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    15 December 2002, Volume 23 Issue 4
    The Divisibility of Class Numbers of Imaginary Quadratic Fields Q(a2-4kn)
    LE Mao-Hua
    journal6, 2002, 23(4):  1-3. 
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    Let D be a positive integer with square free,and let h(-D) denote the class number of the imaginary quadratic field Q(-D).It is proved that if D=4kn-a2,where a,k,n are positive integers satisfying k>1 and n>1,then either n/2|h(-D) or n|h(-D),except some known cases.
    Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Strongly Convergence of Iterative Sequence Solutions for Variational Inclusions With m-Accretive Type Mappings
    NI Ren-Xing
    journal6, 2002, 23(4):  4-7. 
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    The existence of solutions and approximation problem of Ishikawa iterative process with random errors are studied for a class of variational inclusions with m-accretive type mappings in Banach spaces.Some necessary and sufficient conditions for iterative sequence strongly convengence of uniqueness solutions for variation inclusions are obtained.
    Intelligent Technology for Comprehensive Evaluation
    HE Zhou-Lin, XIAO Jian-Hua, SUN De-Bao
    journal6, 2002, 23(4):  8-11. 
    Asbtract ( 1884 )   PDF ( 1385 )  
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    Aiming at the problems of nonlinear,imprecise and uncertainty arisen in the process of comprehensive evaluation for complicated object,the method of index extraction based on intelligent technology and classification based on support vector machine are introduced.
    Physics and electronics
    Unsteady Flow of Non-Newtonian Fluid in Pipe by Spectral Method
    FU Qiang
    journal6, 2002, 23(4):  12-18. 
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    In the present investigation,the unsteady flow of upper-convected Maxwell fluid in a horizontal circular pipe is studied by spectral method.The unste
    ady problem is mathematically reduced to a partial differential equation of second order.By using spectral method the partial differential equation can be reduced to a system of ordinary differential equations for different terms of Chebyshev polynomials approximations.The ordinary differential equations are solved by the method of Laplace transform and the eigenvalue method that led to an analytical form of the solutions.
    Biological resources
    Biological Features of Syconia of Ficus Pumila Var.Awkeotsang
    CHEN Yong, LI Hong-Qing, MA Wei-Liang
    journal6, 2002, 23(4):  19-21. 
    Asbtract ( 2518 )   PDF ( 1916 )  
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    Ficus pumila var.awkeotsang belongs to climbing bush in the Moraceae,which in recent years is artificially planted in Fujian.The study of syconium classified periods,statistics of the number of its flowers and bagging experiment of five wild  F.pumila var. awkeotsang in the northeast of Fujian show that syconia of  F.pumila var.awkeotsang have many types,that is,there are 4 405~7 143 female flowers in the female syconium and 4 856~8 864 gall flowers in the male syconium; great difference of the flower number is identical to the outside size of the syconium and the gall flower can not bear fruit,which is completely separated with the female flower in the physical function and whose fruit is a neutral flower specially for the growth of the Wiebesia pumilae;the female syconium growth has no phase C and D,phase B directly enters phase E,and the artificial pollination can get 96.36% of the fruit-bearing rate.The results provide reference data for the basic study and cultivation.
    Thinking,Layout and Mechanism of Ecoenvironmental 〗Construction in Yunnan Province
    PAN Yu-Jun
    journal6, 2002, 23(4):  22-25. 
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    The ecoenvironmental construction has great influence on the economic increase and social development of Yunnan Province and the other areas in Changjiang River valley,so it should follow the coordinate-symbiotic thinking and theory of man-land relationship and exceed the limitations of conventional ecoenviromental construction.According to the spatial layout of river valley,the most important step is to combine the ecoenvironmental construction with the regional economic increase and local prosperity by adjusting the local industrial structure and compensation.From the regional and industrial point of view,the compensation includes several basic types:national compensation,regional compensation and industrial compensation,etc.Among them,the primary compensation is the national compensation,especially the compensation granted for policy consideration.
    Doctoral Forum
    Helicoidal Properties of Cholesteric Liquid Crystalline for Urethane Derivatives of Chitosan
    DONG Yan-Ming, WU Yu-Song, RUAN Yong-Hong, ZHAO Ya-Qing, WANG Hui-Wu
    journal6, 2002, 23(4):  26-29. 
    Asbtract ( 2500 )   PDF ( 1408 )  
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    The helicoidal properties of three urethane derivatives of chitosan in cholesteric liquid crystalline phase were studied by means of circular dichroism spectroscopy.The 65% chloroform solutions of all three derivatives demonstrated cholesteric liquid crystalline phase.A strong influence of the substituent on the twist sense was investigated.
    Risk Theory and Application in the Insurance
    HE Shu-Hong
    journal6, 2002, 23(4):  30-34. 
    Asbtract ( 2285 )   PDF ( 1976 )  
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    As an important branch of actuarial science,risk theory is of wide application in insurance theory and insurance management.The main theories of risk models in insurance and the central problems in ruin theory are introduced and studied.
    Calculation of Heat Transfer Coefficients of Discrete Hole Board Film Cooling
    LI Feng, CHEN Wei, CAO Hui-Dong, WANG Xiao-Li, ZHANG Qing-Fan, HE Jia-De, WANG Min-Sheng
    journal6, 2002, 23(4):  35-39. 
    Asbtract ( 2315 )   PDF ( 1611 )  
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    By analyzing the methods of calculating different heat transfer coefficients,the film cooling relative heat transfer coefficients was used to calculate the heat transfer.After six different discrete hole board being experimented,the model of heat transfer of discrete hole board film cooling was established.The effects on the film cooling heat transfer coefficients of the gas parameters of the flow and the geometric parameters of the discrete hole board were analyzed,and the transfer coefficients were obtained.Some useful conclusions such as the effects of the percent of the discrete hole area to the transfer coefficients were obtained.
    New MTMD Design Model Based on the Mass Uniform Distribution
    LI Chun-Xiang
    journal6, 2002, 23(4):  40-48. 
    Asbtract ( 2073 )   PDF ( 1667 )  
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     oscillations of a structure under the ground acceleration.The structure is represented by its mode-generalized system in the specific vibration mode being controlled using the mode reduced-order method.The optimum parameters of  the MTMD are investigated to reveal the influence of the important parameters on the effectiveness and robustness of the MTMD with resorting to a numerical searching technique.The parameters include the mass spacing,frequency spacing,average damping ratio,tuning frequency ratio,total mass ratio and total number.The criterion,which can be stated as the minimization of the minimum values of the maximum dynamic magnification factors (i.e.Min.Min.Max.DMF),is selected for the optimum searching.In the present paper,for the sake of comparison,the MTMD(II) with each TMD being identical stiffness and damping coefficient but unequal mass,whose natural frequencies take on a uniform distribution,is also taken into consideration.It is demonstrated that any further increase in the total number of the MTMD will not result in the near-zero damping ratio with the exception of the case of  and n=21, and the MTMD can provide higher damping with higher total mass ratio above 0.01.It is also found that the optimum MTMD and MTMD(II) can maintain the same level of the robustness and the effectiveness is somewhat lower for the optimum MTMD than for the optimum MTMD(II).
    Key disciplines
    The Borel Curve of Quasimeromorphic Mappings
    ZENG Fan-Fu
    journal6, 2002, 23(4):  49-53. 
    Asbtract ( 1939 )   PDF ( 1178 )  
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    To a K-quasimeromorphic mapping on plane,the existence of Borel direction is studied,and the simple curve c:z=z(t)(0≤t≤∞),z(0)=0,z(∞)=∞ is proved to be Borel curve.
    Current Situation and Conservation of the Small Isolated Population of Alpine Musk Deer(Moschus chrysogaster) at Shoulu Mountain of Gansu
    LIU Zhi-Xiao, LEI Guang-Bing, SHENG He-Lin
    journal6, 2002, 23(4):  54-58. 
    Asbtract ( 2225 )   PDF ( 1651 )  
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    The population densities(using pellet-count method) of alpine musk deer(Moschus chrysogaster) in the three fragmented isolated forests in the Shoulu Mountain Nature Reserve were compared:the density in Mt. Laohu Forest being 10.20~71.11 ind/km2,in Mt. Changling Forest 17.93 ind/km2,and in Mt. Shoulu Forest 3.90~18.36 ind/km2.The comparison showed that the densities in arbor forest and shrub are great;high and continuous dense shrub was disadvantageous to the musk deer,and patchy shrub was beneficial to them.Thus,the environmental factors conditioning the population densities and distribution of the musk deer was analyzed,and some conservative strategies were put forward.
    The Princple of Mechanics and the Innovative Design of Stilts for Competition
    LONG Pei-Lin, GONG Zi-Fei
    journal6, 2002, 23(4):  59-61. 
    Asbtract ( 2823 )   PDF ( 1496 )  
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    According to the studies on the mechanical functions of stilts' shape and structure,on the mechanical characteristics of materials used for stilts,and on the conformity of athletes and stilts system,the results indicate that these factors have influences on stilts' mechanical fuctions,including the shape of stilts' footboards,the way of combining the footboards with the stay bars,the stay bars' height,the way of combining the handles with the stay bars,and the skid nails.The results also indicate that appropriate materials used for footboards have a cushioning effect,and it can also make second use of energy.Finally,the results indicate that the conformity of athletes and stilts system can influence sportsman's achievments.So the author proposes a theory of innovative stilts design for competition,which can embody athletes' individual characters.
    (n,r )-Orthogonal Factorizations in Subgraphs of Graphs
    XU Li-Xin, LI Jian-Xiang, LI Rong-Hang
    journal6, 2002, 23(4):  62-67. 
    Asbtract ( 2211 )   PDF ( 1009 )  
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    Let G be a graph with vertex set V(G) and edge set E(G),and let g and f be two integer-valued functions defined on V(G) such that g(x)≤f(x) for all x∈V(G).It is proved that if G is an (mg+rn,mf-rn)-graph,1≤n<m,r≥2,and g(x)≥k≥1 for all x∈V(G), then there exists a subgraph G′ of G such that G′ has a (g,f)-factorization (n,r )-orthogonal to any given subgraph H of G with |E(H)|=nk.
    Physics and electronics
    The Secondary-Coil Voltage Response of Transformer to the Non-Symmetrical Inverse
    ZHANG Wei
    journal6, 2002, 23(4):  68-72. 
    Asbtract ( 1442 )   PDF ( 1333 )  
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    This essay intends to reveal the physical effect of the secondary-coil voltage response of transformer to the non-symmetrical inverse (SCVRTNSI).Taking the non-symmetrical square wave as a physical model,the essay has,as a result of the full investigation of SCVRTNSI,confirmed that the high voltage level of the square wave on the secondary-coil of the transformer is directly proportional to the low voltage level time within the period,and the lower voltage level to the high voltage level time.
    Adaptive Sliding-Mode Controller for Linear Discrete System
    LI De-Quan
    journal6, 2002, 23(4):  73-76. 
    Asbtract ( 1887 )   PDF ( 1236 )  
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    A new robust adaptive sliding-mode tracking scheme based on the concept of variable structure control (VSC),is proposed with respect to bounded disturbances.A key feature of this scheme is that the dead zone is used but no knowledge of the upper bounded on the disturbances is required a priori.The controller is shown to be robust with respect to the unknown but bounded disturbance and  the global stability of the scheme is established.
    Information and Engineering
    The Application of Propeller Flow Meter in Unsteady Flow Model Test
    WANG Yong-Chi
    journal6, 2002, 23(4):  77-80. 
    Asbtract ( 1941 )   PDF ( 1637 )  
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    According to the special requirements of engineering experiment,the importance and investigation of propeller folw meter are expatiated in engineering model test.Emphasis is given to introducing the application of Model HD-4B computer flowmeter in measuring slowly changing unsteady flow velocity in positions and quickly measuring steady flow velocity,and the principles of the meter,measurement error analysis,sensor sculpture research,comparison test and its application.
    Application of Prediction Technology in the Decision-Making of Mobile Telecommunication Service Development
    SUN Feng-Lin
    journal6, 2002, 23(4):  81-84. 
    Asbtract ( 1758 )   PDF ( 1326 )  
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    During technology revolution and the transformation of economic system,Chinese mobile telecommunication service has been developed rapidly.Based on the current situation of Chinese telecommunication industry and using the number of mobile telephone users as an example,the writer focuses on the application of qualitative and quantitative prediction technology in the decision-making of Chinese mobile telecommunication service development.
    Chemistry and chemical engineering
    The Compound's Synthesis of Open Chaining〗 Crown Ether and Semicarbazide
    ZHANG Lai-Xin
    journal6, 2002, 23(4):  85-86. 
    Asbtract ( 2461 )   PDF ( 1638 )  
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    Under acid condition open chaining crown ether diaromatic aldehyde reacts with semicarbazide,and the reaction will produce a compound of chaining crown ether diaromatic aldehyde semicarbazone kind.The two products are characterized by IR,MS and elements analysis.
    Biological resources
    Exploration to Primary and Secondary School Students' Flat-feet in the Xiangxi Region Where the Miao Nationality Inhabits
    CHEN Jing
    journal6, 2002, 23(4):  87-88. 
    Asbtract ( 1914 )   PDF ( 1565 )  
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    In order to understand the situation of the primary and secondary school students' flat-feet occurrence in the region where minority nationalities inhabit,the routine method of footprint is adopted to make the selective examination into the students coming from the Suma Village of the Laershan Town of the Fenghuang County at the junction of Hunan and Guizhou Provinces.The investigation results show that the rate of boys' flat-feet occurrence is higher than that of girls';the younger the students are,the higher the rate is;the rate of the left flat-feet's is obviously higher than that of the right's.
    Scientific research bulletin
    Quasi-Dual Bimodules and Dual-Bimodules
    LI Ai-Hua, ZHANG Qing-Liang
    journal6, 2002, 23(4):  89-91. 
    Asbtract ( 1975 )   PDF ( 1137 )  
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    A quasi-dual bimodule SMR can be characterized as every essential submodule K of MR and every essential left ideal L of S which satisfy rMlS(K)=K and lSrM(L)=L respectively.The relations are discussed between quasi-dual bimodules and dual-bimodules;a left quasi-dual bimodule is a left dual bimodule if it satisfies one of the following conditions:(ⅰ) SM is minimal injective and MR is a M-minimal injective kasch-module;(ⅱ) MR is a M-minimal injective kasch-module and rM(L1∩L2)=rM(L1)+rM(L2) for any two ideals L1 and L2 of SS;(ⅲ) SM is minimal injective and for any two submodules A and B of MR,lS(A∩B)=lS(A)+lS(B).
    Building of Broad Bandwidth Campus Network in City Area
    XIAO Zhi-Xin, DAI Jun
    journal6, 2002, 23(4):  92-94. 
    Asbtract ( 1929 )   PDF ( 1387 )  
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    Building campus network is a very complex work.This article brings forward a solution for city area campus network system combining the programming and design of the campus network of Jishou university,it also discusses the network management,security,and its application.
    Determination of the Nutritional Components of Hibisucus Syriacus L. Leaves
    LI Zhao-Yang, YANG Chao-Xia
    journal6, 2002, 23(4):  95-96. 
    Asbtract ( 2214 )   PDF ( 1722 )  
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    In this study,the nutritional components(protein,fat,fibre,Vc,total sugar ) and some mineral(K,Cd,Zn,Na,Ca,Mg,Fe,Mn,Cu,Co,Pb) of H. syriacus L. leaves was estimated.The results showed that the leaf of  H. syriacus L. leaves have great edible value.There were 3.72% protein,0.79% crude fat,9.83% crude fibre and 6.27% total sugar in the leaf .While some mineral elements such as Ca,Mg,Fe,Zn,etc.,which are need to health were also contained.So the leaf of H. syriacus a kind of wide vegetable which has high exploitation prospects.
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