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    25 July 2008, Volume 29 Issue 4
    A Way to Contruct Subgroups of S5
    BAN Gui-Ning, WU Jian-Ping, ZHANG Zhong-Jian, ZHANG Yu
    journal6, 2008, 29(4):  1-4. 
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    Because the inverse of Lagrange theorem of finite group does not hold,it is difficult to determine all the subgroups of  Sn,to determine whether  S5 has the same order subgroups for any positive factor of the absolute value of  |Sn|.Using Lagrange's theorem and the concept of n-letters symmetric group,some of subgroups of 5-letters symmetric group  S5 are proved.
    A Characterization of Finite Simple Symplectic Groups S2n(2m)(n≥3) by Orders of Their Solvable Subgroups
    XU Ming-Chun
    journal6, 2008, 29(4):  5-10. 
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    In this paper the author has proved the following theorem,which solves a problem of S. Abe and N. Iiyori for finite simple symplectic groups.Let G be a finite group and S2n(2m)(n≥3) be one of finite simple symplectic groups.Then GS2n(2m) if and only if ord(Ssol(G))=ord(Ssol(S2n(2m))),where ord(Ssol(G)) is the set of orders of solvable subgroups in G.
    Existence of Nontrivial Solution for an Elliptic Equation
    YAO Yang-Xin, HE Shao-Tong, PENG Tao
    journal6, 2008, 29(4):  11-13. 
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    The authors we prove an  inequality of Sobole-Hardy type and prove that the best constant is attained in the inequality.Furthermore,using the Sobole-Hardy inequality and mountain pass theorem,the existence of a nontrivial solution for a nonlinear elliptic equation involving critical singularity is proved.
    Properly Posed Set of Functionals for Bivariate Birkhoff Interpolation
    CUI Li-Hong, YANG Shuang
    journal6, 2008, 29(4):  14-17. 
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    This paper mainly deals with the properly posed set of functionals for bivariate Birkhoff interpolation.By means of the theory and method of constructing the properly posed set of functionals for bivariate osculatory interpolation,the paper gives a new constructive method of properly posed sets of functionals in bivariate Birkhoff interpolation:plane algebraic curve superpositon process.Which is realized by superimposition.
    1-Factor in Quasi-Claw-Free Graph
    WANG Bing
    journal6, 2008, 29(4):  18-19. 
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    Every claw-free graph is quasi-claw-graph.In this paper,we prove that:if G is a connected quasi-claw-free graph and has even vertices,then G has 1-factor.The result extends the corresponding results in claw-free graph.
    Modified Formula for Simpson Rule with Third Derivatives of Endpoint
    XIAO Ze-Chang, DU Yue-Peng
    journal6, 2008, 29(4):  20-23. 
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    This paper presents a modified formula for Simpson rule with third derivatives of endpoint and its truncation error.It also displays an analysis on convergence order of compound formula.Though compound modified formula for Simpson rule with endpoint derivatives just calculates a newly-added third derivative of the two endpoints for each time compared with compound Simpson formula calculation,there are 2 more ranks of the convergence order in this modified formula.Examples of numerical calculation have validated theoretical analysis.
    Criteria for Block H-Matrices
    ZHONG Yi-Bing
    journal6, 2008, 29(4):  24-26. 
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    By the equivalence of H-matrices and α-diagonal dominant matrices,sufficient conditions with parameter α of  block H-matrices are presented.
    Notes on the Article “The k-n Type Neuberg-Pedoe Inequality” in Euclidean Space En
    LI Xiao-Yan, ZHANG Yao
    journal6, 2008, 29(4):  27-29. 
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    The mistakes of the main results in The k-n Type Neuberg-Pedoe Inequality in Euclidean Space En are shown,and the causes  of these mistakes are pointed out.Moreover,a new k-n type Neuberg-Pedoe inequalities  in Euclidean Space En are given.
    Exponential Stability of Neural Networks with Time Delays
    YANG De-Gang
    journal6, 2008, 29(4):  30-34. 
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    This paper considers the problems of global exponential stability for a general class of neural networks with time delays,a new criterion ensuring global exponential stability is obtained by utilizing Razumikhin theorem and the linear matrix inequality (LMI) technique.Distinct difference from other analytical approaches lies in “linearization” of the neural network model,by which the considered neural network model is transformed into a linear time-variant system.The obtained conditions show to be less conservative and restrictive.A numerical simulation is given to illustrate the validity of our results.
    Simulation Model About the Function of Variant Gain Based on  Simulink
    YAO Ya-Bing, LIU Yu-Fei
    journal6, 2008, 29(4):  35-37. 
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    This paper studies the variant gain control of nonlinear systems,combining the features of variant gain function (-0.255 sin(100πt)) K.Simuli
    nk of Matlab6.5 Software is used to establish a simulation model,packaging the subsystem of  e0.3U and  K,illustrating the effect which K implies on the output system.The simulation output of k is three intervals is different,which shows the features of the non-linear control system.Therefore,in different value intervals,the influence of variant gain k on the output control is analyzed.
    A Research on the Factors Influencing Network Traffic Self-Similarities
    LONG Jian-You, WANG Wei, HE Jing
    journal6, 2008, 29(4):  38-41. 
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    The nature of network traffic is the basis of studying and analyzing network performance as well as planning network construction.The key to network traffic research is how to sum up and analyze the real traffic.Based on the prerequisite that self-similarity models can better describe the features of network transmission,this paper conducts simulated studies by generating self-similar traffics,elaborates the formation of self-similarity,proposes a research method of integrating traffic self-similar source with TCP protocol,describes the cause of network traffic self-similarity,and observes the fact that network performance varies with change of parameters,which has practical significance in the design、control、analysis and management of NGN(new generation network ).
    A Scheduling Pattern Based on Task-Balancing in Computational Grid
    XU Hong-Zhi, HUANG Tian-Qiang, ZHANG Bin-Lian
    journal6, 2008, 29(4):  42-44. 
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    Effective management and scheduling of resources can increase the utilization of grid system.For the issues of task-balancing in grid computing,in order to reduce the communication,a distributed scheduling pattern in grid is proposed,and the relevant algorithm is given.The algorithm collects each light load node to a queue,and sets an adjustable refresh time,when the heavy load nodes requests to schedule,the task will be transferred to the node which is taken out from the queue so as to solve the issues of task-balancing in grid.
    Physics and electronics
    Explanation of the Inflation and the Re-Heating of the Universe
    XU Di-Yu, JIAO Shan-Qing, GONG Zi-Zheng
    journal6, 2008, 29(4):  45-47. 
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    In order to over come the difficulty of the big bang model of the universe not tallying with the observation and the experiments,the universe inflation model was put forward,which requires that the inflation of the universe take place at the time 10-35 s and the energe scale 104 GeV,the energy scale decrease to 109 GeV due to the inflation,and the universe be heated again to 104 GeV at the time  10-32 s after the inflation ended.One of possible explanations is that at the time 10-35 s the pairs of the supersynunetry companions Y+2/3TB and Y-+2/3TB of Fermi type quark T2/3F were annihilated and converted into pairs of photons and the back ground energy of the universe abruptly rose.As a result of it,the universe was heated again and inflated.
    Experimental Research on Waterproofing Mechanism of Capillary Crystalline Waterproofing Material
    LEI Jin-Shan, RUAN Bo, SUN Li-Min, XU Ming-Gen
    journal6, 2008, 29(4):  48-52. 
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    This paper dealeds with the study on the micro-mechanism of CN2000B waterproofing coating.The microstructure of motor,waterproofing coating and permeability layer was obtained through scanning electron microscopy (SEM).Their main elements were determined and their relative weights(percentage) were calculated with X-ray energy dispersive analysis (EDAX).The test result was compared.The depth penetrated through mortar was deduced form the variations of elements content in different depth.The results of this study showed that the depth increased with curing time,and the value reached 29.14 mm at the age of 28 d.This study was applied to treatment of tunnel seepage on Shimen-Jishou section of Jiaozuo-Liuzhou railway.It can also be used for reference to treatment of the seepage on transportation railway tunnel.
    The Simulation Design of Microchip Patch Antenna Loaded with Shorting Pin Based on HFSS
    HOU Ning, ZHANG Tian-Yu
    journal6, 2008, 29(4):  53-57. 
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    The microchip patch antenna has been widely used in communications.However,the size has greatly limited its application when it works in low frequency less than 2 GHz.In this paper,HFSS is used to do some simulation research on microchip patch antenna loaded with shorting pin,which also has been compared with the unloaded.The results show that antenna loaded with shorting pin can not only decrease the size of the antennas,but also have better frequency characteristic and impedance characteristic.
    The Research of Intrusion Detection Based on Neural Network
    LI Gang
    journal6, 2008, 29(4):  58-61. 
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    The author narrates the development and the present situation of the intrusion detection technique,analyses the intrusion detection technique and its characteristics adopted at present,and search the feasibility that ANN(Artificial Neural Network) technology can be applied to anomaly intrusion detection.It designs an Agent-based Distributed Intrusion Detection System.The DIDS system combines host-based intrusion detection and network-based intrusion detection functions.It can be used to protect large area network and have relatively good expansibility.This paper also discusses the implementation of BP neural network in intrusion detection and designs variable learning rate BP regression neural network.
    Realization of Virtual Lab Platform Based on Matlab Web Server
    HU Li, HU Xiao, XU Qian
    journal6, 2008, 29(4):  62-64. 
    Asbtract ( 2765 )   PDF ( 1849 )  
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    A virtual lab platform based on Matlab Web Server is proposed in this paper.Design and Implementation are introduced.The data exchange processing among Matlab,Matlab Web Server and IE browser is analyzed.Using PAM experiment as an example,configurating the server and preparing the page,debug in the laboratory LAN environment was successful.
    New Current-Mode All-Pass Configuration Using CCCIIS
    GUAN Zhi-Li, LIU Wei-Li, XIE Ping-Yang
    journal6, 2008, 29(4):  65-67. 
    Asbtract ( 2592 )   PDF ( 1522 )  
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    A new configuration for the realization of current-mode all-pass filters with high output impedance is presented.It can realize all-pass filtering function using two Current Controlled Conveyors (CCCIIs) connected to four RC one-port elements.Eight different realizations for the proposed configuration are given in tabular form,which exhibit identical transfer functions but differ in the number of passive components,component matching constraints,possibility of electronically gain adjustment and other properties.PSpice simulation for an actual circuit is conducted,and the result shows that the proposed circuit is valid and effective.
    Soft Fault Diagnosis of Tolevance Simulated Circuit Based on Wavelet and Quantum Neural Network
    LI Yun-Hong, TAN Yang-Hong, LONG Bo-Hua
    journal6, 2008, 29(4):  68-70. 
    Asbtract ( 2516 )   PDF ( 1458 )  
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    The hidden neurous in quantum neural network adopt the multi-level actioation function;so,with fixed fuzziness,the quantum network can reasonably distribute the uncertain data of a decision into each mode,thus to reduce the uncertainty of mode recognition and raise the accuracy of the mode recognition.The soft fault diagnosis of tolerance simulated circuit based on wavelet and quantum neural network is proposed.The simulation experiment shows that,compared with BP neural network,the quantum neural network can increase the fault diagnosis accuracy to 24.78%.
    Chemistry and chemical engineering
    Synthesis of Cyclohexyl Acetate Catalyzed by Ferric Sulfate Hydrate under Microwave Irradiation
    CHEN Xiao-Yuan, YANG Yong, ZHANG Ai-Hua
    journal6, 2008, 29(4):  71-74. 
    Asbtract ( 2312 )   PDF ( 1514 )  
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    Cyclohexyl acetate was synthesized by using ferric sulfate hydrate as catalyst under microwave irradiation.The optimum experimental condition was obtained as follows:the power of microwave irradiation was 640 W,molar ratio of alcohol to acid was 1.4∶1,the dosage of water-carring reagent was 6 mL,the amount of catalyst was 1.0 g,and the reaction time was 30 min.Under the optimum experimental condition,the yield of the product was 91.6% (based on acetic acid).
    Analogue Recognition and Chromatographic Behaviors of MolecularlyImprinted Polymer for Protocatechuic Acid
    LI Ya-Nan, LI Hui, SHI Hui, ZHANG Chao-Hui, HU Wen-Bin, LI Zhi-Ping
    journal6, 2008, 29(4):  75-82. 
    Asbtract ( 2640 )   PDF ( 1225 )  
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     A non-covalent imprinting approach was applied to synthesize protocatechuic acid (3,4-dihydroxybenzoic acid) imprinted polymers (MIPs) in the polar tetrahydrofuran by using methacrylic acid as functional monomer.By equilibrium adsorption experiments and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC),the rebinding properties of the MIPs to protocatechuic acid (template) and its analogues were evaluated.It was found that the MIPs exhibited high adsorption capability and selectivity for the template and two kinds of absorption sites in the polymer were detected by Scatchard curve analysis.The eluents and the mobile phase flow rate had an important influence on the retention of the analytes on the MIPs column.All of the results showed that the stronger affinity of the MIPs to the template than its analogues resulted from the size and shape recognition in the MIPs network based on hydrogen bonding interaction.
    Fumigation Activity of Ethylformate Against Cryptolestes Turcicu (Grouville)
    ZENG Jian-De
    journal6, 2008, 29(4):  83-86. 
    Asbtract ( 2590 )   PDF ( 1470 )  
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    This paper systematically studied,with the sealed jar fumigation method under different conditions,the effects of ethylformate (EtF) on eggs,early larvae,late larvae,pupae and adults of C.turcicus.Experiments signify the corresponding corrected mortalities of adults were 88.633% and 99.453% with 0.040 and 0.045 EtF volume ratio after 12 h fumigation under 28 ℃.And the adult corrected mortalities were 84.367%,88.087%,92.376%,74.266%,63.252%,60.953% and 58.775% respectively with 35 μL/L dosage after 24 h fumigation under 15,18,21,24,27,30 ℃  and 33 ℃.These results indicated that the EtF killed the adult weevils in a very short time period,and the fumigation efficacy was better at relatively lower temperature than that at relatively higher temperature.Under the conditions of 20,25,30 ℃ after 24 h fumigation,the volume ratio LC50 s were 0.014 311,0.017 335 and 0.021 073 respectively,whereas after 48 h fumigation,the corresponding volume ratio LC50 s were 0.012 828,0.015 446 and 0.020 068.Fumigating the immature stages of C.turcicus 24 h with 30 g/m3 dosage EtF,the mortalities of eggs,early larvae,late larvae and pupae of were 93.372%,99.782%,96.638% and 91.645% respectively,which proved that the fumigation activity of EtF was the best against early larvae,and the pupae and eggs possessed a relatively high endurance to EtF.
    Formation and Development of Village Economy:From the Natural,Social and Historical Perspective
    BAI Jin-Xiang
    journal6, 2008, 29(4):  87-92. 
    Asbtract ( 2185 )   PDF ( 1421 )  
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    Villages and Located in the nine geographical forms of mountain areas in China.The meagerly-populated villages have their specific political,economic and cultural characteristics.During the village development,the unique village economy has formed.From the natural,social and historical perspective,it can be concluded that the development of village economy needs external support.To do so,the local resources and minority nationality policy must be fully utilized.And the economic development must be in accordance with the eco-protection.
    The Research of Games Between the Stakeholder Government and the Tourism Industry Cluster
    WANG Zhao-Feng
    journal6, 2008, 29(4):  93-99. 
    Asbtract ( 2167 )   PDF ( 1731 )  
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    It has become an important way to improve the regional tourism industry competitiveness through founding tourism industry cluster.As the management department of the tourism industry cluster,the government is its key stakeholders.This research analyses the relation between the government and the tourism industry cluster;starting with the analysis of the games between the government and the enterprises in the tourism industry cluster,it studies the games between the government and the tourism industry cluster;and it finally provid some advices for the development of the tourism industry cluster in China.
    Problems and Measures in the Independent Innovation of the Western Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
    WANG Yu-Fen
    journal6, 2008, 29(4):  100-103. 
    Asbtract ( 2292 )   PDF ( 1628 )  
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    Western small and medium-sized enterprises play an important role in the western economic development.Independent innovation is the motivation for their development.But at present,the overall developing level of these enterprises is low for the poor innovation performance and lagging development.To solve these problems,the key is to decide on an appropriate developing strategy,including project selection,capital funding,and mode of organization.To improve the innovation ability,it is also important to cooperate with the local technological and scientific institutes and colleges.
    A Test on Relationship Between Real Estate Market Price and Overall Price Level in China
    LIAO Xiang-Yue, PAN Ai-Min
    journal6, 2008, 29(4):  104-107. 
    Asbtract ( 2281 )   PDF ( 1514 )  
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    This paper employs the data of the  real estate market price index,CPI and PPI,and take the measurement of co-integration test and causality test to examine the relationship between the real estate market price and overall Price level from 1998 to 2007 in china.It discovers that there is a long-term equilibrium between real estate market price and overall Price level in china,But this kind of relationship is unidirectional.It is real estate market price is a Granger reason to overall Price level,but overall Price level is not Granger reason to real estate market price.It shows that real estate has departed from the cost fixed price rule.
    Contribution  Rate of Higher Educaiton  to Economic Growth in Northeast Three Provinces
    ZHANG Li-Xin, WANG Ya-Lin
    journal6, 2008, 29(4):  108-111. 
    Asbtract ( 2348 )   PDF ( 1454 )  
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    Based on the model of Cobb-Douglas function,this paper measures the rate of contribution (Ch) made by higher education to the economic growth of northeast three provinces.The Ch of Heilongjiang,Jilin and Liaoning are 1.40%,1.25% and 1.55% respectively.The analytic result shows as follows:northeast region’s Ch is very low;Ch is influenced by the factors such as market competition degree,educational input,the correlation between higher education and economy.Therefore,northeast region should enhance the links between higher education and economy,advance higher education quality,and promote the market process in economic and educational areas.
    Investigation and Analysis of the Current Physical Fitness of the Minority Nationalities Residents in Western Hunan
    LIU Shao-Ying, WAN Zhi-Qiang
    journal6, 2008, 29(4):  112-115. 
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    According to the National Physical Fitness Evaluation Stardard in 2005,a sampling survey of the adults aged from 20 to 59 in western Hunan was made.The results show that there is an obesity trend in the minority with the age increase;Both the physical function and physical quality decrease as the age increases;and after the middle age,the decreasing trend is rather obvious.
    Research on the Origin of Traditional Physical Culture for Minorities in China
    WU Xiang-Jun, BAI Jin-Xiang
    journal6, 2008, 29(4):  116-118. 
    Asbtract ( 2097 )   PDF ( 1487 )  
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    The article gives a review of the theories relating to the origin of the traditional physical culture of manjorities,and it studies the basis to enrich and develop the minority traditional physical culture.Human’s basic production and living needs are the original power to  promote the progress of national traditional physical culture;the war promotes the development of national traditional physical culture;the diversity of religion also enriches the content of national traditional physical culture;the olk entertainment and life care enable national traditional physical culture to become perfect gradually.
    Medical Science
    Analysis on Interrelated Factors in  Post-Menopausal Vaginal Bleeding and the Countermeasures
    ZHANG Yu-Hua, CHENG Qiu-Rong
    journal6, 2008, 29(4):  119-120. 
    Asbtract ( 2019 )   PDF ( 1552 )  
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    Abstract:Objective To investigate pathogenies of post-menopausal vaginal bleeding and menopausal years with its relation to malignant tumor so as to instruct senile women health care and improving quality of their life.Methods Pathogenies of  the 320 cases in 1998-2007 of post-menopausal vaginal bleeding were analysed  by using retrospective way.Results Bleeding of 242 cases (75.63%)were arisen by benign diseases,58 cases (18.12%) by functional uterine bleeding,and 20 cases (6.25%) by malignant tumors.By comparing cases of menopause for 10 years and 15 years over  with those for 1 year and 5 years we  have found that the incidences of malignant tumors are markedly different.Conclusion The main causes of postmenopausal vaginal bleeding are benign diseases and functional diseases.The longer the time of menopause,the higher the incidence of malignant tumor.
     Causes of Building Fire of University and Preventive Strategies
    XIE Rong-Quan
    journal6, 2008, 29(4):  121-124. 
    Asbtract ( 2337 )   PDF ( 1547 )  
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    This paper aims at analyzing the situation,the process,the causes and the differences of building fire of universities by collecting,classifying fire cases carefully.With scientific methods and knowledge of fire control,the author has found out the disaster mechanisal and some scientific ways to cope with fire breakout.
    Construction of Innovative Administration Mode of Scientific Research in Universities
    ZHENG Yong-Mei
    journal6, 2008, 29(4):  125-128. 
    Asbtract ( 2070 )   PDF ( 1713 )  
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    Innovation in the scientific research administration in universities is an important part of innovation system.But in the current scientific administration system,there are many disadvantages.To improve the scientific research in universities,it is necessary to construct a trinity administration system,including the administration idea,the administration mechanism,and the quality of the administration staff.
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