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    25 July 2013, Volume 34 Issue 4
    On the Gracefulness of the (Gr1,Gr2,...,Gr4h+2)-Corona of the Graph C4h+3
    WU Yue-Sheng
    journal6, 2013, 34(4):  1-6. 
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    The definition of the (Gr1,Gr2,...,Gr4h+2)-corona of the Graph C4h+3 is given.The gracefulness of the (Gr1,Gr2,...,Gr4h+2)-corona of the Graph C4h+3 are discussed.The graceful labelings are given.
    Note About Geodesic Curvature Vector of Curves on a Surface
    XING Jia-Sheng, ZHANG Guang-Zhao
    journal6, 2013, 34(4):  7-10. 
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    The authors  give the geometric meaning of the  geodesic curvature vector,and a direct derivation method about the calculation formula of  geodesic curvature and  Liouville formula  is  obtained.
    Attainability of  p-Amemiya (1≤p≤∞)  Norm in Orlicz Sequence Spaces
    DUAN Li-Fen, WANG Hong-Zhi, CUI Yun-An
    journal6, 2013, 34(4):  11-15. 
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    In consideration of the Orlicz sequence spaces,p-Amemiya function is defined.By means of real and functional analysis method,feature of p-Amemiya (1≤p≤∞) function and the characterizations over attainability of p-Amemiya norm in the Orlicz sequence spaces are discussed.A whole series of properties of p-Amemiya function are presented.Based on the conclusions,attainability of p-Amemiya norm is derived.And the intervals for p-Amemiya norm attainability are described.
    Cubic Hermite Collocation Method for Solving the EllipticProblem with a Discontinuous Solution
    JIANG Ying-Jun, ZOU Shi-Jun
    journal6, 2013, 34(4):  16-18. 
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    The cubic Hermite collocation method is used in discretization of an elliptic problem with a discontinuous solution.The discontinuous points of the solution are taken as grid points,the left and right limits of the solution at the discontinuous points as unknowns.The jumpings of the solution at the discontinuous points are combined to dicrete the original problem.The test indicates that the method has the convergence of order O(h4).
    r-th Consistency of the Density Function for Strong Mixing Censored Data
    LIU Yan, WU Qun-Ying, YE Cai-Yuan
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2013, 34(4):  19-22. 
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    This paper discusses the r-th (r>d) consistency of the kernel estimation for a density function f(x) based on censored data from α-mixing sequence.For practical purposes,the estimation of the hazard function λ(x) is given,and the r-th consistency is proved.
    A Robust Form of the Linear Correlation Coefficient
    GAN Sheng-Jin, LIN Juan
    journal6, 2013, 34(4):  23-25. 
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    Correlation coefficient reflects the closeness of the linear relationship between two random variables,which is susceptible to the interference of abnormal values.This paper presents a robust form,which has the same nature as the correlation coefficient under conditon of the normal distribution,but has higher  point breaking down  than that of correlation coefficient,so it has good application value.
    Dependence Relationship Between the Returns and Volume of Stock Based on the Copula Model
    JIANG Song-Ming, WANG Qin, LIU Xi, CHANG Chun-Yan
    journal6, 2013, 34(4):  26-30. 
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    This paper establishes Gumbel Copula model based on AR(1)-GARCH(1,1),and then portrays the correlation between the real estate of return and volumes through Gumbel Copula model.By AIC information criterion for testing goodness it is found that the Gumbel Copula is  better to describe the dependence structure between the price return and volumes.Results show that there is an asymmetrical dependence of higher upper tail between them,but  the positive dependence is not strong.
    Physics and electrical engineering
    Condensed States,Macroscopic Quantum Effects and High-Tc Superconductivity
    ZHANG Yi-Fang
    journal6, 2013, 34(4):  31-38. 
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    All condensed state physics is the result of breaking symmetry.Ising model and its extension are thus discussed.Then the fractal applications and Hall effect are researched.Thirdly,the macroscopic quantum effects and superfluidity are explored.Fourthly,the high-Tc superconductivity is discussed,and its bag model is investigated.These are related with the Bose-Einstein condensation(BEC),and the author predicts that the high-Tc superfluidity should exist.Finally,the similarity between particles and molecules is discussed,and the macroscopic quantum effects are summarized.
    Electric Field Distribution Properties of One-Dimensional Photonic Crystals
    WANG Jing, BA Nuo, WU Xiang-Yao, LIU Xiao-Jing, ZHANG Si-Qi, LI Hong, MA Ji, DONG He
    journal6, 2013, 34(4):  39-45. 
    Asbtract ( 2304 )   PDF ( 2004 )  
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    The electric field distribution formula of the transmitted incident liqut at arbitrary angle in one-dimensional photonic crytals is deduced.The electric field distribution properties of one-dimentional photonic crystals are thus researched.The research shows that the incident angle,permutation of dielectric mode of photonic crystals,defect mode and defect mode refractive index can make different influences on the election field distribution in one-dimensional photonic crystals.
    Research and Simulation of a New Nonlinear PI Controller
    LIAO Bai-Lin
    journal6, 2013, 34(4):  46-49. 
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    For the problem of large time-delay and great inertia in the process control field,a new nonlinear PI controller is proposed which can compensate the time-delay features by an aperiodic sampling unit,speed up the adjustment process and reduce the overshoot by a nonlinear PI controller.The simulation of the aperiodic sampling unit and nonlinear unit is realized by the S-Function of MATLAB.Simulation results demonstrate that the new nonlinear PI controller has less overshoot and faster response.In the case of the model-process mismatch,it also has a good performance and robust stability.
    Fuzzy Controller of Voltage Regulator System Regression Analysis Model Design
    LU Wan-Yin
    journal6, 2013, 34(4):  50-54. 
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    Voltage regulating systems often uses PID regulation which requires long time to control and has large overshoot.Based on the analysis of the system,a kind of effective  fuzzy controller was designed.Since the regression analysis model is determined by the mathematical function relationship,it is enough to make addition and subtraction,multiplication and division operations,so it can easily be programmed to achieve in microcomputers such as PLC instruction.Through the simulation,the control effect of regression analysis model and fuzzy controller model is basically consistent.
    Application of Simulink-Based Adaptive Fuzzy PID Algorithm in the BHF Control System of Hydraulic Machines
    ZOU Li
    journal6, 2013, 34(4):  55-58. 
    Asbtract ( 2393 )   PDF ( 1914 )  
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    According to the characteristics of BHF control system of hydraulic machines,this essay applies the adaptive fuzzy PID algorithm to establish fuzzy logic controller in MATLAB/Simulink,works out the adaptive fuzzy PID hydraulic machines BHF control system.The simulation result shows that with the adaptive fuzzy PID algorithm,the system has good dynamic and static characteristics and good robustness.
    Information and communication
    Pedestrian Segmentation Algorithm in Infrared Images Based on Frame Difference and Otsu
    ZHANG Shu-Zhen
    journal6, 2013, 34(4):  59-61. 
    Asbtract ( 2565 )   PDF ( 1999 )  
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    The contrast between pedestrians and environment is low in infrared images,which will result in the problem of faulty segmentation.This paper puts forward a pedestrian segmentation algorithm in infrared images based on frame difference and Otsu.Firstly,two frames with a short time interval of an infrared video sequence are used to obtain a frame difference image,and Otsu method is applied to get some moving target regions in the frame difference image.Then,the reference frame is also segmented by Otsu method,and the seed pixels of target regions can be gained by multiplying the result of the frame difference image segmentation with the result of the reference frame segmentation.Finally,according to region connectivity of the segmentation image of the reference frame,pedestrian areas are determined.Experimental results show that the proposed algorithm can overcome the interference of the environment,has strong robustness,and can effectively realize pedestrian segmentation in the infrared image.
    Construction of a SVM Learning Model in the Categorization Framework for CVE
    PENG Hua, MO Li-Ping, TANG Zan-Yu
    journal6, 2013, 34(4):  62-66. 
    Asbtract ( 3204 )   PDF ( 1968 )  
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    In the categorization framework for CVE,this paper designs and constructs a learning model based on SVM,so that it can categorize the CVE according to the different taxonomic features.In the process of constructing a learning model based on SVM,first of all,the training data is generated according to the different taxonomic features in the several vulnerability databases,then a data fusion and cleansing process are designed to eliminate the inconsistencies of data,and finally the n-fold cross-validation method is used to evaluate the effect of the model.The learning model has been verified to have better performance of CVE classification.
    Chemistry and chemical engineering
    Preparation of Potentiornetric Immunosensor Based on Poly (o-Phenylenediamine) Film
    FENG Chun-Liang, BAI Yu-Chen, SUN Yue, DU Peng, WANG Lu
    journal6, 2013, 34(4):  67-71. 
    Asbtract ( 2360 )   PDF ( 1858 )  
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    Firstly,o-phenylenediamine(OPD) was electropolymerized on carbon paste electrode(CPE/POPD)by cyclic voltammetry method.Then the gold nanoparticals (GNPs) and prussian blue (PB) were deposited onto the CPE/POPD by electrodeposition technology to fabricate CPE/POPD/PB-GNPs electrode.Finally,the goat anti-mouse IgG (antibody,Ab) were immobilizeded on to the CPE/POPD/PB-GNPs electrode through Au-NH-bond,and thus a potentiometric immunosensor (CPE/POPD/PB-GNPs/Ab) was sucessfully prepared.The modified process of the electrode was characterized by cyclic voltammetry (CV) and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS).The immunosensor exhibited fast potentiometric response (<3 min) under the antigen concentration of 2.0×10-5 μg/L and 1.0×104 μg/L when it was used to detect the mouse IgG.The results of experiments showed that the immunosensor based on POPD/GNPs-PB composite film exhibited the advantages of high sensitivity,fast response,wide detection range and low cost.
     Preparation and Characterization of Inclusion Complex Arteannuin with β-Cyclodextrin
    TAN Qing-Hua, YANG Jiang-Jing, TANG Yan-Hui, DUAN You-Gou
    journal6, 2013, 34(4):  72-76. 
    Asbtract ( 2404 )   PDF ( 2682 )  
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    The preparation and characterizations of the inclusion complex of arteannuin (ART) with β-cyclodextrin (β-CD) were investigated.The properties of arteannuin with β-cyclodextrin were characterized and analyzed by phase solubility analysis and infrared spectrography (IR).Results showed that β-cylcodextrin could increase the solubility of arteannuin;the inclusion constants of arteannuin with β-cylcodextrin (β-CD) was calculated as 77.44 L/mol;IR spectra showed that the intensity of a few characteristic absorption peak of ART decreased,the peak shape was widened and the displacement changed or disappeared under the influence of inclusion complex.It is concluded arteannuin and β-cylcodextrin can form stable inclusion complexes.
    Synthesis and Catalytic Properties of the Charge Transfer Compound (C2H8N)3(PW12O40)·2H2O
    HUANG Yi-Lan, LUO Xiao-Xia, ZHANG Chuan-Lei, CAI Tie-Jun
    journal6, 2013, 34(4):  77-81. 
    Asbtract ( 4126 )   PDF ( 1563 )  
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    A new charge-transfer compound (C2H8N)3(PW12O40)·2H2O  synthesised by hydrothermal technology using DMF-water as solvent which was characterized by IR spectroscopy,TG-DTA and single-crystal X-ray diffraction.The results show that the compound belongs to the trigonal system,R3m sapce group,and the cell parameters.Crystal data:trigonal,space group:R3m,a=1.626 82(12) nm,b=1.626 82(12) nm,c=2.481 9(4) nm,α=90°,β=90°,γ=120°,V=5.688 4(11) nm3Z=6,R1=0.057 7,wR2=0.144 4,S=1.006.The compound has good catalytic activity for the oxidative elimination of methanol.When the initial concentration of methanol is 5.37 g·m-3,and the flow rate is 4.51 mL·min-1,59% of methanol is eliminated at 175 ℃.
    Biological resources
    Desiccation Tolerance of Bryophyta and Its Ecological Adaptation
    DU Xiao-Meng, TIAN Xiang-Rong, LI Jing, CAO Dan, HU Rong, WEI Yu-Jing
    journal6, 2013, 34(4):  82-88. 
    Asbtract ( 2783 )   PDF ( 2382 )  
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    Under drought stress,bryophyta shows a series of physiological and ecological adaptation changes.This study shows bryophyta’s  physiological metabolic indexes under drought stress,and explains the relationship between desiccation tolerance and ecological adaptation.Through further analysis,bryophyta’s adaptation is shown to be controlled by many factors,so desiccation tolerance of bryophyta should be considered  comprehensively.
    Habitat and Sexual Reproductive System in Vesicularia Montagnei,a Rock Outcrop Moss in a Stream
    LIU Bing, TIAN Qi-Jian, JIANG Yong-Dong, LEI Ting
    journal6, 2013, 34(4):  89-92. 
    Asbtract ( 2915 )  
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    Based on the field investigations and laboratory examinations on V. montagnei,the authors studied its habitat and sexual reproductive system.The results were described as following:(1) the habitat of  V. montagnei is very special,which is the surfaces of rocks in a stream.Part individuals live in flooded condition constantly,but most individuals grow in the flooded condition intermittently.(2) The average number of archegonia is (18.2±6.2)(N=30) in per perichaetium,the average number of antheridia is (8.3±2.7)(N=30) in per perigonium,the average length of sporophyte is (1.8±0.17) (N=20) cm,the average length of seta is (1.6±0.16) (N=20) cm,and the average length of capsule is (0.2±0.02) (N=20) cm.(3) The development period of sporophyte in V. montagnei is between June and September among which embryo period is in June,capsule formation takes place in July,spore maturity period is concentrated on between August and September.
    Analysis on Demand  Control of Construction Land Based on PSR Model in Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture
    ZHUANG Da-Chun, WANG Cheng-Song
    journal6, 2013, 34(4):  93-96. 
    Asbtract ( 2583 )   PDF ( 1575 )  
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    In recent years,because of rapid social economic development and increasing  demand for construction land in Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture,imbalance between the  supply of and demand for construction land has become increasingly acute.Determining a reasonable construction land scale is significant for  sustainable development of the local economy.This article analyzes the cause of expanded demand for construction land in Xiangxizhou and the mechanism of investment pressure on fixed assets using PSR model in system engineering.A PSR model for demand for construction land is established.Based on the data from 2000 to 2008,this article concludes that demand for construction land will be 3 233 hm2 in Xiangxizhou from 2008 to 2020.
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