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    25 July 2012, Volume 33 Issue 4
    Oscillation of AFDE with Cotion and Many Delays
    QIN Hong-Li, SHUANG Rui-Tao
    journal6, 2012, 33(4):  1-5. 
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    This paper disucsses oscillations of pre-kind function differentinal equation with cotion,and obtains sharp conditions of equation x′(t)=∑〖DD(〗n〖〗i=1〖DD)〗pi(t)x(t+τi)(t≥t0).The effectiveness is proved by examples.
    Nonlinear Boundary Value Problem for Second Order Dynamic Equations on Time Scales
    ZHONG Wen-Yong
    journal6, 2012, 33(4):  6-10. 
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    This paper deals with the nonlinear boundary value problem for the second order dynamic equations on time scales.Using fixed-point theorem for the sum of two operators,some sufficient conditions are obtained to guarantee the existence of at least one solution of the boundary value problem.
    Direct Method of  Findigthe Extreme Value of Normal Curvature
    XING Jia-Sheng
    journal6, 2012, 33(4):  11-15. 
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    The direct method of finding  the extreme value of normal curvature and the extreme value direction are considered.A direct derivation method is proposed,and its properties as matrix characteristic value and characteristic vector are obtained.
    Estimate of a New Kind of Psychological State Number
    SONG Li-Xin
    journal6, 2012, 33(4):  16-19. 
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    Psychological state number is an important indicator to reflex people’s psychological state in daily activities and their influences on the actions and results.The partial normal distribution of earlier research on the influence of supposing psychological state on results is N(0,σ2,c).However,the assumption has some weakness.This text gives a new partial normal distribution,defines new psychological state number,and also makes moment estimation and maximum likelihood estimate,which researches on the quality of estimation.
    Crossing Numbers of {P26+e}×Sn
    SU Zhen-Hua, HUANG Yuan-Qiu
    journal6, 2012, 33(4):  20-24. 
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    Research on the cossing number of product graph  has been spread to 6-order graph and  star graph.In this paper,the authors obtain the crossing numbers of Cartesian products of the 6-vertex graph {P26+e} with the stars Sn is Z(6,n)+4n.
    List Strong Edge Coloring of Some Graphs
    HUANG Hui-Yun
    journal6, 2012, 33(4):  25-30. 
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    List strong edge coloring is defined.It is proved that if G is a graph with d(x)+d(y)≤5,then Sχ′l(G)≤6.
    Distance  Properties of a Class of  Interchange Graph
    JIN Jing-Jing
    journal6, 2012, 33(4):  31-36. 
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    The diameter of G(RS*)   is r,where R*=(r1,r2),S*=(1,…,1),and it comes to a conclusion that for any two vertices of G(R*,S*) with distance k,there are exactly k2 internally-disjoint paths connecting them and that there are at most r1  n-r1 internally-disjoint paths connecting them.
    Stability of Stochastic Neural Networks with Discrete and Distributed Time-Varying Delays
    KANG Wei, LI Lin-Guo
    journal6, 2012, 33(4):  37-40. 
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    The global exponential stability of stochastic neural networks with discrete and distributed time-varying delays is investigated.According to the Lyapunov stability theory and LMIs approaches,delay-dependent criteria are derived to ensure the global robust exponential stability of the addressed system in the mean square for all admissible parameter uncertainties.A numerical example is given to illustrate the effectiveness of the results obtained.
    Reproduction of the Perfect Cipher Machine in World War Ⅱ
    LIN Xue-Yun
    journal6, 2012, 33(4):  41-44. 
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    Based on the detailed understanding of the working principle of Enigma machine,the authors try to achieve the luxuriant interface and the core of the encryption and decryption by using the hybrid programming of C++ and assembly language.Compared with other existing network products,this one features its comprehensive use of software and hardware knowledge,and in practice,it improves the understanding of Enigma machine to a new level.
    Computer Simulation of Fractal and Chaos System
    WANG Hong-Hai, FU Ting-Liang, LI Ju-Fang
    journal6, 2012, 33(4):  45-48. 
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    Fractal graphics techniques are studied through  computer simulation.After the analysis of theories of fractal graphics,two generating methods are proposed:DLA model and Lorenz attractors.It is usually difficult to understand how Lorenz attractors and strange attractors form interesting moving tracks.By studying chaos attractors and visualizing their tracks with the help of software,one can understand its nature more deeply The Parametric Design for Fractal Graphics described by Delphi is a useful tool for fractal graphics analysis,which screens out main parameters that determine its morph by means of computer simulating.
    Preprocessing and Segmentation for Urinary Sediment Cell Image
    ZHANG Xiao-Qin, LI Yi, XIAN Xue-Mei, HAO Bao-Qing
    journal6, 2012, 33(4):  49-52. 
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    Microscopic urinary sediment examination is the three regular clinical inspection items in hospital,It can provide the basis for pathological diagnosis and identify of the kidney,urinary tract,circulation system and infectious disease.This paper reviews cell characteristics of the urinary sediment images,the existing methods of pretreatment and image segmentation algorithm.For further refinement of the visible urine sediment compositions,this paper provide reference for theoretical improvement.
    Physics and electronics
    Application of the Outbreeding Elitist Adaptive Genetic Algorithm in High Meteorological Detection
    SUN Bao-Jing
    journal6, 2012, 33(4):  53-59. 
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    On the basis of analyzing the feature of the outbreeding elitist and adding the evolution of slave population,the outbreeding elitist adaptive genetic algorithm(OEAGA) is presented,and in according with the characteristics of the huge amounts,complicated and unpredicted change of the high meteorological detecting data,the OEAGA is utilized to compute the B-spline knots so that the optimal B-spline curve which is fitting the high meteorological detecting data curve under the accuracy requirement,can possess less control vertexes.Compared with the result of the B-spline curve with the standard genetic algorithm to compute knots,the B-spline curve with the OEAGA is better,and experiments indicate that the OEAGA has stronger searching performance and higher converging efficiency.
    Only Essence of All Phenomena of Universe and Natural
    HU Qing-Gui
    journal6, 2012, 33(4):  60-65. 
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    Firstly,the unity of the electromagnetic force and the gravity is introduced.Then,both the life phenomenon and the law of the celestial movement are researched.Finally,the conclusion is drawn that the attraction and repulsion between the substances determines the conversion between matter and energy,which is the sum of all the phenomena of the universe and the natural.In the universe,the conversion between matter and energy follows the law of conservation of energy.Additionally,the hypothesis of celestial life is put forward.
    Design of Embedded Remote Controller Based on STM32
    LI He-Ping
    journal6, 2012, 33(4):  66-68. 
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    This paper proposes a solution for a learning-oriented remote controller based on uClinux system and with low consumption and high efficiency.The working principle of the system and the design of the hardware and software are illustrated.This remote controller solves the bottleneck that because of the SCM’s low frequency of clock,it can’t measure the carrier frequency,realizes the key coding learning of any common remote control,and really achieves the learning function of a learning-oriented remote controller.
    Diagnosis of Diesel Engine Failures Based on BP Neural Network Based on BP Neural Network
    ZHANG Song-Hua, LU Xiu-Ling
    journal6, 2012, 33(4):  69-71. 
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    System of diesel engine failure diagnosis and diagnosis method based on BP neural network are explained in this paper.According to the theoretical analysis,test and analysis of engine failure are simulated by MATLAB. Simulation result proves that this method can improve the fault diagnosis accuracy and convergence rate.
    Application of PLC Multiple Touch-Screen Control Technology to Centralized Control System in the Operating Room
    LU Wan-Yin
    journal6, 2012, 33(4):  72-75. 
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    Operating room centralized control system uses a PLC and multiple touch-screen communication and control technology to integrate a variety of strong,weak electrical control,information and communication control in one set to realize the control of the air-conditioning,lighting,temperature and humidity,time,and so on,in the operating room.In this thesis,to solve the communication and control of a multi-screen control and air conditioning unit temperature PID regulator control problem.The system is developed to replace the traditional manual operation control,and simplify the original distributed control equipments in the operating room; furthermore,the height and angle of,the touch screen are adjustable,convenient for medical personnel to read the relevant information and control the related equipment,which greatly improves the work efficiency of the surgical procedure.
    Design of CMOS Zero IF Mixer Based on Gilbertl
    ZHANG Wu-Long, ZHOU Shao-Hua
    journal6, 2012, 33(4):  76-78. 
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    The dynamic current injection,the common source node resonance,improved two order linearity performance technology,and CMOS technology being applied,an active folding Gilbert zero IF mixer with the supply voltage at 1.8 V was designed.The circuit simulation showed that at 1 MHz,the SSB noise figure of the mixer was 6.109 dB;at 100 kHz,the SSBNF was 6.71 dB;and at 10 kHz,10.631 dB.Frequency conversion gain was 11.389 dB;input three order intermodulation point was 4.539 dBm.
    Power Train Design and  Performance Simulation for Pure Electric Vehicle
    GAO Shu-Jian, CHEN Ding-Yue
    journal6, 2012, 33(4):  79-82. 
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    Based on a popular sedan,a pure electric vehicle was designed.The determination of dynamic parameters and the selection of power devices were according to the design target.The dynamic performance of the vehicle was built and simulated by using the simulation software of ADVISOR.The simulation result demonstrated that the selection of dynamic parameters were feasible.The pure electric vehicle could run with good performance and the design target was achieved.
    Information and Engineering
    Weighted   Minimization for Compressive Sensing Image Reconstruction in Wavelet Domain
    ZHANG Jun
    journal6, 2012, 33(4):  83-86. 
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    Compressive sensing has received much attention in the signal processing field for it can reconstruct a signal or image from surprisingly few samples.In this paper,the author investigates the wavelet domain image reconstruction problem and proposes a weighted  li  minimization algorithm to reconstruct the images.The proposed method utilizes not only the sparsity of signals,but also incorporates the structure information of images in wavelet domain.Hence,compared with the classical compressive sensing algorithm,the proposed method has better recoverability.Simulation results show that the proposed method has achieved the same equality image from few samples,which demonstrates the validity of the proposed method.
    Analysis of Formal Concept of the Space Non-Cooperative Target
    MA Bao-Lin, GUI Xian-Zhou
    journal6, 2012, 33(4):  87-90. 
    Asbtract ( 3708 )   PDF ( 3304 )  
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    Non-cooperative target refers to the space target which cannot provide effective information. Based on the analysis of the limitations of non-cooperative target definition in recent years,this paper discusses the concept of non-cooperative target according to formal concept theory.The description derived in this paper can basically reflect the domains and attributes of non-cooperative target.
    Data Collection System of on-Line Signature Verification
    GAO Wei-Xia, HAN Xin-Feng, ZHANG Yong-Feng
    journal6, 2012, 33(4):  91-94. 
    Asbtract ( 2964 )   PDF ( 1819 )  
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    Due to its safety and convenience,online signature verification is especially useful for banking and financial system and personal identification.So the basis of online signature verification data collection of handwriting is very important for followed verification’s accuracy.STM32F103C8,touch screen and touch panel controller TSC2046 and SD card are used to collect and save three-dimensional data of handwriting including stress information.The experimental results show that,the design of the online signature data acquisition and transmission system for high precision,stability and reliability,strong anti interference ability,has the very good identification effect.
    Biological resources
    Production of Cellulase by Solid Fermentation ofStraw Stalk Using Aspergillus sp.
    LIU Biao, MA Juan, TAN Ling, LIN Yong-Hui, WANG Hai-Yan, LIU Ren-Cheng
    journal6, 2012, 33(4):  95-100. 
    Asbtract ( 2735 )   PDF ( 1695 )  
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    This paper expounds the  experiment on cellulase solid fermentation under the conditions of different fermentation days,nitrogens sources and nitrogen concentration.The experiment used the straw stalk as raw substrate,and finally obtained dry product which was high in cellulase by methods of ammonium sulfate fractionation and freeze-drying.The researches demonstrated that cellulase activity of endoglucanase,exoglucanase and β-glucosidase could reach 1652,841,205 U/mL,respectively,after 6 days’ fermentation.The optimal nitrogen sources and nitrogen concentrations to generate cellulase by Aspergillus sp.were also investigated.The results also  showed that endoglucanase,exoglucanase and β-glucosidase could reach 1652 U/mL(NH4NO3 1.0 g/L),1 807 U/mL(NH4Cl 0.5 g/L),2033 U/mL(UREA 2.0 g/L),respectively.What’s more,the weight loss ratio reached 17.42% which is the maximum value under the optimal endoglucanase fermentation condition.It also demonstrated that nitrogen sources have a great impact on cellulose production.At last,8.8517 g dry product was obtained from 120 g straw fermentation broth which fermented under optimal nitrogen source (NH4NO3),nitrogen concentration (1.0 g/L) and fermentation days (6 d).
    Chemistry and chemical engineering
    In Situ Grown  CdTe Quantum Dots on MWCNTs and Its Coupling with BSA
    CHEN Li-Hua, LI You-Ji, YAN Xue-Wan, YANG Zhao, ZHANG Jun-Sheng
    journal6, 2012, 33(4):  101-105. 
    Asbtract ( 2845 )  
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    The CdTe quantum dots grew in situ on the multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) with thioglycollic acid as the stabilizer,Cd2+ and NaTeH as reactant in aqueous solution.The as prepared CdTe-MWCNTs quantum dots-MWCNTs heterojunctions could couple with bovine serum albumin (BSA).Both CdTe-MWCNTs and CdTe-MWCNTs-BSA were characterized by TEM,fluorescence spectrum,UV and FT-IR measurements.The fluorescence analysis showed that functionalized MWCNTs had weak fluorescence,both CdTe-MWCNTs heterojunctions and CdTe-MWCNTs-BSA multiplex exhibited fluorescence absorption.The TEM results revealed that the diameter of CdTe quantum dots was about 5 nm.The FT-IR spectra indicated that the CdTe quantum dots grew on the functionalized MWCNTs and coupled with BSA.
    Quantization of  Structures and Properties of Bisphenol A and Bisphenol B
    LONG Wei
    journal6, 2012, 33(4):  106-111. 
    Asbtract ( 3384 )  
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    The molecular structures and electronic structures of bisphenol A and B are studied by the density functional method B3LYP with 6-311++G(d,p) basis set.Through the analysis of the geometric structure,bond order,specturm and atomic charge opulation,which are consistent with the Frontier molecular orbital theory knowledge,the author explores the stability and the reactivity of bisphenol A,and that was analogy with bisphenol B.Many different methods are used to search the thermodynamic properties about the two molecules,and many thermodynamics property parameters at the different temperature are found.
    A Comparative Iodometric Determination of Peroxide Value Content of Oils
    ZHANG Xue-Ying
    journal6, 2012, 33(4):  112-114. 
    Asbtract ( 2851 )   PDF ( 3117 )  
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    Two methods of determining peroxide in oil,i.e.GB/T5538 and GB/T5009.37,are compared.The pros and cons of the two methods are discussed.The instruction to the determining process and the ways to present the results are proposed.
    VAR Model of Economic Growth and Urban-Rural Income Gap in Chengdu City
    WANG Qin, CAO Can, LIU Xi, JIANG Song-Ming
    journal6, 2012, 33(4):  115-119. 
    Asbtract ( 3335 )   PDF ( 1882 )  
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    The consumption ratio of urban residents and rural residents in Chengdu is used as a measuring index of the urban-rural income gap.The per capita GDP of the tertiary industry in Chengdu is used as a measuring index of the economic growth.Through the establishment of the VAR model,co-integration analysis and Granger causal inspection,the relationship between urban-rural income gap and economic growth of Chengdu is shown and analyzed from the perspective of the consumption level.The results show that the effect of the development of tertiary industry on the urban-rural income gap is very significant in Chengdu.Through adjusting the development strategy and growth mode,strictly controlling inflation and promoting the modern agriculture construction,the urban-rural income gap will be narrowed and the economic growth will be harmonious.
    Characteristics of Rural Tourism Market Structure in Pearl River Delta
    GUO Li, ZHANG Jia-en
    journal6, 2012, 33(4):  120-124. 
    Asbtract ( 3233 )   PDF ( 2160 )  
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    Some statistical data from survey are used to analyze the regional structure of tourist market and the characteristics of tourists.It is concluded that the source of tourists are geographically centralized,and the number of tourist is relatively stable.The primary tourist source markets are composed of the middle-aged and the young wage earners whose income and education levels are high.For the future development of rural tourism in Pearl River Delta,it is necessary to enhance the key market in the Pearl River Delta; to expand tourist market in the east,west and north of Guangdong,Hong Kong,Macao and Taiwan; and to exploit the potential markets in other provinces and areas.Meanwhile,attention must be paid to the development of the five key market segments which are constituted by office workers,officers,students,middle class and retired workers.
    Influencing of the Ground Overload on the Stability of the Foundation Pit
    PENG Heng-Yi
    journal6, 2012, 33(4):  125-128. 
    Asbtract ( 3178 )   PDF ( 2287 )  
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    Based on the actual engineering,and based on FLAC3D a software establish a three-dimensional model,by a change the distance from the overload to the pit supporting structure and the vaule of overload is changed,simulation and analys the influence by the overload with ground subsidence and double-row piles supporting migration,and obtained some conclusion.
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