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    15 September 2001, Volume 22 Issue 3
    Doctoral Forum
    The Application of Grain Simulation Technology in S. I. Engine
    LI Feng, WANG Xiao-Li, CAO Hui-Dong, CHEN Wei, ZHAO Qing, LUO Yun-Jun
    journal6, 2001, 22(3):  1-4. 
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    It's very difficult to simulate the move of valve in the 3-d simulation of air motion inside the cylinder of engine, because the valve is an obs truct to the flows and moves by certain rule, It's very important to simulate the flow of S. I engine, including the valve and so on. In this thesis, a technology of grain simulation was used. In this technology, grids of valves were not created separately but were simulated by using lots of grains. The idea was that , the grains move according to the rule of valves, and the gas stops moving as the grains lock in the grids. This technology is  simple and appropriate to simulate the valves.
    Research on the Quality of Cournot Model and Stackelberg Model Under Nonlinear Demand Hypothesis
    ZHAO Xin-Shun
    journal6, 2001, 22(3):  5-8. 
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    In this paper, the conclusion under linear demand drawn from Cournot model and Stackelberg modelis reviewed first .Then we discuss the difference between the two conditions of linear demand and nonlinear demand . At the end of this paper we draw some new conclusions under nonlinear demand that whether it is first- mover advantage or second-mover advantage is based on the price elasticity of demand.
    Analysis and Study on Evolving AsH3 Process of Electrodepositing Arsenic in Aqueous Solution System
    CHEN Wei-Ping, XU Zhong-Yu, CHEN Fan-Cai, LI Zhong-Ying, YANG Xia, LI Cai-Ting, PENG Yan-Bin, BIAN Ke-Jun, NIU Qiu-Ya
    journal6, 2001, 22(3):  9-12. 
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    Electrodeposition is one of the clean methods to prepare elementary arsenic. In this paper, the theoretical solubility of As(Ⅲ) in aqueous solutiou was calculated, and the mechanism of forming AsH3 in electrodeposition was analyzed. The research reveals that the solubility of As(Ⅲ) is significantly larger in aqueous alkali solution than in aqueous acid or neutral solution, which results that electrodepositing arsenic in alkali solution is much easier and that the efficient method to prevent forming AsH3 is to enhance the electric potential of evolving hydrogen.
    Effect of Heat Shock on Thermo-Sensitive Genic Male- Sterile Rice Seedlings
    XIAO Hui-Hai, CHEN Liang-Bi, HU Yi-Hong
    journal6, 2001, 22(3):  13-15. 
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    Af ter being set at heat shock ( 38 ℃ ) , protein components of Pei'ai 64S seedlings show differences obviously compared with its protein components in condition of 22 ℃ . Between 97. 4 KD and 14. 4 KD, Pei'ai 64S produces 4 new bands and 2 bands weakens. Af ter treatment of heat shock ( 38 ℃) , Pei'ai 64S also shows changes of 7 bands compared with regular rice Xiangwanxian-2. The changes of protein components cause neces sarily changes of enzyme systems and affect the normal growth and development of seedlings and at last the growth and development of seedlings are obviously inhibited.
    Scientific research bulletin
    RAPD Marking and Its Application in Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding
    ZHANG Ri-Qing, TAN Xiao-Feng, LV Fang-De
    journal6, 2001, 22(3):  16-21. 
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    RAPD marking is derived from PCR methodology and procedures. It is similar to RFLP, SSR and AFLP to some extent but is obviously different from them in many aspects. One disadvantage of RAPD marking exists in the relatively lo wreproducibility, but its reliability as genetic markers has been verified in alarge number of e xperiments.Optimizing the lab conditions and experimental protocols has proved to be instrumental in promoting the results reproducibility. RAPD marking has been extensively used in forest genetic studies and tree breeding trials, including construction of genetic linkage maps, analysis of population genetic st ructure and diversity, study of evolution systems,taxonomic identification, DNA fingerprinting and improvement of genetic traits.
    The Halbeisen-Hungerbhler Conjecture Concerning Jeans Numbers
    LE Mao-Hua
    journal6, 2001, 22(3):  22-23. 
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    In this paper we prove that the set J1 of Jeans numbers contains innumerable squarefree integers.
    Some Relations Between Dp Space and H Space in Several Complesx  Variables
    ZHANG Xue-Jun
    journal6, 2001, 22(3):  24-29. 
    Asbtract ( 2144 )  
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    In the paper,we will discuss the inclusion relations between Dirichlet type space Dp and generalized Bloch space βq and study the pointwise multipliers between Dp space and Hardy space H in the unitball of Cn. We will charac terize M(H, Dp ) and M(Dp ,H ) by the dif ferent cases of p .
    Physics and electronics
    Intelligent Tracking Development in Remote Image Monitoring and Controling System
    LEI Xiao-Feng, WANG Yao-nan
    journal6, 2001, 22(3):  30-33. 
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    This paper presents the principle and realizing method of remote intelligent image tracking and monitoring system based on internet, and a solution is given by connencting image proces sing with remote network monitoring aiming at the shortcoming of current ima gemonitoring and control system , finally the kernel module about the intelligent image tracking and processing is explained by examples.
    Biological resources
    Revision of Cladiini (Hymenoptera: Tenthredinomorpha: Nematidae) From China ( I): Notes on Cladiini and Driocampus Zhang With Revision of Cladius Illiger From China
    WEI Mei-Cai
    journal6, 2001, 22(3):  34-39. 
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    The known genera of the tribe Cladiini and Driocampus Zhang are reviewed and the known species of genus Cladius Illiger are revised. A new species is described from China: Cladius similis sp. nov. Priophorus cornicularius ( Zhelochovtsev 1952) comb. nov. , P. corniger ( Zhelochovtsev 1952) comb. nov. and P. nubilis ( Konow 1897) comb. nov. are three new combinations transferred from Cladius to Priophorus Dahlbom 1835. Cladius difformis ( Panzer) is a new record for China. A key to the world genera of the tribe is provided.
    Optimpzed Strategies to Hyperexpress Heterologous Protein in Pichia Pastoris
    NIE Dong-Song, LIANG Song-Ping, LI Min
    journal6, 2001, 22(3):  40-44. 
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    It is very important to produce heterologous proteins both in theory and in pract ice, expecially for biopharmaceutical. Pichia pastoris has become one of the best eucaryotic expression systems in recent years.The factors influencing the high-level expression of heterologous protein in P. pastoris and the core strategies to hypere xpress heterologous proteins in P. pastoris were discussed in this paper.
    Key disciplines
    The Undefiled Production Technology of the Green Food:Red Bayberry Juice
    ZHANG Yong-Kang, LIAO Mei-Fu, LI Jia-Xing, ZHOU Ya-Lin, WU Cai-Fang, ZHU Qing-Lin
    journal6, 2001, 22(3):  45-47. 
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    In this paper is discussed the technological process of producing red bayberry juice, a kind of green food, in-cluding the main equipments, raw material, concrete control parameter of production, and the solution to the problems,raw material, concrete control parameter of production, and the solution to the problems of safe production and environmental protection.The red bayberry juice proces sed in this way discussed in this paper will be up to the state and enterprise s tandard of physicochemical and microbial quota.
    Study on the Preparation of High Purity Manganese Carbonate by Precipitation From Homogeneous Solution
    PENG Qing-Jing, FU Wei-Chang, ZOU Xiao-Yong
    journal6, 2001, 22(3):  48-50. 
    Asbtract ( 1959 )   PDF ( 1872 )  
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    The technology that high pur ty manganese carbonate is gained by precipitation from homogeneous solution,manganese minerals used as materials, is studied in this article . experiments show that conditions of reaction have considerable influence on the product quality and the precipitated rate of manganese. In the best condition ( the temperature is 115 ℃ , molratio between urea andmanganese sulfate is 1. 10 , the reaction time is 90 min ) , the precipitated rate of manganese achieves 98.3% and the product quality achieves GB10503- 89I type .
    Current Situation and Preventive Countermeasure on Degraded Ecosystem of Sangzhi County
    CHEN Gong-Xi, ZHONG Wei-Shuang, XIANG Xiao-Qi
    journal6, 2001, 22(3):  51-55. 
    Asbtract ( 2015 )   PDF ( 1444 )  
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    Sangzhi county is located between 109°41′ and 110°46′ E, 29°17′~ 29°84′E, covering an area of 3 526 km2. This paper, based on the summary of current situation of the degraded ecosystem of Sangzhi county, studies the causes and effects of the degraded ecosystem and puts foruard several appropriate suggestions about the preventive countermeasure.
    Prospects for Exploiting the Main Biological Resources in Sangzhi County and the Ways of Lasting Utilization
    SHI Jin-Xiao
    journal6, 2001, 22(3):  56-58. 
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    By studying the main biological resources of sangzhi county, this paper points out that more than 20 species of animals and 150 species of plants have great prospects for exploitation. It is important to protect and utilize the biological resources in the natural reserve of the Ba Da-gong Mountain in sangzhi county. This paper also develops new ideas for industrializing the conservation and balanced e xploitation of the resources.
    Studies on the Efficacious Chemical Constituents of Medicinal of S. davidii
    PENG Xiao-Chun, WANG Hui-Xian, CHEN Shi-Guo, ZHOU Sai-Qin
    journal6, 2001, 22(3):  59-60. 
    Asbtract ( 2703 )   PDF ( 1655 )  
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    Five efficacious chemical constituents were isolated from S. davidii . On the basis of chemical and spectroscopic analysis, three of them were identified as: Swertiamarin, Ursolic acid and Oleanolic acid . The total flavonol content of S . davidii was determined by HPLC, and the amount was 1.54%.
    The Design Approach and Technique in Distributed Database
    TAO Shi-Qun
    journal6, 2001, 22(3):  61-63. 
    Asbtract ( 2144 )   PDF ( 1820 )  
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    This paper introduces the important design approach and technique in distributed database, and emphatically discusses distributed design, distributed query processing, interconnection model and distributed object .
    Research Into the Technology About Application and Analys is of Time Petri Net
    LE Xiao-Bo, TUO Qing, HE Xiao-Fei, WANG Lin
    journal6, 2001, 22(3):  64-68. 
    Asbtract ( 2895 )   PDF ( 2164 )  
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    The article has established the model of client/server system by utilizing time P/T net , and it has analyzed the avera ge of the numbers of client process and the average wait-time of the client process, etc. . This research work is definitely practical to further research of the general method concerning the analysis of technology and modeling of time Petri net.
    Congruence Relation of Lehmer D H Number in Residues System of Modulo p
    GAO Li, ZHAO Zhen
    journal6, 2001, 22(3):  69-72. 
    Asbtract ( 2130 )  
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    This parpers tudies Study the congruence relat ion of Lehmer D H number in residues system of modulo p by using the estimation of kloosterman's sum.
    The Global Properties of Surface With Constant Mean Curvature
    WU Jin-Wen
    journal6, 2001, 22(3):  73-76. 
    Asbtract ( 1982 )  
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    In this paper , for surfaces with constant mean curvature, we studied their global propert ies. When they satisfy some pinching conditions, results are that :1) If M be a topological two sphere, then either M is flat , totally umbilic or M is a minimal surface. 2) If M be a totally real minimal surface of a ka..hler suface, then either M is the standard embedding of RP2 into CP2 or M is totally geodesic or flat.
    A Generalization of Widder's Theorem
    HE Le-Ping, GAO Ming-Zhe
    journal6, 2001, 22(3):  77-79. 
    Asbtract ( 1951 )   PDF ( 1439 )  
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    In this paper it is shown that the generalized Widder's inequality can be established by means of the theory of analytic function and Hölder's inequality and by the help of Hardy's idea. The conditions in which the equality contained in this inequality holds are discussed. In particular, the classical Widder's theorem is attained when p=q= 2.
    Physics and electronics
    Numerical Simulation of Non- steady Interaction Between Moving Bodies and Plasma in Compression Region
    XU Xue-Xiang, MA Shan-Jun
    journal6, 2001, 22(3):  80-83. 
    Asbtract ( 2205 )  
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    In compression region, high frequency modulational field radiated by antenna system of moving bodies in ionosphere could influence the density distribution of charged particles. A numerical simulation of non-steady interaction between moving bodies and plasma in compression region is presented. This simulation used FTCS method, considering two-dimensional three-component axis symmetrical model. The evolutions of the density disturbance and the electric field with time have been obtained.The outcomes have told us that the non-linear interaction can lead to the collapses of field and the cavitations of density. By detecting the evolution of the cavitations of density,we can trace out the stealth vehicle.
    Chemistry and chemical engineering
    The Synthesis of 4′- methylsemicarbazonyl B15C5
    ZHANG Lai-Xin, YANG Qiong
    journal6, 2001, 22(3):  84-85. 
    Asbtract ( 1997 )   PDF ( 1328 )  
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    By crown ether acylation 4′- methyl B15C5 was synthesized , which reacted with semicarbazide or thiosem-icarbazide under acid condition to generate 4′-methylsemicarbazony B15C5 and 4′-methyl thiosemicarbazone B15C5.The three new prducts were characterized by elemental analysis, IR and mass spectrometry.
    The Present Situation of Research on Modified Natural Macromolecule as a Kind of Heavy MetalIons Wastewater Treatment Agent
    FU Wei-Chang, WANG Ji-Hui
    journal6, 2001, 22(3):  86-89. 
    Asbtract ( 2143 )   PDF ( 2099 )  
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    The advantage and the present situation of research on modified natural macromolecule as a kind of heavy metalions was tewater treatment agent were described in this paper. The development trend of modified natural macromolecule was also predicted.
    Scientific research bulletin
    Q- Regular Spaces
    SU Fa-Hui
    journal6, 2001, 22(3):  90-91. 
    Asbtract ( 1876 )  
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    In this paper a new concept and its some properties of Q-regular spaces are introduced.
    Analysis of Terpene Components in the Essential Oil of Cedarwood With Capillary Gas Chromatography
    JIANG Jian-Bo
    journal6, 2001, 22(3):  92-93. 
    Asbtract ( 2064 )   PDF ( 1885 )  
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    In this article, a method is developed to determine the terpene components in the essential oil of cedarwood,with HP- 5MS crossed silicon capillary column, and the temperature program: 120 ℃ 2 ℃/ min 200 ℃. The resul tsshow cedrene at 60. 57% , alpha-cubebene at 2.12%, and thujopsene at 14.21%.
    Research on the Human Birth Failing to Report in Western Hunan
    TANG Yun, ZHOU Xiao-Bo, TANG Cheng
    journal6, 2001, 22(3):  94-96. 
    Asbtract ( 2025 )   PDF ( 1407 )  
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    Research on the human bi rth failing to report from Jan. 1, 1999 to June 30, 2000 in West Hunan was carried out with a method of sampling. The result showed that the rates of birth failing to report of the year 1999 and previous half of 2000 were 19.98% and 23.08% respectively. The main causes that resulting in the birth failing to report were neglect of statisticians, the birth failing to report in the cities and the nonnative birth failing to report. It is considered that the birth failing to report can result in the deviation of statistical results of the maternity and infant death rates of the Autonomous Prefecture of Western Hunan. So the results of research on the birth failing to report can be used to calibrate the values of maternity and infant dead rates, which are useful for health service to make a scienti ficdeterminat ion.
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