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Sustainable Development of Rural Tourism in Distinctive Towns in  Wuling Mountain Area

XIE Zhengfa   

  1. (Research Center for Development and Utilization of Distinctive Resources in the Wuling Mountain Area,Yangtze Normal University,Chongqing 408100,China)
  • Online:2018-07-25 Published:2018-07-31


This study made in-depth interviews with and surveys of the 6 groups of stakeholders who have benefited from poverty alleviation through rural tourism in the 12 distinctive towns in the Wuling Mountain Area.It is  found that there were problems such as difficulties in coordinated advancement,deficient protection of peasants' benefit,serious homogeneity of the products,focus on short-term profits and so on.It is then suggested to take the perspective of sustainable development to solve the problems in poverty alleviation through tourism.

Key words: Wuling Mountain Area, distinctive towns, rural tourism, poverty alleviation through tourism, sustainable development

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