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    25 March 2010, Volume 31 Issue 2
    Characterization for Rings Without Zero Divisor andExamples of Various Rings
    CHEN Xiang-en
    journal6, 2010, 31(2):  1-2. 
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    The equivalence conditions for characterizing rings without zero divisor are summarized and the examples of various rings are given in this paper.
    Finite Direct Sums of (Weak) (n,d)-Rings and n-Coherent Rings
    LI Wei-Qing, OuYang-Bai-Yu
    journal6, 2010, 31(2):  3-6. 
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    Let R1,R2,…,Rm be rings.It is  proved that (1) mi=1Ri is a right (n,d)-ring (resp. weak (n,d)-ring,n-coherent ring) if and only if each Ri is a right (n,d)-ring (resp. weak (n,d)-ring,n-coherent ring);(2) rD(mi=1Ri) =sup{rD(R1),rD(R2),…,rD(Rm)};(3)  wD(mi=1Ri) = sup{wD(R1),wD(R2),…,wD(Rm)}.
    Oscillation of Even Order Half-Linear Neutral Delay Differential Equation
    HAN Zhen-Lai, SUN Yi-Bing, LI Tong-Xing, SUN Shu-Rong
    journal6, 2010, 31(2):  7-9. 
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    By means of Riccati transformation and averaging technique,this paper establishes new oscillation criteria for even order half-linear neutral delay differential equation.
    Development from Bernoulli Inequality to Hlder Inequality and Its Applications
    XING Jia-Sheng, WANG Hong-Zhi
    journal6, 2010, 31(2):  10-14. 
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    This paper presents the proof of geometric mean and arithmetic mean inequality by Bernoulli inequality.Then it gives the proof of Young inequality and gets the elementary proof of Hlder inequality.And some important inequalities can be proved by those results.
    Improvement of Hilbert’s Type Integral Inequality  with Some Parameters
    SHANG Xiao-Zhou, HE Le-Ping
    journal6, 2010, 31(2):  15-17. 
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    Some improvements of Hardy-Hilbert’s integral inequality are given by means of a sharpening of Hlder’s inequality.Some new inequalities are established.
    Area of a Polygon and Double Integration of a Complex Function
    HUANG Yi-Ru, XU Cheng-De, ZHU Xiao-Yun, LIU Yan-Ping
    journal6, 2010, 31(2):  18-21. 
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    The authors deduce a formula of the area of a grid point ploygon in the form of complex double integration by means of a formula of the area of a grid point polygon in number theory.In addition the authors derive the formula of integral round a contour via the expression of the area of polugon in analytic set form.And  the complex double integration is studied briefly.
    Construction of Properly Posed Set of Nodes for Interpolation in the Πk(R2) Space
    XU Yan, CHEN Wei, CUI Li-Hong
    journal6, 2010, 31(2):  22-24. 
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    The Lagrange interpolation of   Πk(R2) space is studied.The method of constructing the properly posed set of nodes for Lagrange interpolation in the  Πk(R2)space is given,and this generalizes the main method of constructing the properly posed set of nodes for Lagrange interpolation in the  Πk(R2) space which was acquired by Ward Cheney and Will Light in “The tutorial of approximation theory”.Thus a general conclusion is obtained.
    Normal Families of Meromorphic Functions Concerning Multiplicity of Zeros
    DING Jian-Jun, GU Rong-Mei, YUAN Wen-Jun
    journal6, 2010, 31(2):  25-28. 
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    A normality criterion of meromorphic functions is proved:let  F be a family of functions meromorphic in a domain D,n,m,k be three positive integers such that n≥m+1 and a≠0,and b be two finite complex numbers.If for each f∈F,all zeros of f have multiplicity at least k+1,and fm+a(f(k))n≠ b in D,F is normal in D.
    Posteriori Error Estimates for Mixed Finite Element Solutions of Optimal Control Problems
    FU Min, DIAO Lin, LUO Chao-Liang
    journal6, 2010, 31(2):  29-32. 
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    An a posteriori error analysis is obtained for mixed finite element approximation of quadratic convex optimal control problem governed by nonlinear elliptic equation.The state and the co-state are approximated by the k-th R-T mixed finite element spaces and the control is approximated by piecewise constant functions.The results are based on the approximation for both the state variables and the control variable.In numerical experiments,the posteriori error estimators are used as the mesh refinement indicator.Then it is clear that the adaptive finite element method is more efficient.
    Actuarial Approach to Exchange Rate Option Pricing
    ZHANG Yuan-Qing, LIU Hong-Xia
    journal6, 2010, 31(2):  33-36. 
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    The problem of exchange rate option pricing is discussed based on  concrete exchange rate model.The effect of interest rate,purchasing power and account pring on exchange rate is considened.Using physical probability measure of price process and the principle of fair premium,and by an actuarial approach,the authors obtain the accurate pricing formula and put-call parity of European call and put option.The confidence interval of mean value is also obtained.
    Construction of Continuous Double Auction Model
    SHI Mian-Jun, LIU Dong-Xi
    journal6, 2010, 31(2):  37-40. 
    Asbtract ( 2842 )   PDF ( 2488 )  
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    The article introduces the definition and type of traditional auction (one-side auction),and the operation way and classification method of double auction as well.The article also points out that double auction can solve the information dissymmetry problem in the market,and thus problems like “collusion” and “malice biding ” etc.can be effectively  avoided in single auction.Meanwhile,under the condition of permitting both buyer and seller to change the offer at any time(continuous  condition),the article  establishes single product double auction model,congeneric product double auction model and different-typed product double auction model,and provides good theoretical model for the research of market behavior in double auction.
    Handwritten Alphabet Recognition Based on LVQ Neural Network
    DUAN Ming-Xiu, HE Ying-Sheng
    journal6, 2010, 31(2):  41-43. 
    Asbtract ( 2753 )   PDF ( 1769 )  
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    The handwritten alphabet recognition based on  LVQ neural network is proposed.The principle of  LVQ neural network is introduced and applied in the complex alphabet recognition because of its simple structure,good generalization,and rapid convergence.Through preprocessing the alphabet  images and feature abstracting and training the network by the abstracted feature,and  the alphabet is recognized  by the trained network.The Matlab simulation results shows that the rate of alphabet recognition is high.
    Implementation of Grid Service Based on GT4 Under Linux Platform
    LI Bi-Yun, SHI Jun-Ping
    journal6, 2010, 31(2):  44-47. 
    Asbtract ( 2224 )   PDF ( 1905 )  
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    Taking prime number algorithm by Erotoshenes fitering as an example,the authors study the building of grid service by using the Globus Toolkit 4 under the linux platform and research the implementation process of grid service under client calls.The basic model of the Globus Toolkit 4 grid service programming is presented in detail.
    Physics and electronics
    Earthquake Forecast  and New Theoretical Research
    ZHANG Yi-Fang
    journal6, 2010, 31(2):  48-54. 
    Asbtract ( 2576 )   PDF ( 1948 )  
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    Some theories of earthquake forecast are reviewed,in which the magnitude-period formula of earthquake proposed by the author and its quantitative forecast are especially expounded.Next,the nonlinear seismology,the Lorenz model,chaos and fractal,etc.,are discussed.Moreover,the Lorenz model may be obtained from the basic equations of synergetics.Finally,the periodicity of earthquake may be proved from various different aspects,and some corresponding theories are researched.The precision of earthquake forecast,in particular,the short-time forecast power,will be improved if various methods of forecast are widely combined.
    Application of the Theory of Dispersion Forces to the Dewetting of Polymer Films
    WU Li-Hua, ZHAO He-Ping
    journal6, 2010, 31(2):  55-59. 
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    The theory of Dzyaloshinskii,Lifshitz,and Pitaevskii (DLP)  is applied to investigate the effects of dispersion forces in the dewetting of polymer films in the system of air,polymer,silicon oxide and silicon.The second derivate of the free energy,wavelength and growth rate are calculated.The results show that the coating can modulate the wettability of its substrate and the retarded effects can be significant sometimes.They should be taken into account to deal with the dewetting instability of the polymer films.
    Video Coding Algorithm Based on Block Segmentation and Context Model
    CHEN Bing-Quan, LIU Hong-Li
    journal6, 2010, 31(2):  60-63. 
    Asbtract ( 2209 )   PDF ( 1638 )  
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    The tree structure quantification suits the wavelet image coding but doesn't suit the video coding.By using entropy coding principle,the authors put forward the video coding algorithm based on block segmentation and context model,which firstly compensates the initial sequence for the residua of each frame and then carries out the normal coding.Results show that the visual quality,performance,and coding efficiency of the new algorithm are superior to those of the traditional video coding algorithm.
    Charge Pump PLL Circuit Design and Performance
    LI Bing, HUANG Zong-Hao, WU Jian-Hui
    journal6, 2010, 31(2):  64-68. 
    Asbtract ( 3119 )   PDF ( 6900 )  
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    The technology of PLL is widely used in various domain of communication.Charge Pump PLL consists of PFD,CP,LPF,VCO and frequency divider module.Grounded on the non-ideal effect of Charge Pump PLL,an optimized design has been carried out.A corresponding acting model has been created,in the process of system design,simulated and proved though simulink.Accomplished by CMOS Process and the entire system  meets the design demand and works well.
    Design of Control System of Solar Water-Heater
    ZHANG Bang-Ying
    journal6, 2010, 31(2):  69-71. 
    Asbtract ( 2255 )   PDF ( 1977 )  
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    The hardware and the software of the current solar water heater are upgraded.A control system of solar water heater based on AT89S52 microcontroller is designed,which solves the problem that the residual hot water will cool down due to poor insulation of the pipe.The design increases the daily utilization rate and the popularity rate of the solar water heater,and is of great significance to energy conservation and emission reduction.
    Study of a Non-Linear Control of the PFC Technology
    RONG Jun, LI Yi-Ming
    journal6, 2010, 31(2):  72-74. 
    Asbtract ( 2202 )   PDF ( 2109 )  
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    Being different from the traditional single-phase PFC circuit chips used to control,a new CCM non-linear PFC controller-ICE1PCS01 is used,and a new single-phase PFC control circuit is designed.Compared with the traditional PFC solutions,the new IC doesn't need the reference sine wave signal directly from AC power.The chip uses an average current control method,and PF can reach 1.To ensure the PF and harmonic components to meet the requirements under the premise,it greatly reduces the cost of the design of PFC converter.It can be widely used in the small and medium-sized low-cost power PFC circuit,and also provides a new way of thinking for PFC.
    Design and Implementation of DVB-T Receiver  Based on CMS2131ADF
    LI Bing
    journal6, 2010, 31(2):  75-78. 
    Asbtract ( 1914 )   PDF ( 1786 )  
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    The implementation sheme of  a new type of low-power portable DVB-T digital TV receiver is introduced,and the digital terrestrial video-audio broadcast and reception of DVB-T standard is achieved,colich solves the problem that previous receiver cant’t be integrated in portable device for its size and power.
    Research on Fault Diagnosis of Temperature Sensor Based on RBF Neural Network
    SHAO Xiang-Chao, HE Yong-Qiang, CAI Juan, XIE Hong
    journal6, 2010, 31(2):  79-82. 
    Asbtract ( 2875 )   PDF ( 1860 )  
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    This paper presents a method of the temperature sensor fault diagnosis based on RBF neural network.By using temperature sensor output information in the text TE (Tennessee-Eastman) control system,a dynamic neural network model of the temperature sensor output is created.This model can be used on-line fault diagnosis.The simulation results show that the model has a strong anti-interference and good convergence and stability.
    Information and Engineering
    Current Situation and Development Direction of the  Design for Steel Frame with Semi-Rigid Connection
    DUAN Qi-Cheng, ZHANG Zai-Hua, YUAN Zhi-Shen, LI Zhi-Bing
    journal6, 2010, 31(2):  83-85. 
    Asbtract ( 2548 )   PDF ( 2365 )  
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    Both the major advantages and current analysis and design method about the steel-frame with semi-rigid connection  are reviewed at the first.Furthermore,the classification and design method of semi-rigid connections in steel structure design specifications of the Europe,USA,Canada,Australia,HongKong,China  are discussed and summarized.The challenge and development direction of analysis and design method about the steel-frame with semi-rigid connection  are summarized at the end of this paper.
    Forecast of Land Subsidence in Subterranean Engineering Based on Dynamic Grey Model
    GAO Xu-Guang, GAO Fei
    journal6, 2010, 31(2):  86-88. 
    Asbtract ( 2151 )   PDF ( 1655 )  
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    Real-time and veracious forecast in land subsidence is significant in subterranean working.The dynamic grey model (MGM) can build real-time forecast model based on real-time observation data;thus,it can improve the precision of subsidence forecast.In this paper,the model is proved preferably in subsidence forecast by an example in a subterranean engineering.
    Chemistry and chemical engineering
    Preparation and Electrochemical Properties of AlPO4-Coated LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2
    LIANG Kai, XIONG Li-Zhi, TANG Ming, HE Ze-Qiang
    journal6, 2010, 31(2):  89-93. 
    Asbtract ( 2462 )   PDF ( 2255 )  
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    LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 was synthesized by high temperature solid state method,and AlPO4-coated LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 was prepared by sol-gel using LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2,Al(NO3)3·9H2O and H3PO4 as raw material.The microstructure,surface morphology and electrochemical properties were characterized by various electrochemical methods in combination with X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscope (SEM).Results show that amorphous AlPO4 is coated on the surface in AlPO4-coated LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2. AlPO4 can minimize the side reaction between electrode and electrolyte solution,reduce the surface film impedance and charge transferring impedance,and increase the diffusion vecocity of lithium ion.Thus,the cycling performance and rate performance of LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 are greatly improved.
    Determination of Trace Vanadium in Vanadium-ExtractionWaste Water by Catalytic  Kinetic Photonmetry-V(Ⅴ)-KIO4-Methyl Red System
    SHI Mei-Lian, DUAN You-Gou, YAN Wen-Bin, REN Cong-Lian
    journal6, 2010, 31(2):  94-96. 
    Asbtract ( 2611 )   PDF ( 1620 )  
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    Based on the catalytic effects of Vanadium (Ⅴ) on the discoloring reaction of methyl red  oxidized by KIO4 and methyl red in a medium of citric acid,a new method for the determina- tion of vanadium by catalytic kinetic spectro-photometry was proposed.Linear relationship between log(A0/A) and the concentration of vanadium is observed in the range of 0.64~3.2 μg/mL.The limit of detection is 3.75×10-3 μg/mL.The proposed method has been used satisfactorily in the determination of vanadium in vanadium-extraction waste water.
    Information and Engineering
    Research on Leaching  Process of  Copper,Zinc and Cadmium from Copper-Cadmium Slag
    LIU Hai-Yang, YAN Wen-Bin, SHI Ai-Hua, GAO Feng
    journal6, 2010, 31(2):  97-100. 
    Asbtract ( 2234 )   PDF ( 1905 )  
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    Aimig at the low leaching rate of the traditional ammonium leaching process,the oxidizing ammonium leaching process of extracting cadmium,zinc,and copper from copper-cadmium slag is adopted.The effect of copper-cadmium slag was studied by orthogonal tests in laboratory in order to find out the optimum ammonia leaching conditions with oxidants.The optimum conditions obtained are as follows:ammonia concentration 3.7 mol/L,ammonium ion concentration 5.0 mol/L,(NH4)2S2O8 concentration 30 g/L,and liquid to solid ratio 6∶1.Under the optimum conditions,the leaching rate of Cd and Cu can reach 99%,and at the same time the leaching rate of Zn and Cd can reach 96%.The leaching rate of the oxidizing ammonium leaching process is obviously higher than that of the traditional ammonium leaching process.
    Biological resources
    Conditions of Microwave-Assisted hydrolization of Grass Carp Scale with Papain
    CAO Guang-Hui, HUANG Cheng, YIN Hong, LI Yong-Ping
    journal6, 2010, 31(2):  101-104. 
    Asbtract ( 2031 )   PDF ( 1646 )  
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    The impact of microwave extraction technique on papain hydrolyzing grass carp scale is investigated.Under certain conditions of microwave power and microwave radiation time,how enzyme dosage,substrate concentration,enzyme temperature and time influence degree of hydrolysis is discussed.The best extraction process conditions are determined by preferable level of factor which is decided by univariate test as well as orthogonal experiment.The results show that the best technological conditions of enzyme hydolyzing grass carp scale are:papain dosage,5 g/L,substrate concentration,20%,enzyme temperature,60 ℃,enzyme time,1 hour when microwave power is 400 W and microwave radiation time is 60 s.
    Acute Toxicity and Safety Concentration of Vanadium(Ⅴ) on  Japanese Medakas
    YI Lang-Bo, MEI Dan, LIU Xiao-Ying, PENG Qing-Jing
    journal6, 2010, 31(2):  105-107. 
    Asbtract ( 2835 )   PDF ( 1774 )  
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    Different month aged Japanese medakas (Oryzias latipes) were selected as  test species to compare acute toxicity effect made by Vanadium(Ⅴ)on adult fish and adolescent fish by using the semi-static bioassay method.The result showed that 72 h LC50 and 96 h LC50 made by V(Ⅴ)on adult fish were 4.91 mg/L and 2.73 mg/L,and the safety concentration was 0.273 mg/L.72 h LC50 and 96 h LC50 made by V(Ⅴ)on adolescent fish were 0.85 mg/L and 0.43 mg/L,and the safety concentration was 0.042 7 mg/L.Based on the criterion of toxicity made by toxic substances on fish,it is shown that V(Ⅴ)is moderate or highly toxic to Japanese medaka,and adolescent fish is more sensitive to its toxicity.
    Medical Science
    Experimental Study of Rotating Pulsed Magnetic Field on Orthodontic Alveolar Bone Remodeling in Rabbits
    KANG Zu-Ming, LI Chun-Mei, SHI Jun, SHA Yong-Hong
    journal6, 2010, 31(2):  108-110. 
    Asbtract ( 2345 )   PDF ( 1759 )  
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    Objective to investigate the effect of rotating pulsed magnetic field on orthodontic tooth movement in rabbits.Methods 25 white rabbits was randomly divided into 5 groups of  1,3,5,7 and 14 days.Under anesthesia condition by 2% pentobarbital sodium,the stainless coil springs were fixed between the first maxillary molar and the incisor producing  the  force of  80 g.The Experimental group was treated by rotating pulsed magnetic field and the force,and the control group was only treated by the force.Later,the histological changes of orthodontic alveolar bone and measure the distance of toothmovement were investigated.Resultsthe distance of tooth movement in the experimental group was larger apparently than that in the control group(p<0.05).The histological changes showed that the osteogenesis and osteolysis of the alveolar bone appeared progressively active.Conclusion rotating pulsed magnetic field can promote the orthodontic alveolar remodeling.
    Comparative Analysis of CT Imaging of Encephalon in Neonates
    PENG Ze-Xue
    journal6, 2010, 31(2):  111-113. 
    Asbtract ( 2431 )   PDF ( 1936 )  
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    CT images of 66 normal neonates and 71 neonates with HIE were analyzed statisctically.The results showed that in normal neonates the alba density was slightly low with  CT values of 19.0~ 28.0 Hu and the margin of it showed the "maple "sign. The lowest values of alba in 95.4%(63/66)normal neonates were 20Hu. CT values of normal ectocinarea were 27.6~39.0 Hu. Most CT values of low density leisions of alba with HIE were lower than 17Hu.The margins of them showed "petal" sign.The results demenstrated that CT  was more valuable for early diagnosis of HIE and helpful for protocle making.Moreover,CT grade according to cerebral edema with or without cerebral ventricle changes or intracalvalium haemorrhage has more advantages.
    Analysis of Complications After Surgery of 70 Cases of Colorectal Cancer
    TIAN Min-Li
    journal6, 2010, 31(2):  114-115. 
    Asbtract ( 1975 )   PDF ( 1777 )  
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    To explore the prevention measure of complications after operation of colorectal cancer,a retrospective study of 70 post-operation patients with colorectal cancer  was performed.The results showed that 32 cases had the complications (41.02%),including postoperative infection in 4 cases,wound dehiscence in 4 cases,intestinal obstruction in 1 case,urine retention in 6 cases,anastomose ora fistula in 5 cases,stomal stenosis in 3 cases,stomal infection in 3 cases urethraltrauma in 1 case,para-stomal hernia in 2 cases,and post-operation death in 3 cases.It is important to prevent complications after operation of colorectal cancer.Less complication can reduce the operation mortality and improve the quality of life.
    Education and teaching
    Research on Job-Hunting Stress,Coping Styles and Mental Health of Poverty-Striken College Students
    CHEN Yu-Hong
    journal6, 2010, 31(2):  116-118. 
    Asbtract ( 2687 )   PDF ( 1995 )  
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    Adopting the questionnaire method ( Job-hunting stress Questionnaire developed by researcher,coping styles questionnaire,CES-D,S-AI ),the study focuses on job-hunting stress,coping styles and mental health of poverty-striken students by testing 1 200 college students in Guangzhou.The findings indicate that the poverty-striken college  students had higher level of  job-hunting stress thanthe students from well-off families,and they mainly adopt negative coping styles,and feel more   depression and anxiety.
    On Physical Education and Non-Intelligence Factor Cultivation in Quality Education
    ZHAO Kai
    journal6, 2010, 31(2):  119-121. 
    Asbtract ( 2532 )   PDF ( 1934 )  
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    In view of the one-sided emphasis of basic education on mastery of knowledge and the adverse consequence in practice,the paper explores the significance of physical education for non-intelligence factor cultivation in quality education.The open teaching form,abundant physical activities,and the borad interpersonal relationship of physical education earn its special status and function in quality education.Teachers should give full play to the advantages of physical activities so that students’ non-telligence factors can be developed and perfected in sports.
    Application of Network Resources in Computer Teaching in University
    YI Tang-Tang
    journal6, 2010, 31(2):  122-124. 
    Asbtract ( 2443 )   PDF ( 1825 )  
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    With the advent of the Internet era,network greatly transforms the way we live,work and study.Internet information resources are gradually becoming a new teaching resource.To develop and utilize network resources for teaching service and to carry out computer teaching in unversity are becoming the main topic of teaching reform.
    Identifications and Precautions of Financial Statement Dressing
    LIANG Lin
    journal6, 2010, 31(2):  125-128. 
    Asbtract ( 5092 )   PDF ( 3337 )  
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    Considering various economical and political aims,the action of financial statement dressing has already been quite common among the listed companies.With the analysis of relevant research data,this article carries out a comprehensive analysis of the intention、the pattern and the common methods of financial statement dressing,and mainly having some discussions about identifications and precautions of financial statement dressing.
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