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    25 January 2010, Volume 31 Issue 1
    Conjugacy Classes of  Elements of Order 2 in GL(2,Q)
    YOU Xing-Zhong, CHEN Wei-Min, PENG Da-Qian
    journal6, 2010, 31(1):  1-3. 
    Asbtract ( 1946 )   PDF ( 1717 )  
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    By an elementary proof,conjugacy classes of elements of order 2 in the general linear GL(2,Q) are determined in this paper.
    On the Cardinalities of Row Space of Some Special Boolean Matrices
    ZHONG Li-Ping, DENG Jian
    journal6, 2010, 31(1):  4-6. 
    Asbtract ( 2481 )   PDF ( 1917 )  
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    Let Bm×n  be the set of all m×n Boolean matrices;R(A) denote the row space of A∈Bn,|R(A)| denote the cardinality of R(A),m,n  be positive integers,and k be non negative integers.In this paper,we prove the following three results:(1) let A∈Bn×n,m,(ⅰ) if A  is the idempotent matrix,i.e.,A2=A,then |R(Am)|=|R(A)|;(ⅱ) if A  is the involutory  matrix,i.e.,A2=I,then |R(Am)|=|R(A)|  when m is an odd number or |R(A)|=2n when m is an even number;(2) let  A∈Bm×nbe k of  the numbers  of  1,0≤k≤min{m,n},and each row and column is at most one of the numbers of 1 in A,then |R(A)|=2k; (3) let A∈Bn×n be the partitioned matrix as A=(O OO A1),A1=(aij)k×k,aij=0(i>j),aij=1(i≤j),i,j=1,2,…,k,then |R(A)|=k+1.
    Some Classes of Upper Embeddable Graphs
    LIU Duan-Feng
    journal6, 2010, 31(1):  7-8. 
    Asbtract ( 2030 )   PDF ( 1406 )  
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    Using some special properties of graphs,such as the vertex-set of a graph with a C- division,every
     edge of a graph belonging to a 3-circle,the graph without cut-vertex and so on,the author studies the maximum genus of graphs,and  obtains a class of upper embeddable graphs.
    Positive Solutions for Multiple-Point Boundary Value Problem of Fractional Differential Equations
    ZHONG Wen-Yong
    journal6, 2010, 31(1):  9-12. 
    Asbtract ( 2282 )   PDF ( 1913 )  
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    This paper deals with the existence of positive solutions for multiple-point boundary value problem of fractional differential equations.In light of fixed-point theorems,some sufficient conditions are obtained to guarantee the existence of at least one or three positive solutions of the boundary value problems.
    Properties of the Charactristic of Hamilton-Jacobi Equations I
    ZHAO Yin-Chuan
    journal6, 2010, 31(1):  13-15. 
    Asbtract ( 1905 )   PDF ( 1497 )  
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    This paper is concerned with the Hamilton-Jacobi (HJ) equations of multidimensional space variables with convex Hamiltonians.The author  proves the extreme curve in the formula of the solution to the HJ equation is a characteristic and for each point in upper half-space,there exists a valid characteristic segment passing through it.
    Algorithm for General Quadratic Quaternionic Equations with One Unknown
    CHENG Xue-Han, LU Xiao-Yun
    journal6, 2010, 31(1):  16-18. 
    Asbtract ( 2671 )   PDF ( 2267 )  
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    By applying corresponding theories of linear equation,we give the basic steps of solving the general quadratic quaternionic equation with one unknown.
    Continuous Properties of BSDE with Stochastic Lipschitz Condition
    SONG Li
    journal6, 2010, 31(1):  19-21. 
    Asbtract ( 2375 )   PDF ( 2038 )  
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    This paper investigates the continuous properties of solutions of backwards stochastic differential equation with stochastic Lipschitz condition.By aprior estimate of solutions,the continuous properties of BSDE are obtained according to terminal data and generator.
    Polynomial Preconditioning Technique for Matrix Equation
    TIAN Jing, ZHOU Fu-Zhao, ZHONG Zhi-Hong
    journal6, 2010, 31(1):  22-26. 
    Asbtract ( 2961 )   PDF ( 2166 )  
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    Firstly the polynomial preconditioning technique and an interpolation polynomial method are considered for constructing a proper polynomial preconditioners to  transform the system.This reduces the distribution range of singular value and improves the ratio of singular value.Besides,a new algorithm is given and the convergence of the algorithm is analysed.The expression of estimation about  convergence rate testifies that this algorithm can improve the convergence rate of iterative methods significantly if  a appropriate preconditioning matrix is used.The numerical experiments show that the preconditioning matrix is more effective in convergence of algorithm than the original matrix.The superiority of the preconditioning matrix in solving speed is demonstrated.Therefore,the feasibility of the algorithm is illustrated.
    Generalzation of Matching Problem
    LI Ya-Lan
    journal6, 2010, 31(1):  27-29. 
    Asbtract ( 2239 )   PDF ( 2307 )  
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    By increasing the condition,the matching problem is extended from two different perspectives,and then a series of important results were obtained.
    Semi-Fragile Watermarking Scheme Based on DCT and DHT
    ZHOU Jian-Qin, SHANG Guan-Cheng
    journal6, 2010, 31(1):  30-34. 
    Asbtract ( 2582 )   PDF ( 1726 )  
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    A semi-fragile watermarking scheme needs robustness to some common attacks and capability of checking tamper.The combination of DCT and DHT is analyzed.From the analysis,a novel semi-fragile watermarking scheme is presented.In this scheme,the host image is first transformed by DCT,then some region of low or middle frequency coefficients is chosen to be transformed by DHT.Last,the watermark is embedded into the region.The watermark embedded into the low or middle frequency coefficients is robust.After the two transforms,there are some host image features in the transformed region so that the tampered region and sort of watermarked image can be reflected.Simulation results show that it is effective.
    Applications and Prospect of Ant Colony Algorithms
    YE Zhi-Wei, ZHOU Xin, XIA Bin
    journal6, 2010, 31(1):  35-39. 
    Asbtract ( 7058 )   PDF ( 2714 )  
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    Ant colony algorithm is a novel category of bio-inspired algorithm for optimization engineering problems.Firstly of all,the basic principle and model of ant colony algorithm are introduced.Then,a series of schemes on improving the ant colony algorithm are discussed,and the new applications are also provided.Finally,some remarks on the further research and directions are presented.
    Simulation  of Convolutional Rate Matching Algorithm for TD-SCDMA
    ZHU Hong, BAI Wen-Le
    journal6, 2010, 31(1):  40-42. 
    Asbtract ( 2631 )   PDF ( 2183 )  
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    Rate matching is an important part in channel encoding and multiplexing of TD-SCDMA.Semi-static attribute is an important parameter in rate matching algorithm.This paper analyses convolutional coding rate matching principle for TD-SCDMA and completes the software simulation of convolutional rate matching algorithm.Simulation demonstrates that the realization of the program is feasible and semi-static attribute is to adjust the proportion of repeated or punctured data  for each TrCH.
    Design of Fuzzy RBF Neural Network Based on Genetic Algorithm and its Application
    DUAN Ming-Xiu
    journal6, 2010, 31(1):  43-46. 
    Asbtract ( 2658 )   PDF ( 2264 )  
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    A fuzzy RBF neural network learning algorithm based on genetic algorithm is proposed.This algorithm adopts genetic algorithm to optimize the fuzzy RBF neural network’s structure parameters,adapts the optimization result as the initial value of the fuzzy RBF neural network’s structure parameters,and dynamicly adjusts the parameters using the gradient decent methods.Finally  the algorithm is applied to classify the data and function approximation.The simulation shows that the fuzzy RBF neural network has  higher precision and robustness.
    Physics and electronics
    Some New Researches of Field Theory in Mathematics and the Applications in Physics
    ZHANG Yi-Fang
    journal6, 2010, 31(1):  47-53. 
    Asbtract ( 2925 )   PDF ( 2573 )  
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    When the space-dimension of mathematics and the rank n of calculus are extended to fraction and various number-systems,the field theory and its formulas may be correspondingly extended.In these cases,Gauss law and Stokes law,and corresponding the extensions on gradient,divergence and curl are searched,in which there may be different forms of extensive curl.It may combine the fractal and complex-dimension.Moreover,the applications in physics are researched.The development from scalar and vector to tensor,spinor and twistor, stated briefly.
    Center of Mass Motion of Trapped Ions under Control of Traveling-Wave
    JIANG Min, WU Yun-Wen, YI Jian
    journal6, 2010, 31(1):  54-57. 
    Asbtract ( 1834 )   PDF ( 1642 )  
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    A two-ion system is studied,in which the trapped ions couple to a traveling-wave laser field.The authors analyze the influence aroused by different initial conditions and the trap frequencies as well as interaction time by taking numerical calculation and computer simulation methods.Meanwhile,the authors plot the orbits on phase space,and propose that the  external parameters and initial conditions of trapped ions are the external influential factors for  regular and chaotic motion of the trapped ion.
    Information and Engineering
    Neutrino Paradox’s Solution and its Support for Hawking’s  Positivism
    LI Qing-Yan
    journal6, 2010, 31(1):  58-60. 
    Asbtract ( 2410 )   PDF ( 1827 )  
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    In the late 1960s,U.S.astrophysicist Davis successfully detected the solar neutrino.However,the number of income was only about half of the standard solar model predictions.According to unified electro-weak theory,the neutrino has zero rest mass,which constitutes a paradox of solar neutrinos.Kam-Lan Experimental results showed that atmospheric neutrino oscillation did occur,and neutrinos did have rest mass.The follow-up sudbury experiments finally resolved the issue of neutrino paradox,making  people question unified electro-weak theory,think about their significance in particle physics as well as in astrophysics.Those objectively support the self-consistent logical positivism.
    Construction of Biorthogonal Wavelet Based on the Perfect Reconstruction Condition
    XIONG Qi, ZHOU Shao-Hua, LI Rui-Min, WANG Zhen-Dao, ZENG Jian-Ping
    journal6, 2010, 31(1):  61-63. 
    Asbtract ( 2626 )   PDF ( 2246 )  
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    A general construction approach of biorthogonal wavelet filters based on the perfect reconstruction is presented.Given the number of vanishing moments and length of the filters,coefficients of biorthogonal wavelet filters can be obtained by the resolution of equations.This method is used to construct JPEG2000 5/3 wavelet,CDF9/7 wavelet and a biorthogonal 9/7 taps wavelet which is adaptive to hardware implement with simple coefficients.
    Information and Engineering
    A New Ultimate Strength Calculating Method for Arbitrary Cross-Section Under Bieccentric Loading with Meshless Method
    YANG Yu-Dong, ZHANG Ke, WU Min-Zhe
    journal6, 2010, 31(1):  64-69. 
    Asbtract ( 2282 )   PDF ( 1842 )  
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    In order to analyze the cross-section bearing capacity of bi-eccentric compressive short-limed shear wall,the authors designed the analyzing program of bi-eccentric cross-section bearing capacity.Based on the  interpolation principle.The program calculates the inward pressure of concrete fully according to the accurate solution of integral region obtained by mathematical equation,so as to avoid the errors of mesh generation.The program results agree well with the exprimental results.This method provides a new idea to develop similar program.By using that program,the interrelated curved surface N-M of bi-eccentric compression of short-limbed shear wall is obtained,and it is found that the equiaxed force line is similar to special-shaped column.The program can fully grasp the cross-section bearing capacity of bi-eccentric compressive short-limbed shear wall,and thus it can meet the requirements of engineering design.
    Design of AT89S52-Based Shaft Temperature and Humidity Intelligent Control System
    LI He-Ping
    journal6, 2010, 31(1):  70-72. 
    Asbtract ( 2744 )   PDF ( 2112 )  
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    The system adopts temperature sensor DS18B20 and humidity sensor HM1500 to carry out high-accuracy detecting on shaft environment.AT89S52 monolithic machine is used to carry out the intelligent control on the temperadity and humidity.System interposes the systematic intelligence of thermoregulation switch so that it can expand outside facilities and realize the communication of RFID to provide a guarantee to the shaft personnel's safety.
    Optimization Research of Isosurface in Marching Cubes Algorithm
    LI Gai
    journal6, 2010, 31(1):  73-77. 
    Asbtract ( 2542 )   PDF ( 2920 )  
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    The optimization operation of isosurface is very common in the three-dimension reconstruction.In this paper,the author uses middle point choice to replace lineal insert-value and the method of making a strip of triangle to optimize the form and the storage structure of the triangle in the isosurface,thus improving drawing speed of three-dimension models greatly.
    Chemistry and chemical engineering
    Synthesis of BaTiO3 Nanoparticle with  Organic Base by Hydrothermal Method
    WANG Hong-Jun, KOU Hui-Zhi, WANG Ji-Chao, XUE Hong-Bin, ZENG Cui-Ping, YANG Shu-Ming
    journal6, 2010, 31(1):  78-82. 
    Asbtract ( 3183 )   PDF ( 2577 )  
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    Nanocrystalline barium titanates were synthesized using a hydrothermal method with tetramethyl ammonium hydroxide as the mineralizer.The effects of the sources of barium,concentration of Ba2+ ions,pH of precursor solutions,reaction time and temperature on the formation of BaTiO3 nanoparticles were investigated.It was shown that monodispersed monolithic BaTiO3 nanoparticles and purer samples could be prepared pretty easily with the application of the organic base of tetramethyl ammonium hydroxide.Monolithic BaTiO3 nanoparticles of various sizes could be synthesized by the adjustment of reaction conditions.
    Synthesis of Cyclohexyl Propionate Catalyzed by Ferric Sulfate Hydrate Under Microwave Irradiation
    CHEN Xiao-Yuan, ZHOU Yi-Bo, WU Xian-Wen
    journal6, 2010, 31(1):  83-86. 
    Asbtract ( 2160 )   PDF ( 1772 )  
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    Cyclohexyl Propionate was directly synthesized by propionic acid and cyclohexanol with ferric sulfate hydrate as the catalyst under microwave irradiation.The effects of microwave irradiation power,irradiation time,reactant ratio,amount of catalyst and amount of watercarrying agent on the yield of cyclohexyl propionate were systematically studied.Research results showed that the optimum reaction conditions were as follows:microwave irradiation power was 700 W,fixed amount of propionic acid was 0.05 mol,the ratio of cyclohexanol to propionic acid was 3∶1,the amount of catalysts was 1.5 g,and cyclohexane as the water-carrying agent was 6 mL,after 30 min reaction,the yield of cyclohexyl propionate reached 94.4%.
    Physico-Chemical Properties of Hydrolysis Products  from Channel Catfish Skin
    HUANG Cheng, CAO Guang-Hui, YIN Hong, LI Yong-Ping, LIU Zhen-Cheng
    journal6, 2010, 31(1):  87-90. 
    Asbtract ( 2164 )   PDF ( 1681 )  
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    Hydrolysis products of channel catfish skin was extracted by using acetic acid method and acetic acid + papain method,and their physico-chemical properties were described.Results showed that the denaturation temperatures of acid-soluble hydrolysis products and acetic acid + papain hydrolysates were at 30~35 ℃ and 28~35 ℃ respectively.The dissolubility,emulsify capacity and emulsifying stability of products obtained by acetic+papain method were superior to that obtained by acetic acid method,but the latter produced a better water absorption capacity,oil absorption capacity,foaming capacity and foam stability than the former.
    Wet Method Preparation and Electrochemical Characterization of Li4Ti5O12/Graphite Anode Material
    HE Ze-Qiang, XIONG Li-Zhi, LIANG Kai
    journal6, 2010, 31(1):  91-95. 
    Asbtract ( 2192 )   PDF ( 1515 )  
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    Li4Ti5O12/graphite composite was prepared by sol-gel method using ethyl alcohol as solvent,lithium acetate and tetrabutyl titanate and graphite as raw materials.Li4Ti5O12/graphite composites were characterized by X-ray diffraction(XRD),scanning electron microscopy (SEM) combined with electrochemical tests.Results show that Li4Ti5O12/graphite composite with 5% carbon mass fraction containing can be obtained by annealing the precursor at 600 ℃ for 6 h in Ar atomophere.The composites can deliver a specific capacity of 167.1 mAh/g,99.0% and 105.1% of the capacity can be retained after discharged for 80 times at 0.1 C and 2.0 C,respectively.Compared with pureLi4Ti5O12,Li4Ti5O12 /graphite composite shares larger discharge capacity,better cyclability and rate performance,suggesting Li4Ti5O12/graphite composite is a promising anode material for lithium ion batteries.
    Biological resources
    Evaluation of the Ecological Safety of Transgenic Carp by AFLP
    TONG Guang-Xiang, KUANG You-Yi, LIANG Li-Qun, SUN Xiao-Wen, CAO Ding-Chen
    journal6, 2010, 31(1):  96-103. 
    Asbtract ( 2358 )   PDF ( 1677 )  
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    The genome of first filial generation,whose parents were carp with different rate of transferred Oncorhunchus Suckley growth hormone gene,were scanned to estimate its eco-security,using the wild carp of Fu-yuan,common carp of Songhua River of Harbin and cultural carp as control.Control group,1% experimental group,10% experimental group,25% experimental group,50% experimental group,60% experimental group,H group and Y group were amplified with 10 pairs of AFLP primers.663 locus were obtained.The numbers of poly-bonds locus were all more than 50% in every population.With the rate of transgenic parents increasing,the numbers of filial generation polymorphism locus  descended.Number of alleles (Na),effective number of alleles (Ne),Nei’s gene diversity (H),Shannon’s Information index (I),genetic inter-group similarity  (S),genetic distance(D),the coefficient of gene differentiation among populations within species (Gst) and gene flow (Nm) were calculated with PopGen32 software.Ten groups were compared.The results showed that the largest value of Na,Ne,Nei’s gene diversity index (H) and Shannon information index (I) were all in Y group,and the second,in the control groups.The minimum were in the H group.In five filial generation experimental groups of  transgenic parents of different rate,with the rate of trans-gene parents increasing,all the four indexes tended to descend.Genetic  inter-group similarity (S) and genetic distance (D) showed that 25%,50% and 60% experimental group were separated from other groups in different degree.Especially,the 60% experimental group was dramatically far away from the same group.It is thus evident that 60% experimental group had great difference with the others.The comparing result of the five trans-gene experimental groups,H group and Y group Gst and gene flow showed that gene differentiation was larger and gene flow was small.With the rate of trans-gene parents increasing,the Gst of filial generation increased and the gene flow  descended.From those,it can be seen that the genome of the first filial generation changed in a certain regularity with the increase of parents transgenic rate.All of these illuminate that more transgenic fish escape,more influence to the wildlife population.Transgenic fish should be prevented from escaping to reduce the genome pollution of wildlife population.
     Investigation of  Enhancement and Releasement Effect ofFishery Stock in Gaoqiao Mangrove
    YE Ning, YANG Feng, YE Jian-Xin, LIN Guang-Xuan
    journal6, 2010, 31(1):  104-109. 
    Asbtract ( 2617 )   PDF ( 1902 )  
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    50 000 mono-sex individuals of Nile tilapias were released in the mangrove area of Hongkan and Bohe to evaluate the  releasing effects on the fishery resources.By fixed point sampling survey,both the current year catch and diversity increased after releasement but both declined in the regions without releasement;the number of commercial  fishes increased after releasement;the released mono-sex(male) Nile tilapias didn’t  propogate,and they just swimmed about in certain regions.After released,Nile tilapias accounted for 32% of the total number and 36.2% of gross weight in fish harvest.The survival rate of released Niles tilapia was 72%.The saccumulated growth rate of Niles tilapias was 23.25 g/month.A regression combined analysis of the two results above,some parameters were calculated:K=0.242 6,L∞=21.565 13 cm,t=9.24 months,W∞=155.84 g.Preliminary effect of releasement is achieved.
    Key Technology and Benefit Analysis of Intensive Breeding of the Cross Breeds of Boer Goat
    LIU Chao, WANG Xiang-Lin, ZHANG Ren-Fu, WANG Qing-Lin
    journal6, 2010, 31(1):  110-112. 
    Asbtract ( 2236 )   PDF ( 1696 )  
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    The experience of the successful intensive breeding of goats in Xiangxi  autonomous prefecture of tujia and miao minorities in recent years is summarized.The key technology of intensive breading of the cross breeds of Boer goat is put forward,and the benefit is analyzed.The study is  beneficial to further the development of goats industry in mountain areas.
    Medical Science
    Effect of Salvia Miltiorrhiza Injection on CRP and Adhesion Molecule in the Type Ⅱ Diabetic Nephropathy Patient Blood
    PENG Qin, XIANG Min, LONG Shu-Yun, CHEN Li-Li
    journal6, 2010, 31(1):  113-115. 
    Asbtract ( 2390 )   PDF ( 1658 )  
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    To observe the effect of salvia miltiorrhiza injection on CRP,P-sel and ICAM-1 in the blood of Type Ⅱ diabetic nephropathy patient and to approach the mechanism of conbined treatment of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine for the type Ⅱ diabetic nephropathy,salvia miltiorrhiza injection was applied to treat 38 patients with typeⅡ diabetic nephropathy,and  another 43 patients were used as contrasts  treated by routine Western  medicine.The content of CRP,P-sel and ICAM-1 in the blood of patients were detected both before and after the treatment.The results showed that the total effective rate of salvia miltiorrhiza injection treatment for type Ⅱ diabetic nephropathy was 68.4%,and that of the contrast group was 46.5%.There was significant difference between them.Before treatment the levels of CRP,P-sel and ICAM-1 between salvia miltiorrhiza injection group and Western medicine contrast group had no significant difference,but after treatment there was statistical difference between them,and the levels of CRP,P-sel and ICAM-1 molecule in the group cured by salvia miltiorrhiza injection were lower than that of contrast group.It can be concluded that there is significant curative effect of salvia miltiorrhiza injection treatment for type Ⅱ diabetic nephropathy patients.Probably the mechanism of treatment is that salvia miltiorrhiza injection can down regulate inflammatory cell activity and inhibite inflammatory reaction.
    Problems of Ethnic Cultural Tourism Property in Xiangxi and Countermeasures
    LIU Xun-Hua
    journal6, 2010, 31(1):  116-120. 
    Asbtract ( 2508 )   PDF ( 1827 )  
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    There are several problems in Xiangxi ethnic cultural tourism property:unclear property rights,weak property conciousness,lack of brand awareness and innovation,and too much resemblance between products.To solve those problems,we should strengthen the protection of cultural tourism property,improve product and industry innovation,and promote the government-led strategy.
    Analysis on Cause of Irrational Behavior of Tourist’s Decision-Making
    ZHU Hu-Ying
    journal6, 2010, 31(1):  121-124. 
    Asbtract ( 2611 )   PDF ( 3177 )  
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    Along with tourism developing and standard of living advancing,tourism consumption turns into an important part of consumption.People canonize rational behavior of tourist’s decision-making,but numerous tour information and diversification of tourism demand make it more difficult,and irrational behaviors of tourist’s decision-making becomes more prevalent.The characteristics of irrational behaviors of tourist’s decision-making are unilateralism of collecting information,blindness of discriminating information,simplicity  of choosing tour forms,irrationality to choose tour consumption structure,character of herding behaviors at choosing tourism products.The causes of irrational behaviors of tourist’s decision-making are analyzed with Behavioral Economics theory.As a result,to reduce irrational behaviors of tourist’s decision-making,we should normalize tour information,design reasonable tour products,cultivate healthy tour habits,advance tourism standard of behavior decision-making.
    Library and Information
    Statistic Analysis of Foundation  Papers in Core Periodicals of Pharmacy Sciences
    LIU Xiao-Feng, YANG Mao-Sheng
    journal6, 2010, 31(1):  125-128. 
    Asbtract ( 2381 )   PDF ( 1899 )  
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    Based on 6746 foundation papers in 17 core periodicals of pharmacy sciences in 2008,the authors perform a statistic analysis on the relevant information contained in the text using bibliometrics method. The findings reported in this article will be helpful to understand the characteristics and status of Chinese journals of pharmaceutical sciences.
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