHENG Xiu-Liang
    journal6, 2008, 29(6):  9-13. 
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    A nonautonomous predator-prey and competition system of ratio-dependent and functional response II’ system with feedback controls is investigated,sufficient conditions are obtained for the persistence  of this system by using  comparison theorem.Especially,when the system is a periodic system,sufficient conditions are derived to guarantee the existence,uniqueness and global asymptotic stability of   the positive periodic solution by using  the method of constructing Lyapunov-type functions.
    Variational Stability on Partial Variables for Kurzweil Equations
    LI Bao-Lin, WU Wei-Hong
    journal6, 2008, 29(6):  14-17. 
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    Variational stability on partial variables for Kurzweil equations is discussed by using Lyapunov function,and the theorems of variational stability and asymptotically variational stability on partial variables for Kurzweil equations are established.
    Bayes Estimation of Pareto Distribution Paremeter  Under the Scaled Squared Error Loss Function
    SONG Li-Xin, XU Jun-Mei
    journal6, 2008, 29(6):  18-20. 
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    The Bayesian estimation of Pareto Distribution parameter under the scaled squared error loss function is studied,and the Pareto random sample X1,X2,…,Xn is given.It is proved that the Bayesian estimation is admissible.
    Application of UV-Decomposition Theory to the  Lower-c2Function with the Cone Constrained
    WANG Wei, WANG Wen-Jing
    journal6, 2008, 29(6):  21-24. 
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    In nonsmooth optimization,the study concerning the theory and application of second-order analysis of nonsmooth function has drawn much attention.Lemaréchal,Mifflin,Sagastizabal and Oustry(2000) introduced the UV-decomposition theory,which opens a way to define a suitable restricted second-order derivative of a convex function f at nondifferentiable point x.The basic idea is to decompose Rn into two orthogonal subspaces U and V depending on x,so that the first approximation of f in U is linear,and f's nonsmoothness near the point is concentrated essentially in V,and obtain second-order expansions.This paper mainly applies the UV-decomposition theory to a series of nonconvex function.Using the method of penalty function,the paper discusses the definition of the UV-decomposition of the penalty function,and the first-order and second-order expansions of the penalty function.
    Crossing Numbers of Some Classes of Cartesian Product Graphic
    SU Zhen-Hua, HUANG Yuan-Qiu
    journal6, 2008, 29(6):  25-28. 
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    The crossing number is an important subject in the study of topological graph theory.In this paper,we determine the crossing numbers of some classes of Cartesian product on 6-vertice with paths.
    Crossing Number of the Join of Some 6-Vertex Graphs and Pn
    LI Bo, WANG Jing, HUANG Yuan-Qiu
    journal6, 2008, 29(6):  29-35. 
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    There are several known exact results on the crossing numbers for join products for small graphs of order at
     most five.This paper further studies the join of graphs,and give the exact values of crossing numbers for join products S5∨Pn and G∨Pn for other five graphs G of order six.
    Application of Riordan Matrix
    ZHUO Yun
    journal6, 2008, 29(6):  36-37. 
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    This article mainly dicusses Riordan matrix.The new combinatorial identities of Stirling number of second kind and Bell polynomial are obtained and an application is given.
    Sharable Content Object Reference Model Semantics Based on Ontology
    PENG Xiao-Ning, YANG Jun, Zhao-Chang-Hua
    journal6, 2008, 29(6):  38-41. 
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    With the popularizing of the sharable content object reference model (SCORM),the application bottleneck is becoming increasingly prominent.Although there are a lot of ideas to improve the SCORM,it is only a temporary solution.The paper discusses how to achieve SCORM semantics from the point of view of semantics,making the SCORM accomplish the standardization of resources and meet the intelligence of teaching.It will also prepare the SCORM for semantic web,expanding the application of the SCORM.
    Current Progress in Evolutionary Algorithm Based Multi-Objective Production Scheduling
    SHI Rui-Feng
    journal6, 2008, 29(6):  42-46. 
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    Researches that employ multi-objective evolutionary algorithm to solve complex production scheduling problems have boomed during the past decade.A comprehensive investigation on evolutionary algorithm based multi-objective production scheduling techniques,which includes three kind of optimization frameworks,has been taken in this paper.Future research trends have been proposed after the merits and drawbacks of each generic of the algorithm being compared with others.
    Research of RFID Application in Exhibition Logistics
    KE Ran-Xuan, PENG Guo-Jun
    journal6, 2008, 29(6):  47-49. 
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    From 1999,RFID becomes popular and more and more retailers,banks,etc.apply the new technology to their products or services,operation and management;as well,some logistics providers,such as Schenker,test RFID for shuttle service.The biggest limitation of RFID’s widespread is its cost,both tag and reader.However,RFID’s advantages are also very obvious,which calls for the analysis of its application to Exhibition Logistics.The commodities or goods for an exhibition usually are of high value and require strict supervision,safely and securely.With continuous improvement in technologies and transportation measurements,even the distribution of goods and services is taken on new meaning.This paper discusses how RFID is employed in Exhibition Logistics and calls for applying RFID on worldwide Exhibition Logistics as soon as possible.The significant affect would help logistics enterprises to change accordingly,getting more effective and globally competitive.
    Physics and electronics
    Numerical Analysis of Heat Transfer in Upward Flows of Supercritical Water in Circular Tubes
    SHI Xiao-Bao, WANG Hai-Jun, LUO Yu-Shan, LI Hong-Zhi
    journal6, 2008, 29(6):  50-54. 
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    Heat transfer in upward flows of supercritical water in circular tubes is numerically investigated by using the commerical CFD code FLLUENT.The numerical results were compared with the well-recognized experimental results of Yamagata.Five tubulence models were selected to carry out numerical simulations and the results of RNG k-ε model give a better prediction to the heat transfer than the other models.The comparison of results for different y+ showed that y+ which is no more than 1 would gives a better prediction to the heat transfer.The deviation of results for y+=0.1 is confined to 13%.The heat transfer performance for different heat flux was compared using RNG k-ε model with y+=0.1.The results showed that in the region with high specific thermal capacity and low heat flux the heat transfer would be enhanced.However,the impact of enhancement is weakened with the increase of the heat flux and the deterioration would occur at the critical heat flux.
    Electromagnetic Compatibility Design of Digital UPS
    LI Gui-Mei, DAI Yu-Xing
    journal6, 2008, 29(6):  55-57. 
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    In order to enhance reliability and  stability of control system,the EMC becomes an important factor in design of  UPS.Based on the digital UPS design,the authors analyze the sources of EMI.And from the interference source suppression,system grounding,electromagnetic shielding,isolation technology,and rational layout and structure cabling,the EMC design is analyzed.The result shows that the circuit of design is  reliable and stable,and the design has achieved the expected objective.
    Method of Double Closed-Loop Control for PWM Voltage Rectifier
    ZHOU Pei-Juan, HUANG Shou-Dao, ZHANG Bang-Ying
    journal6, 2008, 29(6):  58-61. 
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    Based on the mathematic module of PWM voltage rectifier in d-q synchronization reference frame,according to the systems control goal,adopting the voltage and electic current double closed-loop control method,the PWM rectifier is obtained for  stable DC-voltage.The wave form and phase angle of input-circuit are controlled.Simulation verifies that the controlling method is rational and effective.
    Application of FRAM Based on the Connection Technology of SPI Bus
    LONG An-Guo
    journal6, 2008, 29(6):  62-64. 
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    This paper first introduces the features of DSP SPI interfaces;it gives the detailed hardware design of the SPI interface between FRAM and TMS320LF2407 system.On the basis of analyzing the working principle of FRAM devices,it discusses the software design of SPI communication between DSP and FRAM.
    Design of Intelligent Motor Protector Based on MSP430F247
    ZHANG Tian-Yu
    journal6, 2008, 29(6):  65-68. 
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    In present market,most motor protectors can not realize data collecting,data processing,data communication and output control independently.It must depend on computer to realize measurement and controlling which will be interrupted once the computer malfunctions.According to these characteristics,the system selects MSP430F247 microcontroller from TI company as MCU of intelligent module and an intelligent motor protector is designed,which can realize data collecting,data processing,data communication and output control independently.It can not only measure the speed and steering of motor with rotary encoder,but also realize the overcurrent protection of motor and unbalanced protection of three-phase current.
    Application of Sub-Optimal Filter in the Fuzzy Control of  Inverted Pendulum
    LI Xiao-Mei, JI Qi-Chun, FENG Yang-Min
    journal6, 2008, 29(6):  69-72. 
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    The balance control of inverted pendulum adopts fuzzy control arithmetic.There exists dithering phenomenon and system output exists biggish overshoot when the system is disturbed by stochastic disturbance.To realize system exact control,get actual states of controlled device,eliminate the dithering influence caused by dynamic noise and measure noise,enhance smoothness of response,this paper designs a sub-optimal filter,which has less numeration and much better real-time response better than kalman,and thus realizes the fast and steady control of inverted pendulum.
    Design and Implementation of Content Based Image Retrieval System Based on Integrated Feature
    ZHANG Jian-Jun, WU Qi-Wu
    journal6, 2008, 29(6):  73-76. 
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    The current image retrieval result being not effective enough by using single feature currently,a method of image retrieval using integrated feature is presented based on the single image feature and weight technology in this paper.The CBIR system is realized in Visual C++ 6.0 based on this method.By experiments,it is proved that this method is effective and greatly superior to the retrieval method of using single feature on the precision rate.
    Research on Scalable Real-Time Video Compression Coding Based on Lifting Wavelet
    LI Xiu-Hua
    journal6, 2008, 29(6):  77-79. 
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    With the further developments of the Internet,besides the original Internet applications,the application of media stream communication becomes a very important kind of network communication application,which is also  a research focus.Because IP network has some inherent characters such as delay,transmit error,packet loss and bandwidth can only afford best-effort service,but can not offer guarantee of service quality  for the real time video stream transmission.So it is neeessary to find a new video compression coding and transmitting method that is suitable for the IP network and network based on scalable video coding so as to meet the requirment to some extent.This text introduceds the theory of lifting wavelet and EZW in detail,and presents an scalable video coding combined lifting wavelet and EZW.It can meet the needs of Internet applications such as progressive transmission,gradual image showing,and so on.
    Numerical Simulation and Optimization of Two-Dimensional Isothermal Extrusion for Globoidal Cams
    ZHANG Hua, HU Zi-Hua
    journal6, 2008, 29(6):  80-83. 
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    Shaping globoidal cam is the key in manufacturing of the globoidal cam indexing device.The traditional method is bar machining,which can hardly meet the producing need for its low rate of material exploitation,low productivity and high cost.Isothermal extrusion of globoidal cam is a kind of technique aiming at Net-Shape and Near-Net-Shape.In this paper,MSC.Marc software is used to simulate numerically the globoidal cam isothermal extrusion.The influences of different model cavity concave wedge angle a on the performance of fulling billets are analyzed.The research provides an important basis for the realization of globoidal cam isothermal extrusion and model structure optimization.
    Biological resources
    Synthesis of An Unsymmetrical Conjugated Phenylacetylene Dendritic Monomer
    PENG Xiao-Chun, PENG Xiao-Hong, XU Mei-Yun, YAN Wen-Bin, HE Ze-Qiang, CHEN Shang, PENG Qing-Jing, YIN Hong
    journal6, 2008, 29(6):  84-87. 
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    The 1.0 generation of unsymmetrical conjugated phenylacetylene dendritic monomer has been successfully synthesized by the convergent method via optimal reaction conditions with o-methoxylphenol and dimethyl sulfate.1H NMR analysis characterized the new dendrimers.The result shows the phenylacetylene dendrimer has unsymmetrical conjugated structures and the yield rate is 59.1%.
    Preparation and Behavior Test of Chlorogenic Acid Imprinted Polymer Microspheres by Precipitation Polymerization Techniquea
    LI Hui, LI Ya-Nan, ZHANG Chao-Hui, LI Zhi-Ping, HE Jun, SHI Hui
    journal6, 2008, 29(6):  88-91. 
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    Chlorogenic acid imprinted polymer (MIP) micropheres were prepared by precipitation polymerization method using chlorogenic acid as template,acrylamide as functional monomer,ethylene glycol dimethacrylate (EGDMA) as cross-linker and AIBN as initiator,respectively.The influence of the amounts of solvent,functional monomer,initiator and cross-linker on the polymer behavior in the rebinding of the template was discussed.The molecularly imprinted polymer prepared under the conditions of 50 mL of porogen,0.25 mmol template compound,1 mmol MAA,10 mmol EGDMA and 12.23 mg initiator,is of the highest binding capacity to the template molecule.
    Chemistry and chemical engineering
    Removal of CODCr in Wastewater Using Modified Powder of Oyster Shell
    WU Xian-Ge, JIANG Jian-Bo, XIAO Jun-Xia
    journal6, 2008, 29(6):  92-95. 
    Asbtract ( 2675 )   PDF ( 1859 )  
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    Application of modified powder of oster shell to remove CODCr in waste water produced in life was investigated.Results showed that when the waste water (pH was 6.64) containing 500,5 mg·L-1 of CODCr and TP was treated for 30 min at 25 ℃ using 7.5 g of modified powder of oster shell per 100 g waste water,68.3% of CODCr in waste water could be removed and the absorption amount of this powder to PO3-4—P reached 0.043 1  mg·L-1 powder.It was feasible to treat wastewater produced in life using  modified powder of oster shell.
    Separation,Purification and Identification of Two Vibrio Flagellin
    LIU Zhan-Jun, LIANG Hai-Ying, WU Zao-He, JIAN Ji-Chang
    journal6, 2008, 29(6):  96-100. 
    Asbtract ( 2256 )  
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    The vibro flagellin of Vibro alginolyticus and Vibro harveyi was pxtracted and then detected by high-speed centrifugal,cycles of differential centrifugation,vertical slab gel electrophoresis,western blotting and electronic microscopy identification.The result shows that the experiment has  already separated the purificated flagellin of Vibro harveyi and the original flagellin extracts of Vibro alginolyticus succesfully.The purification of Vibro harveyi has three clear protein lines by SDS-PAGE (relative molecular weight are 39.7,41.9and 42.7 KDa).Transmission electronic microscopy discovers that the protein assumes classical filamentous.This suggests that the flagellar filament of Vibro harveyi is made up of three subunit of flagellin whose molecular weight are 39.7,41.9 and 42.7 KDa respectively.The original flagellin extracts of Vibro alginolyticus have five to nine protein lines by SDS-PAGE,and the protein whose molecular weight are 36.8 KDa have remarkable immuno-genicity.
    Magnesian Biology Function and Herbivore Magnesium Deficiency
    YANG Dong-Mei, XUE Li-Qun, LI Jun-Nian, DENG Zhi-Bang
    journal6, 2008, 29(6):  101-103. 
    Asbtract ( 2164 )   PDF ( 2115 )  
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    Magnesuim,as an essential trace element,plays an important role in herbivore nutrition.In order to improve magnesian bio-availability and its reasonable usage in herbivore diets,magnesian nutrition for herbivores covering biological functions,absorption and metabolism,deficiency and surplus,sources and supplies,requirement and nutritional efficacy of magnesian supplemented in herbivore diet were reviewed.
    Medical Science
    Effects of Astragaloside on Cardiomyocyte Apoptosis in Adriamycin-Induced Cardiomyopathy in Rats
    ZHONG Fei, LI Hui, ZHOU Wei-Hua
    journal6, 2008, 29(6):  104-106. 
    Asbtract ( 2220 )   PDF ( 1649 )  
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    Objective  To explore the effects of Astragaloside on cardiomyocyte apoptosis and the expression of telomerase in adriamycin (ADR)-induced cardiomyopathy in rats.Methods  Male SD rats weighing about 250 g were used to establish the model of Adriamycin-induced Cardiomyopathy,then randomized into groups:Astragaloside group,ADR group,control group and control+Astragaloside group.Apoptotic cardiomyocytes were detected using the terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase mediated dUTP nick end labeling method (TUNEL).The expression of telomerase was determined by TRAP-PCR-ELISA method.Results  Compared with control group,ADR group had significantly higher index of apoptotic cardiomyocytes (P<0.05).The apoptotic index in Astragaloside group was less than that in ADR group (P<0.05),however significantly higher than that in control group and control+Astragaloside group (P<0.05).The expression of telomerase in Astragaloside group was significantly higher than that in ADR group(P<0.05),however significantly lower than that in control group and control+Astragaloside group (P<0.05).Conclusions  Myocardial apoptosis is an important mechanism of adriamycin-induced cardiomyopathy.Astragaloside therapy can inhibit cardiomyocyte apoptosis in adriamycin-induced cardiomyopathy,partly because it might increase expression of telomerase.
    Orderliness of Genes Expression Profiling in Viral Heart Disease
    LI Shuang-Jie, ZHONG Fei, ZHANG Zhao-Cai, CHEN Rui-Zhen, YANG Ying-Zhen, CHEN Hao-Zhu, GE Jun-Bo
    journal6, 2008, 29(6):  107-111. 
    Asbtract ( 2272 )   PDF ( 1572 )  
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    Objective To obtain the data on dynamic gene expression changes during the progression from myocarditis to dilated cardiomyopathy.Methods Four-weeks-old-male Balb/c mice were inoculated repetitively once month with Nancy strain of CVB.The gene expression profiles were investigated in mice cardiac tissue samples of acute and chronic viral myocarditis and dilated cardiomyopathy by cDNA microarry techniques,which include 8000 cDNA clones of mice,at days 0,7,21 and 3,6,9 months postinfection time points as compared with no-infection.A self-orangizing map(SOM) was used to analyze the data of differentially expressed genes with the GeneMaths software.Results (1) gene expressions were found up-regulated only at 7 day(cluster 10,14,15,19,20),21 day(cluster 21,22) or 7 and 21 days(cluster 23,24) respectively;(2) gene expressions down-regulated were found only at 7 (cluster 6,7,11,12) 21 day(cluster 4,5),or at 7 and 21 days(cluster 2,3,8);(3) genes expressions down-regulated were also demonstrated  at 7 day and up-regulated at 21 day and 3 month( cluster 1,16).(4)some genes persisted up- (e.g.latent transforming growth factor beta binding protein,beta-2 microglobulin,CD 53 antigen) or down-regulated (e.g.alpha 1 microglobulin,ninjurin 1,kallikrein 27,cytokine inducible SH2-containing protein 2) through each points.Conclusion We have established dynamic gene expression profiling database during the progression from myocarditis to dilated cardiomyopathy in mice with CVB infection.The results provide new insight into potential molecular mechanisms of progression from myocarditis to dilated cardiomyopathy with CVB infection.
    Science,Technology and the Traditional Ethnic Sports Industry
    ZHONG Hai-Ping
    journal6, 2008, 29(6):  112-117. 
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    The formation and development of the traditional ethnic sports industry are explored at first.The developing mode can be classified into affiliated cultural mode and leading cultural mode.The role that science and technology play in the development of the traditional ethnic sports industry is studied.The ideas as to how to bring seience and technology into full play are put forward.
    Evolution and Innovation of Characteristics of the Traditional Ethnic Sports Culture in China
    HUANG Jian
    journal6, 2008, 29(6):  118-120. 
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    This article utilizes literature survey to study the evolution and innovation of characteristics of the traditional ethnic sports culture in China.The results show that the geographical differences lead to the regional changes of the traditional ethnic sports,and the production method thasnformation results in the heterogeneity of the traditional ethnic sports culture.Based on the results,the author puts forward an innovation mode to expand the living space,promote the vitality,and impel the development of the traditional ethnic sports.
    Current Situation of Traditional Ethnic Sports in the Mountain Villages of Xiangxi and Its Development and Conserving Stradtegies
    LI Yu-Wen
    journal6, 2008, 29(6):  121-124. 
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    The forming conditions for the traditional ethnic sports in the mountain villages of Xiangxi and the diversity of the sports items are reviewed.The surviving state of the sports items is explained.Both the internal and external reasons for the slow development of the traditional ethnic sports items in those mountain village are presented,and then the developing strategies are put forward.This research has reference value for discovering,popularizing and developing those outstanding sports items.
    Problems and Strategies of Implementation of The National Undergradnate Physical Education Curriculum Scheme in Colleges and Universities
    LIU Shao-Ying
    journal6, 2008, 29(6):  125-128. 
    Asbtract ( 2046 )   PDF ( 1444 )  
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    It has been proved that there are some problems in implementation of The National Undergradnate Physical Education Curriculum Scheme in Colleges and Universities (2004) ,which are shown in the difficulty in grasping the training objectives,inconvenience in quantification of the training standards,insufficiency of rigidity in the key curriculums,and the lack of humanistic spirit in curriculum design.The author suggests formulating new training standards,setting up a new speciality curriculum,and increasing the proportion of the speciality courses.
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