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    25 November 2012, Volume 33 Issue 6
    Positive Solutions of Second-Order Singular Differential Equations with Dirichlet Boundary Condition
    YAO Qing-Liu
    journal6, 2012, 33(6):  1-9. 
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    The existence and multiplicity of positive solutions are studied for the nonlinear second-order Dirichlet boundary value problem u″(t)-λu(t)+h(t)f(t,u(t))+g(t,u(t))=00<t<1,u(0)=u(1)=0,where λ>-π2 is a constant and g(t,u) may be singular at u=0.By exactly estimating the priori bound of solution and applying the Guo-Krasnoselskii fixed point theorem of cone expansion-compression type,several existence theorems are established.
    Eigenvalue Problem for the Biharmonic Equation
    CHENG Yong-Kuan, YAO Yang-Xin
    journal6, 2012, 33(6):  10-11. 
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    Through the establishment of a new space H,the eigenvalue problem for the biharmonic equation is discussed.
    Green’s Function for a Second-Order Non-Homogeneous LinearOrdinary Differenctial Equation
    TIAN Xian-Zhen, HUO Hai-Feng
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2012, 33(6):  12-14. 
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    The Green’s functions for a second-order non-homogeneous linear ordinary differential equation is studied with the same boundary condition and different cases.The exact expressions of the unique solutions for the non-homogeneous linear boundary problems by the Green’s function are given.
    New Method of Obtaining the Base of Submodule of the Free Module Z(n)
    PENG Xue-Mei
    journal6, 2012, 33(6):  15-18. 
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    The traditional way of using λ-matrice to obtain the base of submodule of Z(n) has great calculated amount.Using modular matrice as tool,the author presents a new pure digital matrix method of obtaining the base of submodule of the free module Z(n).
    New Characterization of p-Nilpotent Group
    JIA Jun, YI Xiao-Lan
    journal6, 2012, 33(6):  19-21. 
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    A subgroup H of group G is said to be weakly S-semipermutabe in G if there exists a subnormal subgroup B of G such that G=HB and H∩B≤HssG,where HssG is the maximal S-semipermutable subgroup of G contained in H.By using the weakly S-semipermutability of the maximal subgroups of the Sylow subgroup and combining the normalizer  of Sylow subgroup,a sufficient condition for a finite group to be p-nilpotent is obtained and some recent results can be generalized.
    I-Adic Topology and Two Lemmas of Hilbert Basis Theorem
    REN Fang
    journal6, 2012, 33(6):  22-25. 
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    This paper first shows that the completion of a commutative ring induced by I-adic topology is the finite projective limit of its quotient rings.And then the relationship between noetherian objects and exact sequences is given;moreover,a new proof for the lemma of Hilbert basis theorem is presented,which states that:the completion of a noetherian ring induced by I-adic topology is again a noetherian ring.Also,the equivalence of the above lemma and the other lemma of Hilbert basis theorem is investigated.
    Applications of Projective  Theorem
    YU Ze-Peng
    journal6, 2012, 33(6):  26-28. 
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    Projective theorem is often used to forecast in time series.In fact,projective theorem  can also be applied in other domains.In this paper,projective theorem is applied in linear regression and linear approach in Lp spaces.Furthermore,several theorems are proved by using the projective theorem and similar results are obtained.
    Model of the Logistics Distribution Center Location and Its Algorithm
    LIN Shan, DUAN Fu-Jian
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2012, 33(6):  29-32. 
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    An optimal distribution center location can not only improve the efficiency of the logistic system,but also reduce the cost of logistics system as well.In the current society,time has become a new resource of competitive advantage,so taking into account the time constraints on the distribution center location model is undoubtedly a breakthrough.A model of the logistics distribution center location is proposed.In the new model it is necessary  to know the upper limit of the number of the required distribution center,thus the  relaxation of the conditions to be determined in the previous model is achieved.Finally 0-1 programming cutting plane method,which is the optimization methods,is used for model solution.At last the results indicate that the model is reliable,and the methods reduce the computational complexity of the algorithm.
    Physics and electrical engineering
    Strain Manipulation for Transport Properties for Armchair-Edge Graphene Nanoribbons——Under a Small Strain
    LIAO Wen-Hu, GUO Jun-Ji
    journal6, 2012, 33(6):  33-36. 
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    Electronic transmission coefficients and density of states for uniaxially small strained armchair-edge graphene nanoribbons (AGNRs) are demonstrated by the first-principle calculations based on nonequilibrium Green’s function method and density-functional-theorem.It is observed that the system density of states and transmission coefficients of semiconducting AGNRs are sensitive to the external uniaxially small strain,while the energy gaps of metallic AGNRs may be opened under a small strain.
    Pragress in the Study of Third-Order Nonlinear Optical Materials
    SUN Jing, HUANG Yong-Gang, WANG Xiao-Yun
    journal6, 2012, 33(6):  37-40. 
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    This paper summarizes the recent progress in the study of  third-order nonlinear optical (NLO) materials,introduces the third-order NLO progerties and application,and it especially emphasizes  the inorganic and organic nonlinear optical materials.
    Method to Obtain Quantum Dipole-Dipole Interaction by Calculating the Classical Radiation Power
    HUANG Yong-Gang, SUN Jing, WANG Xiao-Yun
    journal6, 2012, 33(6):  41-46. 
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    This paper puts forward a general exact approach to obtain the quantum dipole-dipole interaction (DDI) between two two-level “atoms” in arbitrary nanostructures,in which the transfering rate of the DDI is analytically expressed as the difference between the two classical dipoles’ total radiation power and the sum of the two individual dipole’s radiation powers.The radiation power can be calculated by the finite-difference time-domain method.The validity of the method is tested for dipoles placed in vacuum and in an ideal planar microcavity and the calculated results agree well with the analytic solutions.
    Induction of Boundary Layer by Plasma Actuator
    LI Feng, GUO Rui-Qing, TANG Zheng-Fu, SHANG Shou-Tang, CHENG Ming
    journal6, 2012, 33(6):  47-51. 
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    Plasma inducing the low flow velocity boundary layer was investigated,and the affection of different plasma actuator excitation intensity,size and main flow velocity to the flow boundary layer was analyzed,in which the plasma was produced by a high-voltage RF(radio frequence) actuator.Through the simulation and analysis,it is found that the flow boundary is changed greatly by the induction of plasma actuator,the plasma actuator can produce significant accelerating inducing flow on the main flow.So the plasma technology can be used to control flow,such as control flow separation of the airplane airfoil or aeroengine vane,and can be used to improve the off-design performance of airplane and aeroengine or scramjet.
    Dimmable LED Driver Circuit Based on SSL2103
    LI Xiang, LI Qiang, LI Lei
    journal6, 2012, 33(6):  52-56. 
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    Aiming at solving the problems of low power factor and dissactisfactory dimming effect,the principles of SCR dimming in CED driver system is explained.Accordingly,SCR dimming in LED system with 50 W power is designed based on SSL 2103.That system consists of main circuit and feedback circuit.Simulation experiment showed that that system can function properly and meet the designing goal.
    Wireless Power Transmission Model of Triple Coil MagenticResonance Based on Spatial Freedom
    HE Yu-Hua, CHEN Shan-Rong, WEN Li-Wei, YIN Xian-Wen
    journal6, 2012, 33(6):  57-60. 
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    The traditional coaxial magnetic resonance power transmission model is deficient for small spatial freedom.Through the analysis of the influence of launching and receiving system on transmission efficiency in mon-coaxial condition,the article puts forward an improved triple coil magnetic resonance power transmission model,which successfully breaks through the limits of the traditional coaxial magnetic resonance power transmission system in the space position.Experimental data show that the improved transmission device not only improves the spatial  freedom,but also,in axial angle -90°~+90°,improves the lowest efficiency  by more than 43% and the maximum transmission efficiency by 5%.
    Information and communication
    Gradient  Image Fusion Algorithm Based on  B-Spline
    LIU Jun-Hua, LEI Chao-Yang
    journal6, 2012, 33(6):  61-65. 
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    Image fusion is widely used in target recognition,computer vision,medicine,remote sensing,image processing and many other fields.This paper proposes an image fusion method based on B-spline gradient.It first divides the source image into small blocks of 3×3 size,calculates separately the B-spline gradient for each sub-block,adds up the gradient modulus values,calculates the weight value of each sub-block gradient modulus value,multiplies each sub-block and respective weight value and obtains the fusion image sub-block.Simulation experiments and analysis show that this method is effective and has a better performance than traditional methods such as principal component analysis,wavelet transformation and the Laplacian pyramid.
    Real-Valued Forth-Order Cumulant Slice DOA Algorithm
    HUANG Guang-Ya, DENG Xiao-Fei, LIANG Ping-Yuan
    journal6, 2012, 33(6):  66-69. 
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    The forth-order cumulant slice  has the property of blindness to Gaussian noise which improves the performances of DOA estimation,but increases the computation at the same time.This paper studies the principle of using unitary transformation to rearrange the cumulant slice matrix,so as to reduce computation cost by real-valued computation.The simulation results confirm that the developed algorithm can remain the precision of estimation and achieve lower computation cost.
    Information and Engineering
    Current Situation and Development Trend of Tunnel Monitoring System
    WU Zhong-Jie, LUO Gen-Chuan, LIU Xin-Xi
    journal6, 2012, 33(6):  70-76. 
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    The informationized construction is the major  construction idea of tunnel safety,and data collection and information management are the main content of the informationized construction,which are also the core part of the tunnel monitoring system.Monitoring is the main way of data collection.A brief introduction of its role,content,instruments and applications in engineering is given in this paper.According to the different ways of information management and processing,monitoring data management is broadly divided into traditional management method and monitoring data processing information management system method.Their characteristics are described respectively.In addition,a brief introduction is given for the current situation of danger forecast standard.Finally,the shortage of the tunnel monitoring system and the main trend of development are presented.
    Chemistry and chemical engineering
    Spectral Property of CK-37 and Its Application in the Coloring of Fibers
    DONG Chuan, YU Yang, YOU Zhi-Xiao, ZHANG Jian-Gang
    journal6, 2012, 33(6):  77-81. 
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    This paper finds the most suitable chromogenic reagent,the chromogenic ratio,the chromogenic temperature and the chromogenic time of CK-37 with ultraviolet visible spectrophotometer in the research of spectral property.It also applies visualisation method on the tinting of basalt fiber and glass fiber.The result shows:(1)The CK-37 is easily soluble in acetone and ethanol;(2) hydrochloric acid is the most suitable chromogenic reagent,and the effect will increase when the acid concentration increases,and the equimolar ratio with hydrochloric acid is 1∶2(1∶1 with oxalic acid),and 25 ℃ is the most suitable temperature,the experiment also shows the shortest chromogenic time is 10 minutes;(3)the stained fiber is bright in color and the color does not fade in water,and the result also shows that the stained fiber could have endurance for acid and alkali.
    Determination of Ranitidine in Drug Using Flow-Injection Chemiluminescence Method
    WU Fang-Hui, CHEN Le
    journal6, 2012, 33(6):  82-84. 
    Asbtract ( 2063 )   PDF ( 1465 )  
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    A new chemiluminescence method for  determination of ranitidine is proposed.The method is based on the enhancement of ranitidine on the chemiluminescence reaction among cerium sulphate and sodium sulfite in H2SO4 medium.The linear relationship between the intensity of chemiluminescence and the concentration of ranitidine is in the range of 3.0×10-6~2.5×10-4 mol/L with the detection limit of 9.8×10-7 mol/L.The relative standard deviation is 3.3% for 11 measurements of 5.0×10-5 mol/L ranitidine standard solution.This method has been successfully applied to determination of ranitidine in injections and drug capsules with satisfactory results.
    Study on the Inhibition Mechanism of 4-(4-Hydroxyphenethyl)Benzene-1,2-Diol on Urease
    PENG Zhi-Yun, WANG Xu-Dong, FENG Yu-Ting, HE Juan, XIAO Zhu-Ping
    journal6, 2012, 33(6):  85-88. 
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    4-(4-Hydroxyphenethyl)benzene-1,2-diol is a new inhibitor against Helicobacter Pylori urease.The inhibition mechanism was herein investigated through enzyme kinetics methods,and the results revealed that 4-(4-hydroxyphenethyl)benzene-1,2-diol was competitive inhibitor of urease with a Ki value of 1.48 μmol/L.The chemical stabilitiy and the competitive mechanism of 4-(4-hydroxyphenethyl)-benzene-1,2-diol strongly suggested that it could be used as a lead compound for rational drug design to find active compound and as a potential urease inhibitor for treatment of gastritis and peptic ulcer.
    Optimization of the Adsorption Technology of the Total Flavones from Hypericum Japonicum by Response Surface Methodology
    YANG Jia-Yu, XU Yong-Wei, SUN Ya-Li, ZHANG Zhen-Zhen, LI Xue-Feng, OuYang-Yu-Zhu
    journal6, 2012, 33(6):  89-94. 
    Asbtract ( 2836 )   PDF ( 1416 )  
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    With hypericum japonicum as material,adsorption technology of macroporous resin on the total flavones was optimized with ethanol concentration,adsorption temperature and adsorption time as influencing factors and the adsorption rate of total flavones as response value.The mathematical model was established according to Box-Behnken design method,and response surface of the experiment result was analysed.The results showed that adsorption rate of the total flavones was 87.14% with 12% ethanol as solvent at 28 ℃ for 36 min.
    Biological resources
    Pathogenic Escherichia Albertii Discovered in the Alpine Musk Deer (Moschus chrysogaster) in China
    DING Yu-Jing, LIU Zhi-Xiao, DENG Kai-Dong, PAN Shi-Cheng, LI Quan, KANG Fa-Gong, ZHANG Xue-Yan, ZHANG You-Xiang, KE Lin-·Ge-Luo-Fu-Si, MENG Xiu-Xiang
    journal6, 2012, 33(6):  95-101. 
    Asbtract ( 3134 )   PDF ( 1716 )  
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    Musk deer (Moschus spp.) are peculiar to the Palearctic and of considerable value worldwide.The high mortality-rate of fawns,especially caused by diarrhea or enteritis,has severely hindered the development of Chinese musk deer farming.In this study,two strains of pathogenic Enterobacteriaceae were isolated from the intestinal contents of an Alpine Musk Deer (Moschus chrysogaster) which died from digestive diseases at Xinglongshan Musk Deer Farm,Gansu Province,China.They were identified as strains of Escherichia albertii,based on an integrated analysis of morphological,physiological and biochemical characteristics as well as phylogenetics of genetic sequences 16SrRNA.The results of antibiotic sensitivity tests showed that the sensitivities of the bacteria to different antibiotics varied.This might have resulted from the animal’s long treatment for colibacillosis by a fixed set of antibiotics,including penicillin G and tetracycline,which might have lost efficacy because of bacterial resistance.A feasible approach to controlling colibacillosis in future would be alternative use of antibiotics combined with other preventive measures.
    Effects of Starvation and Compensatory Growth on Energy Budget of Juvenile Cobia Rachycentron Canadum
    WANG Zhong-Liang, HUANG Yi-Bin, CHEN Gang, ZHANG Jian-Dong, TANG Bao-Gui, ZHOU Hui, SHI Gang, PAN Chuan-Hao, HUANG Jian-Sheng
    journal6, 2012, 33(6):  102-106. 
    Asbtract ( 2554 )   PDF ( 1446 )  
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    The effect of starvation for different days (0,2,4,6 and 8 days) and compensatory growth on energy budget of juvenile cobia (Rachycentron canadum) was estimated by an experimental ecological method.Results in present study indicated that energy content and body weight of juvenile cobia decreased significantly after starvation,and during the re-feeding period,ingestion rate in energy and specific growth rate in energy,wet weight and dry weight in the deprived fish were higher than those of control fish.Results also indicated that juvenile cobia showed complete compensatory effect in the recovery growth and it was contributed by the increase of ingestion rate.Energy budget of juvenile cobia fed to satiation was 100.00C=38.33G+15.06F+7.22U + 39.39R,and expression by assimilated energy was 100.00A=49.32G+50.68R.
    Education and teaching
    Application of AHP in the Synthetical Regulation for Teaching Skills
    FANG Dong-Hui, JIANG Shan-
    journal6, 2012, 33(6):  107-110. 
    Asbtract ( 2604 )   PDF ( 1605 )  
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    This paper uses analytic hierarchy process (AHP) to analyze the regulation for  teachers’ teaching skills and establishes the related evaluation indicator system and the weight of the factors.
    Current Situation and Countermeasures of Multimedia ClassroomManagement in Universities——A Case Study of Jishou University
    LIANG Gao-Yong
    journal6, 2012, 33(6):  111-113. 
    Asbtract ( 2573 )   PDF ( 1474 )  
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    The management of multimedia classroom will directly influence teaching quality.This paper,taking Jishou University as an example,analyzes the current situation of multimedia classroom management and puts forward some countermeasures accordingly:unified planning,unified management of equipments,standard and active operation.
    On Current Situation of Private Investment in Hunan ProvinceProvince and the Countermeasures
    HUANG Xiao-Pu
    journal6, 2012, 33(6):  114-118. 
    Asbtract ( 2337 )   PDF ( 1485 )  
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    Private investment is the major support and the most active factor in fixed investment inHunan Province,and is also an important force to carry out the process of urbanization.However,there still exists a large gap compared with that in other coastal provinces.To realize the 12th Five Year Plan (2011-16),an annual increase of 30% is needed according to the calculation of aggregate investment,investment coefficient of elasticity,and expansion of investment scale.To solve such problems as financing difficulty,restriction of market access,unfavorable investment environment,and low-quality of private enterprises,we should properly carry out the policy,strengthen macroscopic guidance,and push forward experimental reform.
    Sports Intervene to Crisis Psychology of Environmental Crisis
    TU Shao-Sheng, LI Wei-Feng
    journal6, 2012, 33(6):  119-123. 
    Asbtract ( 2487 )   PDF ( 1492 )  
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    The paper is that describes and analysis the environmental crisis and environmental crisis of psychological,the environmental crisis,including the psychological mood disorders,cognitive abnormalities,abnormal psychological adjustment and stress disorders is the part.Secondly,analysis mechanism on Sports intervention of psychology crisis,first of all that sport is a human body to transform itself through physical and mental self-practical activities,from sports to improve physical and mental psychology and physiology explained on the hypothesis.On this basis,design program of sports intervention on psychological crisis and some explains.
    Library and Information
    Statistical Analysis of SCI Papers Written by Staff of Jishou University from 2000 to 2009
    ZHU Chang-Ju, YI Bi-Wu
    journal6, 2012, 33(6):  124-128. 
    Asbtract ( 2670 )   PDF ( 1576 )  
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    This paper by using SCI-Expended data source,tries to give a statistical analysis of the distribution of 329 academic articles published by SCI,ever written by the staff of Jishou University from 2000 to 2009,in quantity,document types,languages,subject area,publication source,author and citation.The result showed that keeping a steady increase of the publishing number is necessary and so is the raise of the quality of the publication.
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