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    25 January 2016, Volume 37 Issue 1
    Gaussian Curvature of Curved Surface and Gauss-Bonnet Formula
    XING Jia-Sheng, YANG Xiao-Yuan, LUO Xiu-Hua
    journal6, 2016, 37(1):  1-6. 
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    With consideration given to the application method of Gaussian curvature computation formula to curved surface,a technique is suggested for solving Gaussian curvature of ellipsoids.By using curved surface coordinate grid of the orthogonal curve,the proving process of Gauss-Bonnet formula is shown and the source of a simplified Gaussian curvature formula is also pointed out.From the surface integral results of Gaussian curvature,some geometrical meanings are derived for surface integral.
    Finite Element Solution to Advection-Dispersion Equations with Time-Space Fractional Derivatives
    WU Hong-Ying
    journal6, 2016, 37(1):  7-10. 
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    Generally,there is no analytical solution for time-space fractional advection-dispersion equations.The finite element method is the effective approach for numerical simulation.In this article a time-semi discrete variable formulas and the corresponding FE equations are derived.Numerical example illustrates that the FEM iteration algorithm has 2-αi order and fourth order convergence rates for time and space,respectively.
    Zero-Divisor Graph of Von Neumann Regular Rings
    PAN Hong-Yan, LI Ai-Hua
    journal6, 2016, 37(1):  11-13. 
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    In this paper we investigate the zero-divisor graph of von Neumann regular rings,and we focus our main attention on the property of vertices and the connectedness of the zero-divisor graph Γ(R).Let R be a von Neumann regular ring with unit 1,we show that  Γ(R) is connected if and only if R is direct finite.In addition,if R is a regular ring without unity elements,then  Γ(R) is connected if and only if R has no proper one-sided identity elements.For the zero-divisor graph  Γ(R) of a regular ring R with |R|≥ 5,we have that Sour(R)={a∈R|a is right invertible but  not left invertible} and Sink (R)={a∈R|a is left invertible but not right invertible}.
    Enhancement of Half-Discrete Hilbert-Type Inequality with Non-Homogeneous Nuclear
    SHI Yan-Ping, SHANG Xiao-Zhou
    journal6, 2016, 37(1):  14-16. 
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    By using weight functions,the technique of real analysis and sharpened Hlder’s inequality,some improvements of half-discrete Hilbert-type inequality are given,and a few new inequalities are established.
    Scale Parameter Estimation of the Pareto Distribution Based on MERSS
    CHEN Wang-Xue, LU Chun-Lin
    journal6, 2016, 37(1):  17-19. 
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    A maximum likelihood estimator (MLE) and the Fisher information number of the shape parameter c from Pareto distribution based on moving ranked set sampling (MERSS) are studied. We prove existence and uniqueness of the MLE of c under MERSS,and that c carries more the Fisher information about the parameter using MERSS than that using a simple random sample (SRS).
    Design and Implementation of Information Management Platform for Undergraduate Admission in Hunan Province
    YIN Peng-Fei, JIANG Xiao-Hui
    journal6, 2016, 37(1):  20-24. 
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    The design and the main functional modules of online undergraduate information management platform based on Web are developed to reduce the workload and the error rate in registration and admission,and thus to ensure the operability,objectivity,timeliness and reliability of the management.Tests and actual operations prove that the platform design is valid for user registration,login,online application,and information query.
    Volume Calculation of Multi-Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor Using Excel
    WANG Xue-Qian, FENG Quan-Li, CHEN Lu
    journal6, 2016, 37(1):  25-27. 
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    A new method for calculating the volume of multi-continuous stirred tank reactor is advanced based on Jones-graphical method and using Excel.With the data fitting function and solver of Excel,it is an easy method without manual graphic calculation or programming.This method can be applied in teaching and engineering calculation.
    Physics and electronics
    Mathematical Description on Whole Physics and Exploration of Non-Euclidean Geometry and Non-Standard Analysis
    ZHANG Yi-Fang
    journal6, 2016, 37(1):  28-32. 
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    First,the symbolic dynamics and its geometrization are discussed.Next,some problems in non-Euclidean geometry are studied,such as Culdinus Theorem and Pappus Theorem.Thirdly,the cycle arithmetic,cycle physics and cycle world are discussed.Fourthly,the prime number principles are researched.Finally,the non-standard analysis are explored,in particular,the quantum theory of the non-standard analysis.
    Research on Active Prioritizing Self-Adaptive Traffic Control Strategy of BRT Intersection
    LEI Chao-Yang, LIU Jun-Hua, CAI Wei-Hong
    journal6, 2016, 37(1):  33-37. 
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    Currently,the priority control method in BRT intersection is simplex,which only focuses on reducing the time delays of vehicles but neglects the influence on general vehicles.Therefore,active prioritizing self-adaptive traffic control method of BRT intersection is put forward.The method not only focuses on prior traffic of BRT,but pays more attention to overall traffic efficiency in intersection.It can judge the signal condition of intersection through predicting the time that BRT vehicle reaches the parking line of the intersection.And it can adjust control strategy dynamically according to the jam situation in vertical direction to decide whether the priority control strategy should be executed.Simulation result shows that the stop rate of BRT vehicles by adopting active prioritizing adaptive control method is obviously lower than that of regular timing method,and time delay is also obviously lower than that of inductive control method.
    Engineering Application of Super Long-Haul WDM Transmission Designing Solution
    HUANG Ying, ZHAO Han, CHEN Neng-Song
    journal6, 2016, 37(1):  38-42. 
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    This paper fully discusses the basic principle of DWDM and introduces all the network elements of DWDM separately.With G.652 dispersion module compensation for G.655 optical fiber and high magnification system with HBA,RPX,and OAU,a super long-haul WDM solution is designed in one real project to connect two citie.The engineering cost is thus reduced.
    Identity-Authentication of the LAN Communication Based on Quantum Contact Transmission
    LI Zhi-Wei, ZHOU Xiao-Qing, HU Xiao-Huan, ZHU Yu-Wei
    journal6, 2016, 37(1):  43-48. 
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    Multiple access to the same communication terminal for communication authentication at the same time frequently results in the classic information channel congestion due to the blind concurrent competition for authentication information.To avoid communication interference and the network resource waste caused by communication idleness,this paper proposes to use token ring technology and quantum teleportation technology.An authentication scheme is put forward for realizing priority appointment and identity information verification between communication sites in local area network (LAN) of quantum teleportation.This scheme can realize standardized and orderly operation of the communication network,effectively reduce the waste of network resources,shorten the communication time delay,and thus improve the efficiency of identify authentication.
    Electrical and Transportation Engineering
    Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Based on Transformer Substation Grounding System
    ZHAO Can-Hui, ZHU Yan-Bin, LI Ming-Gang
    journal6, 2016, 37(1):  49-53. 
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    To solve the problem that the unequal electric potential of grounding grid can be caused by the use of steel instead of copper as a conductor.The improved PSO algorithm is used to optimize the docking system,and the optimization objective function is set up by using double layer soil and unequal potential model. The traditional particle swarm algorithm is improved through the method of fission gregarious variation to solve the problem of premature convergence and slow convergence.The simulation model was built by the actual system parameters of the grounding system of a substation. The Matlab simulation results show that compared with the equally distributed grounding system of the 80 m×60 m and 120 m×100 m substation,the unequally distributed grounding voltage according to the exponential rule by the   improved particle swarm optimization algorithm can achieve 21.65% and 23.45%. The difference of the maximum current density is 18.05% and 10.26%.It is concluded that the optimized design method of substation grounding system in this paper can effectively reduce the difference of maximum contact voltage and current density,and can effectively improve the security of the grounding system.
    Study of Vertical Vibration of Vehicles-Long-Span Continuous Rigid Frame Bridge Based on Matlab-Midas
    DAI Ke-Yi, CHEN Rui-Lin, CHEN Huan, REN Hai-Long, LU Ya-Ping
    journal6, 2016, 37(1):  54-59. 
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    To study the characteristics of vertical vibration of vehicles-long-span continuous rigid frame bridge,the solution of wheel-track force was automatically figured out based on creep theory in combination with Matlab program.The simulative wheel rail force was then input into the finite element analysis model of bridge to get the vertical vibration of the bridge.The simulation results show that the Mablab-Midas model solution of vertical vibration response of bridge is highly feasible and convenient.Taking a certain large continuous rigid frame bridge as an example,the vertical dynamic responses from the electric motor trains of CRH1,CRH2,CRH3,CH4 are analyzed respectively.Results show that the type CRH4 vertical displacement of the dynamic response is greater than the other three types, but general trend of change on four kinds of models is consistent.
    Biological and chemical
    Numerical Simulation of the Spray Characteristics of Diesel,Methanol and Water Emulsion
    WU Dong-Yin, WANG Wu-Qiang, LI Ming
    journal6, 2016, 37(1):  60-63. 
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    This paper simulated the spray characteristics of diesel,methanol and water emulsion by Fluent,and obtained the particle trajectory figure and particle velocity vector diagram of the spray.Meanwhile,the influence of the spray injection pressure,environmental pressure and nozzle diameter is studied on the emulsion spray characteristics.This research provides certain guiding significance for the diesel,methanol and water emulsion application.
    Factors of Influencing Gemmae Germination and Growth of Huperzia Serrata
    LUO Bing-Jie, YAO Mao-Jun, CAO De-Hua
    journal6, 2016, 37(1):  64-68. 
    Asbtract ( 2074 )  
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    The factors of influencing the gemmae germination of Huperzia serrata and growth condition are explored.The effect of culture medium,culture temperature,and light intensity and GA3 on the gemmae germination condition of Huperzia was studied,and the growth morphogenesis during the course of gemmae germination of Huperzia serrata was observed at the same time.Results showed that the best culture temperature for the gemmae germination was (22±2)℃,and the germination  rate  of the optimum  medium for Moore,the germination rate was as high as 82%,and the average plant length could be up to 14.620 mm.The second culture medium for the gemmae germination was Knudson C,the germination rate was 64%,and the average adventitious root length was about 5.158 mm.Darkness was conducive to gemmae germination,the germination rate was 92%,and the average adventitious root length was about 9.088 mm.Under 800lx weak light,the adventitious root grew slowly,and the adventitious root length could be up to 8.675 mm.1600lx light irradiation exhibited some inhibition for the adventitious root growth.And GA3  for gemmae germination and growth exhibited some inhibition. This study establishes the gemmae germination culture system for Huperzia serrata,which consitutes the foundation for further study on the growth,physiological and biochemical change of Huperzia serrata.
    Characteristics Analyses of Kitchen Waste Leachate
    WANG Ya-Guang, WU Yu-Xian, TENG Yao, HE Ze-Qiang, XIONG Li-Zhi
    journal6, 2016, 37(1):  69-73. 
    Asbtract ( 3042 )   PDF ( 1608 )  
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    The kitchen wastes were collected from a student canteen in Jishou University to produce kitchen waste leachate in the laboratory in an anaerobic acidogenic reactor.The characteristics of kitchen waste leachate were analyzed.Results show that the concentration of COD and NH+4—N  for formed kitchen waste leachate after reaction for 8 weeks is more than 140.6 g/L and 16.2 g/L,respectively.With the increase of fermentation time,the pH of the kitchen waste leachate decreased from 5.9 in the end of 1st week to 3.7 in the end of 8th week.At the same time,the VFA concentration increased from 6.7 g/L to 17.9 g/L and the COD concentration increased from 57.9 g/L to 140.6 g/L,while the NH+4—N concentration increased 0.3g/L to 16.2 g/L.Prolonging the reaction time,the pH of the kitchen waste leachate tends to be stable and the concentration of VFA and NH+4—N  increases slowly,while the concentration of COD has a downward trend.
    Content Determination and Ultrasonic Extraction Techniques of Total Flavonoids from Capsellae Bursa-Pastoris (L.)
    LIU Ya-Qian, WEI Hua, LI Gui, HE Jian-Wu, CHEN Tao, ZHANG Yuan, ZHOU Fen
    journal6, 2016, 37(1):  74-79. 
    Asbtract ( 1978 )   PDF ( 1294 )  
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    UV spectrophotometry for determination of total flavonoids was used.Via ultrasonic extraction technique,using NaNO3-Al(NO3) to detect the absorbance of samples and taking lutin as comparison,the contents of total flavonoids were determined.On the basis of single factor experiments,the orthogonal experiment was used in the optimization of technological parameters:extracting temperature,ethanol concentration,extracting time,the ratio of solvent to raw materials.The result showed that the contents of total flavonoids in different kinds of Capsella bursa-pastoris L. were from 0.49% to 3.83%.The contents of total flavonoids in flowers & fruits were the highest,and then in leaves and stems.The contents of total flavonoids in cultivated varireties were higher than those in wile varireties.The optimum extraction conditions were as follows:temperature at 65 ℃,50% ethanol concentration,ultrasonic extraction for 40 min,and the  25∶1 ratio of solvent to raw materials.In these conditions,the total flavonoids extraction rate was 89.26%.
    Construction and Mechanical Engineering
    Poverty Alleviation Innovation Through Tourism Development:a Case Study of Wulong County
    YAO Mao-Hua, TAN Qi-Hua
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2016, 37(1):  80-85. 
    Asbtract ( 2149 )   PDF ( 1484 )  
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    Poverty alleviation through tourism development in Wulong County demonstrates the innovations in the conception of poverty alleviation,the industry,regional development,structure and working mechanism,which provides reference for the poverty alleviation in other destitute areas.
    Empirical Research on the Tea Industry Development of Xiangxi Based on Multivariate Linear Regression Model
    ZHANG Yong, WANG Huan, LU Dong-Xiang, SHI Hui, JIANG Hui, QIAO Hao
    journal6, 2016, 37(1):  86-89. 
    Asbtract ( 1951 )  
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    Combining with the status quo and development trend of the Xiangxi tea industry,through the analysis on the naturual,social and economic environment of Xiangxi,and using the least squares method to establish multiple linear model to carry on the quantitative research,we establish a model which reflect the positive correlation of the tea production with the first industry in GDP,and thus point out five factors which influence the tea industry in Xiangxi.Accordingly,the effective circulation of resources in the tea industry chain can be realized to improve the tea industry level,to promote the economic development,and ultimately,to accomplish the aims of poverty alleviation in Wuling mountainous areas.
    Classification and Evaluation of Urban Tourism Resource
    ZHOU Da-Qing
    journal6, 2016, 37(1):  90-96. 
    Asbtract ( 2482 )   PDF ( 3121 )  
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    Tourism resources are the premise of tourism development;thus scientific classification and evaluation of  tourism resources is the basic work for urban tourism development and planning. After reviewing relevant researches,the paper defines and classifies the urban tourism resources in China. Using AHP method,this paper establishes an evaluation index system of urban tourism resources,which assigns different weight by quantified ways to reflect scientifically the influential degree of each index.The study can enrich the basic connotation of tourism resources and is of guiding significance for urban tourism development and tourism product construction.
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