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    25 January 2013, Volume 34 Issue 1
    Zero-Divisor Rings and Related Rings
    REN Yan-Li, WANG Yao
    journal6, 2013, 34(1):  1-5. 
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    The authors  introduce the concepts of left (right) zero-divisor rings,a class of rings without identity.A ring R is called left (right) zero-divisor if rR(a)≠0(lR(a)≠0) for every a∈R.The authors  investigate the relations between left (right) zero-divisor rings and related rings,and give equivalent characterizations of left zero-divisor rings.
    Properties  of Extreme Value and Extreme Value Tangent Vector of Normal Curvature on Surface
    XING Jia-Sheng, WANG Yong-Jun
    journal6, 2013, 34(1):  6-10. 
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    The direct method of finding the extreme value of normal curvature and the extreme value vector are considered.A direct derivation method is proposed,and its properties as matrix characteristic value and characteristic vector are obtained.
    Liouville Type Theorem for a Parabolic Equation Involving Pucci Operato
    LIU Yong
    journal6, 2013, 34(1):  11-13. 
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    One classical result for the superlinear parabolic equation involving Laplacian operator is the Liouville type theorem.Due to the importance of these kind of theorems,the Liouville type theorem for parabolic equation involving Pucci’s operator is studied in this paper.When the space variable is one dimensional,it is relatively easy to analyze the Pucci operator.The main result of this paper states that in this case,the corresponding equation does not have global positive bounded solution.
    Analytic Behavior of Certain Cauchy Transforms on Sierpinski Gasket
    LI Hong-Guang
    journal6, 2013, 34(1):  14-15. 
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    It is proved that a new function G(z)=∫K(1-zw)-1dμ(w) has no zero points in |z|<1 and 1/(G(z)) is analytic in |z|<1 by Rouché’s theorem,where K is Sierpinski Gasket.
    Dual Risk Model with Random Observation
    LIU Feng-Yun, CHEN Xu
    journal6, 2013, 34(1):  16-20. 
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    A dual risk model for the surplus process where the process can only be observed at random observation times is considered.Tthe Gerbershiu expected discounted penalty  function mδ(u) which satisfies the integro-differential equations is derived.Moreover,when the individual gains size distribution is exponential f(x)=ve-vx and penalty function ω(x)=e-r2x,the explicit expressions for  mδ(u) are obtained.
    Service Design of the Network Examination System Based on Spring
    DING Zhen-Fan
    journal6, 2013, 34(1):  21-25. 
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    In the analysis of network examination process,this paper undertakes service modeling for each link of students operating part and designs service for the examination control,generating examination paper,paper display,paper marking,examination paper logging and papers analysis.The system,implemented by AJAX combined with Spring technology,gives the ideas for application service invocations and application integration.The Bean deployment in IOC container,as well as the Json packaging method for paper transmission between application services are discussed.
    Realization of Clustering Algorithm Based on Density
    DUAN Ming-Xiu, TANG Chao-Lin
    journal6, 2013, 34(1):  26-27. 
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    The OPTICS clustering algorithms is an large database,density-based clustering algorithm.This algorithm is realized based on the core object and reachability-distance.For every core object,all objects in its neighbourhood will be sorted by the reachability-distance from this core object,and  the one with the minimum reachability-distance is always chosen to update information.The realization of OPTICS algorithm adopts priority queue to accelerate the speed.The clustering performance is tested by  UCI datasets.The results show that the OPTICS algorithm achieves a clustering structure based on density.
    Traffic Sign Recognition Algorithm Based on Feature Matching
    JIANG Zhi-Guo, CHEN Xiao-Lin
    journal6, 2013, 34(1):  28-32. 
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    Intelligent transportation system(ITS)  is currently a hot research subject,and the key technology in ITS is traffic signs feature extraction technique.This article,focuse on the characteristics of the traffic signs extraction,proposes use of the scale invariant feature transform algorithm to extract point characteristics of the traffic signs and use of  minimum distance classifier to classify feature vectors.By Matlab,simulation is used to test the results.The results show that the characteristics of the traffic signs can be better detected.
    NCRE Registration System Based on B/S Mode
    WEI Yan
    journal6, 2013, 34(1):  33-36. 
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    In order to improve the NCRE registration form which restrict the time and place make,students’ registration and learning convenient,and make administration more efficient,paper,based on  demand analysis,uses ASP.NET technology and SQL Server 2005 database to design a new system,which contains login/out function,computer grade examination registration function,and information publishing function.The system achieves fast registration,convenient search and information sharing.It also provides fully functional backstage management.This system can meet students’ and administrators’ needs.
    Physics and electrical engineering
    Terahertz Electromagnetic Field Response of Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes
    LIAO Wen-Hu, GUO Jun-Ji
    journal6, 2013, 34(1):  37-41. 
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    Utilizing Floquet scattering method,the paper investigates the electronic density of states (DOS) and renormalized resistance of multiwall carbon nanotubes  under the irradiation of the terahertz electromagnetic fields.With the irradiation frequency of the external field remaining unchanged,the system DOS is observed to increase at first and then decrease oscillately,while the renormalized resistance of the system firstly decreases rapidly and then increases osicllately with the increasing irradiation intensity.On the other hand,the situation for the unchanged irradiation intensities is some what different,the system DOS increases quickly to a saturation value and then decreases oscillately and slowly,the renormalized resistance decreases urgently to be nearly 0.10 and then increases slowly.
    Wireless Mouse Design Based on CC2500 and AVR MCU
    ZHAN Jie, WANG Jin-Song, LI Shi-Yao
    journal6, 2013, 34(1):  42-45. 
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    Wireless mouse are used more and more widely in the computer for its  convenience.A Wireless mouse based on the PS / 2 port is designed,which uses the 2.4G band's CC2500 chip.That type of mouse  can directly replace the existing mouse without  drivers.Test results show that the  function and energy consumption  of the designed wireless mouse can meet the common operational needs.
    Fuzzy Controller Design of DC Servo Motor Based on MICROWIN
    LU Wan-Yin
    journal6, 2013, 34(1):  46-50. 
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    Fuzzy control technology has been widely used in modern control,for its control is better than the traditional PID regulator control.To improve  the existing equipment,fuzzy control  in PLC and micro-computer  is researched in this paper.Verified by experiments,its effect is much better than  self-tuning PID regulator control.
    Power Transformer Fault Diagnosis Based on Genetic Wavelet Neural Network
    MA Gui-Yu, WANG Xue-Dan, WAN Dan-
    journal6, 2013, 34(1):  51-55. 
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    The chromatographic analysis of the power transformer oil dissolved gas is an important method for transformer fault diagnosis by which the operating state of the transformer and the potential transformer internal fault can be grasped indirectly.Artificial neural network has been applied in the power transformer fault diagnosis successfully,but the  large number of learning samples and the complicated input-output relationship will lead to a slow network convergence.To resolve the problem,this paper employ the wavelet neural network improved by using genetic algorithms  in power transformer fault diagnosis,thus overcoming the shortcomings of  local minima and slow convergence speed.
    Information and communication
    Power Management of Wireless Sensor Network Based on Network Coding
    LIANG Ping-Yuan, HUANG Guang-Ya, LU Zhi, XU Qian
    journal6, 2013, 34(1):  56-60. 
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    Wireless sensor networks are often driven by batteries when they are used in gathering data or ubiquitous computing.Therefore,energy consumption is the key issue in designing wireless sensor network system.When network coding is applied,intermediate nodes may send out data packets that are linear by minimizing the number of transmissions required to communicate a given amount of information across the wireless sensor networks.The less the number of transmissions is,the less the energy consumption will be.The transmission process and the principle of saving energy in wireless sensor networks based on network coding are analyzed,and the energy efficienly of the proposed solution using network coding is compared with non-network coding solution.The results show that the transmission power can be reduced efficiently by network coding,and it will benefit the lifetime of wireless sensor networks.
    Research on Adoption Model of Mobile Digital Library Services in Triple Play Environment
    ZHAN Wei, TANG Zhi-Jun
    journal6, 2013, 34(1):  61-65. 
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    Aimed at the importance of mobile digital library services in triple play environment and based on the theory of extended technology acceptance model,an adoption model of mobile digital library service is proposed by analyzing the related factors of services adoption.The model is classified into three categories:interface characteristics,personal characteristics and system characteristics.The proposed model can assist libraries designing suitable mobile digital library services to meet the increasing information demand.
    Construction  of a Categorization Framework for CVE Based on SVM
    PENG Hua, LI Zong-Shou
    journal6, 2013, 34(1):  66-71. 
    Asbtract ( 3026 )   PDF ( 1978 )  
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    The CVE dictionary can not design effective defense strategies for clustered system’s vulnerabilities because of it’s lack of categorization and generalization capabilities.To address such shortcomings,this paper propose a CVE categorization framework called CVE Classifier,which can categorize CVEs according to various taxonomic features.CVE classifier automatically extract the training data from the associated vulnerability databases (including:BID,X-Force and Secunia) and builds learning models for taxonomic features based on it by using SVM.
    Chemistry and chemical engineering
    Extraction of Indirubin from Indigo Naturalis and Its Antioxidant Activity
    CHEN Li-Hua, WANG Xiao-Jing, LIAO Wei, XIAO Bin, TAN Lin-Yan, LONG Jin-Guo
    journal6, 2013, 34(1):  72-76. 
    Asbtract ( 3005 )   PDF ( 2642 )  
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    The indirubin was extracted from natural indigos by using ultrasonic-assisted ethyl acetate.With the same concentration of ascorbic acid and Vc as the control,the antioxidant activity of indirubin was investigated by testing scavenging effects of ·OH and against the peroxidation of oils.The results showed that the extraction ratio of indirubin reached 0.12% under the following conditions:ethyl acetate as extraction agent,1∶10 (g/mL) of material-liquid-ratio,40 w ultrasonic power,13 kHz ultrasonic frequency and 250 W heating power within 50 min.Indirubin extract exhibited ability to remove ·OH and good inhibitory effect on peroxidation of oils.The antioxidant activity was increased with concentration of indirubin increasing,and the activity was better than those of ascorbic acid and Vc.
    Industrial Test of Blast Furnace Gas Washing Wastewater Treatment
    LI Chuan-Chang, TANG Ai-Dong
    journal6, 2013, 34(1):  77-81. 
    Asbtract ( 2781 )   PDF ( 1613 )  
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    In order to meet the requirement of recycling use of blast furnace gas washing wastewater,the complex coagulant of Polyaluminium Chloride (PAC) and Polyscrylamide (PAM) were used to treat this wastewater.The optimum condition of treatment was explored.Also,the flocculation performances of the solid PAC and liquid PAC were compared.The results showed that the flocculation ability of liquid PAC is better than that of solid PAC,and the compatibility of liquid PAC with PAM is also better than that of solid PAC;the liquid PAC has the advantages of low dosage and better effect in complex treatment test.
    Biological resources
    A New Species of Sinocyclocheilus from Kunming,Yunnan——Sinocyclocheilus wui sp nov.
    LI Wei-Xian, AN Li
    journal6, 2013, 34(1):  82-84. 
    Asbtract ( 3334 )   PDF ( 1893 )  
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    A new species of Sinocyclocheilus found in Mingyihe area of Yunnan province is described in this paper,and it is named  Sinocyclocheilus  wui sp nov in memary of Wuxian-wen,a ichthyology predecessor.
    The Awareness and Inherit of Knowledge of Epidemic Disease of Domesticated Animals and Poultry in Xiangxi Folks and Folks’ Prescription
    LI Jun-Nian, YANG Dong-Mei, XUE Da-Yuan, ZHOU Jian-Wu, LIANG Jing, XIE Wen-Hua
    journal6, 2013, 34(1):  85-88. 
    Asbtract ( 2715 )   PDF ( 1780 )  
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    The traditional knowledge and awareness of shared interests on animal epidemic disease prevention and control among local aboriginal in Xiangxi  were surveyed among farmers,livestock farmers,rural veterinarians and livestock traders through individual interviews,group discussions and questionaire from July to September in 2011.The results show that the indigenous people (aged 35~55) is the not only major carriers of traditional knowledge of livestock disease prevention and control,but also  the main executer in livestock industry;small-scale livestock farmers rely mainly on the local veterinary medicine for sick livestock during early treatment;although local indigenous people  possess very important  traditional knowledge of livestock disease prevention and control,they do not know how to protect or share the benefits of the traditional knowledge.Meanwhile,according to the properties and uses for the treatment and prevention,Local herbs are classified  into 15 categories,and  10 prescription commonly used by local indigenous for animal disease treatment are also listed.
    Influence of Seedling Culture from Different Segments of Kudzuvine Root on Seedling Growth
    TANG Wei, HU Ying-Chao, CHEN Feng, LI Qiao, TENG Zhao-Jun, LIU Yun-Jiao, ZHOU Zi-Meng, TIAN Qi-Jian, GU Zhong-Cun
    journal6, 2013, 34(1):  89-92. 
    Asbtract ( 2717 )   PDF ( 1627 )  
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    The upper,middle,and lower segments of Kuzdvine root were sheaved for seedling culture.Emergence rate,average plant height,and root length and thickness being statistic index,the growth of seedlings were analyzed.The results show that the middle segments have the highest emergence rate(above 80%),and average height,length and thickness the seedlings from the middle segments are higher than those from other segments.Moreover,seedlings from the middle segments have rhizobium.In conclusion,seedling culture from middle segments of Kudzuvine root can be promoted.
    Harm  of Sagra Frmorata to  Kudzuvine Root in Xiangxi
    LI Qiao, CHEN Feng, HU Ying-Chao, TANG Wei, WANG Chao-Jun, ZHOU Zi-Meng, GU Zhong-Cun
    journal6, 2013, 34(1):  93-96. 
    Asbtract ( 2974 )   PDF ( 2299 )  
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    Sagra femorata is the main pest for Kudzuvine Root.The authors observed its life habit and  harm to Kudzuvine Root for three years.The results show Sagra frmorata does harm to Kudzuvine root in the whole of its life course,especially in its larva period,when the harm is the most serious and lasts the longest.In conclusion Sagra femorata does great harm to the growth and production of Kudzuvine root.
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