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Degree of Tourism-Economy-Ecosystem Coordination System in Zhangjiajie City

CHEN Yanhong, TANG Yexi   

  1. (1. Faculty of Resources and Environmental Science, Hubei University, Wuhan 430000, China; 2. Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Jishou University, Zhangjiajie 427000, Hunan China)
  • Online:2020-03-25 Published:2020-09-08


A model of tourism-economy-ecosystem coordination degree is constructed. The evaluation indexes are selected from  tourism industry, economic development and ecological environment in Zhangjiajie City, and the weight of each index is obtained by combining the analytic hierarchy process and entropy weight method. The results show that the degree of coupling and coordination of tourism-economy-ecosystem coordination in Zhangjiajie City from 2007 to 2017 is basically on the rise, but the overall level is low. Based on the research results, relevant suggestions are proposed to improve the overall  degree of tourism-economy-ecosystem coordination in Zhangjiajie City.

Key words: tourism-economy-ecosystem, analytic hierarchy process, entropy weight method, coordination degree, Zhangjiajie City

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