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Factors of Influencing Gemmae Germination and Growth of Huperzia Serrata

 LUO  Bing-Jie, YAO  Mao-Jun, CAO  De-Hua   

  1. (1.Hunan Province Key Laboratory of Forest Products and Chemical Industry Engineering,Jishou University,Zhangjiajie 427000,Hunan China;2.School of Life Science,Nanjing University,Nanjing 210093,China)
  • Online:2016-01-25 Published:2016-01-21

Abstract: The factors of influencing the gemmae germination of Huperzia serrata and growth condition are explored.The effect of culture medium,culture temperature,and light intensity and GA3 on the gemmae germination condition of Huperzia was studied,and the growth morphogenesis during the course of gemmae germination of Huperzia serrata was observed at the same time.Results showed that the best culture temperature for the gemmae germination was (22±2)℃,and the germination  rate  of the optimum  medium for Moore,the germination rate was as high as 82%,and the average plant length could be up to 14.620 mm.The second culture medium for the gemmae germination was Knudson C,the germination rate was 64%,and the average adventitious root length was about 5.158 mm.Darkness was conducive to gemmae germination,the germination rate was 92%,and the average adventitious root length was about 9.088 mm.Under 800lx weak light,the adventitious root grew slowly,and the adventitious root length could be up to 8.675 mm.1600lx light irradiation exhibited some inhibition for the adventitious root growth.And GA3  for gemmae germination and growth exhibited some inhibition. This study establishes the gemmae germination culture system for Huperzia serrata,which consitutes the foundation for further study on the growth,physiological and biochemical change of Huperzia serrata.

Key words: Huperzia serrata, gemmae, germination, culture medium, culture temperature, light intensity, GA3

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