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    25 January 2009, Volume 30 Issue 1
    Stability Versions of  Veljian-Korchmaros Inequality of an n-Simplex and Applications
    ZHANG Yao
    journal6, 2009, 30(1):  1-3. 
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    The author gives the stability versions of Veljian-Korchmaros inequality of an n-simplex.In application,the author also gives the stability versions of the inequalities concerning the volume,circumradius and median of an n-simplex.
    Calculation Methods of Diagonally Dominant Matrix in-Situ Replacement
    HEI Zhi-Jian, HEI Long, YANG Xiu-Jie
    journal6, 2009, 30(1):  4-8. 
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    The calculation methods of diagonally dominant matrix in-situ replacement are researched,including the matrix determinant,the matrix equation unknown and the matrix inversion computation.Make use of the principle of matrix triangular decomposition and matrix operations fundamental to derive the calculation formula for matrix elements of simplification value,thus it further derives using of matrix elements of simplification value to compute the in-situ replacement solution formula of calculation of matrix determinant,matrix equation unknown and inverse matrix array elements.Calculation of the formula used in pure form of presentation is conducive to programming calculation,and it can realize the in-situ replacement solution according to the place of matrix elements in the matrix.The calculation space and time of this method can be saved,and the efficiency of scientific computation is improved.
    Existence of Almost Periodic Type Solutions for Some Nonlinear Delay Integral Equations
    YAO Hui-Li
    journal6, 2009, 30(1):  9-12. 
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    The author discusses the existence of almost periodic type solutions for some nonlinear delay integral equations by using fixed points theory on Hilbert projective metric.
    A Normality Criterion of Meromorphic Functions
    WANG You-Ming, TENG Jing
    journal6, 2009, 30(1):  13-16. 
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    Let F  be a family of meromorphic functions in a      domain DC,all of whose zeros are of multiplicity at least k.Let k be a positive integer,and let a,b and c be three finite complex numbers such that a≠b,a≠c and h1,h2,h3 be three positive numbers.If f(z)=a |f(k)(z)|≤h1,f(z)=b  |f(k)(z)|≤h2,f(k)(z) =c|f(z)|≥h3 for every f∈F,and all f’s zeros are of multiplicity at least k,then F  is normal in D.
    Morphic Rings,PS-Rings,FS-Rings and Morita Context Rings
    WANG De-Zhan, WANG Yao
    journal6, 2009, 30(1):  17-19. 
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    The authors discuss the favorable properties of morphic rings in reduced condition,and its relationship with other classes of rings as well.
    Almost Periodic Solutions for a Class of  Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
    LUO Hong-Ying, LIU Jun, LV Xian
    journal6, 2009, 30(1):  20-22. 
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    In this paper,the almost periodic solutions for a class of four order nonlinear  dynamical systems are studied by using the Leray-Schauder fixed point theorem and the method of Liapunov function.The sufficient conditions which guarantee the existence of the almost periodic  solutions are obtained.
    Variable-Parametric Discrete Li-Yorke Chaotic Systems and the Existence of Asymptotic Periodic Point
    ZHU Xi, HUA Xiu-Juan
    journal6, 2009, 30(1):  23-26. 
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    It is proved that variable-parametric discrete Devaney chaotic systems is also chaotic in the sense of Li-Yorke,and several new variable-parametric chaotic systems are introduced.After that the authors study  the existence of its asymptotic periodic point.These results futher extend the scope of the research on discrete chaotic systems.
    Oscillation of Second Order Emden-Fowler Neutral Delay Differential Equations
    LI Tong-Xing, HAN Zhen-Lai, SUN Shu-Rong
    journal6, 2009, 30(1):  27-29. 
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    By generalized Riccati transformation and inequality technique,the oscillation of second order Emden-Fowler neutral delay differential equations is considered,and some new interval oscillation criteria are established.
    Inverse Problem for Generalized Toeplitz Matrices over Quaternion Field
    YUAN Shi-Fang
    journal6, 2009, 30(1):  30-32. 
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    Inverse problems for generalized Toeplitz matrices over quaternion field are considered.The necessary and sufficient conditions for existing solutions and the solution expressions are derived.
    Two Notes on Positiveness Judgement of Matrix in Linear Complementarity Problem
    YONG Long-Quan, DENG Fang-An
    journal6, 2009, 30(1):  33-35. 
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    The authors study two methods to judg positive definite matrix in linear complementarity problem,and  obtain some conditions to ensure positiveress of matrixes.Meanwhile,it is indicated that some existent conditions of the solution to linear complementary problem in literature [4] are only sufficient but not necessary conditions.
    Generalized Ordering Statistics Bidding Model
    SONG Chao-He
    journal6, 2009, 30(1):  36-38. 
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    In the seller bidding of ordering statistics bidding function,define the expected deviation of the last non-winner’s price and the winner’s price as the bidding enterprise income,and  it is a decrease function on the number of bidder.Based on this result  supposing that the bidding function is a continuous cave function and the probably density function of the bidding price is decreasing function,the author studies the relations between last non-winner’s price and the winner’s price in generalized ordering statistics and gets a result that the expected deviation of the last non-winner’s price and the winner’s price decrease with the increase of the number of bidder in generalized ordering statistics.This study expands the conclusion from ordering statistics to generalized ordering statistics and provides the methods and theories for the research of bidding model.
    Overloaded Model of Concurrent Inquiry System Based on Queuing Theory
    XIAO Wei, TAN Chang-Sheng
    journal6, 2009, 30(1):  39-42. 
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    Based on queuing system and according to concurrency characteristics of comprehensive inquiry system when adopting database server,multi-server hybrid M/M/S/C queuing model was set up.Taking EMS memory limits of the server into account,optimal model was established under constraint of probability no more than metric.To conclude,the authors evaluate the simulation results after simulation is processed to this system.
    Method and Strategy to Backup ORACLE Database
    ZHANG Zi-Hui
    journal6, 2009, 30(1):  43-45. 
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    As database security is an important safeguard for normal operation of management system,database backup becomes a necessary component in any computer information system.This paper introduces the method and strategy to backup ORACLE database in order that recovering efficiency can be increased,while the recovering time and cost can be reduced.
    Physics and electronics
    On Gravitational Wave Being Nonlinear Wave
    ZHANG Yi-Fang
    journal6, 2009, 30(1):  46-50. 
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    The gravitational wave based on the nonlinear equations of the gravitational field should usually be nonlinear wave,and possesses some different characteristics with the electromagnetic wave.For this some solutions of the equations are discussed quantitatively.The nonlinearity of the gravitational wave originates from a nonlinear essence of the gravitational field.
    Some Problems Beyond the Standard Model of the Elementary Particle
    XU Di-Yu, JIAO Shan-Qing, GONG Zi-Zheng, WANG Chang-Jiang
    journal6, 2009, 30(1):  51-55. 
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    Some prime principles of the standard model of the elementary particle which have been supported over a long period of time have incurred censure recently from experimental facts,for example,EMC effect found by EMC  group,the conversion process of flavor-changing neutral currents of a quark discovered by CLEO team,indications that a quark has structure by CDF group and  〖AKl-〗-q resonance by machines HI and ZEUS of HERA which may mean deeper and further physics there,a neutrino having mass,mixedness and oscillation pointed out by Kamioka Collaboration experiment,quark-gluon structure of a photon discoverd,a lepton having anomalous magnetic moment,and so on.All those deviate from the standard model,so it is necessary to reexamine the standard model of particle.
    Token Ring-Shaped Net of Quantum Teleportation byUsing Three-Particle GHZ States
    ZHOU Xiao-Qing, WU Yun-Wen
    journal6, 2009, 30(1):  56-62. 
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    The authors investigate physical principium for building the quantum teleportation net by using three-particle GHZ states,find out unitary transformation matrix for quantum teleportation of three-particle GHZ states,and  design a token ring-shaped quantum teleportation net.The authors propose a scheme for  quantum communications net and its protocol.If all stations work as the scheme,quantum communications between any two stations may be realized.All station and manage expense can be monitored by using monitor station.
    Current Situation and Development Direction of Digital Image Processing Technology
    CHEN Bing-Quan, LIU Hong-Li, MENG Fan-Bin
    journal6, 2009, 30(1):  63-70. 
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    The major properties of digital image processing technology are reviewed,including the production and development of image collection and digitalization,image compression,image enhancement and reconstruction,image segmentation and image analysis.Based on the latest development in this field,the highlights in the development of those aspects are introduced.Thus,the challenge and development divection of digital image processing technology are summarized.
    Design and Simulation of Fuzzy-Controller Based on pH Neutralization Process
    ZENG Zhi-Gang
    journal6, 2009, 30(1):  71-73. 
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    In neutralization process,pH neutralization might be very difficult to control due to its highly nonlinear nature.A fuzzy-Controller can be used for controlling a broad range of uncertain systems in the presence of strong disturbances,and still exhibits excellent adaptability and robustness.The paper address the problem of the utilization of a fuzzy-controller for the abstract nonlinear process mentioned above.Simulation studies for pH neutralization substantiate that the fuzzy controller can provide much better set-point tracking and disturbance rejection than traditional controllers.
    Improvement of the Experimentation of Measuring Surface Tension  Coefficient of Liquid  Based on Π Type Tinsel
    WU Li-Hua
    journal6, 2009, 30(1):  74-75. 
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    The experimentation of measuring surface tension coefficient of liquid usually makes use of metal ring.But,as it is difficult to adjust the level of ferrule and the ferrule side can not contact with liquid,great experimental errors may result in while,with Π type tinsel,the accuracy can be improved.
    Improvement of Experimental Methods for Holography Technology
    WANG Peng-Peng, LI Xiao-Juan, YE Fu-Qiu
    journal6, 2009, 30(1):  76-78. 
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    Experiment of laser holography has high requirements for environment and conditions.After analysing and exploring the factors which influence laser holography,the author points out the reasous for the low success rate of carrying out the holography experiments on high floors and puts forward solutions accordingly.This study is of value for physics experiment teaching in unversities and for practical application.
    Chemistry and chemical engineering
    Establishment of GC to Detect Trehalose in Aloe
    ZHAO Hua, HE Cong-Fen, QIN Yun-Rong, LIU Lei, ZHONG Qin
    journal6, 2009, 30(1):  79-83. 
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    To determine the content of trehalose in transgenic Aloe by gas chromatography (GC),1-Methyl-imidazol,Hydroxylammonium chloride and Acetic anhydride were used to derivative the trehalose.The difference of the retention time among the same carbohydrate derivatives is 3s by this method.And it can separate the glucose,milk sugar,sucrose and trehalose clearly.The results showed a good linear relationship within a range from 3.697×10-9 g to 28.661×10-9 g,and the liner correlation coefficient of the trehalose is 0.998 6.The content of trehalose in the three-year,five-year aloe (Aloe vera.L) and aloe transformed by ostA were determined by GC.The results show that the trehalose of the fiveyear aloe (Aloe vera.L) is 1.59 times as great as the three-year.The content of trehalose in five-year aloe is 1.103×10-5 g per 10g,and 6.905×10-6 g per 10g in three-year aloe.The content of trehalose is 1.614×10-5 g per 10g in aloe transformed by ostA which is 2.33 times as great as the three-year aloe (Aloe vera.L).The results prove that the ostA gene from E.coli is successfully transformed to aloe and expressed.
    Topological Study of the Biodegradability of  Substituted Phenols and Benzoic Acids
    YAN Wei-Juan, ZHENG Ping, HONG Fan, FENG Chang-Jun
    journal6, 2009, 30(1):  84-88. 
    Asbtract ( 2459 )   PDF ( 1509 )  
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    The electrotopological state index (Ei),transformed electrotopological state index (EEi) and molecular electronegativity-distance vector (MEDV)  (Mk) were used to describe the molecular structures of 30 substituted phenols and benzoic acids  compounds in this paper,in which EEi= Ei+0.5Qj,Qj = 3x-1.5y,x being the number of -OH,y being the number of -COOH in molecule j.A quantitative linear relationship between biochemical oxygen demand of 30 substituted phenols and benzoic acids compounds and 3-variable model (EE43,E28,M28) was set up using a stepwise linear regression (SLR).The QSBR model is obtained as follows:BOD% = 66.121-3.594EE43+57.028E28-15.049M28,R =0.900.Using leave-one-out (LOO) of Jackknifed method,the model possessed better predictability and robustness.The calculated values were in good agreement with experimental data The equation has shed light on the essencial factors influencing the biodegradability of substituted phenols and benzoic acids compounds.
    Effects of Aloes Extract on Anti-Oxidation Performance of Oil-in Water Emulsion
    LUO Shi-Lan, OUYang-Yu-Zhu , TANG Sai-Yan, TANG Hong-Yu
    journal6, 2009, 30(1):  89-92. 
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    Adding aloes extracts in oil-in water emulsion,influences of aloes extracts dosage,temperature and ultraviolet light on peroxide value of emulsion cosmetics and hydroxyl free radical scavenging capacity were investigated.The results showed that the peroxide value of emulsion with addition of  8 mL aloes extracts for 5 hours decreased by 20.64% compared with that without addition of aloes extract.After 5 hours of UV irradiation,the peroxide values of emulsion with addition of aloes extracts decreased by 16.73% compared with that  without aloes extract.After being heated at 40 ℃ for 5 hours,the peroxide values of the emulsion with addition of aloes extracts decreased by 21.76% compared with that  without aloes extracts.The hydroxyl free radical scavenging capacity experiment shows that adding aloes extract in emulsion,the scavenging rate can increase by 5.5 times.
    Conventional Constituents Analysis and Evaluation of Flue-Cured Tobacco Leaf from the Main Tobacco Areas of Xiangxi
    SHI Hui, ZHANG Qi-Long, LI Hui, TANG Zong-Bao, ZHANG Zi-Jie, WAN Zu-Gang, LIU Ji-Yan, ZHANG Yu-Ying, LI Yong-Fu, DUAN You-Gou, TIAN Feng, OU Juan , HUANG Yue-Lian
    journal6, 2009, 30(1):  93-97. 
    Asbtract ( 3171 )   PDF ( 1726 )  
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    〗Five conventional constituents in 202 flue-cured tobacco samples from two tobacco areas (Longshan and Sangzhi) of Xiangxi in 2006 were analyzed and evaluated.By the comparison with that from Yunnan,it was found that the content of total sugar in Xiangxi tobacco was higher than the sugar range of good quality tobacco,but lower than that in Yunnan tobacco.For most tobacco samples in Xiangxi,the content of nicotine was in a suitable but slightly high level and higher than that from Yunnan.The content of Cl-1 and total nitrogen was within a suitable range,as well as the ratio of TS/alkali and K/Cl.The ratio of TS/alkali in tobacco from Xiangxi was generally lower than that from Yunnan and TN/alkali ratio lower than good quality tobacco.In order to further improve the quality of tobacco in Xiangxi areas,it is necessary to improve bionomic and cultivated conditions and to utilize flue-cured and modulation technique so as to reduce the content of total sugar and nicotine and to increase the content of K in Xiangxi tobacco.
    Biological resources
    Investigation on Alien Invasive Plants in Xiangxi of Hunan Province,China
    XU Liang, CHEN Gong-Xi, ZHANG Dai-Gui, ZHANG You-Jie, DENG Tao
    journal6, 2009, 30(1):  98-103. 
    Asbtract ( 2468 )   PDF ( 1620 )  
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    56 species of alien invasive plants belonging to 24 families have been found in Xiangxi  of Hunan Province through preliminarily investigation.The most abundant family is Compositae including 19 species (32.14%).Among those species,35 species originate from America and others originate from Europe,Asia,Oceania and Africa.The invading paths include intentional (32 species),unconscious (20 species) and natural (2 species),50 species of Herbs account for 89.29% of the total species.Based on their geographical distribution,46 genera are classified into 9 areal-types,and most of them belong to the tropical distribution(22 generas,47.83 %).Although harms of the alien invasive plants have not broken out,government must pay attention to it.Finally,some preventable strategies are suggested.
    Some Newly Recorded Plants of Wulingshan Mt. in Hunan Province(I)
    ZHANG Dai-Gui, XU Liang, DENG Tao, LI Xiao-Teng, CHEN Gong-Xi
    journal6, 2009, 30(1):  104-106. 
    Asbtract ( 2692 )   PDF ( 1830 )  
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    Some newly recorded plants of Wulingshan Mt are reported in Hunan,including 1 genera,Draba Linn.There are 10 species:Actinodaphne lecomtei Allen,Hylotelephium verticillatum (Linn.) H. Ohba,Sedum elatinoides Franch.,Delphinium trifoliolatum Finet et Gagnep.,Corydalis tomentella Franch,Corydalis gracillima C. Y. Wu,Corydalis wilsonii N. E. Brown,Draba nemorosa Linn.、Yinshania acutangula (O. E. Schulz ) Y.H.Zhang,Viola biflora Linn;1 subspecies,Corydalis. acuminata Franch. subsp. hupehensis C. Y. Wu;1 form,Anemone hupehensis Lem. f. alba W. T. Wang.Description of  seed features of  Berberis oblanceifolia C.M.Hu is made 2 species are mergerd,Epimedium baojingense Q. L. Chen et B. M. Yang and Asarum caudigerum Hance var. cardiophyllum (Franch.) C.Y.Cheng et C.S.Yang.
    Advances in Study of Epimdium L.
    ZHANG Ming-Yue, SHI Jin-Xiao
    journal6, 2009, 30(1):  107-113. 
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    This paper reviews the progress in the study of Epimdium L.,including  taxononmy and distribution,chemical research,pharmacological effect,ecophysiology,introduction and cultivation and so on.Related prospects are made accordingly.
    Current Situation and Countermeasures of Training High-LevelTrack and Field Teams in Colleges and Universities
    ZHANG Jian
    journal6, 2009, 30(1):  114-118. 
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    Through the method of documentary and invesigation interview,the author explores the current situation of training high-level track and field teams in colleges and universities of Hunan Province,and puts forword several treasures of great referential value.
    Construction of Experiential Marketing Model of Sports Products
    DONG Hai-Zhen, DONG Zhi-Hui
    journal6, 2009, 30(1):  119-121. 
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    Starting from analying the core idea,model and strategy of experiential marketing,the author explores the experiential marketing model of sports product in order that marketing of sports product can adapt to the experiential economy.
    Library and Information
    Research on Inegration of Network Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Information Resources
    ZHU Chang-Ju, PENG Feng-Lan
    journal6, 2009, 30(1):  122-124. 
    Asbtract ( 2300 )   PDF ( 1776 )  
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    This paper introduces the type and the characteristics of chemistry chemical network information resources,analyze the necessity of chemistry chemical network information resource integration,and offers five kinds of integration modes,i.e.,integration based on OPAC,resouces navigation system,hyper link,inter-database retrieval,and subject information gateway.
    Analysis of Types of Government Information Resources User
    LU Ming-Fang, QIN Su-E
    journal6, 2009, 30(1):  125-128. 
    Asbtract ( 2499 )   PDF ( 1501 )  
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    With the development of society informationization and the diversification of information users,research on different types of user’s information needs has become the highlights of research on information users at this stage.There are various types of government information resources users and various needs.By analyzing the relationship of the types of information users and information needs,the authors give several suggestions on personalization one-station and knowledge services.
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