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    25 March 2009, Volume 30 Issue 2
    Homogeneous Composed Groebner Basis over Noetherian Domain
    CHEN Xiao-Song, TANG Sheng
    journal6, 2009, 30(2):  1-4. 
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    Composition is the operation of replacing variables in a polynomial with other polynomials.For Noetherian domain,homogeneous composition and Groebner basis computation is commutative if composition is compatible with the term ordering and it is a list of monic homogeneous polynomial with its monic powering product being a permuted powering.
    New Judgment  Criteria for  Directed H-Graph
    LI Hong-Gang, LIU Yu-Hang
    journal6, 2009, 30(2):  5-9. 
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    By applying determinant det2(A) in boolean algebra,the authors introduce the characteristic determinant det2(A) and discuss the relationship between the features of det2(A) and the cycle of directed graph.Based on the conclusions,the authors put forward some new features of directed H-graph and its new judgment criteria.
    Ranking Method for Interval Numbers with Probability Distribution and Its Application
    LIU Jia-Cheng, LIN Tao, GUO Yao-Huang
    journal6, 2009, 30(2):  10-12. 
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    A new ranking method for interval numbers with probability distribution and its application are studied.Two notions,interval numbers with probability distribution and possibility,are given at first;then the ranking method of interval numbers with probability distribution is researched;at last,an applied example is given.
    Applications of Polynomial Ideals to Trivariate Interpolation
    CUI Li-Hong, NIU Hui
    journal6, 2009, 30(2):  13-15. 
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    By using the basic theories of ideals and algebraic sets in the algebraic geometry,the multivariate Lagrange interpolation problems in the three dimensional Euclidean Space are dealt with in this paper.A new method for constructing properly posed set of nodes along algebraic surfaces is given,i.e.Algebraic Surfaces Superpositon Process,which generalizes the results obtained on this aspect and is of great significance in surface split-joint,scattered data interpolation and fitting,etc.
    Uniqueness of Entire Function  Sharing a Set with Its Dirivative
    DING Jie, BAI Ling-Ling, YUAN Wen-Jun
    journal6, 2009, 30(2):  16-18. 
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    This paper studies the uniqueness problem of entire function  sharing a set with its dirivative by using the thoery of normal families.When the number of elements in the set is n+1(n≥2),various relations of the fuction and its dirivative are obtained.
    Weighted Inequalities for  Singular Integral Operators with Dini-Type Condition
    FENG Wen-Li, ZHAO Jian-Hua
    journal6, 2009, 30(2):  19-21. 
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    Now the study of singular integral operator with standard kernel is very popular.In order to enlarge the research scope,
    the authors decline the condition of kernel to Dini-type condition;and by using the quality of kernel and technique estimation,the authors obtain  some weighted norm inequalities for the singular integral operator with Dini-type condition.
    Convolution Properties of Two Subclasses of p-Valent  Analytic Functions
    SUN Yong, KUANG Wei-Ping
    journal6, 2009, 30(2):  22-25. 
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    The subclasses  M*p(n,α) and Np(n,α) of p-valent analytic functions in open unit disk are introduced.The authors derive several convolution properties of them by applying certain techniques based upon the principle of mathematical induction and the Cauchy-Schwarz inequality.
    Global Asymptotic Stability of a Class of Third-Order Nonlinear Differential Equation
    DENG Chun-Hong
    journal6, 2009, 30(2):  26-29. 
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    A better Lyapunov function of a class of  third-order nonlinear differential equations has been constructed by the method of the energy metric algorithm,and some sufficient conditions of globally asympotic stability of zero solution are obtained.The hard condition  that Lyapunov function shoud be  infinite has been removed,and the only requirement is that the positive orbit of the equation should be bounded.The result not only covers but also  improves some of the old results.
    Oscillation Criteria for Second Order Nonlinear Functional Different Equations
    TANG Wen-Feng, XU Li-Xin
    journal6, 2009, 30(2):  30-32. 
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    Using the theory of oscillation,the authors studied the oscillation criteria for second order nonlinear functional different equations.Some new oscillation criteria for equations were obtained.These criteria have extended and improved  a number of the existing results.
    A Computer Algorithm for Seeking the Solutions of  n-Variables Linear Congruence Equation
    TANG Jin-Wen, LI Zheng-Biao
    journal6, 2009, 30(2):  33-37. 
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    Firstly,on the basis of the theory for indefinite equation,a proof is given for necessary and sufficient conditions of solution existence of  n-variables linear congruence equation.Secondly,on the basis of the given method,a computer algorithm is given for finding the solution of  n-Variables linear congruence equation.
    Designing and Realizing a  SOAP  Secure Toolkit
    ZENG Xiu, PENG Hong, ZUO Guo-Wei, ZHANG Wei-Min
    journal6, 2009, 30(2):  38-40. 
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    This article puts forward a  secure toolkit based on  SOAP(Simple Object Access Protocol)  about the security of  Web Services.It is made up of five parts:processing secure information,processing  authorized  information,processing signature,processing encrypted data,and processing identified information.The authors carefully design and realize  processing secure information and processing  authorized  information.
    Coding Method of PDU Mode and Programming of SMS Based on GSM
    HUANG Tian-Qiang, XU Hong-Zhi
    journal6, 2009, 30(2):  41-43. 
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    Short Message is a criterion constituted by ETST,AT command format and the coding method of PDU mode based on GSM short message service are introduced.The core code is supplied in the end of the article.
    Study on Intelligent Logging-on System in the Networked Manufacturing Integrated Platform
    MA Jing, MA Qian
    journal6, 2009, 30(2):  44-47. 
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    To solve the logging-on of networked manufacturing integration platform for the service-oriented architecture,a service-oriented intelligent logging-on of networked manufacturing integration platform was proposed.This system uses the intelligent logging-on server,which is centralized in the identity authentication management and distributed in the access authorization management and which also maintains original user administration module independence of the heterogeneous application system in the platform.This paper in detail introduces its basic principle and the realization mechanism,and proposes the application example of the intelligent logging-on of networked manufacturing integration platform.
    Physics and electronics
    Research on Single Slit Diffraction of Molecular C60 with Quantum Theory
    LIU Xiao-Jing, WU Yi-Heng, HUANG Pei-Ku, MENG Xiang-Wei, TANG Hou-Li, GUO Yi-Qing
    journal6, 2009, 30(2):  48-51. 
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    Phenomena of electron,neutron,atomic and molecular diffraction have been studied in many experiments,and these experiments have been explained by some theoretical works.The authors study  single-slit diffraction of C60 with a quantum mechanical approach,and the calculation results are in good agreement with experiment data.
    Energy Exchange between Spatiotemporal Optical Solitons   in Nonlinear Medium
    YANG Hong, TAN Zi-You
    journal6, 2009, 30(2):  52-54. 
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    Energy exchange between (3+1)D colliding spatiotemporal solitons (STSs) in dispersive media with the cubic-quintic (CQ) nonlinearity is studied by numerical simulations using the split-step Fourier method in the paper.Extensive simulations reveal that energy exchange between two (3+1)D colliding STSs is sensitive to their phase difference.When the phase difference between two colliding STSs of equal and opposite velocities varies from 0 to π,the light bullet leading in phase gains energy.When the phase difference vahies from 0 to π,the one leading in phase loses energy.
    An Improved Niche Immune Genetic Algorithm for Solving the Rectangle Packing Problem
    MEI Ying
    journal6, 2009, 30(2):  55-57. 
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    The paper discusses the rectangle packing problem based on an improved niche immune genetic algorithm,and a NIGA based on crowing mechanism is proposed.GA,an improved immune genetic algorithm,and NIGA are applied to practical experiments respectively to solve and optimize the packing problem,and the results are compared.In solving the large-scale rectangle packing problem,the application of immunity operator and niche genetic algorithm based on crowing mechanism improves the global optimization performance and velocity of convergence.The algorithm is effective and feasibility.
    Binuclear Digiatal Video Monitoring System Design Based on DSP+ARM
    FAN Xiao-Bing
    journal6, 2009, 30(2):  58-62. 
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    Digital video monitoring system is widely applied due to its intuition,convenience and colorful information.The author uses DSP+ARM binuclear structure,TMS320DM642 in image acquisition and processing,and AT91RM9200 in real-time control.The video image of a certain area is acquired by DSP through CCD camera,and video decoding is finished by relevant chip.The processed digital video signals are processed by DSP through video montion detection algorithm.If there is abnormal condition,DSP will transmit interruption signal to ARM,which performs real-time control over DSP image acquisition and helps to show the image processing results.ARM can trigger external controller and then can achieve external control.Experiments show that this system is stable,reliable,and feasible.
    Design of Car’s Music Player System Based on AU6840
    ZHANG Jiang-Hong
    journal6, 2009, 30(2):  63-65. 
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    The IC AU6840 based on 51 microcontrollers is the core of a car’s music player system.Through the interface module of the car’s circuit,the author expands of radio,USB,SD card media player functions.The system can achieve well the multimedia music player functions.
    Study of WSN Protocol in Large-Scale Thermal Power Plant Equipment Monitor
    DENG Ling, LI Xin-Guo
    journal6, 2009, 30(2):  66-69. 
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    In order to use the wireless sensor network in the large-scale thermal power plant equipment monitor,this paper proposes a TDM A network protocol with low power consumption according to the environment of the power plant.This protocol has balanced energy strategy with cluster head rotation,and made more nodes into dormancy to save energy with the conditions to guarantee the effective sampling rate.It is proved that this protocol extends the survival time of wireless sensor monitoring network effectively,and has reliable data inquiry report.
    Chemistry and chemical engineering
    Synthesis of Ethyl Acetate Catalyzed by Ferric Chloride Under Microwave Radiation
    CHEN Xiao-Yuan, GONG Han-Qing
    journal6, 2009, 30(2):  70-73. 
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    By using the technique of microwave radiation,and under the catalyzing of ferric chloride,ethyl acetate can be synthesized fast.This paper investigated the effects to esterification by discussing the ratio of acid and sterols,the dosage of ferric chloride,time of microwave radiation and power of microwave.The result showed that the best reacting conditions were as follows:the ratio of acid and sterols was 3∶1(mol/mol),the dosagc of catalyst was 4.0%~5.0%(which is included in total of acid and sterols),the power of microwave was 280 W,the time of microwave radiation was 8 min.The rate of transforming may reach 89.2%.
    Research of Lnvestigation Targets in Enzyme Pretreatment Shell of Eucommia Ulmoide
    LIU Gui-Hua, XIAO Mei-Feng, PENG Xin-Jun, ZHANG Yong-Kang
    journal6, 2009, 30(2):  74-77. 
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    Objective To explore whether  the method of determination of the total sugar in enzyme solution of eucommial seed shell can be feasible.Mothods The total sugar content was taken as the study indicators of digestion rate.In the same conditions,eucommial seed shell was degraded by the same amount of different types of enzymes and by the different amounts of an enzyme respectively.When sample was taken as blank fiduciary the total sugar was determined with anthrone colorimetry.Results The measured  total sugar of the enzyme solution better reflected the different rates of digestion in the 625 nm wavelength,and the total sugar determined with anthrone colorimetry and total sugar content as an indicator of the enzymes rate will not be affected by enzyme in enzyme solution of eucommial seed shell.Conclusions The method can eliminate interfering factor of the enzyme solution with differential spectrophotometry (△A method),which can prove a simple and accurate method for an indicator of the enzymes rate in the pretreatment samples of raw materials.
    Study on GC Fingerprint of Volatile Components from Lygodium Japonicum
    XU Qiu-Yan, OuYang-Yu-Zhu , TANG Sai-Yan, CHE Shao-Lin
    journal6, 2009, 30(2):  78-81. 
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    Objective To establish a GC fingerprint analysis of Lygodium japonicum.Methods The fingerprint of Lygodium japonicum from 10 different regions was performed by capillary GC chromatography,AT OV-17 column was used,programmed temperature was from 40 to 200 ℃,sample injector temperature:220 ℃,FID detector temperature:220 ℃,split ratio:20∶1.Results GC fingerprint of Lygodium japonicum.consisted of 14 common peaks,but there was a certain difference of GC fingerprint of Lygodium japonicum between different producing areas.Conclusion The method gives good stability and reproducibility,and   provides a reference standard for the quality control of Lygodium japonicum.
    Extraction and Determination of Cyanide from Leaves of Phyllostachys Pubescens
    LI Yong-Fu, DUAN You-Gou
    journal6, 2009, 30(2):  82-84. 
    Asbtract ( 2822 )   PDF ( 1763 )  
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    Extraction of cyanide from leaves of phyllostachys pubescens by steam distillation method has been performed.Cyanate ion was well determinated by ion-selective electrode using H3BO3 as ionic strength agent at the temperature from 18 ℃ to 25 ℃ with medium stirring speed in the pH was 12 alkaline medium.Under the optimum conditions,the measured scope ranged from 0.1 μg·g-1 to 10.0 μg·g-1 with the relative standard deviation of 1.1%~4.2% (n=6).The recoveries of CN- ranged from 96.0% to 102.0%.The method has the advantages of simple operation,high sensitivity and high sample throughput.The method has been applied to the determination of cyanate ion and the results are satisfactory.
    Biological resources
    Research Advances on Phytochelatins Functions
    WANG Ya-Qin, YE Qing-Hua, WANG Xiao-Ning
    journal6, 2009, 30(2):  85-89. 
    Asbtract ( 5433 )   PDF ( 2859 )  
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    Phytochelatins(PC),derived from glutathione,is a kind of posttranslationally synthesized peptides.It plays a pivotal role in heavy metal ions detoxication by chelating heavy metal ions in living bodies and is the major detoxication substance of cadmium tolerance.So,increasing content of PC is one of important methods to resolve pollution problem induced by heavy metal.In order to provide a scientific approach for phytoremediation to heave metal pollution,this article reviews the structure,synthesis,detoxication function and orther functions of PC,and prospects the further research of PC.
    Tissue Culture of Huperzia Serrata
    ZHOU Ying, LIU Xing, LI Ke-Gang, WANG Zheng-Gong, GENG Xin, HU Song-Ping
    journal6, 2009, 30(2):  90-93. 
    Asbtract ( 3803 )   PDF ( 2202 )  
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    In this study,tissue culture was explored to solve the propagate problem in the production with Huperzia serrata(Thunb)Trev.The stem and shoot-tips were used as explants to induce callus.These explants are cultured in four culture mediums:(1) 1/2MS+0.05 μmol/L IBA+1.4μmol/L KT+2 mg/L pirydoxine;(2) MS+0.05 μmol/L IBA+1.4 μmol/L KT+2 mg/L pirydoxine;(3) 1/2MS+2 mg/L pirydoxine;(4) MS+2 mg/L pirydoxine.The results show that the suitable element compositions to induce callus is:MS+0.05 μmol/L IBA+1.4μmol/L KT+2 mg/L pirydoxine.During tissue culture,fungal pollution is very serious,so the surface disinfection is important.There are two variants of surface sterilization.In the first variant shoot-tips were soaked in 70% ethyl alcohol (C2H5OH) for 1 min,5% sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) for 1 min and then in 7% hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) for 10 min;the second variant were soaked in HgCl for 3 min.The result shows that the most suitable procedure for surface sterilization of explants is the second one.
    〗Improvement of Community Sports Environment of Minority Small and Medium-Sized Cities in Western China——Case Study of Community Sports Environment Development in Jishou
    PENG Chang-Jin
    journal6, 2009, 30(2):  94-97. 
    Asbtract ( 2498 )   PDF ( 1519 )  
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    In western China,improvement of community sports enviroment of minority small and medium-sized cities is determind by the local economic,social,and geographic environment.Although economy in these regions keeps rapid growth,financial input into sports is small and arbitrary,construction of stadium and sports facilities is slow,law guarantee is seriously scarce,and the system of community sports management is segmented.To solve those problems,the author puts forward ways to control those negative factors by regulation operation and income distribution;so that the construction of sports environment and the development of the cities will be in a harmonious and balanced condition.
    Survey and Analysis on College Women Students’ Participation in Sports in Changsha
    FAN Wei
    journal6, 2009, 30(2):  98-100. 
    Asbtract ( 2172 )   PDF ( 1484 )  
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    By using literature,data and survey,this paper surveys the current situation of college women students’ participation in sports in Changsha.The result is that they are not active enough in sports activities.Their motivation to take part in sports is to pass the physical test.Therefore,they spend a little time on physical exercises with low intensity;what’s more,the frequency of their participation is low and their item choice is monotonous.The main factors that reduce the women students’ interest in sports is the lack of field and equipment and lack of teachers.
    Applicantion of Self-Efficacy Theory in Course of Swimming for Girl Students
    TAN Lei
    journal6, 2009, 30(2):  101-103. 
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    Self-efficacy expectancy affects girl students a lot in their learning efficiency and their acting to make a progress.It has been proved that self-efficacy experctancy can make students devote themselves to learning.When teaching swimming,teachers should find a proper way by means of applying self-efficacy theory to improve their teaching standard.
    Item Distribution and Classification  of Minority Traditional Sports and Conservation Ways in Hunan Proivince
    SHU Yan-Kai, LIU Shao-Ying
    journal6, 2009, 30(2):  104-107. 
    Asbtract ( 2719 )   PDF ( 1756 )  
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    This paper first investigates the item classification of national regional distribution and the current situation of traditional sports conservation and development in 7 autonomous counties and,autonomous prefecture of Hunan Province.On the basis of improving contemporary national traditional sports’ theoretical and practical systems,this paper then explores  classification and grading ways for protecting national traditional sports,and it also points out the necessity to  establish management organization and classification systems,construct legal protection system,collect database widely for program construction,coordinate various protecting and developing mechanism and management organizations.At the mean time,this paper emphasizes  the protection and concern for the traditional sports heritage.
    Remodified Model of Location of Urban Trade Areas Based on Huff Modified Model
    WU Zhong-Cai
    journal6, 2009, 30(2):  108-111. 
    Asbtract ( 2430 )   PDF ( 2644 )  
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    On summary of classic model of trade area,this paper pointes out the differences between urban trade areas and retail trade areas.A remodified model from “inversely proportional to the square of the distance” in Huff modified model is put forward,that is,the distance between the customers and trade areas multiply the distance between the trade area and city’s commercial center.This remodified model has a strong explanatory power.
    Game-Analysis of Credit Construction of Agricultural Product Market
    YIN Yuan-Yuan
    journal6, 2009, 30(2):  112-117. 
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    Frequent food safety accidents lead to the credit problem of agricultural product market,which has drawn great attention.The credit lack of agricultural product market is caused by the factors such as the speciality of quality evaluation,asymmetry of quality information,external production,and the characteristics of agricultural production.The credit lack has been a great threat to the healthy and stable economic development and to the safety of residents’daily life.The author,as a result,takes a game-analysis of government’s intervention,and deeply explores the credit construction of agricultural product market.
    Problems and Countermeasures of Financial Management in Western Universities
    ZHANG Hai-Yan
    journal6, 2009, 30(2):  118-121. 
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    With the gradual deepening of school-running system reform of universities and the  resources increase of universities,how to strengthen financial management in order to improve the efficiency of using resources and promote the healthy development of universities arouse more and more attention.This paper analyses the main problems of financial management in universities from such areas as the financial management system,internal controlling system,investment risks and the loss of state-owned assets,and then proposes some countermeasures to strengthen financial management.
    Determination of Enterprise Accounting Target
    TONG Jie-Cheng
    journal6, 2009, 30(2):  122-124. 
    Asbtract ( 2512 )   PDF ( 1778 )  
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    Accounting target is the overall requirement of financial accountancy and the embodiment of accounting functions,which is regarded as the logic starting point of accounting theory study.Accounting targets will be different since the properties of economic subjects are different.This paper,using the accounting target determination program in western counties for reference and combining with the current situation is China,explores the accounting targets of non-listed and listed companies,and then puts forward the corresponding target determination.
    Medical Science
    On Teeth Mineralization of Hypophosphatasia
    LIU Min-Chuan
    journal6, 2009, 30(2):  125-128. 
    Asbtract ( 2086 )   PDF ( 1895 )  
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    Hypophosphatasia is an inherited disorder rarely known to dentists in China.Defective bone and teeth mineralization,deficiency of serum and bone alkaline phosphatase are typical features.Symptoms are highly variable,and premature loss of the teeth is the clinical manifestation for dentists to deal in time.The molecular pathogenesis,symptoms and therapy have been reviewed in the paper.
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