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Rural Devitalization Through Green Industry in Wuling  Mountain Area, Hunan Province

WANG Bin, YAO Maohua     

  1. (1. Marxism College, Jishou University, Jishou 416000, Hunan China; 2. Research Center for the  Development and Utilization of Characteristic Resources in Wuling Mountain Area,  Yangtze Normal University, Fuling 408000, Chongqing China)
  • Online:2019-11-25 Published:2019-12-16


This paper points out the importance of accelerating the development of green industry in Wuling Mountain area of Hunan Province, explains the current situation and predicament of the development of green industry in this area, and puts forward several measures in the rural revitalization mode.

Key words: Wuling Mountain Area, green industry, rural revitalization

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