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    25 May 2013, Volume 34 Issue 3
    Positive Solution for Nonlinear Higher-Order Neutral Variable Delay Difference Equations with Continuous Arguments
    YANG Jia-Shan, LIU Xing-Yuan
    journal6, 2013, 34(3):  1-6. 
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    Positive solution for a class of nonlinear higher-order neutral variable delay difference equations with continuous arguments is studied.Using the fixed point theorem in Banach space and a lot of inequality techniques,some sufficient conditions for the existence of eventually positive solution for the equations are obtained.The examples are presented to illustrate the effects of our theorems.
    A Class of Linear Boundary Value Problem for Isotonic Functional Vector in Clifford Analysis
    YAN Sheng-Yong
    journal6, 2013, 34(3):  7-11. 
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    This paper discusses a class of linear boundary value problem with conjugate value and a kind of shift for isotonic functional vector in Clifford analysis.Firstly,the author  gives some integral operators and tansform the problem into an integral equation problem.Applying the integral equation method and Schauder fixed-point theorem,the author proves the existence of the solution for the problem,and gives the integral representation of solution.
    Exact Estimation of the Eigenfunction and Eigenvalue for Sturm-Liouville Operator
    CHEN Li-Min
    journal6, 2013, 34(3):  12-14. 
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    The expressions of the asymptotic formulae about the Sturm-Liouville operator are given by iterate algorithm.
    Cluster Structure Stability Based Sub-Ring Algorithm over Multi-Hop Routing
    ZHOU Jian-Qin, SHI Zhi-Yuan, ZHAO Ze-Mao
    journal6, 2013, 34(3):  15-20. 
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    The cluster structure stability based sub-ring algorithm over multi-hop routing (CBSM) is proposed to improve the stability of the wireless sensor network(WSN) and to prolong the lifetime of the network.The main idea of the CBSM is to divide the monitoring area into a number of fixed cells.Then select the cluster head with the residual energy and the nod location in the fixed cell.The simulation results showed that CBSM has a good performance in prolonging the network lifetime and increasing the network stabilization.
    Combination Technology of Video Advertising and Animation Advertising Based on AE
    WEI San-Qiang, CHENG Jia-Chao, ZHANG Chao, HOU Wu-Yang, LIU Jiang
    journal6, 2013, 34(3):  21-24. 
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    It is significant to study the combination technology of video advertising and animation advertising,so as to create more innovative,more attractive,more appealing,and more elegant advertisement.The use of AE software “false and true”,“penetration”,“imitation of 3D”,dynamic image tracking,keying,advertising picture stability and other functions can make a delicate combination of the video advertising and animation advertising to constitute a new combination advertising.Compared with traditional advertising,combination advertising has the advantages of vitality,fashion,and fun,so it has a good market and promotion prospects.
    Physics and electrical engineering
    Quantum Theory of Electronic Double-Slit Diffraction
    LI Hong, BA Nuo, WU Xiang-Yao, LIU Xiao-Jing, ZHANG Si-Qi, WANG Jing, MA Ji, DONG He-
    journal6, 2013, 34(3):  25-30. 
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    The electronic wave function in the slits is obtained by the Schrodinger equation,and electron diffraction wave function outside the slits by the strict solutions of path integral method.The diffraction intensity is proportional to the square of diffraction wave function.Then,the formula of electronic double-slit diffraction intensity can be obtained.It is found that the theoretical calculation result of quantum theory and the experimental measurement data tally pretty well.So,the method of quantum theory can explain electron diffraction phenomenon precisely.
    Effect of Buffer Layers on the Properties of Al-Doped ZnO Films
    LI Chang-Shan, ZHAO He-Ping, XIAO Li-Juan, HAO Jia-Wei
    journal6, 2013, 34(3):  31-34. 
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    AZO films with Al2O3 and ZnO buffer layers were deposited by RF magnetron sputtering.The structure and optoelectronic properties of AZO films were analyzed by some characterization instruments,such as X-ray diffractometer (XRD),scanning electron micro-scope (SEM),UV-visible spectrophotometer,Hall test.The results show that the films with buffer layers have better c-axis preferred orientation,and smooth surface.The crystal quality has been improved.The transmittance of films is over 80% in the visible range.AZO films deposited on ZnO buffer layer have the lowest resistivity of 5.8×10-4 Ω·cm,and the conductive property of the films is improved obviously.
    Simulation and Comparative Analysis of ΔM,Δ-Σ and ADM Delta Modulation System
    SONG Rui, ZHANG Kai
    journal6, 2013, 34(3):  35-38. 
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    The delta modulation(ΔM) system,delta-sigma(Δ-Σ) modulation system and the     adaptive delta modulation(ADM)system have been simulated respectively by SystemView simulation software in this paper.The results demonstrate that the modulation of the amplitude increment of adaptive delta modulation (ADM) system can be adjusted automatically with the change of the analog signal,which overcomes overload noise produced by ΔM and Δ-Σ modulation systems,solves the contradiction of granular noise and overload noise,and extends the signal dynamic ranged.
    Design of Buck-Boost LED Lighting Driver Based on Multi-Loop Control
    LI Yong-Zhi, WANG Ling, HUANG He-Ping
    journal6, 2013, 34(3):  39-44. 
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    A multi-loop control strategy is proposed based on OCC (One Cycle Control)-controlled Buck-Boost LED lighting driver,and a novel efficient Buck-Boost LED lighting driver is obtained.The multi-loop control strategy principles are analyzed in detail,the system model is built and the control system performance is made in-depth studies.It can be seen through system simulations that the novel multi-loop control system has better performance such as high power factor,low output impedance and good dynamic performance,and it has achieved the desired goal.
    Analytical Study of ICI Cancellation in OFDM Systems
    ZHANG Guo-Yuan, WANG Yan, HUANG Yuan-Ling
    journal6, 2013, 34(3):  45-48. 
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    OFDM syetems are very sensitive to frequency offset.Frequency shifts lead to loss of orthogonality between subcarriers,which will cause intercarrier interference and degrade the system performance.In view of the interference,the ICI caused by frequency offset is analyzed in theory.This paper compares the performances of three methods of ICI cancellation  based on symbol transform self-cancellation,extended Kalman filtering and frequency domain coding.The result shows that Frequency coding suppresses ICI effectively without reducing spectrum utilization.
    Machinery and Engineering
    Robust Design for Handwheel Shoe Brake Linkage of Electric Mine Locomotive
    WEN Ze-Jun, WANG Zhao-Bo, YUE Wen-Hui, YANG Shu-Yi, LIU Ai-Jun
    journal6, 2013, 34(3):  49-54. 
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    A robust parameter design and optimization of handwheel shoe brake linkage for electric mine locomotive are studied,with genetic algorithm (GA) and Monte Carlo simulation used.Firstly,the kinematic model of linkage is established while the braking process of handwheel shoe brake linkage is analyzed.Secondly,the kinematical model of handwheel shoe brake linkage for electric mine locomotive is established based on the revolving pair clearance model.Finally,with the objective to satisfy the lowest mean error and standard deviation of shoe brake distance,taking the linkage length for the design variables and the revolving pair clearance and contact angle and machining error for noise factors,the model of robust parameter design and optimization for handwheel shoe brake linkage of mine electric locomotive is established,and the parameters are optimized.The result shows that the absolute error of shoe brake distance reduced by 15.4%,and the standard deviation of shoe brake distance reduced by 28.6%.The uncertainty of shoe brake process can be significantly reduced without raising the manufacturing precision of linkage.It has important significance in the design quality of handwheel shoe brake linkage.
    Chemistry and chemical engineering
    Novel and Efficient Hydrolysis of Benzyl Chloride Catalyzed by  PEG1000-DAIL[BF4]/Fe2(SO4)3 Under Homogeneous Catalysis
    HU Yu-Lin, LU Ming, ZHENG Jian-Dong
    journal6, 2013, 34(3):  55-61. 
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    Benzyl alcohol was obtained in 96% high yield by hydrolysis of benzyl chloride,which was catalyzed by the recyclable temperature-dependant phase-separation catalytic system that comprised of the ionic liquid PEG1000-DAIL[BF4],toluene and ferric sulfate (Fe2(SO4)3) under homogeneous catalysis in aqueous media.The reaction mixture was stirred for 40 min at 110 ℃.The method has the advantages of high yield of easy operation.The catalytic system can be recycled or reused without any significant loss of catalytic activity.The mechanism of hydrolysis reaction and the process of catalysis in the thermoregulated ionic liquid bi-phase system are also proposed.
    Effect of Trolamine on the Positive Electrolyte  for Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries
    HE Zhang-Xing, HE Yao-Yi, CHEN Chen, YANG Shuai, CHEN Wen-Cong, LIU Su-Qin, HE Zhen
    journal6, 2013, 34(3):  62-65. 
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    Trolamine was used as the additive of positive electrolyte for vanadium redox flow battery.Its electrochemical performance of V(IV)/VV(V) redox couple and thermal stability of V(V) electrolyte were investigated by stabilization examination,UV-Vis absorption spectrophotometry,cyclic voltammetry and charge-discharge test.The results show that addition of trolamine can enhance thermal stability of V(V),and the concentration of V(V) at 50 ℃ for 12 h can reach 1.08 mol/L,0.16 higher than the pristine.The UV-Vis spectra show that trolamine do not change the bonding style of vanadium ion.The addition of trolamine can enhance the electrochemical acitivity and reversibility,with larger peak current and smaller peak potential interval.The average energy efficiency of 30 cycles assembled with trolamine is 80.4%,1.4% higher than that of the pristine.
    Medical Science
    Experimental Study on the Influence of Viola Diffusa Ging Extract on Myocardial Cells
    HE Xuan, PENG Guang-Yong, HUANG Lu-Lu, WANG Yun-Zhao, LIU Jin, PENG Xiang-Ping, LI Chun-Yan
    journal6, 2013, 34(3):  66-68. 
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    Objective: to study the influence of viola diffusa gine (VDG) extract on myocardial cells.Methods:myocardial cells were cultured with different concentrations of VDG extract to intervene.The myocardial cells pulse frequency and the contents of lactate dehydrgenase(LDH) in culture solution were determined.MTT method was used to observe the cells survival rate.Results:free radicals injured myocardial cell,VDG extract reduced LDH leakage and increased the cell survival rate (P<0.05).Conclusion:The results indicate that VDG extract has a certain protective effects on myocardial cells injured by free radicals.
    Survey on Treatment Compliance of Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
    LIANG Min-Yong, CAI Shan, WU Xiu-Ming, CHEN Ping
    journal6, 2013, 34(3):  69-73. 
    Asbtract ( 2330 )   PDF ( 2390 )  
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    Objectives:to explore the treatment compliance of patients with COPD and influential factors.Methods:162 patients with COPD were accepted in the sampling survey by questionnaire about the related knowledge and treatment compliance of COPD during stable phase.Results:40.7% of the patients were on better level of treatment compliance.The result indicated that the influential factors of patient's treatment compliance included the course of disease,regular re-examination,the awareness  level of the disease,the relationship between patients and doctors,and the economic burden.Conclusion:the compliance level of the patients with COPD is on low-middle level.The major influential factors are the awareness  level of the disease,the relationship between patients and doctors,the course of disease,economic burden and regular re-examination.Improving the doctor-patient relationship and strengthening health education can increase the treatment compliance.
    Evaluation System of Regional Tourism Competitiveness
    WANG Qin, LI Lan
    journal6, 2013, 34(3):  74-77. 
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    Based on the characteristics of the regional tourism,the evaluation index system of regional tourism competitiveness was built from the five subsystems,which are  the impact factors,the development factors,the  stability factors,and the environmental factors,the risk factors.Through description of the method dealing with the evaluation index and the means of making evaluations,it is reasonable to expect to evaluate the regional tourism competitiveness objectively.
    Degree of Correlation Between Regional Low Carbon Economic Development and Land Use Changes:A Case Study of Changsha City
    ZHANG Xin, ZHANG Yong, SU Ji-Kang, JIANG Wei
    journal6, 2013, 34(3):  78-85. 
    Asbtract ( 2271 )   PDF ( 1595 )  
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    Based on the data of land use changes in Changsha city from 2005 to 2011,the spatial pattern of land use change is analyzed in terms of  land use dynamic degree and the comprehensive index of land use degree.What’s more,the degree of correlation between low carbon economic development and land use degree is discussed from the macroscopic and microscopic perspectives.The result shows that the land use change in Changsha city from 2005 to 2011 is obvious and the comprehensive index of land use degree is large and in  an upward trend.There is a strong correlation between low carbon economic development and land use degree and the grey correlation degree reached 0.649 8.That study can provide scientific reference for low carbon type of land use in the process of two type society construction.
    Current Situation of Physical Fitness and Exercise of Older People in Xiangxi Minority Areas
    LIU Ze-Long
    journal6, 2013, 34(3):  86-88. 
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    The physical fitness and exercise of the old people in Xiangxi Minority areas is investigated by means of purposive sampling,literature review,interview,questionnaire,induction method and deduction method.It is found that although the old people have clear motivation to participate in physical exercise,they seldom receive necessary guidance and walking has become their favorite form of exercise.Because of the underdeveloped local economy and the low sports consumption level,many old people will choose the open grounds of the residential districts as their exercise place,while they are not willing to spend money on physical exercise.In Xiangxi minority areas,the old people seldom participate in the traditional sports activities,and the participation time and exercise place are far from the sports population standards.Xiangxi is in great need of instructors of social sports and the policy and economic support from the government.
    Education and teaching
    Practical Exploration and Thoughts on the Rural Backbone Teachers’ Training——Case “China’s Training” Program Study of Huaihua University
    ZHANG Hui-Chun
    journal6, 2013, 34(3):  89-92. 
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    “China’s Training Program Intended for Nationwide Teachers of Primary and High School”,shoulders the important task of leading,demonstrating and supporting.It also embodies the national great attention to the overall quality of the primary and secondary school teachers.This paper summarizes the practical methods and the characteristics of Huaihua University’s implementation of the program,analyzes the existing problems,and then provides beneficial references for the smooth implementation of the program in the future future.
    Dilemma and Measures of Track and Field Teaching  Reform in Primary and Secondary  Schools from the Perspective of Sunshine Sports
    OuYang Jin-Hua
    journal6, 2013, 34(3):  93-96. 
    Asbtract ( 1878 )   PDF ( 1501 )  
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    Track and field classes,as the main content of the school physical education,plays an irreplaceable role throughout the entire process of school sports.However,with the implementation of the curriculum standards and the quality  education,track and field teaching reform has entered a bottleneck.This study based on the detailed analysis of the new curriculum ideas,the content,methods and evaluation of track  field courses,identifies the problems and recognizes the important position and the value of track and field courses in sports.The study provides a theoretical reference for the track and field teaching reform in the primary and secondary schools.
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