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Comparison of BIM Among Chinese Han,Japanese and Korean

ZHENG Lianbin,YU Keli,LI Yonglan,XI Huanjiu,BAO Jinping,ZHANG Xinghua   

  1. (1.College of Life Science,Tianjin Normal University,Tianjin 300387,China;2.Tianjin Key Laboratory of Animal and Plant Resistance,Tianjin Normal University,Tianjin 300387,China;3.College of Life Science and Technology,Inner Mongolia Normal University,Hohhot 010022,China;4.Institute of Biological Anthropology,Liaoning Medical University,Jinzhou 121001,Liaoning China)
  • Online:2017-07-25 Published:2017-08-01


From 2009 to 2013,the values of stature and body mass of 16 501 rural Chinese Han adults from 36 regions were measured through the stratified random sampling method,including eleven Chinese dialect groups in north,middle and south China.The BMI values were calculated according to the values of stature and body mass,and were compared with those of Japanese and Korean.Results show that the BMI values of the dialect groups of Wu,Min and Hakka in China were close to those of Japanese,while the BMI values of the other eight groups in China were different from those of Japanese.The BMI values of northwest,southwest and Jianghuai dialect groups were similar to those of Korean,while the BMI values of the other eight groups were different from those of Korean.Among the Han groups with different BIM values from those of Japanese and Korean,north groups generally had larger BIM values,while south groups had smaller BIM values than those of Japanese and Korean.

Key words: body mass index, Chinese, Japanese, Korean

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