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    15 December 2003, Volume 24 Issue 4
    On the Diophantine Equation xp+2mp=pDy2
    LE Mao-Hua
    journal6, 2003, 24(4):  1-2. 
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    Let p be an odd prime,m be a positive integer,D be a positive integer with square free.In this paper the author proves that if p>3,m>1 and D is not divisible by p or primes of the form 2kp+1,then the equation xp+2mp=pDy2 has no positive integer solutions (x,y) with gcd (x,y)=1.
    Weak Convergence Theorems for Finite Nonexpansive Mappings in Uniformly Convex Banach Space
    FANG Dong-Hui, WANG Xian-Yun
    journal6, 2003, 24(4):  3-6. 
    Asbtract ( 1899 )   PDF ( 1175 )  
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    Through using a new iteration scheme,the problem of finding a common fixed point of finite nonexpansive mappings  was considered in a uniformly  convex Banach space,some weak convergence theorems were given,which generalized some weak convergence theorems of the Ishikawa iteration sequence with only one operator.
    Physics and electronics
    Research on Method of Nonlinear Analog-Circuit Fault Diagnosis Based on HAAR Wavelet And BPNN
    XIE Hong, HE Yi-Gang, WU Jie
    journal6, 2003, 24(4):  7-11. 
    Asbtract ( 1971 )   PDF ( 990 )  
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    In this paper,a fault diagnosis method based on Haar wavelet and BP neural network for nonlinear analog circuit has been presented.The proposed method by using wavelet decomposition as a preprocessor of nonlinear analog circuit fault signal can drastically reduces the number of inputs and training and processing time of the neural network.After briefly introducing an improved BPNN which adpots momentum factor for preventing local convergency used for nonlinear analog-circuit fault diagnosis,the basic principle based on Haar wavelet decomposition that can extracts the fault feature from fault signal is discussed.
    A Method of Determining the Existent Range of Fault Elements in Analog Linear Circuits
    XIE Chang-Yan
    journal6, 2003, 24(4):  12-16. 
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    In order to simplify the hard work for the fault location in the fault diagnosis of analog linear circuit a procedure for determining the existent range of fault elements is presented;i.e. by assuming the quite realistic k-fault hypothesis,a group of elements that represent all the circuit elements and give a unique solution for the fault diagnosis equations under the k-fault hypothesis is determined.This group is called an optimum set of testable elements.Therefore the work for fault location can only operate in the elements of this group and does not need to perform in all the circuit elements.So the method constitutes the first step in the development of whatever procedure for the fault location of analog linear circuits.The proposed procedure is based on the testability evaluation of the circuit and on the determination of the canonical ambiguity groups and has its theoretical foundation in testability concept and in the canonical ambiguity group concept.The testability evaluation can be deduced by referring to fault diagnosis techniques of the parametric kind.
    The Physics Principle of Resonances State of Anti-Lepton-Quark
    JIAO Shan-Qing, DENG Li-Wei, GONG Zi-Zheng
    journal6, 2003, 24(4):  17-20. 
    Asbtract ( 1901 )   PDF ( 1381 )  
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    Recently,HERA has revealed that L-Q resonances may be the sort of e+-d,and it may be relative to sub-quark layer.The case is not the expected result of standard model.By using “bianwai” particles given by Jia-Hai sub-quark mixed model and Preon model,the authors study the principle of resonances state of l--q and find that the basis principle of resonances state of l--q is that “ bian wai” boson contains the anti-lepton quark,which has the properties of B 2/3.“bian wai” boson,which has the properties of ε,transfers interaction between anti-lepton and quark.Under the exchange of ε material,[AKl-]-d and [AKv-]e-u can transform between each other.And this is agreed with neutrino-unified model and “xin ming gu wu” model.
    Biological resources
    The Influence of Electric Field Treatment on Enzyme Activities of Gaertn in Seeding Stage
    XU Yue-Ying, ZHENG Rong, YANG Ti-Qiang, LI Jing-Yan
    journal6, 2003, 24(4):  21-23. 
    Asbtract ( 1844 )   PDF ( 1481 )  
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    Gaertn seeds were treated with different electric field strength for five minutes.After being cultured for nine days in room temperature,the contents of MDA and the activity of POD and SOD were tested.The results show that,in condition of normal moisture and room temperature,different electric field strength have different effects on POD,SOD and MDA.The changed degree of the MDA(malon-di-aldehyde) is from -5.8% to 38.9%,of the SOD(superoxide dismutase) from -43.4% to 92.6% and of the POD(peroxidase) from -23.2% to 88.2%.
    Physics and electronics
    Scheme of Smart Antenna in CDMA System
    CUI Yan, LV Shan-Wei , TONG Mu-Lin
    journal6, 2003, 24(4):  24-26. 
    Asbtract ( 1929 )   PDF ( 1312 )  
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    With the trend that CDMA will be the dominant multi-access scheme in the new generation of wireless communication,how to apply spatial processing in CDMA system has been becoming the emphasis of research in smart antenna.A proper method is space-time processing due to the space-time structure of wireless channel.Beamforming can be combined with RAKE to form 2D RAKE receiver,which can effectively weaken the enhancement of MAI in conventional RAKE receiver.However a more effective method is to use space-time filtering.These two scheme will be discussed and the structure and realization will be presented.
    Information and Engineering
    New Trends and Problems in Material Processing Machine Design Theory
    WANG Ai-Lun, DUAN Ji-An, HUANG Ming-Hui, ZHONG Jue
    journal6, 2003, 24(4):  27-30. 
    Asbtract ( 1827 )   PDF ( 1281 )  
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    Based on reviewing the historical background,prospecting for the development trend,analyzing the complicacy and mechanism and summing up some achievements and experiences in scientific research,several new problems and the possible direction of development in material processing technology and machine are proposed,such as,producing new concept materials possessing somespecific and extraovdinary properties by means of integrating and coalescing conelative frontier science and technology;and thereafter a brief discussion is given.
    Doctoral Forum
    Secure Two-Party Scientific Computations
    LUO Wen-Jun, LI Xiang
    journal6, 2003, 24(4):  31-34. 
    Asbtract ( 2357 )   PDF ( 1371 )  
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    Dr.W.DU has studied three secure two-party scientific computation problems[1]: Linear systems of equations problems,Linear least squares problems and Linear programming problems.And he points out:there are some other interesting scientific computation problems that need to be studied,such as secure compute eigenvalues,eigenvales,eigenvectors,determinants,conditions,and factorization of a matrix.In this paper,the authors have been studied two scientific computation problems:eigenvalues and eigenvectora of matrix in secure two-party computation situation.Some secure two-party scientific computation protocols are given.
    New Approach to Estimate Scalar Coefficients of Quasi-Regression
    YANG Gui-Jun, ZHANG Run-Chu
    journal6, 2003, 24(4):  35-39. 
    Asbtract ( 2015 )   PDF ( 1221 )  
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    Quasi-Regression is introduced for approximation of a function in high dimensional space in recent literature.It was very highly computationally efficient.But the accuracy of approximation to an unknown function depends on estimators of scalar coefficients.In this paper,the authors provide new estimators of scalar coefficients,and obtain more accurate fitted function of an unknown function than the usual ones.
    Theoretical Analysis of Geotechnical Space Slip Surface and General Shear Strength
    ZHANG Guo-Xiang, CHEN Ling-Ling-
    journal6, 2003, 24(4):  40-42. 
    Asbtract ( 1795 )   PDF ( 1472 )  
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    A general shear strength formula of geotechnical space slip surface and a general relation between space failure surface position and strength criterion are proposed in the paper.It is obtained by theoretical analysis that geotechnical space slip surface is vertical with intermediate principal stress plane and the shear strength of geotechnical space slip surface relates only to vertical stress and Lode parameter.It provides theoretical basis for the determination of geotechnical space slip surface and has a guiding significance for studying geotechnical strength criterion.
    Information and Engineering
    Mode Analyses of Quasi-Rectangular Waveguides by Using PMOBG
    FU Wen-Bin, HE Huan, CHEN Zhong-Kuan
    journal6, 2003, 24(4):  43-47. 
    Asbtract ( 1781 )   PDF ( 1395 )  
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    Perturbation method of boundary geometry (PMOBG) is used in rectangular waveguides with one-dimension perturbed walls and mode analyses are made.The boundary conditions are transformed into perturbation form firstly.Then the governing equation is separated into ε0 and ε1 order problem by using the method of strained parameters.Finally the solution is obtained via the solvability conditions of differential equation.Moreover,the effect of boundary perturbation on mode degeneration,transmitting parameters and field structure is discussed by comparing with regular rectangular waveguides.The results show that the effect is able to come down to analyzing two perturbation factors,i.e.perturbation factor of boundary geometry (PFBG) and perturbation factor of relative cut-off wavelength (PFRCW).
    PENG Xue-Mei
    journal6, 2003, 24(4):  48-50. 
    Asbtract ( 1890 )   PDF ( 1647 )  
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    The Stability of Zero Solution of Third Order System of Variable Coefficient
    MO Hong-Min
    journal6, 2003, 24(4):  51-52. 
    Asbtract ( 1850 )   PDF ( 1392 )  
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    This paper investigates the stability of a non-linear system of third order with nine non-linear terms by using analogy method.
    Chemistry and chemical engineering
    Separation and Purification of Garlic SOD and Its Enzyme Activities Under Chiling Stress
    ZHANG Li, LUO Li-Ping, GU Li
    journal6, 2003, 24(4):  53-55. 
    Asbtract ( 2133 )   PDF ( 1730 )  
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    The garlic petals were soaked in CaCl2,and SOD separated and purified by the ways of heating,isoelectricity,and acetone precipitation in grades.The effect of calcium on the enzyme actioities of SOD under chiling stress was tested.The results slow that the three ways mentioned above are effective in separating SOD.Calciumion can protect the enzyme activities of SOD under chiling stress and improve its ability to resist cold.
    The Relationship of Viscosity and Temperature of Tween 80 Measured by Rotational Method
    XIE Hong-Lu, ZHANG Qiang, ZHANG Zhi-Cai, GONG Shu-Sheng, WU Ju, WANG Jun
    journal6, 2003, 24(4):  56-57. 
    Asbtract ( 4342 )   PDF ( 1973 )  
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    The dynamic viscosity of pure liquid and its aqueous solution of Tween 80 was  measured by rotational method.The result of test shows that the dynamic
     viscosity of pure Tween 80 drops with temperature up,and drops slowly as temperature comes at 45 ℃.Morsel inorganic electrolyte such as sodium citric acid doesn't have an apparent effect on the behaviour of viscosity and temperature of Tween 80 aqueous,and morsel polarity organic substance hold the dynamic viscosity of aqueous solution of Tween 80 to drop.The behaviour of viscosity and temperature of mixed system by Tween 80 and Tween 20 is between them.
    Betermination Method on the Ba and Ti Constituents of BaTiO3 Nano-Crystal
    CAI Zheng, LU Wen-Qing, JIAO Cheng-Min
    journal6, 2003, 24(4):  58-60. 
    Asbtract ( 2557 )   PDF ( 1664 )  
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    To analyze Ba,Ti constituents of BaTiO3 nano-crystal prepared by the sol-gel method,Coordinate titration analysis,precipitation gravimetry and X-ray fluorescence,were introduced to determine the mattev quantity ratio of Ba and Ti.The result was 1.011,1.039 and 1.023,respectively.The three ways respectively have the characteristic.Thus,the question of analyzing Ba,Ti constituents in BaTiO3 nano-material is resolved.
    Biological resources
    A New Species of Cave Sinocyclocheilus in Guizhou and Its Adaptation Comment
    LI Wei-Xian, RAN Jing-Cheng, CHEN Hui-Ming
    journal6, 2003, 24(4):  61-63. 
    Asbtract ( 2731 )   PDF ( 1681 )  
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    This paper describes a new species of the genus Sinocyclocheilus Fang 1936,collected from the cave in Libo County,Guizhou China.Sinocyclocheilus hugeibarbus,Li,et Ran,sp,nov (Fig.1)Holotype No.200210005,total length 258 mm,standard length 207 mm,collected in autumn 2002 from a cave of Libo County (25°20′N,107°41′E  altitude 790 m)   in Guizhou Province.Paratype 4 specimens No.200210001~004,Total length 237~256 mm,standard length 187~217 mm,collected with the holotype.Description:D.ⅲ.7;A.ⅱ,5;p.ⅰ,14;V.ⅰ.8;Branched caudal fin rays 17.Lateral lin scales 66(28~31)/(14~16-V)71.Gill-rakers 2+4~6.Pharyngeal teeth 3 rows 2,3,4/4,3,2.Body depth in standard length 2.58~2.72(2.64).Head length 3.18~3.98(3.90),length of caudal peduncle 4.09~4.92(4.55).Depth of caudal peduncle 6.89~7.75(7.15).Snout in head 2.58~2.77(2.68),eye 8.17~12.00(10.42),interorbital 3.27~4.04(3.50).Depth of caudal Peduncle 1.50~1.71(1.58) in its length.Diagnasis: The new species is similar to S.altishoulderus Li et Lan (1992),but differs from the latter in:lateral line scales 66(28~31)/(14~16-V)71;Vs 54(14 17)/(~11-V)58;barbel huge and thick;body depth in standard length 2.58~2.27(2.64);Vs 2.90~3.30;interorbital 3.27~4.07 (3.50) in head;Vs 4.70~5.80(5.30),ect,Tab.1.
    Ways to Develop Tourism,the Mainstay Industry In the Minority Nationalities Region of Western Hunan
    YU Zheng-Dong, YI Bi-Wu
    journal6, 2003, 24(4):  69-71. 
    Asbtract ( 2337 )   PDF ( 1418 )  
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    In general,the tourism industry in western Hunan has possessed the potentiality to develop into the mainstay industry,but now  sightseeing is still in the leading position.The major problems include:the tourism consumption per person of tourists is low;the contribution of the tourism multiplier to the regional economic development is small;the backward economic structure cannot support the balanced development of tourism industry and the infrastructure of tourism industry is weak.The way to cultivate the tourism industry into a mainstay industry is to develop mew tourism products,strengthen the cooperation of tourism regions,widen the tourism markets,persist in sustainable development strategy of tourism industry under the active push of the government and develop the tourism industry by the idea of “Big Tourism”.
    Scientific research bulletin
    A Security Policy of Network Based on Controlling and
    XIAO Zhi-Xin, YANG Yue-Xiang, YANG Lin-(
    journal6, 2003, 24(4):  72-74. 
    Asbtract ( 1948 )   PDF ( 1402 )  
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    The paper introduces the principle by using Router controlling and filtrating data stream,one of the methods to resolve security.It also introduces and discusses the newest access-list which has advanced security function.Finally,a network’s example is presented.
    Mobile Phone SMS Transmitting by Delphi
    ZENG Shui-Ling, SHI Qi-Zheng, YANG Shao-Ming
    journal6, 2003, 24(4):  75-78. 
    Asbtract ( 2219 )   PDF ( 1878 )  
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    GB yard that system input is changed into Unicode yard by Delphi programming.The cell phone number is then changed to GSM standard form.PDU is constructed.The message transmitting then can be realized by sending AT order throught one bunch of mouth.
    Improvement of the BP Algorithm
    ZHANG Qing-Liang
    journal6, 2003, 24(4):  79-81. 
    Asbtract ( 1987 )   PDF ( 1739 )  
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    The BP algorithm which belongs to the neural net model is the most extensive study algorthm at present.The convergence speed of traditiond BP algorithm is slow.In oder to improve the traditiond BP algorithm,this paper is trying to use the power divisor and the adaptive study rate.And it will have obvious  efficency on the adjustment of BP net structure and improving the speed of convergence.
    The Extension of Absolutely Irreducible F[H]-Module
    YANG Yu-Ying
    journal6, 2003, 24(4):  82-83. 
    Asbtract ( 1783 )   PDF ( 1152 )  
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    The topic of this paper is the discussion about the extension of absolutely irreducible F[H]-module,and the author obtains the sufficient condition's extension:if there exists a∈F,and an=σn,N can be extended into F[G]-module.
    Some  Problems  in  the  Experiment  of  Michelson  Interferometer
    WU Yun-Wen, ZHOU Xiao-Qing, YE Fu-Qiu
    journal6, 2003, 24(4):  84-86. 
    Asbtract ( 2806 )   PDF ( 3150 )  
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    Problems about the regulation and the usage of Michelson interferometer are analysed and discussed in this article.It   is put  forward  that  the  localized  and  non-localized  interference  are  produced  by  different  light  source  separately,and  the  interference  of  equal  thickness  or  of  equal  inclination  depends  on  the  angle  between  M1  and  M′2 and  the  thickness  d  inside  them.Methods to regulate the instrument are thus given.
    The Shortcomings of Educational Psychology on Teaching of Multimedia Broadcasting and Its Countermeasure
    CAI Tie-Jun, TAN Qian-Bao, WANG Xian-Wen
    journal6, 2003, 24(4):  87-90. 
    Asbtract ( 1741 )   PDF ( 1471 )  
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    As a new type of teaching method,teaching of multimedia broadcasting has some new educational characters,which have made up for the shortcomings of traditional teaching.But it also brings some negative influences on the quality of the teaching,because the system does the shortcomings of educational psychology.On the guidance of cognitive psychology,educational psychology etc,we can offset the defects of the TMB system effective,from the aspects of courseware design,teaching monitor,picture camera and so on.
    Analysis of Transaction Cost of the Socialization of Rear Services of Universities
    SU Xiang-Fu
    journal6, 2003, 24(4):  91-93. 
    Asbtract ( 1949 )   PDF ( 1079 )  
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    This paper firstly focused on the necessity of socialization of rear services of universities based on the analysis of transaction costs,then pointed out the social and economic conditions of the socialization of rear services of universities and the fit degree of the socialization of some rear service item of universities,and finally drew a conclusion that the design of the rear service system of universities must abide by the minimization of the transaction costs.
    Analysis of Characteristic of Typhoid Fever Among Children in the Minority Nationality Region in Western Hunan From 1992 to 2002
    MEI Shuai-Hu, DU Hai-Yan, CHEN Yi-Hua
    journal6, 2003, 24(4):  94-96. 
    Asbtract ( 1880 )   PDF ( 1223 )  
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    Objective:To understand the features of children’s typhoid fever in the minority nationality region in Western Hunan.432 Methods:hospitalized children identified as typhoid fever were analyzed retrospectively.Results:All patients had fever and most of them were complicated with gastrointestinal tract symptoms.345 (79.86%) cases had hepatomegaly of which 86(19.90%) had splenomegaly,256 patients had complications including bronchitis-pneumonia (29.86%) hepatitis (14.8%) myocarditis (12.04%) and others.But rectal bleeding and intestinal perforation were seldom observed.White blood cell accounts were normal in (69.91%) children.Eosinophil accounts were decreased to zero in the major patients (79.86%).Antibiotics sensitive tests revealed that aminoglycosides,the third generation cephalosporins and Huroquinolones drags were sensitive to salmonella typhi chloramphenicol resistance to salmonella typhi decreased.Ampicillin and Compound Sulfamethoxazole resistance were common.Conclusions:Typhoid fever is present all year round but more prevalent in summer,and usually affects Children over 6 years of age.The clinical characteristics are atypical and complex.Zero of eosinophil accounts is still a major clue for typhoid fever.The third generation cephalosporins antibiotics show good effectivity in the treatment of children’s typhoid fever.
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