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    25 March 2013, Volume 34 Issue 2
    Counting of One Kind of Generalized Lattice Path
    TANG Bao-Xiang, REN Han
    journal6, 2013, 34(2):  1-4. 
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    The generalized lattice path is made by joining path which is on a pair of diagonal vertices on the chessboard of m×n.The counting formula of the generalized lattice path whose length is m+n+2 on chessboard of m×n has been obtained by using the counting method of the spacing permutations.
    Near-Optimality in Stochastic Control of Stochastic Age-Dependent System with Markovian Switching and Fractional Brownian Motion
    ZHANG Qi-Min, SHI Jian-Wei
    journal6, 2013, 34(2):  5-11. 
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    A class of stochastic age-dependent system with Marvokian switching and fractional Brownian motion is introduced,and the necessary conditions for near-optimality are established.The conditions are described by an adjoint process and a nearly maximum condition on the Hamiltonian.The proof of the main results is based on Ito formula,Ekeland’s variational principle and some estimates on the state and the adjoint process with respect to the control variable.
    Some Problems of the AHP and Its Application
    XU Yong-Lin
    journal6, 2013, 34(2):  12-18. 
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    The analytic hierarchy process (AHP) is widely used in many fields as a classical multi attribute decision-making approach.Through studying the basic theory of AHP,the AHP method was given to determine weight.Method and procedure to solve multi-objective decision by AHP are described.Through the specific examples of property purchase,scientific methods to make consumption decision are presented.
    Applying Definited Integral with a Parameter to Prove the Wallis Formula
    HE Yu-Bo, WANG Ya, LUO Si-Wen, PENG Li
    journal6, 2013, 34(2):  19-21. 
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    A definite integral with a parameter is applied to design a new way to prove  Wallis Formula.
    Two Notes on the Inequalities of Positive Definite Hermite  Matrix Trace
    SONG Yuan, ZHOU Qi-Sheng
    journal6, 2013, 34(2):  22-25. 
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    In this paper,we study the ineqeality’s problem for the trace of positive definite Hermite matrix.Based on two results of real inequalities,together with Neumann inequality,two inequalities of positive definite Hermite matrix trace are obtained.
    File Monitoring Based on Spring Integration Message Flow
    DING Zhen-Fan
    journal6, 2013, 34(2):  26-30. 
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    Spring Integration provides a simple,efficient mechanism to realize message oriented application integration.It adopts declarative configuration definition connection between message channel and message processing unit.Spring Tool Suite provides a visual toolbox to realize message flow process layout.Combined with a directory file security inspection application,this paper gives the specific programming processing method.Through message files  all documents state information is stored in a directory.When detecting,the file information in the directory is compared with the recorded information from the message file,in order that the file changes should be found,and  a notice mail be automatically sent to the manager.
    Computer Encoding and Fonts Creating of Bantang Hmong Language Characters
    MO Li-Ping, ZHOU Kai-Qing, JIANG Xiao-Hui
    journal6, 2013, 34(2):  31-35. 
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    National language characters information processing is of great significance for protecting the national cultural heritage and promoting national culture.Both computer coded representation and fonts creating are the basic works of national language characters information processing research.The glyph feature of Xiangxi Bantang Hmong Language Characters is analyzed.On the basis of character encoding standard and font technology being introduced,the encoding scheme of Bantang Hmong Language Characters,which is based on the Unicode standard in Windows environment,is proposed.And then,according to Bantang Hmong Language Characters,the method of making matrix font based on Photoshop technology and the concrete steps of creating fonts based on Truetype technology are given.
    Design of Web Content Monitoring System for Intranet Users
    ZHOU Tie, DUAN Ming-Xiu
    journal6, 2013, 34(2):  36-40. 
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    A web content monitoring system for intranet uses’ security is desigued.The overall design and the design of the key components such as supervision agent,sniffer,data center and console are described in detail.
    Physics and electrical engineering
    Experimental Study on Elliptically Polarized Light and Partially Polarized Light
    WANG Xiao-Yun, DENG Ke, SUN Jing, HUANG Yong-Gang, WANG Zong-Cheng
    journal6, 2013, 34(2):  41-45. 
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    Elliptically polarized light and partially polarized light show similar change in light intensity through a rotatable,so it is difficult to differentiate them.Application of two 1/4 wave plates in the path of elliptically ploarized light and one 1/4 wave plate in the path of partially polarized light is a way to distinguish them from each other.The experiment results showed that the intensity of partially polarized light changed with no extinction phenomenon,but the intensity of elliptically polarized light changed with the extinction phenomenon,and the elliptial polarized light changed into shallow polarized light through 1/4 wave plate.
    Protocol of Selective Repeat Based on the Data Link Layer
    CHEN Xi, ZHOU Xiao-Qing, ZHAO Han, ZHANG Pei
    journal6, 2013, 34(2):  46-49. 
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    Qubits must be sent again when some qubit errors occur in the data frame in the quantum network between the two communicate sites.Although this repeat guarantees the data accuracy,the pressure of the communication channel is increased.In order to reduce the pressure of the channel and improve the efficiency of selective repeat protocol,the authors analyze the existing selective repeat protocol from the process of quantum states’ replication and teleportation.So the cache of the channel is introduced and the selective repeat protocol of the data link layer is improved.Furthermore,the authors compare the efficiency of protocol and the utilization ratio of channel with previous scheme and provide a reference for seeking more effective and efficient communication means.
    Electric Field Distribution of New One Dimensional Linear Function Photonic Crystals
    ZHANG Si-Qi, BA Nuo, WU Xiang-Yao, LIU Xiao-Jing, WANG Jing, LI Hong, GUO Yi-Qing
    journal6, 2013, 34(2):  50-55. 
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    This paper researches the transmissivity of the one dimensional linear function photonic crystals,and the effect of different period numbers and different optical thickness on the field intensity in photon crystals.Some new results different from the conventional photonic crystals are obtained.When the medium BandArefractive indexes distribution function for linear increase,transmissivity of linear function photonic crystal can be far greater than 1;with the increase of period numbers,the maximum value of electric field strength increases significantly;the change of period numbers can make the magnification of the function photonic crystal field change accordingly.Such results provide theoretical approach and idea for photonic crystals preparation and applications.
    Information and communication
    Digital Watermarking Algorithm Based on Block SVD in Wavelet Domain
    YU Shuai-Zhen, YIN Shi-Shu, GAO Ling
    journal6, 2013, 34(2):  56-60. 
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    According to the principles,characteristics and the advantages of the application of DWT and SVD theory in watermarking field,this paper presents a singular value decomposition of block-based watermarking technology in wavelet domain.The decomposition advantages of wavelet and singular value are made full use of.In accordance with the idea of carved blocks in JPEG program,wavelet transformation is firstly made to the host image.Then singular value decomposition is done to the low frequency parameters.The largest singular value of each block is selected to a new matrix to be embedded into water-mark information.Moreover,multiple extraction methods is presented to cope with various attacks.Experimental results show that the algorithm is robust enough to some  image degradation process.
    Optimal Control of  Variable Air Volume  Systems
    DENG Xiao-Fei, HUANG Guang-Ya, SONG Zhi-Guo, ZHANG Yin-Xing
    journal6, 2013, 34(2):  61-63. 
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    It is difficult to apply Variable Air Volume (VAV) air condition system for its complex control process,so constant air volume system is still widely used in China.In view of this situation,the optimal theoretical strategies of controlling the temperature of air supplied by VAV  air handling unit are  presented.Then Matlab simulation software is used to analyze the results.The simulation results show that this algorithm can better operate  with the lower energy consumption.
    Chemistry and chemical engineering
    Influence of Control Agent on Preparation of Aragonite Type of Calcium Carbonate Whisker
    ZHAO Li-Na, CHEN Lu, WANG Yue
    journal6, 2013, 34(2):  64-67. 
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    Calcium carbonate is an important kind of inorganic chemical material.Different kinds of calcium carbonate whiskers play different roles in the human’s life.There has been wide research on aragonite type in recent years owing to its various functions as a new material.There are some approaches to produce this kind of chemical,and the control agent is the key to successful  preparation.This paper classifies and summarizes the mechanism of some common control agents in preparation of aragonite type of calcium carbonate.
    Determination of Tannin Content from Beihua by UV-Chrominated and Hide Powder Method
    ZHANG Ci-Hai, OuYang-Yu-Zhu
    journal6, 2013, 34(2):  68-71. 
    Asbtract ( 2513 )   PDF ( 2387 )  
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    The content of tannin from Beihua was analyzed by UV-chrominated hide powder method.The methodology of experiment results were investigated.The stability of the solution is good at 20 ℃.After 20 min,tannin can be completly adsorbed by chrominated hide powder.The content of tannin from Beihua  analyzed by this method  resembles that by pharmacopeia method.The average recovery rate of this method is 98.86%,RSD is 0.85.The RSD of precision,repeatability is 0.07% and 0.64% respectively.
    Biological resources
    Microbial Detoxification of Hexavalent Chromium from Chromium-Containing Slag
    HE De-Wen, LIU Huan, JIANG Chong-Wen, DUAN Hao-Peng, LIU Lei
    journal6, 2013, 34(2):  72-76. 
    Asbtract ( 2418 )   PDF ( 1037 )  
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    In this paper,treatment and recovery of hexavalent chromium(Cr(Ⅵ)) from chromium-containing slag by bacteria was studied.The work showed that a bacterial strains of Ch-1 isolated from chromium-containing slag can efficiently accelerate Cr(Ⅵ) leaching and remove it.Moreover,bacteria Ch-1 can effectively change the structure of chromium-containing slag by Scanning Electron Microscopy(SEM) and the Energy Dispersive X-Ray (EDX),which is benefitial to Cr(Ⅵ) leaching and its detoxification by changing Cr(Ⅵ) to Cr(Ⅲ).The effect of detoxification by bacteria of Ch-1 is obvious,the toxicity in leached slag was 3.3 μg/g lower than the national standard of 5 μg/g,and the recovery rates of hexavalent chromium are more than 90%.
    Influence of Habitat Inside and Outside Valley on Morphology and Cytology of Sambucus Chinensis
    XU Liang, CHEN Gong-Xi, ZHANG Jie, ZHANG Dai-Gui, ZHU Qun-Ying
    journal6, 2013, 34(2):  77-83. 
    Asbtract ( 2390 )   PDF ( 1398 )  
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    Sambucus chinensis Lindl,a large herb widely distributed  inside and outside valley in northwestern Hunan province were selected for the  exploring study on the influence of on valley special-habitat cytology  and  plant morphology.(1) Morphological comparison of Sambucus chinensis  outside valley and inside valley indicates the difference in number of unfertile flowers,long/wide of leaflets,fruit color and stipule shape,but there are no obvious differences in the number of arris,the number of lateral branches,number of pitches,length of longest internodes and number of leaflets;(2)The leaf epidermal cells are usually irregular bearing with the anticlinal walls undulate;the stomatal density of S.chinensis of inside population is obviously higher than that of the outside one,37.6±7.47 per mm2 and 26.8±5.81 per mm2,respectively;while the stomatal index of S.chinensis of outside population (31.38%) is slightly higher than that of the inside one(29.17%);(3)Mitotic chromosome numbers of S.chinensis  outside and inside valley are diploidy with 2n=36 reality,and is incompatible with previous reference.Karyotype of S.chinensis is 2B and inside population with a karyotype formula of 2n=36=16m+14sm+2st+4t,and 2n=36=22m+14sm for outside population.Besides,the population inside valley appears more advanced than the outside population for their Ask values are 67.76% and 61.97%,respectively.
    Machinery and Engineering
    Predition of the Net Length of Paper Machine Drying Net
    DING Qi-Min
    journal6, 2013, 34(2):  84-86. 
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    According to the field study of paper machines,the working principle of paper machine and the operation of the product “drying net” by Aoboni Co. are explored.The mathematic model of the functional relationship between the net length and the adjusting roller of paper machine is established.This model can be used to direct the production,hence improving the producing efficiency and the working environment.
    Simply-Supported Beam Bridge’s Dynamic Response to the Different Vehicle Speed and Loaded
    TAN Hong-Xia, LI Jian-Nan, LI Lue, WANG Jing-Jing
    journal6, 2013, 34(2):  87-90. 
    Asbtract ( 2489 )   PDF ( 1768 )  
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    Using modal decomposition method for solving vehicle-bridge coupling equation to analyze the dynamic response of the simply-supported beam bridge to different vehicle load and speed.The half car model was used  as vehicle,and  Euler-Bernoulli beam was used as the simply-supported beam bridge.Using the ANSYS software,the simply-supported beam bridge span deflection curve was obtained.The results show that vehicle load increase  made the bridge span deflection increase;the beam’s span deflections were 0.028 m and 0.049 m respectively  in the  standard vehicle load and 100% vehicle overload.As the vehicle speed increased,the simply-supported beam bridge span deflection reached at its peak value at the vehicle speed of 60 km/h and vehicle-bridge resonance was resulted in.
    Application of Flexible Conductive Coating in Monitoring Technology of Urban Tunnel Cracks
    WANG Chao, ZHAO Qi-Lin, DENG An-Zhong
    journal6, 2013, 34(2):  91-96. 
    Asbtract ( 2709 )   PDF ( 2072 )  
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    The conductive film of cured flexible conductive coating can be used to prepare a sensor system.If such system is attached to the surface concrete or embedded into the interior concrete and deforms with the concrete,the detected resistance change of the system can indicate the real-time cracks and its extension.According to the mechanism of the urban tunnel cracks,this paper proposes the development of low-cost and crack-sensitive conductive coating,which can achieve the early monitoring of large tunnel cracks.Pilot project shows that such kind of coating can ensure the quality,safety,efficiency,and long-term normal operation of the urban tunnel and has great application value.
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