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    15 September 2002, Volume 23 Issue 3
    Doctoral Forum
    The Fractal Character of China Earthquakes
    ZHU Xiao-Hua
    Journal of Jishou University(Natural Sciences Edition), 2002, 23(3):  1-5. 
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    According to the fractal theory,the fractal character of  earthquakes  in China is preliminarily discussed in this paper.The fractal model of conditions of earthquakes in China is also discussed.Some conclusions can be drawn as follows.(1) The formula of Gutenberg-Richter(lg N=-bM+a) is tenable for the data in China during a long period.(2) The fractal dimension of earthquakes for China is 1.485 8,that of Northeast  China is 0.635 2,that of North China is 1.137 2,that of Center China is 1.225 8,etc.The fractal dimension of earthquakes of Center China is the largest among 8 natural regions,that of Northeast China is the smallest among 8 natural regions.(3) The fractal dimensions of earthquakes of China answer to their spatial distribution.(4) The fractal model of conditions of China earthquakes(more than 1 000 deaths) is also established,the formula is lg N=-0.632 61g r+3.839(where r is the scale,N is the frequency above r).
    Dynamic Characteristics of TMD Based on DDMF and ADMF
    LI Chun-Xiang
    journal6, 2002, 23(3):  6-15. 
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    The research is carried out on the sensitivity in the TMD dynamic characteristics to the structural modal participation factor in an attempt to design TMD for MDOF structure directly using the optimum parameters of TMD for SDOF structure. The displacement and acceleration dynamic magnification factors (i.e. DDMF and ADMF) of the SDOF structure with TMD are defined and their explicit formulas are derived in the case of considering the structural modal participation factor. The criteria for the optimum searching are then the minimization of the minimum values of the maximum displacement and acceleration dynamic magnification factors (i.e. Min.Min.Max.DDMF and Min.Min.Max.ADMF). In light of the criteria, numerical results for the optimum parameters and effectiveness of TMD with respect to the different structural modal participation factors are presented and evaluated. And, a designer can now easily determine the TMD parameters for an MDOF structure.
    Web-Enabled Data Warehouse and Web-Based Data Warehouse
    WANG Xiao-Cheng
    journal6, 2002, 23(3):  16-20. 
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    Web signifies its influence in the evolution of data warehouses with two aspects: Web-enabled and Web-based, each addressing a purpose and a level of system complexity. In this paper an architectural template of data warehouse is reviewed. A five-level architecture of Web-enabled data warehouse is analyzed to identify its characteristics. Web-based data warehouse, for the first time, is termed to reflect the new trends. Clickstream data warehouse, as a specific Web-based data warehouse, is studied with a focus on its infrastructure. This paper highlights the roles both Web-related data warehouse can play, and comparison is also made between them.
    Performance Analyses of Banyan ATM Switch Structured by Distributed Buffer
    ZHANG Xin-Peng, WU Ya-Ming, ZHANG Wen-Jun
    journal6, 2002, 23(3):  21-27. 
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    There are some drawbacks in ATM switch unifying buffer: complicated structure, lack of expansibility and difficulties in ensuring to ensure high throughput. With distributed buffers, Banyan ATM switch structured by 2×2 switch elements is a convenient model to avoid the above disadvantages. This paper analyzes the maximum throughput, cell lost ratio, average delay time of 2×2 ATM switch element by output queuing or middle queuing, and studies the performance of Banyan ATM switch structured by 2×2 switch elements.
    A New Support Vector Regression Model
    LIU Guang-Li, YANG Zhi-Min
    journal6, 2002, 23(3):  28-31. 
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    A new support vector regression model is presented by support vector machines (SVM) theory. The solution of the model is transformed into a quadratic programming problem. Parameters of the model can be auto-selected. It is shown that the model had a rich generalization by testing China grain production.
    The Role of Nitric Oxide on Protein Kinase C Activity in Neonatal Rat Cardiomyocytes
    FU Shi-Gan, JI Li-Min, XIE Xie-Ju, LIU Pei-Qing, PAN Jing-Yun, LU Wei
    journal6, 2002, 23(3):  32-35. 
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    The effect of endogenous and exogenous nitric oxide(NO) on protein kinase(PKC) activity in cultured neonatal rat cardiomyocytes was examined.The results were as following:Activity of PKC was decreased by NO precursor L-arginine(L-Arg) (10-5~10-2 mol/L,30 min) and NO donor sodium nitroprusside (SNP)(10-6~10-3 mol/L,5 min)in a dose-dependent manner in cultured neonatal rat cardiomyocytes.Activity of PKC increased by a PKC activator phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate(PMA)(10-5mol/L,15 min) was impaired by a NO precursor L-Arg and a exogenous NO donor SNP.NG-nitro-L-argingie methyl ester(L-NAME),a nitric oxide synthase (NOS) blocker,itself had no effect on the PKC activity of cultured neonatal rat cardiomyocytes,but may inhibite the role of PKC activity induced PMA.These results indicate that PKC was decreased by endogenous and exogenous NO in a dose-dependent manner.The role of NO on rat cardiomyocytes intracellular signaling transduction pathway may be controlled through PKC.PKC may turn into key site or important signaling element of this effect.
    Study of Gene Expression of p16 With in Situ Hybridization Technique
    LI Li, HUANG Heng-Yu, XIE Yong-Fang
    journal6, 2002, 23(3):  36-39. 
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    Using in situ hybridization technique with Dig labeled probe,the expression of p16 gene in mice's embryo development has been studied in this thesis.The results can be summarized as fellows: p16 gene does not take part in the formation of organ proimordia during the development of embryo of age 9ds and 10ds.It takes part in the further process of organ differentiation (concerned organs include eyes,brain,heart,lung,backbone and cranium viscerale,except liver); There are different regulation mechanisms in the different organs.
    Analysis on Ecological Adaptation and Survival Strategy
    ZHAO Ming-Lian
    journal6, 2002, 23(3):  40-43. 
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    Beginning with universal adaptive phenomena in biosphere and from the view of ecological adaptation,adaptive significance and survival strategy are discussed in detail in the manner of examples. All living things have to adapt to their non-biotic and biotic environment. If not, they can not survive.  Adaptation to environment means that population can survive well and reproduce successfully. As far as concept of biological adaptation is concerned, it refers to not only harmony between organisms and their environments, but also responses to environmental pressure. Adaptive cost results from environmental pollution. Abroad study on adaptation give birth to adaptive science and its development.
    On the Number of Solutions of the Generalized Ramanujan-Nagell Equation x2+D=4pn
    LE Mao-Hua
    journal6, 2002, 23(3):  44-46. 
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    Let p be an odd prime,and let D be a positive integer with 2D and pD.Prove that if D≠4pr-1,where r is a positive integer,then the equation x2+D=4pn has at most one positive integer solution (x,n).
    Partial Connective Stability of Large-Scale Systems With Functionally Dependent Factory
    ZHU Zhi-Qiang, CHEN Chao-Tian
    journal6, 2002, 23(3):  47-51. 
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    By using the method of vector Lyapunov function ,the partial connective stability of large-scale systems with functionally dependent factor is discussed. Some results of uniform asymptotic stability and exponential stability in the sense of partial connective stability are given,and some conclusions relative to the connective systems are extended.
    A Method of Finding a Common Fixed Point of Finite Operators
    FANG Dong-Hui, ZENG Fan-Fu, LI Chong
    journal6, 2002, 23(3):  52-55. 
    Asbtract ( 1884 )   PDF ( 1101 )  
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    A problem of finding a common fixed point of finite operators was considered in a uniformly smooth Banach space,and the author gave a new interative sequence and proved that this sequence was strongly converged to this common fixed point of finite operators.
    Key disciplines
    Extraction and Determination of Content of Flavonoids in the Root of Ginkgoes
    LI Hong-Xiong, PENG Xiao-Chun, JIANG Jian-Bo
    journal6, 2002, 23(3):  56-58. 
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    Flavonoids was extracted from the foot of the ginkgoes by the method of soaking and backwater.The content of flavonoids determined with a spectrophoto meter of model 721 was 6.89%.In the root of ginkgoes,the content of quercetin accounted 1.24%.It was determined by high performance liquid chromatography.The optimal detection wave length settled by ultiaviolet and visible spectrophoto metry.
    Preliminary Research of Fresh-Maintaining Technology of Packed Cool Cut Pork
    GU Ren-Yong, WANG Jin, FU Wei-Chang, MA Mei-Hu, HONG Liang-Fa, SU Yun-Ju, ZONG Bing
    journal6, 2002, 23(3):  59-61. 
    Asbtract ( 1987 )   PDF ( 1631 )  
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    The fresh-maintaining effecf was studied when vacuum-packed pork was stored at 0~4 ℃ with composite fresh-maintaining reagent being Nisin,Glucose-NaCl solution and organic acid.The result showed that composite reagent will keep cut and packed pork fresh in a longer period;the composite reagent of 0.05% Nisin+0.2% acetic acid+0.1% lactic acid+3.0% ascorbic acid together with vacuum pack showed the optimum performance.
    Physics and electronics
    Solution to Heat-Conduction Differential Simultaneous Equations of  Multicomposite Plate With Nonuniform Generation
    HUANG Xiao-Qi
    journal6, 2002, 23(3):  62-65. 
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    The steady heat-conduction differential simultaneous equations of multicomposite plate with nonuniform generation are solved by the superposition principle.The temperature distribution and the heat-flow rate distribution have been obtained in this paper.
    The Calculation of B→π Transitions Form Factor
    WU Xiang-Yao, YIN Xin-Guo, GUO Yi-Qing
    journal6, 2002, 23(3):  66-72. 
    Asbtract ( 1808 )   PDF ( 1472 )  
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    The heavy-to-light transition form factors are very important parameters,which play an important role in B-meson decays. The uncertainties of calculation of form factors in light-cone QCD sum rules mainly come from light-cone wave function among which twist-2 and twist-3 wave function make significant contributions to form factors. Now only twist-2 wave function has been systematically analyzed and twist-3 and twist-4 wave function have not satisfactorily determined but twist-4 contribution is very small, therefore, it is twist-3 wave function that cause large uncertainty of form factors. So, through construction adequate chiral current correlation function and consideration of all twist 2 and 4 contribution, the heavy-to-light B→π transitions form factor was calculated in improved light-cone QCD sum rules, and was compared with the result in standard light-cone QCD sum rules. They are consistent with each other, but the uncertainties are eliminated about twist-3 wave function, so the CKM matrix element |Vub| precisely can be extracted.The contributions of every parameter to uncertainties of calculation result f(q2) are discussed and presented. For example, the contributions of Borel parameter is ±(3~5)%; light-cone wave function ±10%; The higher twist wave functions are less than 5%.
    Study on Mathematics Model and Simulation for Feed Power System Non-Three Phase Running
    HONG Shu-Yue, SHI Xiao-Zhong, FENG Hua-Jun
    journal6, 2002, 23(3):  73-77. 
    Asbtract ( 1988 )   PDF ( 1355 )  
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    The high voltage short distance 35 kV feeding transmission system is one of the common short distance power systems . According to the physical equipment, the author takes to partitioning the system. The transmission module is used as a lumped parameter model, synchronous generator, transformer, composite load are separately operated as independent built-modules. Every module connection is substituted by a decoupled voltage source. So every module can take parallel integration.  A mathematics model of feed power system non-three phase running is developed on the basis of known model of synchronous machine and composite load .The digital integration method is also given .The results of a digital example simulation running on Pentium III show that the presented model and the given digital integration method are correct and can be realized in real-time.
    The Smooth Handover and TCP Optimization in Mobile Network Environments
    HUANG Guo-Sheng, LIANG Ping-Yuan, ZHOU Xiao-Qing, YANG Lu-Ming, WANG Jian-Xin
    journal6, 2002, 23(3):  78-81. 
    Asbtract ( 1900 )   PDF ( 2205 )  
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    The smooth handover and TCP optimization in mobile network environments were studied. Firstly,the relevant concepts of smooth handover were introduced;then the implement methods of smooth handover were analyzed;the disadvantages of existing TCP protocol in wireless communication were pointed out;lastly,a new optimization strategy was put forward in order to improve the Qos of mobile computing.
    Chemistry and chemical engineering
    The Control of Styrene Polymerization Molecular Weight Mediated by TEMPO
    ZHENG Shu-Ying
    journal6, 2002, 23(3):  82-84. 
    Asbtract ( 1769 )   PDF ( 1982 )  
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    Styrene polymerization mediated by TEMPO was distinctly accelerated by the addition of small amounts of 2,2'-bipyridine(bpy). The polymerization proceeded in a living fashion as indicated by the increase in molecular weight with time and conversion and relatively  low polydispersities. It was found the polymerization was controlled well when the molar ratio of bpy/TEMPO equaled to 2/1. 135 ℃ was the optimal temperature for this system.1HNMR showed that bpy has a better control on styrene living polymerization.
    Scientific research bulletin
    A Geometric Classfication of DNA Sequences
    YANG Yu-Ying, LIU Luo-Fei
    journal6, 2002, 23(3):  85-87. 
    Asbtract ( 2105 )   PDF ( 1443 )  
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    The four bases A,G,C,T contents of a DNA sequence may report some of its structure characteristic.Regarding a DNA seguence as a vector of R4,whose component is emergence freguency of a base,a geometric classfication method of DNA sequences is obtained.
    Application of the Representative Correlated Analysing Model to Business Merger
    ZHANG Tian-Ping
    journal6, 2002, 23(3):  88-93. 
    Asbtract ( 1692 )   PDF ( 1533 )  
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    There are many business mergers at present, but whether the behavior accords with the law that economy runs,or whether the mergers have large-scale production, is the question that receives the greatest concern.Representative correlated analysing model  has certan guiding functions in the course of merging, and this can be explained through certain real examples.
    The Security of Computer-Network in the Financial Field
    CHEN Cheng
    journal6, 2002, 23(3):  94-96. 
    Asbtract ( 1499 )   PDF ( 1368 )  
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    With the rapid extending of the application of computer and network technology, the financial field in our country is now facing a crucial problem concerning security.Through analysis of the cause and characteristics and instrument of computer network malefactions, the article provides correlative strategies in order to enforce the secutity of computer network in the financial field.
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