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Farmers' Awareness, Participationin and Sense of Gain from Rural Revitalization Strategy:Survey of 588 Farmers in Sangzhi County

LIU Yuqing,LU Wei, WAN Yali   

  1. (Zhangjiajie Institute of Aeronautical Engineering, Zhangjiajie  427000, Hunan China)  
  • Online:2020-07-25 Published:2020-10-27


Taking Sangzhi County in Wuling Mountain Area as the research area, this paper analyzes the current farmers' awareness, participation and sense of gain with regard to rural revitalization strategy through interview and questionnaire. It is found that there are four main factors that affect farmers' awareness, participation and sense of gain, namely, social factors, regional factors, publicity factors and subject factors. On the basis of that, this paper puts forward countermeasures to enhance farmers' awareness, participation and sense of gain in four aspects: building solid livelihood foundation to deal with the "three new agricultural problems", exploiting regional potentialities to help rural development, strengthening rural propaganda to enhance farmers' awareness, and improving farmers' quality to cultivate professional farmers.

Key words: Sangzhi County, rural revitalization, awareness, participation, sense of gain

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