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    25 May 2010, Volume 31 Issue 3
    On  (ξ,1)-Critical Graphs and Upper Embeddability
    SU Zhen-Hua, HUANG Yuan-Qiu
    journal6, 2010, 31(3):  1-3. 
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    Let G be a connected graph with ξ(G)=k≥1.If ξ(G\e)=k-1,G is called to be a (ξ,1)-critical graph.This paper gives the upper embeddability of the ξ-1-critical graphs,and shows that extension of a vertex and extension of a cycle dose not change the ξ-1-cirtical graphs.The new upper embeddable graphs are obtained,enriching the kind and seeking methods.
    Construction  of a Class of  Wavelet Matrix with Special Structure
    QUAN Hong-Yue, SU Juan
    journal6, 2010, 31(3):  4-9. 
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    The authors define a new operation between  homotype matrixes.Applying the operation to orthonomal wavelet matrix,a method is obtained for constructing a class of orthononal wavelet matrix with special structure,i. e.,a class of M-band wavelet symtem with especial property.
    Positive Solutions to Nonhomogeneous Boundary Value Problem for Fractional Differential Equations
    ZHONG Wen-Yong
    journal6, 2010, 31(3):  10-14. 
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    By using some fixed-point theorems,the author investigates the existence and multiplicity of positive solutions to the nonhomogeneous boundary value problem for fractional differential equations.
    Existence of Positive Solutions to Singular Fourth-Order Boundary Value Problems with Two Parameters
    LIU Qian, SUN Qin-Fu, OuYang-Jin-Gang
    journal6, 2010, 31(3):  15-20. 
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    The existence of positive solutions to singular fourth-order boundary value problems with two parameters is considered,where the nonlinear term f(t,x,y) may be singular at x=0,y=0.The main tool is the fixed point theorem in cone.When λ lies in certain range,the boundary  value problem in question has at least one positive solution.
    Estimate of the Solution to a Class of One-Dimensional p-Laplace Equation with Double Well Potential
    ZHOU Bin, HE Dan
    journal6, 2010, 31(3):  21-23. 
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    An estimate is made for the solution to a class of one-dimensional  equation with double well potential,and it is concluded that the solution is very close to ±1  in the regions in which the solution is not equal to zero for sufficiently small ε.
    Existence of the Solution to Diophantine Equation y2=x3+4
    ZHOU Ze-Wen
    journal6, 2010, 31(3):  24-25. 
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    Two lemmas are used to prove that there is no positive integer solution to the diophantine equation y2=x3+4.
    Maximum-Norm Superapproximation of the Triquadratic Block Finite Element Solution to the Three Dimension Problem with Variable Coefficients
    DENG Yi-Jun
    journal6, 2010, 31(3):  26-28. 
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    For an variable coefficients elliptic equation in 3D,weak estimates for the block finite element over rectangular parallelepiped partitions of the domain are obtained by using three- dimensional interpolation operator of projection type and interpolating approximation properties.Furthermore,in combination with three-dimensional discrete Green functions,the author derives the maximum-norm superapproximation results with high accuracy of the displacement and gradient for block finite elements.
    Parameter Estimation of Linear Models Under Inequality Constraint and  the Influential Points
    WANG Tao, ZHAO Dan
    journal6, 2010, 31(3):  29-31. 
    Asbtract ( 2214 )   PDF ( 1784 )  
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    By using the correlated conclusion of solving inequality constrained problem and using the method  of anti-matrix and nonlinear programming,the least square estimation of  β^n is derived,and then the least square estimation of  β^n(g〖n) is also derived by variance disturbance.
    Model Construction and Analysis of Financial Decision-Making System Based on Ecology
    ZHANG Zhen
    journal6, 2010, 31(3):  32-38. 
    Asbtract ( 2395 )   PDF ( 1717 )  
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    Based on analyzing financial ecology related theory,this paper brings forward the financial decision-making ecosystem model.It is a complex ecosystem which consits of decision-making eco-nuclear,inner ecology of decision-making,and outer ecology of decision-making.The research focuses on the financial decision-making within the basic structure of ecosystem and the elements of the optimization effect.The development orientation of China’s financial management and strategic choice are presented.The study of financial management through the theoretical analysis can be combined with the actual conditions,which provides a systematic basic theory and analyzing tool  to explore the characteristics of financial management development path and to achieve  more scientific,democratic and institutionalized decisions.
    Analysis of Machine Learning Model Based  on Support Vector Machine
    LI Hai, LI Chun-Lai, HOU De-Yan
    journal6, 2010, 31(3):  39-42. 
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    The development of support vector machines (SVM)  is firstly summarized.Its application in machine learning  has great prospects.The basic SVM algorithm is analyzed,and the ideas of constructing machine learning based on SVM are presented.The kernel function and training algorithm of applying SVM in the machine learning model are put forward.Lastly,the classifying effect of the learning model is shown.
    Research on Occultation Techniques of Kernel Rootkit Based on File System Filter Driver
    HOU Chun-Ming, LIU Lin
    journal6, 2010, 31(3):  43-46. 
    Asbtract ( 2223 )   PDF ( 2483 )  
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    A Rootkit is a set of programs and code that allows a permanent or consistent,undetectable presence on a computer.Windows kernel Rootkit based on file system filter driver has been researched.The work principle of file system filter driver and the realization of filter driver and occultation techniques of kernel Rootkit based on file system filter driver have been introduced.The techniques of Rootkit detection have been discussed.
    Physics and electronics
    Two-Dimensional Spacial Soliton Clusters Under the Circular Boundary in Strongly Nonlocal Nonlinear Media
    XU Si-Liu, CHEN Shun-Fang
    journal6, 2010, 31(3):  47-50. 
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    The 2D strongly nonlocal nonlinear Schro dinger equation model is studied.Then based on a self-similar method,the model is solved in polar coordinate system.It is found that there exists a class of Bessel soliton clusters that propagate in a self-similar manner.Furthermore,a family of new spatial solitary waves has been found.
    Scheme of Four Quantum Bit Secret Sharing Based on GHZ State
    WANG Peng-Peng, ZHOU Xiao-Qing, LI Xiao-Juan, ZHAO Han, YANG Xiao-Lin
    journal6, 2010, 31(3):  51-54. 
    Asbtract ( 2613 )   PDF ( 1794 )  
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    With GHZ state as a quantum channel,quantum bit secret sharing can be realized after transmitting the information by a classical channel,which is measured by the GHZ state.Based on the above ideas,making full use of  the correlation of a six-particle entanglement GHZ state,by a Bell measurement,four single-particle measurements and the corresponding unitary transformation,a four-qubit secret sharing scheme can be achieved.
    A Novel Design of Voltage-Mode Three Inputs and One Output Biquadratic Filter
    WU Xian-Ming, WU Yun
    journal6, 2010, 31(3):  55-58. 
    Asbtract ( 2247 )   PDF ( 1717 )  
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    A voltage-mode 3-input and 1-output universal biquadratric filter based on second generation current conveyor (CCII) is presented.The circuit consists of two CCIIs,three capacitors and two resistors,which can realize functions of second-order low-pass,band-pass,high-pass,notch and all-pass,and it has low passive and active sensitivities.The circuit is simulated with PSPICE,and results show that the design of circuit is correct.
    Generation and Recovery of F-Distortion Data
    LI Yu-Ying
    journal6, 2010, 31(3):  59-63. 
    Asbtract ( 2160 )   PDF ( 1856 )  
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    P-sets are a new mathematic tool for dynamic information systems.By using the relationship between the outer P-sets and supplemented sets,the concepts of F-distortion data and F-redundant data are proposed.Some theorems are given such as the generation theorem,identification theorem and recovery theorems about F-distortion data.The criterions which -distortion data is restored into normal data are given.Meanwhile,the paper provides the application example.The results provide a new method to study the expanded data in dynamic information system.
    Analysis on Kinematics Characteristics of Planetary Gear Train Based on Topography Theory
    WU Min, ZHAO Rong-Hui
    journal6, 2010, 31(3):  64-67. 
    Asbtract ( 2160 )   PDF ( 1668 )  
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    The kirchhoff’s law is applied to set up the mathematical model of the planetary gear train based on topography theory.The loop equation set and cutting equation set are used to analyze and solve the problems related with planetary gear tain kinematics.
    Design of Automatic Provision Control System for Plastic Wrapper
    ZHAO Jun, LIU Ming-Li
    journal6, 2010, 31(3):  68-72. 
    Asbtract ( 2663 )   PDF ( 1578 )  
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    The paper introduces the design of wrapper automatic provision control system using electric transmission mode. The system provides wrapper to the machine with the permanent magnetic DC servo electromotor used as drive source to make the wrapper axis running. The PWM technology is applied to design high efficient drive current. With the single chip processor as the core,the system in the closed-loop technology is used to control the servo electromotor to assure the wrapper is provided placidly according to the properly requirement of the machine.
    Design of Portable Intelligent Data Analyzer Based on ARM  Elevator Special Equipment
    HU Si-Hai
    journal6, 2010, 31(3):  73-75. 
    Asbtract ( 2170 )   PDF ( 1659 )  
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    To solve the elevator special equipment inspection problems,such as inefficient real-time data processing and more subjective factors in on-site risk assessment,a portable intelligent data analyzer is studied.The design applies  ARM chip as the core of the data analyzer and a  man-machine interface with TFT color display and touch screen.The analyzer is  of small size and  low power consumption,and it can immediately measure data with high efficiency.
    Application of Diversification Analysis Method on the Quality Process Control
    SHI Jun-Li, QU Hong-Wei
    journal6, 2010, 31(3):  76-78. 
    Asbtract ( 2209 )   PDF ( 1695 )  
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    This paper analyzes the disadvantages of the application SPC technique on the quality management,and then puts forward the diversification analysis method.This paper further introduces the principle of the method,compares those two methods from every aspect,and summarizes the characteristics  of the diversification analysis method.At last a method a of  process control is provided for quality management.
    Humanized Design of Respitator Based on Color Psychology
    YANG Tao
    journal6, 2010, 31(3):  79-81. 
    Asbtract ( 2097 )   PDF ( 1820 )  
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    The metaphor characteristics of color,the foundation and connotation of color psychology are analyzed based on the enlightenment of visual experience accumulation of color in our real life.The value of color psychology in our daily design is analyzed.It is put forward that as the most intuitive and the most affective  factor,color plays an important role in representing the product’s aesthetic visual effect and enhancing the product’s semanteme.It is summarized how to apply color psychology to enhance the humanity in design.
    Chemistry and chemical engineering
    Synthesis and Optical Properties of 4,4′-Diethynylazobenzene
    PENG Xiao-Chun, WU Jian-Hua, ZHANG Lin, YAN Wen-Bin, YIN Hong, CHEN Shang
    journal6, 2010, 31(3):  82-85. 
    Asbtract ( 2825 )   PDF ( 2278 )  
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    4,4'-diethynylazobenzene was systhesized from coupling reaction of aniline,and every product was characterized by 1H NMR.The 1H NMR analysis showed that the aim product was synthesized successfully,and the total yield reached  85%.UV  spectrum showed  benzene ring π-π * absorption at  243 nm wavelength,and at 350 nm and 420 nm showed the characteristic absorption peak of trans-and cis-azobenzene respectively.UV spectra showed that 4,4'-diethynylazobenzene chloroform solution at different times of UV(365 nm) irradiation occurred cis-thans isomerism.
    Orientation Effect of Ethyleneoxy on  Electrophilic Substitution  Reaction of Ethenyl Phenyl Ether
    KUANG Dai-Zhi, FENG Yong-Lan, ZHANG Fu-Xing, WANG Jian-Qiu
    journal6, 2010, 31(3):  86-89. 
    Asbtract ( 2579 )   PDF ( 1653 )  
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    The electronic structure of ethenyl phenyl ether(ethenyloxy benzene) and the orientation effect of the ethenyloxy on electrophilic aromatic substitution are studied.The results show that the energy and atomic charge of ethenyl phenyl ether  are influenced by the space location of the ethenyloxy,and so is the orientation effect of the ethenyloxy on the reaction of electrophilic aromatic substitution. The molecular conformation is formed by the O—Ph bond rotation,the difference between the maximal and minimal protential energy of conformations ΔE is only 0.005 402 a.u..The potential energy of the molecule is at a minimum when  O12—C1C13 is vertical to  benzene ring.The ethenyloxy is an electron-withdrawing group,but there is more negative charge of ortho-carbon atom  than that  of benzene carbon.The ortho electrophilic substitution reaction intermediate is the most stable. The products of ortho-substituted by the carbocation dehydrogenation shown to the ethenyloxy is ortho- and para- directing group.
    Column Leaching and Reduction of Cr (Ⅵ) by Indigeous Microorganism in the Soils Contaminated by Chromium-Containing Slag
    XU You-Ze, XIANG Ren-Jun, CHAI Li-Yuan, YANG Zhi-Hui
    journal6, 2010, 31(3):  90-94. 
    Asbtract ( 2504 )   PDF ( 1783 )  
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    The reduction of Cr(Ⅵ) in chromium-contaminated soils by indigeous microorganism was investigated with column experiments.The effects of initial Cr(Ⅵ) concentration,pH of leachate and circulation leaching time on reduction were investigated by single factor experiment.The results showed that the water soluble Cr(Ⅵ) in soils was completely remediated when culture medium was added,and Cr(Ⅵ) concentration in leachate decreased from 700.3mg/kg to the concentration lower than detectable level after column leaching.Low initial Cr(Ⅵ) concentration resulted in high Cr(Ⅵ) removal effectiveness.The optimum pH range was 7.8~8.5.The circulation leaching had better remediation effectiveness,more circulation time resulted in better removal effectiveness and the optimal circulation time was whole day circulation leaching.
    Biological resources
    Cloning and Sequencing of flaC Gene of Vibrio Alginolyticus Strain HY9901 and Construction of Its Eukaryotic Expression Recombinant Plasmid
    LIANG Hai-Ying, XIA Li-Qun, WU Zao-He, JIAN Ji-Chang
    journal6, 2010, 31(3):  95-100. 
    Asbtract ( 3082 )   PDF ( 1807 )  
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    To investigate the possibility of flaC as a candidate antigen for vaccine production,primers were designed based on flaC gene sequences published in GenBank.The flaC gene of Vibrio alginolyticus HY9901 was amplified by PCR and cloned into pMD19-T vector.Sequence analysis revealed that flaC gene is 1 155 bp and encodes a putative protein of 384 amino acids.The flaC gene sequence of V. algonilyticus showed highest identity to V. parahaemolytus (87%).The PCR product was cloned into eukaryotic expression vector pcDNA3.1(+) and the positive clone was chosen and identified through enzyme digestion analysis and sequencing.An eukaryotic expression recombinant plasmid,pcDNA-flaC,containing the flaC gene of flagellin in V. alginolyticus was constructed,which would be a foundation for further study on its DNA vaccine.
    Transportation of Ammonia Across the Water-Feed-Remains Interface and Its Potential Ecological Effects on Pisciculture
    GE Chang-Zi
    journal6, 2010, 31(3):  101-105. 
    Asbtract ( 2624 )   PDF ( 1643 )  
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    The transportation speed of ammonia across the water-feed-remains interface was determined by one static water system,during which the feedstuff with the trademark Shengsuo was used as the feed-remains.At 5,10,20,30 ℃,the speed was 0.289 8±0.057 2,R=-0.01 6±0.000 4t+0.285 5±0.030 2,0.269 1±0.149 0,0.241 5±0.080 5μmol·g-1·h-1,respectively.And the fish equivalent of this kind of feedstuff was 0.04~0.54 inds/g.From the point of the ammonia excretion of P.olivaceus Temminck et Schlegel,if the cultivated P.olivaceus Temminck et Schlegel is fed by the feedstuff with the trademark Shengsuo,the mean reduction ratio of holding capacity which caused by the feed-remains is 0.23±0.14(m/(cc)-α) and the range is 0.04~0.54(m/(cc)-α).
    Distribution Record of  Myotis Altarium Thomas in Hunan Province of China
    FU Dan-Feng, ZHANG You-Xiang, JIANG Xun, LIU Zhi-Xiao, YAN Zhong-Jun, YANG Wei-Wei, ZENG Wei-Xiang
    journal6, 2010, 31(3):  106-108. 
    Asbtract ( 2845 )   PDF ( 1853 )  
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    In Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture,from Jan.2007 to Jan.2010,a survey of the cave bats was conducted in the Tangle Cave of Zhaiyan Village in Jishou,the Sifang Cave of Aizhai Town,and Feihu Cave of Huoyan Village in Longshan Country.Seven samples of myotis were captured,which have been identified as a new record of Myotis altarium.
    On the Protection of National Folk Sports Culture from the Perspective of  Culture Ecology
    DING Huai-Min
    journal6, 2010, 31(3):  109-111. 
    Asbtract ( 2510 )   PDF ( 2084 )  
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    Good national folk sports culture ecology is the harmonious coexistence and coordinated growth of nature,society,and national folk sports.From the perspective of culture ecological system,the protection of China's national folk sports culture should stick to the principles of scientification,inclusiveness,universality,and pertinence.Education of national folk sports culture ecology protection should be launched.The static protection should be transferred to dynamic development.Legislation should be strengthened,and the preservation area be set up.
    Analysis on Differences in Sport Recreation Consumption of Urban Residents in Hunan Province
    MA Zhi-Jun, SHI Hong
    journal6, 2010, 31(3):  112-114. 
    Asbtract ( 2538 )   PDF ( 1872 )  
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    Sports recreation consumption is an important part in the mass living consumption.In order to study sports recreation consumption of urban residents from each stratum,this paper makes an investigation on current status of sports recreation consumption of urban residents from each stratum in Hunan.The results indicate that significant differences exist in consumption attitude,consumption motive,and no significant differences exist in consumption place,consumption level and consumption structure.
    Issue and Its Countermeasures of P.E.Teachers in Newly Built Undergraduate and Course Universities
    TANG Dong-Yang, LAN Tong, ZHANG Yu-Jie
    journal6, 2010, 31(3):  115-118. 
    Asbtract ( 2333 )   PDF ( 1731 )  
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    There are some dilemmas such as skill and education background,scientific research ability and pedagogic ability,specialists and all-rounder when new P. E. teachers are recruited in newly built undergraduate course universities.To solve these problems,the following measures are advanced:1) expliciting the positioning for school running;2) recruiting and training are both adopted in the light of actual situations;3) expanding graduate enrollment decision-making power in unversities which are entitled to cultivate graduates by educational executive department;4) improving the current cultivation system of P.E. graduates;5) adjusting the assessment index system of the undergraduation teaching evaluation.
    Study and Practice of the Professional of Chemistry and Chemical of Combining Production with Learning and Research——Taking Jishou University and the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering for Example
    LI Hong-Xiong, YAN Wen-Bin, SHEN Xu-Xiang, LIANG Yan-Fen, YAO Wen-Long
    journal6, 2010, 31(3):  119-122. 
    Asbtract ( 2229 )   PDF ( 1887 )  
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    The professional of chemistry and chemical of combining production with learning and research is not only one kind of interactive practice,but also is one kind of cooperation altogether wins.College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Jishou University relying on resources of Western Hunan to build a series of integration of combining production with learning and research base,and which has successfully created a “national experimental teaching demonstration centers” and has obtained a series of achivements in the course of servicing " three dimensional rural ".In order to further improve the institute’s scientific and technological achievements transferring ratio and enhance Western Hunan’s ability of undertaking scientific and technological achievements transferring,we should  improve the long-term mechanism,and build an innovative platform to promote regional economic development.
    Education and teaching
    Organization of Physical Education and Health Curriculum and the Development Tread
    LU Chen
    journal6, 2010, 31(3):  123-125. 
    Asbtract ( 2684 )   PDF ( 1758 )  
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    By analyzing the nature of physical education and health curriculum,the author finds that,during the teaching reform of physical education curriculum,the subject curriculum is still limited.The development trend shows that only when the subject curriculum is combiaed with the activity curriculum can physical education be developed well.
    National Traditional Sports Teaching in Colleges and Universities from the Perspective of Soft Power
    ZHOU Zhi-Juan, XU Jian-Bo
    journal6, 2010, 31(3):  126-128. 
    Asbtract ( 2556 )   PDF ( 1847 )  
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    The soft power is an important part of the comprehensive power of a university.By the influence of the soft power,the national traditional sports teaching transfers from the previous skill learning to culture transmission.Through taking the national traditional sports courses,students would learn more about traditional culture and thus make the preparation for serving as the pillars to improve the soft power of the university.
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