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    15 March 2002, Volume 23 Issue 1
    On Graham's Problem Concerning the Sum of the Aliquot Parts
    LE Mao-Hua
    journal6, 2002, 23(1):  1-3. 
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    Let n be a positive integer satisfying n>1  and s(n)=[n/2],where s(n) is the sum of the aliquot parts of n.Further let ε(n) denote the number of dirts of n.Further let ε(n) denote the number of distinct prime factors of n and p1,p2,…,pω(n) denote its prime factors with p1<p2<…<pω(n).In this paper we prove that if 2|n,then n=2;if n is odd and ω(n)≤2,then n is a power of 3;if n is odd and ω(n)≤3,then p1=3 or p1=5,p2=7 and 11≤p3≤31;if n is odd and ω(n)=4,then p1=3 or p1=5,7≤p2≤13,11≤p3≤17 and 13≤p4≤23.The above-mentioned results partly solve a problem posed by Graham.
    Wavelet Transform Based on Analytic Signal and Its Application
    WU Jin-Pei, WU Wei-Wei
    journal6, 2002, 23(1):  4-7. 
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    Wavelet transform based on analytic signal is proposed, with its properties discussed. By this method, the energy of the signal in a certain frequency subband, which may change with time, can be calculated out like Wigner distribution. The outcome of the transform can be visualized easily, overcoming the drawbacks of common wavelet transform. Three examples are given, which include its application on time-frequency analysis, denoising and fault diagnosis.
    Physics and electronics
    XAFS and XRD Studies of Mechanically Alloyed Fe100-xCux
    YIN Shi-Long, ZHANG Jia-Wei, WEI Shi-Qiang
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2002, 23(1):  8-12. 
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    The structures of the mechanically alloyed Fe100-xCux (x=0,20,30,40,60,70,100) after milling for 80 hours were investigated by X-ray absorption fine structure (XAFS) and X-ray diffraction (XRD).When the weight ratio of the balls to the powder was 40:1,for the Fe100-xCux (x≥40) alloys,the XRD results show that diffraction peaks of α-Fe disapeared,and only the diffraction peaks with fcc-like structure were observed.The fcc-like lattice parameter increases with Fe concentration.On the contrary,for the Fe100-xCux (x<30) alloys,only the diffraction peaks with bcc-like structure were observed.The bcc-like lattice parameter decreases with Cu concentration.The XAFS results show that the local structure evolution of Fe atoms was different from that of Cu atoms.The local structures around Fe atoms had been greatly changed and its disorder evidently increased,but the Cu atoms maintain the original structure geometry.So,mechanically alloyed Fe100-xCux  is not a homogeneous supersaturated solid solution and consists of Fe-rich and Cu-rich regions.
    Biological resources
    Some Ecological Characteristics of Burmoniscus Ocellatus
    CHEN Guo-Xiao, CHEN Jun, LIAO Chong-Hui, LI Jian-Xiong
    journal6, 2002, 23(1):  13-16. 
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    Based on data of the soil animals survey in many year, the ecological characters of B.ocellatus are analyzed and described in present paper.The distribution of population density is concerned with the shadow below the forest, moisture and the thickness of the defoliation.The dynamics of population is related to the rainfall.If the rainfall were too little or too much, its population would be reduced.Its decomposition of the deadwoods and defoliation has remarkable influence on the energy transformation of the forest ecosystems.
    Image Coding Scheme Based on Wavelet Transform
    ZHU Gui-Hua
    journal6, 2002, 23(1):  17-20. 
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    As a new type of multiresolution frequency transform theory, wavelet transform has been widely used in applied mathematics、physical and i
    nform science. In image processing, especially in image compression, recently last ten years, investigations and applications of image compression  with wavelet transforms are very active. By analyzing construction and vanishing moment properties of biorthogonal wavelets, we propose a very simple method by the solution of linear equations, so that a new wavelet construction method that contains parameters is presented. For various wavelet parameters, and based on properties, we discuss performance of quality and computation of restoration image by means of wavelets  in this paper. When wavelet coefficients are simple integers, simulation experiment shows that the new method can retain both high compression performance and very good fast computational feature.
    Doctoral Forum
    Sufficiency for the Existence of Rm-EDGE CUT
    OU Jian-Ping , ZHANG Fu-Ji
    journal6, 2002, 23(1):  21-23. 
    Asbtract ( 1933 )   PDF ( 1374 )  
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    Rm-edge cut is such an edge cut that separates a connected graph into a disconnected one with no component having order less than m. Let G be a connected graph with order at least 2m. Write c(G) for the circumference of graph G, i.e., the length of the longest cycle in G. It is proved in this paper that graph G contains Rm-edge cuts if c(G) ≥m+1. The lower bound of c(G) is sharp to some extent.
    Global Existence of Solutions to Nonlinear HyperbolicEquations With Viscosity
    LIU Fa-Gui
    journal6, 2002, 23(1):  24-28. 
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    For Cauchy problem of nonlinear hyperbolic equation with viscosity,the global existence of solutions is obtained by introducing the entropy-entropy flux in the sense of Lax, and by using of the mothod of compensated compactness, the convergence of L∞ bounded approximating solutions is proved.
    The Growth of Solutions of Some Non-Homogeneous Linear Differential Equations
    WANG Jun
    journal6, 2002, 23(1):  29-31. 
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    Studying the growth of solutions of  where  is a non-constant polynomial,the following result is obtained:any solution  of the above equation is of infinite order,and its hyper order is positive integer no greater than deg Q;thus improves some result given by Yang L Z.
    The Molecular Progress on the Study of Plant Self-Incompatibility
    XU Guo-Hua, LI Chang-Qing, ZHANG Shao-Ling
    journal6, 2002, 23(1):  32-37. 
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    There are two kinds of self-incompatibility (SI) in plant. One is sporophytic SI, the other is gametophytic SI. Here the latest progress in the area of genetic control and molecular mechanisms are elucidated.
    On the Sources of Cybernetics
    XU Sheng-Jiang
    journal6, 2002, 23(1):  38-43. 
    Asbtract ( 1822 )   PDF ( 1672 )  
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    In the science sources of cybernetics,automation is the basic propulsive force;its theoretical enlightenment mainly comes from biology;the technology is established in micro-current engineering;methodology of science guides people rightly.And at last,N.Wiener has accomplished the establishment of cybernetics by synthesizing the achievements of all aspects above.
    Key disciplines
    The Research on Damping Vibration Controlled  in Electrorheological Fluids
    ZHOU Xiao-Qing, WU Yun-Wen
    journal6, 2002, 23(1):  44-47. 
    Asbtract ( 2078 )   PDF ( 1431 )  
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    Based on the principle that viscosity changes as  electric field  intensity in electrorheological fluids,movement of damping vibration  controlled is brought about in electric field of direct current in electrorheological fluids,and the law is investigated  by using disturbance method.The quantitative relation of damping vibration and electric field of direct current is obtained.
    Study on the Jellification Properties of the Ficus Pumila (L.) Gum
    YAN Wen-Bin, YAO Mao-Jun, PENG Qing-Jing
    journal6, 2002, 23(1):  48-50. 
    Asbtract ( 2171 )  
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    The factors which affect the jellification of the ficus pumila (L.) Gum,such as pH,temprature and the influence of the Ca2+ are studied in this paper.It confirms the pH range ,the most suitable temperature to maintain the most proper colloidal state,and the influence of Ca2+ in different pH on the jellification of the ficus pumila (L.) Gum.
    The Investigation and Study on Resources of Medicinal Ferns in Wulingshan Region,China
    CHEN Gong-Xi, CHEN Jiang-Gui, YI Shan-Xin, LIU Shi-Biao, LI Hu-Ming
    journal6, 2002, 23(1):  51-54. 
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    Wulingshan region is located at 27°28′ to 30°05′N and 107°02′ to 111°35′E,from 189.4 m to 2 370 m above sea level and covers an area of Ca.100 000 km2.In this paper,some investigations and studies on resources of medicinal ferns in Wulingshan region have been reported.The result shows: (1) The flora is rich,there are 214 species belonging to 41 families and 80 genera of medicinal ferns in the region,the dominated taxa are Polypodiaceae,Dryopteridaceae,Athyriaceae,Pteridaceae,Selaginellaceae and Selaginella,Pteris,Asplenium,Polystichum,Lepisorus,Pyrrosia,Dryopterisl;(2) The geographic elements are complicated and East Asia element takes the largest proportion;(3) The plants are distributed unevenly ,most of species at the belt of lower-middling altitude (≤1 500 m);(4) There are six medicinal types,namely Antibacterial type,Anti-parasite type,Digestive system ailment medicine type,Respiratory system ailment medicine type,Urinary system ailment medicine type and External wound medicine type.Based on estimation of capacity of available resource,there are 79 species can be used directly,100 species can be used restrainedly and 35 species must be cons
    erved grimly.In view of actual situation on medicinal fern natural resources of Wulingshan region,we think that we must exploit as quickly as possible on one side,and on the other side,we must launch scientific research on the resources.
    On Quasi-projective System
    ZHAN Jian-Ming
    journal6, 2002, 23(1):  55-56. 
    Asbtract ( 2099 )   PDF ( 1227 )  
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    Let S  be a monoid,A  is quasi-projective S -system if for every S -epimophism f:A→B and S-homomorphism g:A→B,there exists a S-homomorphism h:A→A such that fh=g.The properties of quasi-projective S -system are studied and two main results are obtained:(1) S is a(semi) perfect monoid if and only if for every (f.g.) right S-system have a quasi-projective cover S -system;(2) S is a right hereditary monoid if and only if every projective S -systemis quasi-projective.
    ASP and Its Application in Management Information System Based on Internet/Intranet
    ZHONG Jia-Ming, TAN Li
    journal6, 2002, 23(1):  57-60. 
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    Starting with analyzing the ASP'S working principles,its advantages and the design for its applied program,this paper,in accordance with Management Information System Based on web,discusses how to make use of ASP to solve the following issues: accession of Database,Distribution,the users' Identification Certificate.
    Physics and electronics
    Experimental Studies on the Thermal Performance of  All-Glass Evacuated Tubular Solar Water Heaters
    SONG Ai-Guo
    journal6, 2002, 23(1):  61-65. 
    Asbtract ( 1865 )   PDF ( 1532 )  
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    The thermal performance of all-glass evacuated tubular solar water heaters is analyzed by a large number of experimental data.Results show that mass area ratio (MAR) is a primary factor to average daily efficiency and instantaneous efficiency curve of tubular solar water heaters is not straight line.
    Chemistry and chemical engineering
    Parameter Estimation for Thermodynamic Model of Solution by Using of Genetic Algorithm
    DONG Jun-Fang, ZENG Ying, LIN Jin-Qing
    journal6, 2002, 23(1):  66-68. 
    Asbtract ( 2007 )   PDF ( 1337 )  
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    Genetic algorithm was used to estimate the parameters of thermodynamic model of solution,and a modified genetic algorithm was proposed by modifying the strategy of mutation and the mode of competition.DMF+water+1-propanol VLE system was taken as an example,and the results were compared with those of PWELL method.It is found that the optimization ability of genetic algorithm is much more powerful than that of POWELL method not only in binary composition system but also trinary composition system.
    The Adsorption of 2,4-binitro-phenol in Aqueous Solutions by Polyamide
    XIE Zu-Fang, XIA Jin-Hong
    journal6, 2002, 23(1):  69-73. 
    Asbtract ( 2083 )   PDF ( 1388 )  
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    The properties,optimal conditions and influencing factors for polyamide resin to  adsorb 2,4-binitro-phenol from aqueous solutions have been investigated.The results show that  polyamide has a better adsorption capability,and that the pH value is the main factor affecting  adsorption;the initial rate of 2,4-binitro-phenol adsorption on polyamide is faster,and the  middle rate is second-order with respect to its concentration.The adsorption process in solution  exhibits Freundlich behavior and is mainly physical adsorption.The 2,4-binitro-phenol adsorbed  on the resin can be eluted by 1% ammoniac solution quickly.
    Graft Copolymerization of Propyl Methacrylate Onto Sweet Patato Starch Initiated by Potassium Permangate-Acid
    FU Wei-Chang, GU Ren-Yong, PENG Qing-Jing, HUANG Cheng
    journal6, 2002, 23(1):  74-76. 
    Asbtract ( 1742 )   PDF ( 1501 )  
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    The graft copolymerization of propyl methacrylate onto sweet patato starch was carried out using patassium permangate-acid as initiator.The effect of various conditions on the graft polymerization was studied.The results show that when the concentration of the monomer is 1.0 mol/L,the concentration of the initiator is 1.5 mmol/L,the reaction temperature is 40~50 ℃,the reaction time is 1.5 h,high efficient grafting(EG%) can be achieved.
    Study on Treatment of Phosphor Wastewater With Chlorine Dioxide
    PENG Qing-Jing, WANG Ji-Hui, ZHAO Xin, GAN Hai-Ming
    journal6, 2002, 23(1):  77-79. 
    Asbtract ( 1890 )   PDF ( 1631 )  
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    Some factors inflnencing the effect of the treatment of phosphor wastewater with chlorine  dioxide was studied.The experimental results showed that chlorine dioxide could oxidize phosphor and cyanide in wastewater.Under proper reaction condition,the oxidation yield of phosphor was 100%,and the oxidation yield of cyanide was over 90%.The first standard in GB 4283-84  could be attained after wastewater was treated with chlorine dioxide and lime.
    Biological resources
    Analysis of Heterosis and Fertility of Combinations of Indica With Japonica  and WCVs With Indica or Japonica
    HU Yi-Hong, JIANG Xiao-Cheng, XIAO Hui-Hai, WANG Zhi
    journal6, 2002, 23(1):  80-82. 
    Asbtract ( 1733 )   PDF ( 1410 )  
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    The F1 heterosis and fertility of combinations of LH422 or 02428 with Indica or Japonica and combinations of Indica with Japonica were inspected in this test.The results showed that F1 of M-201/Nihonmasari had a quite stronger heterosis on tillers per plant and grains weight per plant,F1 of WCVs with Indica or Japonica were of higher heterosis and of stronger fertility and would promote the rice output obviously, and LH422 had a stronger tendentiousness to Japonica,but 02428 has also a strong tendentiousness to Indica.
    Influence of Treadmill Training and Acute Exhaustive Exercise on Ca2+- ATPase Activity in Mitochondria of Different Types of Muscle in Rats
    WEI Yuan, LUO Gui-Zhen, LIN Shi-Mei, XU Shi-De
    journal6, 2002, 23(1):  83-85. 
    Asbtract ( 2197 )   PDF ( 1665 )  
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    Thirty Wistar male rats were randomly divided into 3 groups : quiet group (A) ;exhaustive exercise group (B) ;training and exhaustive exercise group (C).Ca2+-ATPase activity in mitochondria of different types of muscle were determined .The results showed : 1) Ca2+-ATPase activity in mitochondria of the white muscle was higher than that of the red muscle at rest ;2) After exhaustive exercise,Ca2+-ATPase activity in mitochondria of the white muscle decreased but that of the red muscle incrased;3) The change of Ca2+-ATPase activity in mitochondria of the white muscle was larger through five weeks training .The above data suggest that the progressively increase load training takes positive effect only for the white muscle.
    Scientific research bulletin
    The Research of Matrix Decomposition by Plus and Multiplication Operation
    CHEN Huan-Ran
    journal6, 2002, 23(1):  86-88. 
    Asbtract ( 1935 )   PDF ( 1561 )  
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    In this paper,it is studied that a matrix is represented into the forms of sum  or product of some simple or special matrix.
    A New Method to Determine Hidden Note Number in Neural Network
    ZHANG Qing-Liang, LI Xian-Ming
    journal6, 2002, 23(1):  89-91. 
    Asbtract ( 2175 )   PDF ( 2860 )  
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    This paper puts forward a new method to determine hidden note number in neural network.This method is with little computational quantity and is convenient and valuable in application.
    Doctoral Forum
    Stably Finite Rings,Rings Satisfying the Rank Condition,and Grothendieck Group
    LI Xian-Ming, LI Qi-Sheng
    journal6, 2002, 23(1):  92-93. 
    Asbtract ( 1819 )   PDF ( 1398 )  
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    In this paper,some new characterizations for stably finite rings or rings satisfying rank condition are given by using its Grothendieck group,then some well known conclusions are proved by using new method.
    Scientific research bulletin
    Accounting Treatment to Liability Security for Other Enterprises
    LIU Gu-Jin
    journal6, 2002, 23(1):  94-96. 
    Asbtract ( 1974 )   PDF ( 1672 )  
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    According to the conservatism of conducting accounting treatment,it is suggested in this paper that the contingent assets be defined separately if the debtor can clear his debts;otherwise,the contingent assets should not be defined,but should be reported in the notes of balance sheet.It is also suggested to establish subject of “ contingent asset",accounting the mortgage security assets and the hypothecate security assets on the date of balance sheet,which will be converted into money,sold off at reduced prices,or sold off by the debtor ,for he is unable to clear his debts.The content of the subject will be listed alone in the balance sheet so as to be distinguished from other asset items.By this way,accounting treatment to contingent liabilities formed by all kinds of security pattern can be conducted.
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