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    25 July 2011, Volume 32 Issue 4
    Semilattice Structure of Generalized Completely Regular Semigroups
    KONG Xiang-Zhi, FU Shi-Yun
    journal6, 2011, 32(4):  1-3. 
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    The Green ralations are generalized in the unsymmetric form,and generalized completely regular semigroups are studied by the generalized Green relations.It is proved that generalized completely regular semigroups are semilattice of completely J*,~-simple semigroups.
    Upper Embeddablity of Graphs and 2-Factor
    LIU Duan-Feng, LIU Xin-Ru
    journal6, 2011, 32(4):  4-7. 
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    This paper discusses the upper embeddablity of some 3-connected  or k-regular graphs with 4-polygon  2-factor,and obtains some classes of upper embeddable graphs.
    Properties of Binary Ni-Order Relation and Embryo Decomposition of Binary Ni-Order Relation
    ZHU Hong-Ying, LI Hong-Gang
    journal6, 2011, 32(4):  8-10. 
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    The concept of the binary ni-order relation is analysed by embryo decomposition of relation.The properties of the binary ni-order relation and the partial ordering embryo are discussed respectively.And  the embryo decompositions of binary relation are obtained.
    Improved Algorithm of Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering
    LIU Wen-Jun, YOU Xing-Zhong
    journal6, 2011, 32(4):  11-14. 
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    Problems in agglomerative hierarchical clustering method are preseated when  Euclid or Minkowski distance is the distance measure,and the causes for those problems are explored.Accordingly,an improved agglomerative hierarchical clustering algorithm according to the idea of fuzzy clustring is put forward.The reasonability and validity of this improved algorithm are proved through an example.
    On Brunn-Minkowski Inequality for the Quermassintegrals and Dual Quermassintegrals of Lp-Mixed Centroid Bodies
    MA Tong-Yi, LIU Chun-Yan
    journal6, 2011, 32(4):  15-25. 
    Asbtract ( 2666 )   PDF ( 1974 )  
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    The notions of new geometric body Γ-p,iK and Lp-mixed harmonic  Blaschke add k+pL are defined.The Brunn-Minkowski inequalities for the quermassintegrals and dual quermassintegrals of Lp-mixed centroid body Γp,iK and its polar body associated with Lp-mixed harmonic Blaschke add are established,and the monotonicity of operator Γp,i and Γ-p,i is proved.
    A New Hilbert-Type Integral Inequality with the Homogeneous Kernel   of Real Number-Degree
    XIE Zi-Tian
    journal6, 2011, 32(4):  26-30. 
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    A new Hilbert-type integral inequality with a best constant factor and with a real number-degree is given,which is a extension of a Hilbert-type integral inequality with homogeneous kernel of 0-degree.Furthermore,the equivalent inequality and the reverse forms  are considered.
    Mixed Finite Element Methods for Elliptic Equations with Variable  Coefficients
    LIU Zhi-Qing, ZHOU Hui
    journal6, 2011, 32(4):  31-34. 
    Asbtract ( 2361 )   PDF ( 1945 )  
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    This paper studies some elliptic PDEs with variable coefficients.By using the mixed finite element  method,the high-order differential equations are turned into the lower by middle varible.This paper verifies the existence and uniqueness of  the numerical solution and gives corresponding error estimation.
    ARIMA Model Prediction and Analysis of H1N1 Epidemic Situation in Canada in 2009
    CAO Can, ZHAO Lian-Wen, CHANG Chun-Yan, LIU Juan
    journal6, 2011, 32(4):  35-38. 
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    At the beginning of the year of 2009,H1N1 influenza outbreak took place throughout the world.According to the epidemic situation in 2009 in Canada,this paper establishes an appropriate ARIMA model in order to achieve a daily prediction of H1N1 pandemic.After a positive analysis,the absolute error of the prediction is less than 11%;while the total average error is 8.39%.This model successfully predicts the disease of Canada in 2009.
    An Adaptive Image Encryption Algorithm Based on Lorenz System
    HAN Feng-Ying, ZHU Cong-Xu
    journal6, 2011, 32(4):  39-41. 
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    An adaptive image encryption algorithm based on Lorenz system is put forward.Firstly,scrambling algorithm of  the original image was achieved by adaptive algorithm,then the image was substitution encrypted based on the Lorenz chaotic system.The experiment results showed that the algorithm has stronger resistance to exhaustive and statistical attacks,and it is of high security.
    Improvement on Voice Encryption Algorithm A5
    YIN Man-Gang, ZHOU Jian-Qin
    journal6, 2011, 32(4):  42-45. 
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    The register series of voice encryption algorithm A5 are too short,and its resistance to brute-force attack is weak.So a simple self-synchronizing stream cipher is proposed for encrypting large amounts of voice data and the transmission.In order to generate the long initial key from the short seed key,which is used to initialize the register of self-synchronization,a simple but very high nonlinear key expansion algorithm is designed.A strong random initial key sequence can be obtained by using the algorithm proposed.Then,a delayer is used to test the efficiency of encryption algorithms.It proves that the algorithms can be used in voice encryption safely.
    Research on Security Monitor of the Library Network System Based on Filter Drive
    HOU Chun-Ming, WANG Ling
    journal6, 2011, 32(4):  46-49. 
    Asbtract ( 3855 )   PDF ( 1994 )  
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    The current situation of network security of university libraries is discussed,and the basic principle of network filter driver is introduced.In the Windows operating system,the network filter driver program of WDM is designed,which is attached to the TDI interface to realize the network data filtrating.The realization of this technology has much value to network system security of university library.
    Physics and electronics
    Two-Photon Tavies-Cummings Model of Quantum Entanglement in Cavity Field in the Dissipative Condition
    YI Jian, WU Yun-Wen
    journal6, 2011, 32(4):  50-54. 
    Asbtract ( 2330 )   PDF ( 1893 )  
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    This paper investigates quantum entanglement of two atoms in the non-dissipative and dissipative cases by means of concurrence.The results indicate that maximum entanglement condition can be prepared by controlling the interacting time and due to the two-photon transition of atoms,the time required to prepare the maximum entanglement in two-photon Tavies-Cummings model is  of that in single-photon Tavies-Cummings model.In addition,the atomic spontaneous emission and cavity decay make the maximum coherence of two atoms decrease periodically.
    Study of the Powder Particles’ Friction in HVC Based on Fractal Theory
    GU Cheng-Ling
    journal6, 2011, 32(4):  55-59. 
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    According to the original proposal of Bowden and Tabor and based on the fractal theory,the total adhesive friction coefficient is expressed as a combination of the adhesive friction coefficient in elastic and plastic regime.Then a fractal model of adhesive friction coefficient is proposed.And a mathematical model of the relationship of powder particles' internal friction and fractal parameter is built.Through the function curves,it is analyzed that the fractal dimension of the surface of the powder particle has impact on the total adhesive friction coefficient and the inner friction.The study shows that for certain fractal dimension,the total adhesive friction coefficient reduces sharply as the normalized contact area increases and the inner friction can reach the value of plastic shearing intensity rapidly as the fractal dimension and the temperature of the surface of the powder particle increase.
    Experimental Design and Application of Large Display Screen System Based on the FPGA and Micro Controller Unit
    YANG Dai-Yong, HE Rang-Ping, HUANG Ya-Ling, WEI Chao, CHEN Bing-Quan
    journal6, 2011, 32(4):  60-63. 
    Asbtract ( 3132 )   PDF ( 2485 )  
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    The traditional large-scale LED display monitor system takes monolithic integrated circuit MCU,ARM or PLD as the core control chip.It is complex to design the LED display monitor control system which takes FPGA as the core and the high performance FPGA chip is basic for the design.But the LED display monitor control system using microprocessor as the core is not nimble enough,so when changing the LED screen demonstration size,it's necessary to revise the system design a lot.Although PLD has a great enhancement in the processing speed and can control the multi-modules to demonstrate well,it is inferior to FPGA obviously in the sequence circuit description aspect.This paper proposes a large-scale LED display monitor system design plan based on FPGA and the monolithic integrated circuit MCU.In this system FPGA is the focus control unit,and the monolithic integrated circuit is the scanning control unit.This plan may simplify the circuit and enhance the system's flexibility and reliability.The practice simulation result indicates that the system has great demonstration content and can well support the color display and reduce the power loss.It realizes the on-the-spot real-time control demonstration.
    Design and Implementation of Communication Test System for QNX Based on CPCI Boards
    SHE Chao-Bing
    journal6, 2011, 32(4):  64-67. 
    Asbtract ( 2418 )   PDF ( 3081 )  
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    This paper explores the design of communication test system based on the PC104 IPC processing platform.As for software,the popular QNX real-time operating system is used;as for hardware,the CPCI bus technology is used.Through fully using the greatest potential of both aspects,the test system with good performance is successfully designed and implemented.In addition,under the real-time system the methods described in this paper are also to provide reference for a variety of bus standards to achieve communication between the boards.
    Data Collecting Software Design for Traffic Lights’ Signal Based on Multi-Serial Port and Multithreading
    ZHANG Yan-Xia, HU Shuang-Yan
    journal6, 2011, 32(4):  68-70. 
    Asbtract ( 2564 )   PDF ( 2438 )  
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    An improved data collecting method for traffic lights’ signal is presented,which uses multi-threading and multi-serial port technology to collect the traffic lights information from separate road junctions at the same time and uses synchronous technology to solve the interference from separate road junctions’ data information.A custom communication protocol is put forward for the both communicating sides to improve communication reliability and maintainability.The center-side PC can receive all the real-time information from separate road junctions and at the same time can send various control commands to the road junctions,which can greatly reduce the labor intensity of the management staff of separate road junctions.
    Monitoring System of Residential PE-Conductor Fault-Voltage
    YU Yue-Lan
    journal6, 2011, 32(4):  71-74. 
    Asbtract ( 2451 )   PDF ( 2105 )  
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    When there are single-phase grounding faults happening somewhere in the apartment buildings and the protection devices can not effectively cut the fault circuit,the fault voltage will pass along the mutual PE conductor and then transfer to all apartments,making the metal shell of electric appliances alive and causing electric shock accidents.Through the analysis of the feature of the circuit of various common protective grounding system with single-phase grounding faults,the author finds no matter what kind of grounding system is employed,the voltage between L and PE conductors will turn significantly low or close to zero in each family distribution box after the grounding faults happen.Therefore,an effective way to solve the problem is to stall undervoltage tripping device between L and PE conductor in each family distribution box as a monitoring device to find fault voltage on PE conductor.Finally,the paper introduces the design principle and application of the PE-conductor fault voltage monitoring devices.
    Information and Engineering
    Design and Implementation of Intelligence Reform based on Fixed-Network
    LIU Cui-Hua
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2011, 32(4):  75-78. 
    Asbtract ( 2253 )   PDF ( 2144 )  
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    At present the fixed telephone networks of telecom operators have developed in large scale,but in the fierce market competition,how to optimize the network structure,improve network resource utilization,open a variety of intelligence services,enhance the market competitiveness are imperative problems to be solved by telecom operators in order that a breakthrough can be found.Based on the status quo of  Hunan Tietong communications network,a reform program of fixed intelligence is proposed to make full use of fixed telephone network resources,optimize the network structure,achieve fixed-network intelligence,open a variety of intelligence services,meet the customized needs of subscribers,enhance the market competitiveness,and make the PSTN network produce max economic benefits,.This paper describes the main problems of the current PSTN network,the purpose,basic principle and services of fixed-network intelligence.Finally this paper analyses the fixed-network intelligence reform program and the improved efficiency after reform.
    Construction Techniques of the Seamless Railway Track and Quality Control Specification
    HU Wei-Zhen
    journal6, 2011, 32(4):  79-82. 
    Asbtract ( 2444 )   PDF ( 2484 )  
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    This text introduces the welding and installation of the seamless track in the some existing railway reconstruction engineering, describes the main construction techniques and the quality control specification in consideration of the stress dispersion and stress-free temperature during the track welding.
    Biological resources
    Molecular Identification of Paulownia Plants from Xiangxi Hongcheng Pharmaceutical Companies
    LI Ke, WU Lu-Mu-Gan-.Na-Zi-尔Bie-Ke, ZHANG Dai-Gui, YAO Fu-Cheng, EnTe-Ma-Ke-.Bu-La-Ti-Bai
    journal6, 2011, 32(4):  83-87. 
    Asbtract ( 2835 )   PDF ( 1967 )  
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    The genomic DNA was isolated from leaves of Paulownia plants through the CTAB method without liquid nitrogen. The internal transcribed spacer (ITS) of rRNA and two intergenic spacers of psbA-trnH and trnF-trnF were amplified from the genomic DNA by PCR and then sequenced. Sequence analysis of the three DNA markers were conducted with software Clustal X7.0,and their phylogenetic trees were constructed with software MEGA3.1. The results showed three fragments of ITS,psbA-trnH and trnL-trnF was 600 bp,540 bp and 900 bp in length,respectively. Similarity of ITS sequence between the previously reported Paulownia tomentosa and Paulownia No.1 or No.2 was higher than 95%,but that between the P. tomentosa and No.3,No.4 or No.5 of Paulownia was less than 79%.Similarity of the trnL-trnF between the P. tomentosa and No.1 or No.2 of Paulownia both was 99.5%,and that between the P. tomentosa and No.3,No.4 or No. 5 of Paulownia was less than 70%.The results indicated that sequence of the psbA-trnH of Paulownia species in different cultivation places was very conservative and it could not provide enough information for the relationship of the species among Paulownia.Molecular identification demonstrated that Paulownia No.1 and No.2 represented P. tomentosa,and Paulownia No.3,No.4 and No.5 represented P. fortunei.
    Prokaryotic Expression and Detection of Cyclohexanone Monooxygenase from Rhodococcus ruber JDM312
    PENG Zhe-Hui, GONG Feng-Juan, LIU Dan-Dan, WU Lu-Mu-Gan-.Na-Zi-尔Bie-Ke
    journal6, 2011, 32(4):  88-91. 
    Asbtract ( 2946 )   PDF ( 1913 )  
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    The chnB gene encoding a cyclohexanone monooxygenase was isolated from the recombinant plasmid pMD18-chnB by digested with BamHI and HindⅢ,then cloned into the expression vector pQE30 and expressed in E. coli BL21 by IPTG induction.The expressed protein was identified by SDS-PAGE.The sequence analyses showed that the coding region of the chnB of Rhodococcus ruber JDM312 was 1 623 bp in length,and the predicted primary protein was composed of 540 amino acids.The SDS-PAGE analyses revealed a single protein band with a molecular weight of 60 kDa,suggesting that the recombinant plasmid of pQE30-chnB was successfully constructed and the target protein was expressed in E. coli.
    Antimicrobial Activity of Subtilin from Bacillus Subtilis JDB-1 and Cloning spaS Gene
    WU Rui-Fang, GONG Feng-Juan, YANG Yi-Man, EnTe-Ma-Ke-.Bu-La-Ti-Bai
    journal6, 2011, 32(4):  92-98. 
    Asbtract ( 3649 )   PDF ( 1885 )  
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    The bacterial subtilin was purified from the fermentation broth of Bacillus subtilis JDB-1 by using the ammonium sulfate precipitation,and its antimicrobial activity against five tested microorganisms was investigated by using the agar diffusion test or the paper disc test.The spaS gene encoding subtilin was amplified from genomic DNA of Bacillus subtilis JDB-1 by PCR,and the PCR products cloned into the pMD18-T vector and subsequently introduced the competent cells of E. coli DH5α.The recombinant plasmid pMD18-spaS was identified by PCR and then sequenced.The results showed that the purified subtilin displayed antimicrobial activities against E. coli K12,Pseudomonas putida AS1.1003,Gibberella moniliformis JSD-8 and Candida albicans ATCC10123,respectively.The sequence analysis showed that the coding region spaS gene of Bacillus subtilis JDB-1 was 171bp in length,and the nucleotide sequence similarity of the spaS genes between the JDB-1 strain and the previously reported other bacterial strains was 95%.
    Study and Evaluation of Groundwater Quality in Jishou
    QIN Zun-Jin
    journal6, 2011, 32(4):  99-101. 
    Asbtract ( 2905 )   PDF ( 1987 )  
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    Water quality monitoring data by field investigation of the representative groundwater wells was evaluated by using single factor evaluation and comprehensive evaluation F method.The results showed that in most wells the indexes of coli forms exceeded the standard level,in some wells the indexes of ammonia nitrogen and nitrite exceeded the standard level,and in all wells in the indexes of heavy metals such as manganese did not.Average comprehensive indexes of the groundwater in residential areas were higher than those in pollution monitored areas,which indicates that the groundwater quality in Jishou was mainly polluted by domestic pollution.
    Chemistry and chemical engineering
    Study on the Process of Activated Carbon Preparation from Tung Shell
    HUANG Cheng, YIN Hong
    journal6, 2011, 32(4):  102-106. 
    Asbtract ( 2448 )   PDF ( 2212 )  
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    The process of activated carbon preparation from tung shell was discussed in the presence of ZnCl2.Based on the orthogonal test,the optimal condition was obtained as follows:the ratio of tung shell to solution (w/w) is 1∶20;the mass fraction of ZnCl2 solution is 50%;the tung shell is treated for 60 min at 60  ℃.The obtained activated carbon has iodine absorption value of 986.35 mg/g,methyl blue absorption value of 178.23 mg/g and apparent density of 0.423 6 g/mL.
    Effect of pH on Hydrothermal Preparation of Nano-Structured InVO4 and its Characterization
    ZHOU Zhi-Gang, PENG Ding-Dong, JIANG Jian-Bo
    journal6, 2011, 32(4):  107-109. 
    Asbtract ( 2949 )   PDF ( 2542 )  
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    The effect of pH value on preparation of nano-structured InVO4 by hydrothermal method was studied.Using InCl3,NH4VO3 as raw material to prepare nano-InVO4 by hydrothermal method under 150 ℃,adjusting the pH value of reaction system by NH3OH2O and hydrochloric acid,and characterizing the products by XRD and FTIR,the effect of pH on products’ generation was investigated when pH value of reaction system was 6.0,7.0,8.0,respectively.The results show that pH value influences generation of nano-InVO4.When it is 7.0,a higher purity orthorhombic nano-InVO4 can be prepared;when it is 6.0,the product obtained is a mixture of InVO4 and In(OH)3;when it is 8.0,the product obtained is In(OH)3.
    Progress in the Modification of Waterborne Polyurethane
    XU Ting-Wang, TANG Ke-Hua, YUAN Cai-Deng
    journal6, 2011, 32(4):  110-115. 
    Asbtract ( 9823 )   PDF ( 3647 )  
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    The waterborne polyurethane has low binding strength,drying speed,water-and weather-resistance;therefore,it is necessary to modify the waterborne polyurethane to improve its function.In this paper,the techniques and methods for the modification of the waterborne polyurethane,such as the modification by cross linking,by polyacrylates,by epoxy,by organic silicone and other materials,are summarized.And the growing trend of the research is also proposed.
    Education and teaching
    Development of High Level University by Discipline Construction
    SHE Ji-Yun
    journal6, 2011, 32(4):  116-119. 
    Asbtract ( 3110 )   PDF ( 1883 )  
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    To develop high level research university,it is necessary to highlight the leading position of discipline construction,which can be fully achieved in four aspects:optimization of  discipline structure,refinement of discipline direction,establishment of discipline system,enhancement of discipline capacity construction,and reinforcement of the foundation for building a high level university;improvement of discipline organization,construction of discipline regulation system,and organization guarantee for building high level university;strengthening of the construction of discipline team,development of academic teams,introduction and cultivation of academic pacemakers,and creation of core competitive edge;investment increase for building the discipline foundation,and technical support for high level university construction.
    Ways of Social Science Cross-Disciplinary Research in Colleges and Universities
    YU Guang-Rong, HUANG Ping
    journal6, 2011, 32(4):  120-124. 
    Asbtract ( 2344 )   PDF ( 1940 )  
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    Based on the understanding of cross-disciplinary research,this paper analyses the current troubles of the social science cross-disciplinary research in colleges and universities and the possible causes,and accordingly puts forward some new ways.
    Research on Interactive Development of Higher Education and Local Economy  in Less Developed Areas——A Case Study of Lianyungong City
    ZHENG Li-Jun
    journal6, 2011, 32(4):  125-128. 
    Asbtract ( 2390 )   PDF ( 1809 )  
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    Taking Lianyungang City as an example,this paper studies the current development situation of economy and higher education.The retardant factors in interactive development of economy and higher education are explored,and accordingly the countermeasures are put forward.
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