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    25 May 2008, Volume 29 Issue 3
    Existence of Solutions for  a Class of Liner Compound Functional Differential Equations
    YANG Dian-Wu, HAN Zhen-Lai
    journal6, 2008, 29(3):  1-4. 
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    This paper is concerned with the existence and uniqueness of solutions for a class of liner CFDE with eigenvalue 0.The authors get the sufficient and necessary conditions for the existence of solutions  in the schwartz space and sobolev respectively.
    New Fixed Point Theorems for a Class of Non-Mixed Monotone Operators
    SUN Qin-Fu, GAO Tao, LIU Yuan-Jian, ZHAO Yan-Ling
    journal6, 2008, 29(3):  5-7. 
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    By using the cone theory and non-symmetry iteration method,the existence and uniqueness of solutions of non-mixed monotone operator equations without monotonicity,continuity and compactness conditions are studied,and the iteration sequences which converge to solution of operator equations and the error estimates are also given.The results improve and generalize some known results of mixed monotone operator equation.
    Necessary and Sufficient Condition for Oscillation of Impulsive Neutral Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations
    LUO Li-Ping, GAO Zheng-Hui, WANG Yan-Qun
    journal6, 2008, 29(3):  8-11. 
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    The oscillation for a class of impulsive neutral hyperbolic partial differential equations is investigated.By employing Green’s divergence theorem and impulsive neutral differential equation,a necessary and sufficient condition for oscillation of all solutions of the equations is obtained under Dirichlet boundary condition.
    Arc Determinant Condition for Hamiltonian Graphs
    XU Li-Xin, XIA Dong-Qing, ZHOU Hou-Qing
    journal6, 2008, 29(3):  12-13. 
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    The necessary and sufficient condition for a digraph existing directed 2-factors is put forward by introducing arc determinant;meanwhile,the necessary and sufficient condition for a n-order digraph to be a Hamiltonian graph is provided as well.
    Enumeration of Rooted Nearly 2-Regular Planar Maps
    LONG Shu-De
    journal6, 2008, 29(3):  14-16. 
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    This paper investigates the enumeration of rooted nearly 2-regular planar maps,provides the enumerating equations satisfied by enumerating functions with the valency of root-face,and the number of edges as two parameters.Some explicit expressions of them are also derived.
    Share Values and Normality of  Meromorphic Functions
    WANG You-Ming
    journal6, 2008, 29(3):  17-21. 
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    Let F  be a family of meromorphic functions in a domain DC,let k≥2 be a positive integer,and a,b,c,d be four finite complex numbers such that c≠0,d≠a,c≠b.If for every f∈F,all zeros of f-a have multiplicity at least k,and f(k)=b if and onl
    y if f=a,and f =d whenever f(k)=c,then F is normal in  D.
    Oscillations of the Even Order Nonlinear Difference Equations with Continuous Variables
    WU Yun-Long
    journal6, 2008, 29(3):  22-25. 
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    The paper is concerned with the oscillatory behavior of the even order nonlinear difference equations with continuous variables.By using the iterated integral transformation and some new techniques,some oscillation criteria are obtained.An example which dwells upon the importance of the results is also included.
    Bounds of the Solution for the Continuous Riccati Equation
    ZHOU Xi-Hua, XIAO Zhi-Tao
    journal6, 2008, 29(3):  26-28. 
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    The estimation problem of matrix bounds for the continuous Riccati equation  is studied.The upper and lower matrix bounds and eigenvalue for the solution of the continuous Riccati equation are presented in terms of matrix  and eigenvalue inequality approach.The proposed results are illustrated.
    Weakly c-Normal Subgroups and Solvability of Finite Groups
    WU Jian-Ping, JI Yan
    journal6, 2008, 29(3):  29-30. 
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    A subgroup H of a finite group G is said to be weakly c-normal in G;if there exists a subnormal subgroup K of G such that G=HK and H∩K≤HG=CoreG(H),where HG=∩x∈GHx is the largest normal subgroup of G,contained in H.Some conditions of a solvable group are given by using weakly c-normality of subgroups.
    Lower Bound for the General Randic' Index of Polyomino System
    HAN Chun-Xia
    journal6, 2008, 29(3):  31-34. 
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    The general Randic' index of a (molecular) graph G is defined as the sum of weights (d(u)d(v))α of all edges uv of G,where d(u) denotes the degree of a vertex u in G and α is a arbitrary real number.In this paper,we obtain the lower  bounds for the general Randic' index of polyomino system with n squares for α≥1.The corresponding extremal graph is also determined.
    Dynamic Relation Between Future Price and Spot Price
    TONG Meng-Hua, YANG Zhu-Shen, WANG Li-Na, CHEN Chuan-Xiu
    journal6, 2008, 29(3):  35-39. 
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    The changeable relationship between future price and the spot price discloses the efficiency of the future market.And it is one problem which the investors concentrate.The authors study the effects of the copper and aluminum future price changes on the copper and aluminum spot price in shanghai future exchange market with ADF,co-integration,ECM and Granger.Furthermore,the changeable relationship is described accurately.Finally,the result demonstrates that the future price and the spot price have a long balanced relationship,the future price and the spot price interact each other,and there is mutural causality between them.
    Autoregressive Method on Stock Market Prediction and Its Empirical Analysis
    YAO Jin-Bin, LI Zhi-Lin
    journal6, 2008, 29(3):  40-43. 
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    The steps and methods of how to construct an autoregressive model are given;the model sample comes from a  nonstationary time series.The concrete instance gives the fact that the autoregressive model is good at  stock price prediction.Some problems of how to apply the model are discussed.
    Expected Value Models of Combined Securities with Fuzzy Variables
    LONG Jun, ZENG San-Yun
    journal6, 2008, 29(3):  44-47. 
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    This paper provides the expected value models for the optimal problem of the combined securities in which profit rates and risk rates are fuzzy variables.A fuzzy simulation based on genetic algorithm for solving the expected value models with fuzzy parameters is also documented and illustrated by numerical examples.
    Fault Tolerance Control Method Based on File Division and Dynamic Replication Management Mechanism
    CHEN Shan-Rong, ZHAO Yue-Long
    journal6, 2008, 29(3):  48-51. 
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    A kind of fault tolerance control mechanism based on file division access and dynamic replications management is put forward.It determines the number of file division and appropriate mail server to save this division by the credibility of mail server,and changes the credibility dynamically by recording each mail server’s access activity.
    Time Series Prediction Based on RBF Neural Network
    HE Ying-Sheng, DUAN Ming-Xiu
    journal6, 2008, 29(3):  52-54. 
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    The structure and learning algorithm of the RBF neural network are analysed.The population forecast model is established by the RBF neural network and the neural network toolbox of Matlab.And the population of China is predicted on this model.
    Physics and electronics
    New Experimental Scheme to Measure the Gravitational Constant G Between Big Objects
    HU Qing-Gui
    journal6, 2008, 29(3):  55-58. 
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    A new experimental scheme to measure the gravitational constant G between big objects is introduced.Firstly,the overall arrangement of the new experimental scheme is presented.Then,the anticipated observation value is analyzed.Finally,the error in the new experimental scheme is analyzed and the method to reduce the error is put forward.Analysis shows that the displacement of small objects' shadow on the screen will be 3.75 mm.
    The Worst Case Circuit Analysis of the Radio Frequency Amplifier
    LEI Xue-Tang
    journal6, 2008, 29(3):  59-63. 
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    Introduce the basic method and the step of the Worst Case Circuit Analysis in radio frequency circuit.Considering the engineering application,the authors discusses the establishment method of the Worst Case database of radio frequency component,introduces the model establishment process and the analysis method of the Worst Case Circuit Analysis by using the radio frequency amplifier as the exemplification, and carries on the discussion of the Worst Case Circuit analysis result.
    Estimaiton Methods of the Transition Density of the Duffusion Model Based on the Matlab Simulation
    HE Yuan, CHEN Hui
    journal6, 2008, 29(3):  64-67. 
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    Nowadays,diffusion models are applied to the electronic and financial fields to describe the dynamics of the variables.Transition density,the most important variables to the diffusion models,is always a hot studying field.With the development of the matlab,it is very significant to find the optimal methods for the estimation of the transition density by making use of the simulation and numerical functions of it.The author compares two  methods of estimating transition densities of  diffusion model i.e.,Euler and Hermite.After the comparison of the approximation to the closed-form densities for the Vasicek and CIR models,it is found that the Hermite method can estimate the transition densities much more accurately in comparison with the Euler method.Then,the further estimation of the diffusion model parameters is conducted by these two methods,which proves that Hermite method can better recognize the model parameters than Euler method,and it can reduce the estimation errors.
    Error Analysis on Approximate Earth Curvature Radius in Track Simulation
    ZHU Chang-Cheng, WANG Yan-Hong, WANG Jian
    journal6, 2008, 29(3):  68-71. 
    Asbtract ( 2354 )   PDF ( 1908 )  
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    In track simulation,the corresponding earth equivalent radius of a track in a specific range is approximate to the earth curvature radius of the latitudinal location of the target.With track at different latitude,the corresponding earth curvature radius may be different.Through analysis of the influence of latitudinal earth curvature radius on a track,the latitudinal earth curvature radius can be proved to be approximate to the earth equivalent radius.This method reduces the complexity calculation.
    Design of FPGA Macro Block Placement Algorithm Based on Objective Function
    CHEN Bing-Quan, LI Bo-Yong, ZENG Qing-Li
    journal6, 2008, 29(3):  72-75. 
    Asbtract ( 1936 )   PDF ( 1660 )  
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    Based on the method projected in literature [1-3],the authors introduces the FPGA macro block placement.Taking into consideration the speciality of FPGA macro block placement,the authors solve the placement problem through the objective function,and put forward a method to describe the internal interconnection resource of FPGA macro block.The result shows that through the method by the authors,the scale of FPGA and channel height needed will save resource.
    Chaos Optimization Algorithm for Mechanism Synthesis
    CHEN Ben-Song
    journal6, 2008, 29(3):  76-79. 
    Asbtract ( 2453 )   PDF ( 1494 )  
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    Aiming at solving the nonlinear equations of mechanism synthesis,a hybrid chaotic algorithm is presented.The equations are transformed into an optimization problem.A new hybrid algorithm which combines the chaos optimization method and the nonlinear conjugate gradient method approach having an effective convergence property is proposed.The hybrid algorithm can help the conjugate gradient approach to skip the local minimum and finally can find the global minimum.The numerical example of mechanism synthesis shows all real solutions can be found with the proposed method and it shows the efficiency of this algorithm.The proposed method is simple and easy to use,and it is valuable to popularize it.
    Application of Rough Set Theory in Multi-index Comprehensive Evaluation
    LIAO Bai-Lin, ZHANG Yong-Hua, DONG Wei
    journal6, 2008, 29(3):  80-83. 
    Asbtract ( 2138 )   PDF ( 1819 )  
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    The presence of more information doesn’t usually generate a corresponding increase.The rough set theory was introduced into evaluating the significance of the system parameters.The presence of irrelevant information will decrease the effectiveness of the algorithm.The authors proposed a solution to improve the quality,that is an attribute-weighted algorithm based on rough set theory.Firstly,The authors computed values for the weight of every attribute.Then combination of rough set and TOPSIS for comprehensive evaluation is described.The proposed method was applied in example and the result showed that it is effective.
    Time Series Prediction Based on RBF Neural Network
    PENG Shan-Qiong, GAO Jing-Bo, YU Ke
    journal6, 2008, 29(3):  84-87. 
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    The structure and learning algorithm of the RBF neural network are analysed.The population forecast model is established by the RBF neural network and the neural network toolbox of Matlab.And the population of China is predicted on this model.
    Survey on Neural Network-Based Adaptive PID Controller in AQM
    LI Chun-Lai, LUO Xiao-Shu
    journal6, 2008, 29(3):  88-90. 
    Asbtract ( 2426 )   PDF ( 1447 )  
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    The author integrate the neural network into the PID controller rationally,and gain an adaptive PID controller where a BP network is utilized to achieve PID parameters self-adjustment;a RBF neural network is utilized to identify the controlled plant on line for congestion control of AQM.Simulation results indicate that the effectiveness of this controller is superior to the traditional PID controller obviously.
    Biological resources
    Responses of Soil Biological Properties of Betula Roots and Rhizosphere to Short-Term Temperature and CO2 Elevation in the Subalpine Zone
    JIANG Shun-Yuan, SUN Hui, QIN Ji-Hong, WU Yang, YANG Wan-Qin, YANG Zhi-Rong
    journal6, 2008, 29(3):  91-96. 
    Asbtract ( 2593 )   PDF ( 1545 )  
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    Responses of root biomass,microbe quantities,and enzyme activities in rhizospheric soil of Betula albo-sinensis with high and low densities (13.5 stems·m-2 and 4.5 stems·m-2,respectively) to elevated atmospheric CO2 concentration (15.5±1.0 μmol·L-1 enrichment) and/or temperature (2.4±0.4 ℃ elevation) under the controlled conditions in situ which have been monitored in the subalpine forest zone of the western Sichuan Province.The primary results indicated that root biomass  increased when atmospheric temperature and/or CO2 was elevated under the high and low density.The quantities of bacteria and epiphyte under high and low density,and actinomycetes under low density treatments were promoted by temperature elevation,while quantities of bacteria and epiphytes increased just under high density when CO2 was elevated.Pohyphenol oxidase activity was reduced significantly under temperature elevation in both density treatments.Catalase activity increased under CO2elevation,whereas urease and pohyphenol oxidase decreased in both density treatments.Pohyphenol oxidase and catalase activities decreased under temperature and CO2elevation (ETC) in high and low density treatments,while urease activities varied with plant density under both temperature and CO2 elevation (ETC).
    Progress in Proteomic Research of Plasma Membrane and its Microdomains
    DENG Huo-Bao, LI Xuan-Wen, LIU Wei, CHEN Ping
    journal6, 2008, 29(3):  97-104. 
    Asbtract ( 2615 )   PDF ( 1772 )  
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    Plasma membrane proteomic has become the difficulty and hot spot of proteomic research for its low abundance and strong hydrophobicity.With mammal cytoplasma membrane as an example,this article introduces the progress in proteomic research of plasma membrane and its microdomains mainly from the following aspects:the structure,concentrates,dissolution,separation and identification for plasma membrane and its microdomain as well as complex of membrane protein.
    Cloning of New Gene Rcet2 Expressed Specifically in Reproduction Tract
    XIANG Yang, ZOU Shou-Chang, ZHOU Yan-Kai, ZHOU Ming-Qian, NIE Dong-Song
    journal6, 2008, 29(3):  105-108. 
    Asbtract ( 2438 )   PDF ( 1494 )  
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    The authors used digital differential display data in NCBI to clone Rcet2 which was isolated from adult mouse testis cDNA library.Sequence analysis revealed that Rcet2 cDNA was 454 bp in length,and had three exons,with the result that these cDNAs encoded one protein.The deduced protein was 88 residues in length and had one potential signal peptide and one cystatin domain,but lacked part critical consensus sites important for cysteine protease inhibition.These characteristics are seen in Cres subgroup,which is related to the family 2 cystatains.RT-PCR analysis showed that Rcet2 was specifically expressed in adult mouse testis,epididymis and cerebrum,but higher in testis than in epididymis and cerebrum.This Rcet2 may be new members of Cres subgroup of family 2 cystatins.
    Effects of Water Temperature and Body Weight on Ammonia-Nitrogen and Phosphate Excretion of the Fouling Organism:Caprella sp.
    GE Chang-Zi, SONG Xie-Fa, MAO Yu-Ze, YE Nai-Hao, QI Zhan-Hui
    journal6, 2008, 29(3):  109-111. 
    Asbtract ( 2527 )   PDF ( 1416 )  
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    Phosphate and ammonia-N metabolism characteristics of the fouling organism,Caprella sp. at different water temperature were studied by indoor experiment.Phosphate excretion rate and ammonia-N excretion rate were 0.019 1W-0.236 81.065T and 0.009 8W-0.077 01.120 1T,respectively.They both increased with water temperature while decreased with wet body weight.Under 10.0 ℃,the phosphate metabolism might be restrained by low temperature.At 15.0 and 20.0 ℃,phosphate excretion rate was 3.566 5 and 4.892 6 μg·g-1·h-1,respectively.Thus,phosphate release rate of fisheries facilities attached by Caprella sp. was estimated as 14 565.17 and 1 635.94 mg·m-2 in the whole summer and autumn.At 0,5.0,10.0,15.0 and 20.0 ℃,the ammonia excretion rate was 0.009 3,0.059 3,1.148 4,2.143 4 and 2.782 7 μg·g-1·h-1,respectively.And 8 283.93 and 1 302.05 mg·m-2 was the ammonia production rate of fisheries facilities in summer and autumn,respectively.
    Decision-Making Model of Investment Based on Real Options for Urban Environmental Infrastructure BOT Project
    ZOU Xiang-Jiang, WANG Zong-Ping
    journal6, 2008, 29(3):  112-115. 
    Asbtract ( 2253 )   PDF ( 1603 )  
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    The level of urbanization has continuously improved,which expands the need of the urban environment infrastructure.The BOT model can change the situation of insufficient investment of environmental infrastructure from the government.The BOT model uncertainty increases the difficulty of the decision-making of investors.Real option model can better reflect the influence of uncertainties to environmental infrastructure value of BOT projects,which is conducive to investors to make a decision.The paper identifies urban environmental infrastructure expansion options and applies Black-Scholse Option Pricing Model to calculate the options value of the BOT project.Through specific cases,the paper analyzes the decision-making process of investors.
    The Structure Characteristic Analysis of Domestic Tourist Resource Market in Yongding District of Zhangjiajie
    TUO Dong-Ni, YIN Hua-Guang
    journal6, 2008, 29(3):  116-121. 
    Asbtract ( 3476 )   PDF ( 1860 )  
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    Depending on the sampling investigation of the current situation of native tourist resource market of Yongding district in Zhangjiajie,this thesis analyzes the demography character,time structure,region structure, tourist behavior idiosyncrasy,and so on of the domestic tourist resource market in Yongding district.According to the above,the authors obtain some regularities about the tourist resource development and distribution,and thus provide the scientific reference for domestic tourist resource market development in this district.
    Exploitation and Protection of the Cultural Tourism Resources in Western Hunan
    LI Xiang-Yang, JIANG Cai-Fang
    journal6, 2008, 29(3):  122-124. 
    Asbtract ( 2528 )   PDF ( 1451 )  
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    The cultural tourism is developing rapidly at present,the existence and development of which depend on the development and protection of cultural tourism resources.As the settlement of Tujia and Miao minority nationalities,western Hunan is abundant in  simple and unsophisticated,magical and unique relics and historical sites and profound minority nationality culture and unique folk custom and art.Based on the review on the characteristics and special function of the current development and exploitation of the cultural tourism resources in western Hunan,the authors has found the problems and thus put forward corresponding strategies.
    Medical Science
    Measuring CEA,ADA in Pleural Fluid and Serum Jointly for Differential Diagnosis Between Malignant and Tuberculous Pleural Effusion
    ZOU Yong-Hong, MA Zhi-Ming, CHEN Pin-Ru, WU Gui-Feng, CHEN Zhi-Cheng, FANG Yi-Min
    journal6, 2008, 29(3):  125-128. 
    Asbtract ( 3050 )   PDF ( 1684 )  
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    Objective To determine the differential diagnosis value of carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) and adenosine deaminase (ADA) measured jointly between malignant and tuberculous pleural effusion.Method ADA and CEA in pleural fluid and serum from 48 patients with malignant pleural effusion and 156 patients with tubeculous were determined.Results The value of CEA (pleural effusion/serum) in malignant pleural effusion was significantly higher than in tuberculous pleural effusion (P<0.01);While the value of ADA (pleural effusion/serum) in tuberculous was significantly higher than in malignant pleural effusion/serum.The positive rates of CEA in tuberculous and malignant pleural effusion were 5.22% and 86.36% respectively,and the specificity was 13.63% and 94.78%.The positive rates of ADA in tuberculous and malignant pleural effusion were 67.95% and 6.25% respectively,and specificity was 93.75% and 32.05%.Conclusion The detection of CEA and ADA is of great value in diagosing and differentiating tuberculous pleural effusion from malignant pleural effusion.
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