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    25 September 2014, Volume 35 Issue 5
    Periodic Solution for Sublinear Non-Autonomous Second Order Hamiltonian Systems on Time Scales
    ZHANG Shen-Gui
    journal6, 2014, 35(5):  1-5. 
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    The existence of  periodic solutions for non-automous second order Hamiltonian systems on time scales with sublinear nonlinearity is investigated.The periodic solutions of the system are converted into the critical points of a functional defined on a proper space,and the existence of periodic solutions is proved by critical point theory.
    Altman Type Fixed Point Theorems for Continuous Functions
    LI Chu-Ling, XU Shao-Yuan
    journal6, 2014, 35(5):  6-9. 
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    By means of the properties of continuous functions on closed intervals,a basic fixed point theorem of continuous functions on closed intervals is obtained.By using this basic result,a class of Altman type fixed point theorems of continuous functions is obtained.
    On Two Questions of the Pseudo Smarandache Function Z(n)
    HUANG Wei
    journal6, 2014, 35(5):  10-12. 
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    The arithmetical properties of ln Z(n) is studied by the elementary methods and analytic methods,the properties of pseudo Smarandache function Z(n) are therefore obtained,and thus the two computational problems of limit extension proposed by Felice Russo are solved.
    Semisimplicity for Upper Continuous and Complete Modular Lattices
    NIU Juan-Ning, LI Qi-Sheng
    journal6, 2014, 35(5):  13-17. 
    Asbtract ( 1861 )   PDF ( 1654 )  
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    It is proved that for an upper continuous and complete  modular lattice L,L is locally atomic if and only if 1 is a join of atoms,and if and only if 1 is a join of independent atoms.Moreover,some conditions under which 1 can be expressed as a join of finite atoms are given.
    Evaluation Model of Comprehensive National Strength Based onPrincipal Component Ideal Point Method
    CHENG Mao-Lin
    journal6, 2014, 35(5):  18-21. 
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    In order to evaluate the comprehensive national strength correctly,PCA-TOPSIS is given.Firstly,PCA is used to reduce dimensionality and get the scores of the countries related to a few aggregate variables;Then,the contribution rate of each principal component is used to be weighted and get the weighting decision-making matrix;Finally,TOPSIS is used for evaluation.For 11 important counties in the world,25 evaluation indexes are selected and used for evaluation.The results show that the method overcomes the deficiencies of the simple TOPSIS characterized by the computational complexity and necessity of determining the weights.
    Robust Parameter Design Based on Varying Coefficient Non-Parametric Regression Model
    JIANG Ying, YUAN Dai-Lin, LI Yu-Qi, LIU Miao-Miao
    journal6, 2014, 35(5):  22-25. 
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    Varying coefficient Regression theory is applied to the discussion on quality characteristic influenced by factors’ mutuality during the process of multifactor test.In order to find the optimal combination of factor levels,the effect of other factors is changed by adjusting the coefficient variable.The paper studies varying coefficient regression theory in robust design,builds quality characteristic mean model and variance model and gets an optimal combination of factor levels.The feasibility of the theory is illustrated by the ink printing.
    Introduction to Quantile Regression and Its Application
    GUO Yue-Ling, LI Chun-Bo
    journal6, 2014, 35(5):  26-28. 
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    The concepts of quantile regression,the goodness of fit,and the confidence interval are introduced.The method of quantile regression is applied to the research on lung capacity.It is concluded that the weight distribution in lung capacity has the tendency to decrease,the breathing difference distribution in lung capacity has tendency to increase,and the chest circumference has strong impact in the middle part of lung capacity distribution.
    Information and Engineering
    Application of Decision Tree in Bank Customer Classification
    YIN Peng-Fei, OU Yun
    journal6, 2014, 35(5):  29-32. 
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    Decision tree is applied to classify the credit card customers of bank,and thus a classifying model is constructed.The features of different types of customers are discovered accordingly,which provides a best strategy for promoting the bank's credit card business.
    Intrusion Detection of Network Security Based on Semi-Supervision
    ZHU Shao-Ping
    journal6, 2014, 35(5):  33-36. 
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    For the features of fast upgrading,strong concealment,and great randomness possessed by net intrusion,a method for intrusion detection of network security based on semi-supervised learning is proposed.The Boosting is used to build the fuzzy classifier of intrusion detection.Genetic algorithm is used to improve the iterative training,and the final the intrusion detection model of network security is thus generated.The results show that this algorithm can effectively improve the performance and efficiency of intrusion detection of network security.Compared with SVM and other advanced methods for intrusion detection,this method can detect the various types of invasion with greater accuracy,better effect and higher application value.
    Structural Damage Identification Based on Strain Modal Flexibility Curvature
    ZHUO De-Bing, TAO Jie
    journal6, 2014, 35(5):  37-42. 
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    Stochastic subspace identification was utilized to extract modal parameters from the structural response signals,by which the modal flexibility curvature (MFC) was constructed to detect structural damage.A numerical model of simple beam using line elements was employed to compare the results between the displacement modes and strain modes by means of the above procedure.In addition,a simple beam model constructed by solid elements was also used to investigate the effect of recorded locations of strain signals on the damage identification.The results show that the strain modes are better than displacement modes in locating damage under the effect of noise;however,the recorded places of strain signals should be near the damaged parts.
    Biological resources
    Isolation and Plant Growth-Promoting Ability of ACC Deaminase-Containing Bacteria from Rhizosphere of  Gynostemma Pentaphyllum Makino
    SONG Jin-Qiu, WU Lu-Mu-Han-·Na-Zi-er-Bie-Ke, ZHANG Ti, En-Te-Ma-Ke-·Bu-La-Ti-Bai
    journal6, 2014, 35(5):  43-50. 
    Asbtract ( 2944 )   PDF ( 1710 )  
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    A total of 9 bacterial strains were isolated from rhizosphere of Gynostemma pentaphyllum through enrichment on 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate (ACC) as a sole nitrogen source.ACC deaminase assay showed that all isolates differed in their potential for ACC deaminse activity,among which 3 strains were positive for siderosphere by chrome azurol S (CAS) assay.Inoculation of rice seedlings with 7 ACC deaminase-containing strains had significant effect on root elongation and root fresh weight,among which the strain JDG127 caused 1.6-fold increase in root length and root fresh weight over uninoculated control.Based on the physiological and biochemical characteristics in combination with 16S rRNA gene sequences analysis,the 9 ACC deaminase- containing strains were identified as Stenotrophomonas (1 strain),Paenibacillus (1 strain),Bacillus (1 strain),Enterobacter (2 strains) and Acinetobacter (4 strains).The results indicated that the siderosphere producing ability of rhizobacteria may be correlated with their plant growth-promoting ability when compared to their ACC-deaminase activity.
    Screening and Phylogenetic Analysis of Amylase-Producing Strains Isolated from the Air Samples from a Liquor Starter-Making Workshop of Jiugui Liquor Co. Ltd.
    ZHONG Xiao-Juan, YU Bing, LIU He, XIAO Jian-Qing, LI Hong-Jun, FAN Lin, CHENG Jin-Lian, LIU Zhu-Xiang, CHEN Yi-Guang
    journal6, 2014, 35(5):  51-54. 
    Asbtract ( 3209 )   PDF ( 1743 )  
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    The culturable bacteria in the air samples from a liquor starter-making workshop in Jiugui Liquor Co.Ltd.,China were isolated by using the natural precipitation method and culture-dependent method.The amylase-producing ability of the strains was investigated by using the plate hydrolysis spot method.The results showed that 16 out of 65 (24.6%) strains tested exhibited amylase-producing activity,in which 4 strains (JSM 2145008,JSM 2155001,JSM 2155017,JSM 2175012) could relatively strongly produce amylase.Subsequently,these 4 strains were investigated by means of a phylogenetic analysis based on 16S rRNA gene sequence comparisons.The results showed that these 4 strains were the members of 3 families (Bacillaceae,Deinococcaceae,Micrococcaceae) in 3 phylogenetic group/phyla (Actinobacteria,Deinococcus-Thermus,Firmicutes):strain JSM 2145008 belonged to the genus Arthrobacter (Actinobacteria,Micrococcaceae),being most closely to the type strain of Arthrobacter oxydans (sequence similarity 99.8%);strains JSM 2155001 and JSM 2175012 were the members of the genus Deinococcus (Deinococcus-Thermus,Deinococcaceae),being related most closely to the type strains of Deinococcus daejeonensis (99.6%) and Deinococcus yunweiensis (99.9%),respectively;strain JSM 2155017 belonged to the genus Bacillus (Firmicutes,Bacillaceae),exhibiting 100% 16S rRNA gene sequence similarity to the type strain of Bacillus stratosphericu.In conclusion,there is abundant bacterial diversity,as well as a number of amylase-producing strains in the air samples from a liquor starter-making workshop in Jiugui Liquor Co. Ltd.
    Chemistry and chemical engineering
    Preparation of Conductive Polymer Composite PET Films by Plasma Inducement at the Low Temperature
    ZHAO Li-Na, LI Xin, NIE Li-Jun, MENG Xian-Hui, WANG Ji-Ku
    journal6, 2014, 35(5):  55-58. 
    Asbtract ( 2178 )   PDF ( 1646 )  
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    The copolymerization of poly ethylene terephthalate (PET) films with acrylic acid (AAc) initiated by air plasma treatment was carried out in our work.Plasma-induced graft polymerization of PPy onto PET films was performed by low temperature plasma after surface treatment of PET films.The structure and properties of the PET films were investigated by ATR-FTIR and SEM.PET films pretreated by plasma were subjected to further surface modification by grafting PPy on their surface.Surface morphology of PPy grafted onto PET films exhibited relatively uniform size distribution.
    Determination of Zinc,Plumbum,and Chromium Contents in Akebia Trifoliate Peels by Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry
    TANG Xu-Wan, ZHOU Deng-Wei, LU Tao-Ling, GUO Hui-Qiong, OUYANG Yu-Zhu
    journal6, 2014, 35(5):  59-62. 
    Asbtract ( 2710 )   PDF ( 1460 )  
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    The Akebia trifoliate peel sample was digested with microwave addition concentrated nitric acid-perchloric acid,and the contents of zinc,plumbum and chromium were measured by flame atomic absorption spectrophotometry  method.The results showed that the order of the three heavy metal contents was w(Zn)>w(Pb)>w(Cr) in Akebia trifoliate peels,and their contents were 9.084×10-3%,6.868×10-3% and 3.241×10-3%,respectively.Recovery ratio of addition standard sample and its relative standard deviation (RSD) were 100.24%,99.87%,101.01% and 1.23%,1.22%,1.91%,respectively.This method used for determination of contents of zinc,plumbum and chromium in Akebia trifoliate peel achieved high recovery rate and accuracy,and great precision and repeatability.Therefore,it has good application value.
    Medical Science
    Special Staining Pathologic Changes and the Expression of NF-κB After Diffuse Axonal Injury in Rats
    CHEN Ren-Hui, FAN Zhao-Hui, GAO Hui
    journal6, 2014, 35(5):  63-66. 
    Asbtract ( 2190 )   PDF ( 1324 )  
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    To observe the pathologic changes and the expression of nuclear factor-kappa B(NF-κB)after diffuse axonal injury(DAI) in rats,its mechanism is firstly explored.The rat DAI model was established.Immunohistochemical SABC method was used to observe the expression of NF-κB,combining Glees-Marsland and Weil staining to observe the pathologic changes in different stage of DAI.Swollen and ruptured axon were found in brain tissue 1 h after DAI,and myelin sheath showed edema,delamination,marked axonal retraction ball and screen shape changes were detected after 24 h,and those morphological changes reached the peak after 72 h.The expression of NF-κB could be detected 1h after injury,the positive cells increased after 3 h,peaked after 24 h,and kept this tendency for 72 h.The positive cells decreased after 7 d.The control group showed negative staining.The findings showed that the expression of NF-κB increased in rat DAI model.The NF-κB may play an important role in secondary axonal injury.
    Empirical Study on Factors of Influencing Rural Women Sports Behavior Based on PLS Path Modeling:Case Study in Border Areas of Hunan,Hubei,Chongqing and Guizhou
    DU Jian-Lin, LI Xiao-Xu, ZHANG Yu-Ting, LUO Xue-Mei, LUO Jia-Shun, FENG Yang, OU Ting-Zheng , GAO Si
    journal6, 2014, 35(5):  67-72. 
    Asbtract ( 2068 )   PDF ( 1615 )  
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    To investigate the main factors of  influencing rural women sports behavior in the national border areas of Hunan,Hubei,Chongqing and Guizhou with the aim of providing evidence for sports intervention and health promotion,the author selected 520 rural women between 18 and 60 years old in the  border areas of Hunan,Hubei,Chongqing and Guizhou by random  sampling method,and made questionnaire survey.Structural equation model(SEM) of the influential factors was constructed through the partial least squares method.Results showed significant difference among rural women of different occupation and different culture.Health,community factors,social support were important factors of affecting the women’s physical behavior.Women’s  psychological status and value on sports showed  indirect impact.It is concluded that  social support must be increased and good social environment be created,to meet women’s sports demand in these areas,promote their  sports awareness,and develop their positive values on sports,so that the rural women’s physical and mental health can be improved.
    Development of Leisure Sports in China from the Perspective of Cultural Innovation
    LI Zhi-Qiang, LIU Qing
    journal6, 2014, 35(5):  73-75. 
    Asbtract ( 1998 )   PDF ( 1649 )  
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    From the cultural perspective,the relationship between leisure sports and cultural innovation is analyzed.The creativity,individuality,diversity,integratability and permeability of leisure sports in the cultural environment are explored.It is thus indicated that cultural innovation has effective value for the development of leisure sports in China,and the effective value can not be ignored.
    Interrelation Between A Share Market and B Share Market Under the Segmenting Conditions
    LI Xiao-Jing, XIE Zhi-Ming
    journal6, 2014, 35(5):  76-81. 
    Asbtract ( 2205 )   PDF ( 1569 )  
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    The interrelation between the A and B share markets in China since B share market's initial opening to Chinese citizens are studied.It makes an empirical analysis using the Shanghai A share Index and the Shanghai B share Index.The empirical analysis mainly includes establishing the VAR model through the ADF stability examination,and conducting the impulse response test based on the VAR model.Then the paper concludes that the segmentation of A and B share markets in China has not been improved significantly and the interrelationship between the two has not been reinforced obviously.The paper finally analyzes the reasons and accordingly suggests such countermeasures as eliminating the internal barriers,improving the external environment and making rational investors.
    Poverty Relief Measures Offered by the Libraries in Universities of Poverty-Stricken Regions
    LI Hong-Yan
    journal6, 2014, 35(5):  82-85. 
    Asbtract ( 2002 )   PDF ( 1408 )  
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    The libraries in poverty-stricken regions also have the responsibility to offer poverty-relief measures,which must be in accordance with the local condition The service for poverty alleviation,which the libraries of universities in the aggregate poor area should follow the rules which are on the basis of to the geographic s,the level of the universities,the demands,and the specific circumstances.The major measures include establishing information websites,creating regional library alliance,organizing and carrying out the training,selecting technology correspondents for special target,keeping track of and serving the graduates who work in the regions and universities’ scientific research items,and participating in aiding the poor college students,and so on.
    Education and teaching
    Present Situation and Countermeasures of the Talent Cultivation of Information Major of Jishou  Universities
    LI Jian-Feng, DING Lei, LU Rong-Bo, PENG Jin-Zhang
    journal6, 2014, 35(5):  86-88. 
    Asbtract ( 2341 )   PDF ( 1390 )  
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    Being geographically remote,western minority area,without big industries and companies,is relatively backward in economy,culture and education development,which  greatly affects the construction of information specialty  and the talent cultivation in universities.Taking into consideration these characteristics of western minority area,the talent cultivation of information majors of the universities in this area should be oriented to local economy and requirements,so is the setting of specialty and the design of talent cultivation program.It’s necessary to strengthen the practice teaching ability and to achieve the advantage of the specialty,so that the competitiveness of the majors and the quality of talent cultivation can be enhanced.
    Measures for Employment Information Quality Education of Graduates in Minority Areas:Based on Information Asymmetry
    XIONG Wen-Bin
    journal6, 2014, 35(5):  89-92. 
    Asbtract ( 2015 )   PDF ( 1483 )  
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    Based on the asymmetric information theory and its application in the graduate employment market,employment information quality education and its significance in employment market,and according to the investigation of the information quality of graduates in Jishou University,this paper proposes the measures for information quality education of graduates in minority areas.
    Problems in Sino-Foreign Cooperative Educational Projects and Countermeasures
    GONG Yan-Xia
    journal6, 2014, 35(5):  93-96. 
    Asbtract ( 2389 )   PDF ( 2154 )  
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    In the past more than 10 years,unique styles of education have been formed and much experience has been accumulated in the Sino-foreign cooperative education projects conducted in the universities or colleges in Hunan province.However,with the development of higher education and the change of study abroad market,there are some problems affecting sustainable development of the projects,including the external and internal factors.The external factors include the decreasing number of college entrance exam candidates,the increasing college entrance rate of the country over the years and the more and more younger-age people going abroad and so on.The internal factors include the lower levels of foreign partners,the inferior quality of the admitted students,the less high quality courses from the foreign partners,the less specialized courses taught in English or bilingual and too much attention to exams in English language.Thus,on the one hand,it is necessary to make the projects fit the new situation,such as offering more specialized courses taught in English or bilingual and paying more attention to students’ communication  abilities.On the other hand,it is necessary to expand the projects for exchange students,and establish cooperative education institutions with the famous foreign universities in Hunan Province.
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